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2015 ISSUE 3

2015 ISSUE 3

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ACDelco Makes Business Changes to Grow

Agreement gives distributors more flexibility, expands
parts availability to independent shops
Brand-new agreements
with distributors will help
make it easier for them to
stock ACDelco parts and
satisfy intense demand from
independent service centers
for greater and more timely
parts availability.
Changes include a new,
open-distribution model
in the U.S. that will expand
distributors sales territories
while meeting the needs
of independent service
centers. In addition, ACDelco
has begun adjusting
prices on key parts lines
and simplifying purchase
and incentive programs for
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Chevrolet Colorado With Box Delete Package .........

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Forward Collision Alert Operation and Settings........

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the service bay

GM Transmission Technical Guides Added to GM
Service Information...........................................................

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Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnosis......................................

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5-Wire Stepper Motor Actuators...................................

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Keeping Current.................................................................

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ACDelco Builds on 50+ Years of
Training to Keep Techs in the Know............................... pg 10
Taking a Test Drive............................................................. pg 11
How to Take ACDelco Training....................................... pg 12
Training Schedule............................................................... pg 12

Duramax Diesel Maintenance Support.......................

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The ACDelco Illustrated Catalog Receives Updates

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running the business

Bob Sanford, General Director, ACDelco

Direct Diagnostic and Repair Assistance for PSC

Program Participants........................................................

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Customer Savings Heat Up with ACDelco Spark

Plug Rebate..........................................................................

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Bosch Diagnostic Equipment Rebate Discontinued

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Gateway Spark Plug Login Tool Discontinued........... pg 12

tech tips
Correct Replacement Spin-On Oil Filter......................

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Throttle Body Replacement Job Aid Now Available pg 11

2015 ISSUE 3


GM Transmission Technical Guides
Added to GM Service Information
GM has recently
added nearly
20 Transmission Technical
Guides to the
GM Service
GM Service
Information is
an online subscription service
that delivers the
most accurate and current diagnostic and
repair information for GM vehicles.
The Transmission Technical Guides provide a detailed theory of operation and
make an excellent addition to the existing
Transmission and Transaxle Unit Repair
manuals used for off-vehicle repairs that
are currently available in the GM Service
The technical guides contain detailed color graphics to aid in reviewing fundamental mechanical, hydraulic and electrical
operating principles of a transmission.
These guides are a helpful resource. But
there is a wide range of repair procedures
and technical specifications for certain
vehicles and transmissions, so always
refer to the proper service publication
when servicing a specific transmission.
The Transmission Technical Guides are
easily accessible from the main menu
within the Service Information. From the
Service Information home page, select
the link for Unit Repair, Specialty Publication or Transmission Technical Guide.
The right side of the page lists the
Supplemental Transmission Technical
Guides. Click the link to access the
desired publication. Since the guides are
rather large, it may take 30 seconds or so
to open.
GM Service Information is also the
primary source for GM service bulletins,
collision repair manuals, and GM owner
Access more information or subscribe to
GM Service Information today by visiting

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Ive spent the past year talking to our
independent service center customers.
They believe in the brand and everything
it represents; they love the quality and
broad coverage of our parts; they think
our training is the best in the business;
and theyre thrilled with our Consumer
Assurance and Roadside Assistance
programs for consumers. The issue is they
have a difficult time getting our parts, and
we are going to change that, says Bob
Sanford, general director, ACDelco.
As a leader in the global aftermarket
business, its our job to meet our
customers needs, and we are acting with
speed to get them the parts they need.
At the same time, we want to make it
easy for distributors to do business with
us. The new agreement positions our
valued distributor partners, independent
service centers and ACDelco with a real
opportunity to grow sales and succeed
together in the growing aftermarket.
Independent service centers are
demanding more ACDelco parts
because ACDelco has been serving the
automotive aftermarket for nearly a
century. ACDelcos leadership position is
based on several key attributes:
Quality and portfolio depth and
breadth: ACDelco offers nearly 90,000
parts across 37 product lines for most
makes, models and budgets and in
more than 100 countries. Parts undergo
stringent measures to ensure quality and
durability; for example, ACDelco brake
products are among the most tested in
the industry.
General Motors OE parts: ACDelco is
the only true provider of GM OE parts.
GM brands represent 36 percent of the
car and light truck population in the U.S.
Thats 67.2 million vehicles on the road
today that need parts and service.

Consumer Assurance and Roadside

Assistance: These programs protect
consumers in the event of a problem
on the road or the rare product defect
(available to eligible participants in
ACDelcos Professional Service Center
Holistic marketing and business
development support: ACDelco
supports installers with industry-leading
e-commerce tools, marketing support,
digital and customer relationship
management tools and access to over 20
marketplace discounts to help them run
and grow their business.
Industry-leading training: ACDelco
offers more than 500 instructor-led,
virtual classroom and web courses for
technicians to help them stay on top of
rapidly changing automotive technology.
ACDelco recently announced a technician
training award program to encourage
technicians to pursue training and shop
owners to support it.
A trusted brand: Independent market
research shows ACDelco leads the
industry in six major brand equity
attributes, signaling the strength of the
brand and the confidence within the
The $145-billion annual aftermarket
business is expected to expand another
$11 billion in just two years. Even as newcar sales trend back up to pre-recession
numbers, the average vehicle on the road
today is a 2004 model.
That means there are 100 million
vehicles on the road in the U.S. that
are six to 12 years old, representing a
real sweet spot for our industry, says
Sanford. With the business changes
weve implemented and the power of the
ACDelco brand, we intend to seize that

2015 ISSUE 3

Call Or Click: Direct Diagnostic and

Repair Assistance for PSC Program
For diagnostic and repair assistance on tough or unusual service repairs on any make or model,
ACDelco now has two options for Professional Service Center (PSC) program participants.
Diagnostic Hotline

Diagnostic Hotline offers a flat-fee price

option that allows unlimited calls for one
case. At $35 per case, technicians have access
to master technician specialists for every
make and model, foreign and domestic, with
live technical support over the phone. With
no-charge sign-up and no monthly or yearly
membership fee, you simply pay as you go.
There also is a special price option of $2.85
per minute for ACDelco PSC program
participants. Diagnostic Hotline specialists
can provide factory OEM information with
access to a database with decades of pattern
For diagnostic and repair assistance with
Diagnostic Hotline, call 1-800-825-5886,
select prompt 2, and then prompt 1. Or, visit for help.

Chevrolet Colorado Offered

With Box Delete Package
A new box delete option for
the award-winning Chevrolet
Colorado is designed to allow
business owners and fleet managers to customize the rear of
the truck for almost unlimited



A new option for diagnostic and repair

assistance for ACDelco PSC program
participants is to contact Identifix. Identifixs
Direct-Hit is an online reference service
that uses a month-to-month subscription
program without contracts. Identifix offers
multiple unique accesses for PCs, laptops
and tablets/iPads without charging a
per-use fee.
Direct-Hit has more than 600,000 Hotline
Archives that feature continually updated,
experience-based information for vehicle
conditions, when the issue commonly occurs
and how to fix it. Direct-Hit also includes
genuine OEM service and repair information.
ACDelco has teamed up with Identifix to
provide Identifix Direct-Hit service to PSC
program participants at a reduced price of
$154 per month, as well as two free hotline
calls per month.
For diagnostic and repair assistance with
Identifix, call 1-800-825-5886, select prompt
2, and then prompt 2. Or, visit for help.

The package RPO order code

ZW9 is available on Colorado
Work Truck 2WD extended cab
models and is offered exclusively with the 305-hp 3.6L V-6
engine and six-speed automatic
transmission. A $300 credit
is applied to the Colorados
suggested retail price when the
option is selected. Additional
vehicle and package highlights

2,200-pound payload
6,001-pound gross vehicle
weight rating (GVWR)
Temporary taillamps
installed on the rear of the
Rear bumper deleted
Full-size spare tire
Eight body mount provisions (four per frame rail)
Standard fuel filler position. Optional BJA-code
service body fuel filler will
be available and shipped
loose in the cab for upfitter installation
Z82 trailering package
G80 locking differential.

An option to delete the rear

seat for great cargo capacity
and versatility is also available
with the Colorado Work Truck
extended cab regardless of
whether the box stays or goes.

2015 ISSUE 3

Looking Ahead:
Forward Collision
Alert Operation
and Settings
The Forward Collision Alert (FCA) system (RPO UEU) available on many
late-model GM vehicles, ranging from the Cadillac ATS to the Chevrolet
Sonic, is designed to help drivers avoid or reduce the harm caused by frontend crashes. When approaching a vehicle ahead much too quickly, the FCA
system warns drivers with a red flashing alert and rapid beeps.
The FCA system is a warning system only and does not apply the brakes. It
does not warn the driver of any objects that are not detected as a vehicle
(e.g. pedestrians, animals, signs, construction barrels or other stationary or
slow-moving objects).
Forward Collision Alert indicators
are located on top of the instrument panel.

System Operation
The FCA system uses the following components:

The Frontview
Camera Module,
mounted in front of the
rearview mirror at the
top of the windshield,
looks toward the
roadway ahead to
detect vehicles. It
communicates with
the instrument cluster
to illuminate the
appropriate collision
The frontview camera module is
alert indicators and
located in front of the rearview mirror.
the infotainment

system for audible

The FCA switch on
the steering wheel
provides an input
to the Frontview
Camera Module
to select between
the four alert
timing settings.
FCA steering wheel switch is used
to set the alert timing.
pressing the switch
sets the FCA timing to Far, Medium, Near, or Off. The
setting is displayed on the instrument cluster.

The Collision Alert Indicators are controlled by the

instrument cluster via serial data messages from the
Frontview Camera Module.

The Collision Alert Indicator

flashes when approaching a
detected vehicle much too rapidly.

The Vehicle Ahead

indicator displays in
green when a vehicle
is detected.

The infotainment system controls the audible alert for the

FCA system.
The Memory Seat Module and Safety Alert Seat (if
equipped) control the haptic alert and command the seat
to pulse when approaching another vehicle too rapidly.

If there is an FCA system malfunction, DTC B1011 (System

Disabled Information Stored Malfunction) may be set. Check
the Frontview Camera Module disable history for more
information about what affected the operation of the system.

2015 ISSUE 3

Object Detection
The FCA system detects vehicles within a distance of
approximately 197 feet (60meters) and operates at speeds
above 25 mph (40km/h). The system provides the following

Vehicle Ahead When a vehicle is detected by the

Frontview Camera Module, the vehicle-ahead indicator
will illuminate in green. Some vehicles may not be
detected on curves or hills, or if there are poor visibility
conditions. The FCA system also will not detect another
vehicle ahead until it is completely in the driving lane.
Tailgating Alert When following a detected vehicle
ahead too closely, the red collision alert indicator will
stay illuminated continuously until the following distance
is increased. Once the distance is increased, the green
vehicle ahead indicator will illuminate again. On some
vehicles, the vehicle ahead indicator will display amber
when following too close to the vehicle ahead.
Collision Alert When the vehicle approaches another
detected vehicle much too rapidly, the red collision alert
indicator will flash and sound several high-pitched beeps.
If equipped, the Safety Alert Seat pulses. When the
collision alert indicator flashes, the hydraulic brake assist
function may prepare for driver braking to occur more
rapidly, which can cause a brief, mild deceleration on some
vehicles. The driver should continue to apply the brake
pedal as needed.


Correct Replacement
Spin-On Oil Filter
2012-2016 Buick Enclave, LaCrosse; 2012 Cadillac SRX; 2013-2016
Cadillac SRX, XTS; 2012-2013 Chevrolet Captiva (VIN L), Impala; 20122016 Chevrolet Equinox, Traverse; 2014-2016 Chevrolet Captiva (VIN L),
Impala (VIN W), Impala (VIN 1); and 2012-2016 GMC Acadia and Terrain
(excluding police vehicles with RPO 9C1, 9C3)

Beginning in 2012, the

available V6 engine
LLT) in these models
was redesigned
with tighter engine
tolerances. The oil
PF63E oil filter
pressure was increased
to accommodate these tighter tolerances. As a result,
the oil filter specifications of the production oil filter and
the service oil filter were also improved to meet the new
engine requirements.
When servicing these V6 engines, its important to use the
recommended replacement ACDelco PF63E oil filter to
ensure proper engine oil filtration and engine performance.

The hydraulic brake assist function is designed to support

the driver in emergency braking situations. The Electronic
Brake Control Module (EBCM) receives inputs from the brake
pressure sensor. When the EBCM senses an emergency
braking situation, it will actively increase the hydraulic brake
pressure to a specific maximum by turning the pump motor on.

These V6 engines are factory built with an ACDelco PF64

oil filter, which may be confused with the ACDelco PF48 oil
filter because both oil filters have the same appearance and
oil can size. However, these two oil filters have different
internal specifications. The OEM PF64 oil filter has a much
higher bypass valve rating that matches the service oil filter
requirement of the PF63E, which was specifically chosen to
match the performance demands of these engines.

Conditions Affecting Operation

The FCA system may not detect a vehicle ahead if the
Frontview Camera Module is blocked by dirt, snow, or ice, or
if the windshield is damaged. In these cases, the vehicle ahead
indicator will not be illuminated.

The ACDelco PF64 oil filter installed by the factory meets

the specifications of the ACDelco PF63E but due to the
length of the ACDelco PF63E oil filter can, the engine plant
cannot build with it because it currently interferes with the
assembly line process.

It also may not detect a vehicle on winding or hilly roads, or in

driving conditions that can limit visibility, such as fog, rain, or
The FCA system may provide unnecessary alerts for turning
vehicles, vehicles in other lanes, objects that are not vehicles,
or shadows. These alerts are normal operation.


The use of a spark device to ignite a fuel-air mixture was
first demonstrated way back in 1777 by Italian physicist
Alessandro Volta, who also advanced the study of
electrical capacitance. The scientific world was suitably
impressed and dubbed the unit of electrical potential
after him: volt. He also invented the conventional storage
battery. Smart guy.

2015 ISSUE 3

Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnosis

2007-2010 Saturn Outlook

2007-2014 GMC Acadia
2008-2014 Buick Enclave
2008-2014 Cadillac CTS/CTS-V
2009-2012 Chevrolet Colorado
2009-2012 GMC Canyon
2009-2014 Chevrolet Traverse
2010-2014 Buick LaCrosse
2010-2014 Cadillac CTS Wagon
2010-2014 Cadillac SRX (driven wheel

An intermittent click or grind noise or

ABS pump motor noises may be heard
inside the vehicle at parking lot speeds
and the ABS, Service Traction Control
System, and/or Service StabiliTrak
warning lamps may be on. DTCs C0035
(left-front corner), C0040 (right-front
corner), C0045 (left-rear corner) or
C0050 (right-rear corner) with symptom
bytes 18, 5A, 0F may be set.
These conditions may be caused by single
or multiple pieces of ferrous metallic
debris stuck to the wheel speed sensor
magnetic encoder ring. The magnetic
encoder ring is part of the inboard
bearing hub assembly. This does not
apply to capped wheel bearings.
Vehicles equipped with electric power
steering (RPO NJ2 only) may have a
heavier steering feel at low speed and
DTC U0415 may be set in the power
steering control module. This is a normal
default action with the loss of a wheel
speed sensor signal.
Magnetic Encoder
Instead of a traditional mechanical type
tooth tone wheel, some vehicles use a
wheel speed sensor tone wheel made
of a magnetized nitrile rubber ring,
typically brown in color. This magnetic
encoder consists of multiple North and
South Pole pairs surrounding the outer
circumference. When the magnetic
encoder ring rotates and passes by the
wheel speed sensor head, it generates a
sine wave in the wheel speed sensor.

bearings only)
2010-2014 Chevrolet Camaro
2010-2014 Chevrolet Equinox
2010-2014 GMC Terrain
2011-2014 Buick Regal
2011-2014 Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Coupe
2011-2014 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible
2011-2014 Chevrolet Cruze,
2011-2014 Volt (2014 MY: front driven wheel
bearings only)

2012-2014 Buick Verano (2014 MY: front

driven wheel bearings only)
2013-2014 Cadillac ATS AWD / RWD (driven
wheel bearings only)
2013-2014 Cadillac XTS
2013-2014 Chevrolet Malibu
2014 Cadillac CTS (VIN A including V-Sport)
2014 Chevrolet Impala (new body style)

Cleaning the Ring

In most cases, cleaning any accumulated
debris on the magnetic encoder ring
will repair conditions related to DTCs
C0035-C0050 with symptom bytes 18,
5A, 0F. The encoder ring is located on the
inboard side of the bearing hub.
Do not use any type of magnetic tool
to remove the debris from the bearing
magnetic encoder; an external magnet
can damage the encoder.
To properly clean the magnetic encoder
ring, some applications may require
removal of the bearing/hub assembly.
Remove the foreign debris from the
magnetic encoder ring by gently using a
dry nylon soft bristle brush. Take care not
to damage the bearing outer seal when
brushing and/or cleaning the magnetic
encoder debris. If debris still remains,
wash the encoder ring using a mild soap
detergent and wipe it dry.

Magnetic Encoder Ring (1).

Debris on the ring (1) before cleaning.

After cleaning, refer to the appropriate

service information and perform the
vehicle diagnostic repair verification
procedure for the set DTCs.

Ring after cleaning.

2015 ISSUE 3

5-Wire Stepper Motor Actuators

Stepper motors are
used for control of
the temperature
regulation, air
distribution and
recirculation doors
on automatic HVAC
Vehicle occupants can select the desired position of the air
temperature door, mode door and recirculation door, using the
switches and dials on the HVAC controls.
Selected values are passed to the HVAC control module as
serial data. The HVAC control module supplies a 12V control
voltage to the stepper motor and energizes the four stepper
motor coils with a pulsed ground signal. The stepper motor
then moves the appropriate door into the calculated position in
order to reach the selected position.
Precise Stepper Motors
The new actuator, called a stepper motor, was first employed
with the introduction of the GM Global architecture. The
actuator is an externally driven or dumb actuator that
provides more precise control with increased torque. The
motor driver
and position
functions are
located in the
HVAC control
module. The
stepper motor
is a bipolar
5-wire stepper motor actuator
design with
four coil windings sharing a common 12V power feed.
The null point of the stepper motor will be calibrated if the
stepper motor is new. When the stepper motor is calibrated,
the HVAC control module can drive the applicable coil to reach
the exactly desired position of the door.
The stepper motor operates by sequentially changing the
magnetic fields that surround the inner drive rotor. The rotor
has permanent magnets with alternating fields embedded
along its axis. To create movement, the HVAC control module
grounds each of the four coils in a predetermined sequence. It is
this sequence of magnetic fields that cause the rotor to move in

Stepper motor operation

either direction in stepped increments.
Position is determined by the HVAC control module by
counting pulses from the non-energized coils as the permanent
magnets pass those coils. Previous actuators had 255 counts.
The present ones can exceed 1000 counts.
The motor does not have physical stops; the physical stops
are provided by the door within the housing. These stops are
learned by the HVAC control module during calibration.
HVAC Diagnostics
Diagnostics can be run when the ignition is on and the HVAC
control module is on.
DTC B023A02 is set if the stepper motor supply output is
shorted to ground.
DTC B022301, B022A01, B023301, B023A01, B040801 or
B041801 is set if at least one control circuit of the appropriate
stepper motor is shorted to voltage when the motor starts
moving. Faults are not detected when the motor is already
running or the target position is already reached.
DTC B022306, B022A06, B023306, B040806 or B041806
is set if at least one control circuit of the appropriate stepper
motor is shorted to ground or open when the motor starts
moving. Faults are not detected when the motor is already
running or the target position is already reached.
When DTC B023A is set, the affected output is switched off for
hardware protection. All stepper motors are deactivated.
When DTC B0223, B022A, B0233, B0408 or B0418 is set, the
affected output is switched off for hardware protection. Only
the affected stepper motor is deactivated.
For more information about the latest HVAC technology and
repairs, check out ACDelco training course S-AC07-03.01ILT,
HVAC Control System Operation and Diagnostics.

2015 ISSUE 3

Product Spotlight: Duramax Diesel

Maintenance Support

ACDelco technical tips provide
repair information about
specific conditions on a variety
of vehicles. If you have a tough
or unusual service repair, the
Diagnostic Hotline can help.
Call 1-800-825-5886, prompt
#2, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET
MondayFriday, to speak with a
technical expert with the latest
OEM information.

For servicing vehicles equipped with

GMs powerful 6.6L V-8 Duramax Diesel
engine, ACDelco offers several premium
maintenance parts designed to keep them
running strong:

For free technical assistance and
product information regarding
specific ACDelco products, contact these toll-free information
hotlines staffed by ASE-certified
1-888-701-6169 (prompt #1)

Chassis & ReadyStruts

Lift Supports

Starters & Alternators (New)

Starters & Alternators (Reman)
Wiper Blades

Fuel filters: ACDelco Professional Fuel

Filters (#TP3018) are thoroughly tested
to meet requirements for fit, form
and function, and protect combustion
systems from contaminants.
Glow plugs: ACDelco Professional Glow
Plugs (#9G) are designed to give diesel
engines enough heat for cold starts
and maintain ignition in all cylinders.
They improve throttle response and

reduce emissions; offer dependability

and long-lasting performance; and offer
a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty,
whichever comes first.
Reman fuel injectors: ACDelcos
Professional Reman Diesel Fuel Injectors
(#19327361) provide maximum
performance with fewer exhaust
emissions. The chrome-plated control
valve seats match the OE design, and key
assemblies are 100-percent replaced.
Remaining components have been
completely disassembled, cleaned and
tested to specifications.
Engine oil filters: ACDelco Professional
Engine Oil Filters (#PF2232 and
#PF2232F) provide outstanding filtering
capabilities and ensure a clean supply
of oil is delivered to diesel components.
Theyre also designed for OE filter
change or synthetic drain intervals
whichever is longer.
Air filters: ACDelco Professional Air
Filters (#A3141C) supply the cleanest
possible air with the least airflow
restriction. They provide excellent
filter capacity efficiency and flow
management for enhanced performance,
and theyre equipped with tight seals to
keep unfiltered air out of the combustion

Customer Savings Heat Up with ACDelco Spark Plug Rebate

ACDelcos popular Spark Some Savings spark plug rebate

are required to collect a rebate through the program.

program has been extended, giving your customers more time to

Repair orders must include the qualifying spark plug

enjoy extra savings throughout the 2015 calendar year.

numbers to be eligible.

Customers who purchase qualifying ACDelco spark plugs will

Youll find 2015 Spark Plug Rebate Form pads (# AM-

appreciate your effort to pass along the opportunity for the

FM-0078-15) available for ordering at acdelco1store.

following rebates:

com. You can also download a digital version of the

Professional Iridium, $2 per spark plug

form at or Rebates

Professional Platinum, $1.50 per spark plug

typically take six to eight weeks for processing.

Rapidfire, $1 per spark plug

Professional Conventional, 50 cents per spark plug

Purchases of between four and 16 spark plugs per household

Be sure to tell your customers about this offer and make it easy for
them to participate throughout the year.

2015 ISSUE 3

Keeping Current
ACDelco training keeps Hudson Road Automotive up to date on the
latest advancements
Ever since he was introduced
to ACDelco training years ago,
Jay Looney has been a staunch
advocate of learning everything
possible about the automotive
business, including technology.
Looney, who owns Hudson Road
Automotive in Stow, Mass., understands the importance of staying
current when it comes to his auto career and has completed 93
training courses to date to do just that.
The ACDelco training is great. Its a really easy thing to do, Looney
says. We use it at our shop and it teaches us the most recent
technology. All the courses Ive taken have been useful, even if its
one or two things you come away with each time.
In fact, the knowledge he gained in just one ACDelco ILT class on
Network Communications is something that he puts to use on a
regular basis.
Looney worked as a service technician and service writer for Dans
Automotive, a Professional Service Center in Billerica, Mass., before
opening his shop three years ago. That experience with ACDelco led
him to make his shop an ACDelco Professional Service Center and
to encourage his own service techs to take advantage of ACDelco
Both of Looneys techs, Isaiah Lopez and Steve Mosher, have
benefitted from the ACDelco training as well.
Lopez has completed 84 training courses, including ILT classes at
Mass Bay Community College and Technical Seminars hosted by the
shops sponsoring WD, West Springfield Auto Parts.
Lopez, who has been a technician at the shop for five years, says the
training is invaluable for boosting his general automotive knowledge
and helps him decide where to start when faced with a repair.
I went from technician school right into the field, so the training
has really helped me bridge that gap, Lopez says. A lot of the
information comes right from guys in the field so its very helpful.
In turn, Hudson Road Automotive supports ACDelco with its parts
purchases. The shop stocks ACDelco batteries and oil filters and has
shown a 13 percent increase in ACDelco purchases this year.

The ACDelco Illustrated Catalog Receives Updates
Several important changes have been made to the ACDelco Specialty Catalogs, resulting in easier navigation and organization.
Illustrated Catalog
1. RPO codes: Added to the
top navigation of the Illustrated Catalog, the RPO
codes can be searched and
2. Part Type: Ability to drill
down to the part type on
the illustration, resulting
in the appropriate callout
to pulse in the drawing.
3. Product Family: This tab
is located at the top of an
illustration and displays
product options at the sub
group or part type level within the GM OE and ACDelco
product offerings (info will depend on drill path selected):
Professional, Advantage, and Specialty. Additionally, if there
are options at the part number level, you will see an icon at
that will provide product family options.
4. Canadian parts: An icon of the Canadian national flag now
denotes parts that are Canadian only. CONNECTION
Admin have the ability to turn this feature on or off.
5. Vehicle Persistence: See information below listed under
Battery Catalog.
Battery Catalog
1. Marine Batteries: Categorized into Starting/Cranking,
Deep Cycle/Trolling, and Personal Watercraft for ease of
2. Vehicle Persistence: Look up a vehicle by year, make, model,
engine or VIN in the Illustrated Catalog, add parts to the
cart, and then transition to the Battery Catalog. That GM
vehicle will display in the Vehicle History list within the
Battery Catalog so the user wont have to enter vehicle
information again. Likewise, when a user looks up a GM vehicle in the Battery Catalog and transfers to the Illustrated
Catalog, the GM vehicle will be listed in the vehicle history
making it easy to continue part selection. (Note: since the
Illustrated Catalog is GM-only, the user will not be able to
access parts for a non-GM vehicle in this catalog.)

Bosch Diagnostic Equipment Rebate Discontinued
The Bosch Diagnostic Equipment Rebate form has been officially
discontinued. In order to more efficiently benefit our ACDelco
PSC, RSC and KFLT participants, Bosch is working on a program
that will allow accounts to purchase tools and equipment directly
from the Bosch family of brands that includes OTC, Robinair and
This full suite of tools covers all major systems areas, including
diagnosis, engine analysis, exhaust, gas and battery/electrical
testing. Stay tuned for further updates coming soon.
Also, please remember that Bosch does not support tools bought
at dealer pricing such as Tech 2 and MDI.

10 2015 ISSUE 3

ACDelco Builds on 50+ Years of

Training to Keep Techs in the Know
Professional athletes and auto technicians
have something in common: For both, the
right training can mean the difference
between success and second-best.
As an aftermarket industry leader,
ACDelco understands training is one of
the most important tools in the service
bay. So ACDelco is committed to helping
shops keep their competitive edge by
ensuring their technicians are up to date
on the latest automotive technologies
and by making it easy for technicians to
improve their skills.
Training is much more than opening a few
storefronts here and there its about
making training convenient and relevant in
Detroit, Atlanta and New York. An additional 27 dedicated
an increasingly changing business and learning environment,
ACDelco training locations share GM Service Training Center
said Dale Tripp, manager of ACDelco aftermarket training.
remote locations. There are another 120 satellite training
Were still doing instructor-led training, but by supplementing
locations where ACDelco has partnered with community
that with virtual classroom training
and online courses, we have made
Training is much more than
training more convenient and
ACDelcos relationship with General
opening a few storefronts
attainable for those who cant
Motors means independent shops can
always go to a classroom. Colleges
here and there its about
take advantage of GM-specific training
understand this, because they have
courses that leverage GM engineering and
making training convenient
been delivering education this way for
service expertise the same industryand relevant in an increasyears.
leading training dealership technicians

ingly changing business and

learning environment.

ACDelco has been actively training
aftermarket technicians for nearly 60 Dale Tripp, manager, ACDelco
All of ACDelcos training curriculum is
years. GM broke ground in 1957 on
aftermarket training
available in their Learning Management
47 regional GM Training Centers with
System (; the LMS
dedicated classrooms for United Motor Service (forerunner to
also tracks technician training. Currently, ACDelco offers
ACDelco) courses. In 2014, technicians enrolled in more than
about 700 combined entry-level, intermediate and advanced
100,000 hours of ACDelco training courses delivered mostly
courses. Its also the first company in the aftermarket to offer
to technicians employed by shops that are part of ACDelcos
training in the core automotive ASE certification categories:
Professional Service Center Program.
Engine Repair; Automatic Transmission/Transaxle; Manual
Today, ACDelco has 34 full-time trainers who facilitate
classroom training during the day, conduct evening seminars
and deliver customized training at the service center. There
are six genuine General Motors training centers with ACDelco
dedicated classrooms located in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago,

Drive Train and Axles; Suspension and Steering; Brakes; Engine

Repair; Electrical/Electrical Systems; Engine Performance and
Emerging Technologies.

2015 ISSUE 3

ACDelco technician training consists of full- or

half-day instructor-led courses; Web courses
and virtual classroom training, which combines
the two. Tripp said these choices help shop
owners accommodate training while keeping
service bays full.
Tripp said ACDelco understands that it can be
difficult for smaller shops to balance training
and business. A shop with three bays that
sends a technician for a full day of training
can lose up to a third of its revenue that day.
That is a challenge for a small businesses. So
mixing face-to-face and online training can
be less disruptive to the bottom line while
still ensuring technicians stay on top of their
game, said Tripp.

Taking a Test Drive
1. If youre interested in getting a closer look at the world-class training offered
by ACDelco, click Test Drive at the top of the ACDelco training website, www.
acdelcotraining. com.
2. The Test Drive link provides an overview of the different types of online
courses offered through a variety of delivery methods: Web-Based Training,
TechAssist, Simulations, Technical Product Service Aids, and Self-Study.
3. Click one of the course types to view the online courses that are available,
including course numbers, the length of the course and a description with
details about the course content.
4. To learn more about an individual course, click the course title. Test Drive online courses are available at no cost. In order to get course credits for courses
taken, you must log in to the ACDelco Learning Management System (LMS)
using your user ID and password.


Learn more about ACDelco training from your

field representative, distributor or by visiting
Coming Soon! New Technician Awards
ACDelco, the aftermarket industrys largest
provider of technician training, is introducing
an exciting awards program designed to
encourage technicians to expand their skills
and maintain a competitive edge. It launches
this summer and more information will be
available shortly. Stay tuned!

Throttle Body Replacement Job

Aid Now Available
ACDelco has released a Throttle
Body Replacement job aid (Document #21-SS-0184-15E) for 2007
and later full-size GM Trucks, and
2008 and later full-size SUVs with
a V-8 engine. Its an easy-to-use
bilingual (English/Spanish) single
sheet job aid that reviews the
proper throttle body replacement
Higher than normal idle speed
and high engine speed during
deceleration may be experienced
after replacing the throttle body
or cleaning carbon from the area
around the throttle blade. If these
conditions are found, the Idle Learn Reset should be performed. The job aid covers
the requirements that must be performed during the reset procedure using a scan
The Throttle Body Replacement job aid is available through the ACDelco 1Store.
Contact your local ACDelco representative for more information.


12 2015 ISSUE 3

Training Schedule
Current Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) Courses
Course Number

How to Take ACDelco Training

Go to and click the Training tab to log in to the
ACDelco Learning Management System (LMS).
To launch or enroll in courses in your
training path, open the home page to
view your Training Progress Status
Report, select Show Detail, and then
click the course number and title to
view details on a specific course and to
launch or enroll in the course.
To view Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
courses (ILTs are full-day hands-on
classroom courses), click Take Training
> Catalog > Catalog Search and select
Instructor-Led Training under Delivery
To view Virtual Classroom Training
(VCT) courses (VCTs are 1- to-2-hour
live online courses), click Take Training
> Catalog > Catalog Search and select
Virtual Classroom Training under
Delivery Type.

To launch a Web-Based Training

(WBT) course (WBTs are 1- to 4-hour
self-guided online courses), click Take
Training > Catalog > Catalog Search
and select Service or Business WebBased Training under Delivery Type.
To launch a TechAssist (TAS) course
(TAS courses are 15- to 20-minute
online presentations on a specific
topic), click Take Training > Catalog >
Catalog Search and select TechAssist
under Delivery Type.
To launch a Simulation (SIM) (SIMs
require users to complete all repairs
for a condition), click Take Training >
Catalog > Catalog Search and select
Simulation under Delivery Type.

Gateway Spark Plug

Login Tool Discontinued
Effective June 1, the single sign on
Gateway tool (you may know it as
the Spark Plug flash drive) will be
decommissioned. ACDelco is seeking
new ways of streamlining the digital
experiences, but if youre using the
Gateway tool, you should discontinue
it and access ACDelco sites via

bookmarks and respective URLs.

You can continue to use the drive as a
regular flash drive by simply deleting
the program from it.

Course Name


HVAC Systems


Transmissions New and Updates

8L90 Auto Trans RPO M5U


GM Global Electrical Systems 2


Engines New and Updates for

RPOs LT4 and LOA

Current Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Courses

Course Number

Course Name


Automotive Air Conditioning

Advanced Refrigerant System


HVAC Control System Operation

and Diagnostics


Braking Systems


ABS Operation and Diagnosis


Electronic Brake and Chassis

Controls: Is the vehicle really
smarter than the driver?


Service Programming Flash

or Pass: Dont pass up potential


Vehicle Network
Communications: When modules
talk, who is really listening?


Network Communication


Electrical Power Management


Enhanced Automotive Circuit



Body Electrical Global Diagnostics


Advanced Body Control System

Electrical Diagnostics


Hybrid Vehicle Service and Safety:

Batteries Included


Electrical Diagnostics: Chasing

Lost Electrons


Valvetrain Controls: Are they

phasing you?


Engine Performance Fault

Monitoring and Emission System


Engine Performance Advanced

Drivability Diagnostics


After Combustion Sensors: Is

what is in the exhaust making your
engine run rough?


Spark Generation: Is a lack of

spark sending you up in flames?


Direct Injection


Duramax Diesel Operation and



Vibration Correction Diagnostics