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Which of the following will be Freud's description of the child's behaviour if he has a
biting,sarcastic manner?
A. Anally expulsive C.fixated in the oral stage
B. Anally retentive D. experiencing the crisis of trust vs mistrust
2. Which of the following is likely to be developed if infants are shown genuine affection?
A. Trust B. Autonomy
C. Initiative D. Industry
3. Which program in the educational system seems to be aligned to the Christian humanitarian
principle respect for human personality?
A. The alternative learning system delivery
B. The functional literac program for the out - of - school youth and adults
C. The promotion of the basic human rights of the Filipino
D. The study of thr the Philippine Constitution
4. After just being introduced to another guest in the party, Tim cannot remember the name of the
guest he was introduced to. In what memory stage was the information stored is?
A. Epesodic memory C. Sensory memory
B. Semantic memory D. Working memory
5. Why should a teacher take the obligation upon himself to study and understand the custom and
traditions of the community where he works?
A. To change the culture of the community.
B. To have a sympathetic attitude for the people of the community
C. To identify the weakness of the culture of the community
D. To please the people of the community
6. Which of the following is a limitation of models and real objects in teaching and learning?
A. They pose problems on storage.
B. They make learning more concrete
C. They provide hands -on learning experience
D. They are readily available in the environment,around school and in the home
7. What of the following characterizes best a well -managed class? When learners
A . are controlled by the teacher
B. blindly obey teacher's instructions
C.pursue their task without inhibition
D. are engaged in an activity that leads them to realize the set goal.
8. Your teacher is of the opinion that the world and everything in it are ever changing and so
teaches you the skill to cope with the changes. Which in his governing philosophy?
A. Existentialism C. Idealism
B. Experimentalism D. Realism
9. Train up a child in the way he should be, "when he grows up, he will not depart from it".
Which principle support this?

A. Development is determined by the heredity

B. Development is determined by the environment
C. Early development is more critical than the late development
D. Early development is less critical than the late development
10. Which philosophy approves of a teacher who lectures most of the time and require his
students to memorize the rule of grammar?
A. Existentialism C. Pragmatism
B. Idealism D. Realism
11. Virtue as one of the component in teaching of Rizal as a course focuses on the teaching of
good and beauty consistent with the good and beauty in God? What philosophy support this?
A. Social Reconstructivism C. Existentialism
B. Idealism D. Progressivism
12. What do you call the Curriculum when the teacher puts into action all the different planned
activities in the classroom?
A. Recommended curriculum C. Taught curriculum
B. Written curriculum D. Supported curriculum
13. Some children are more active than others,as everyone knows-extremely high levels of
activity or hyperactivity are considered problematic. How may a teacher help a child who is
A. Make him the leader of the class
B. Transfer him to another class
C. Give him challenging activities that appropriate to his ability level and interests
D. Allow him to spend longer at the playground until he gets tired.
14. A bulglary occurred in Jason's neighbourhood. Since then, Jason is very careful of locking
doors and closing windows. What theory best explains Jason's behavior?
A. Observational learning C. Self - regulated learning
B. Imitation learning D. Vicarious learning
15. His studies showed that learners put on what they see others do.
A. Jerome Bruner C. Lev Vygotsky
B. Albert Bandura D. Lawrence Kohlberg
16. This person concluded that a learner has the potential to be good in many aspects.
A. Sigmund Freud C. Howard Gardner
B. William Glasser D. Robert Havighurst
17. What happens when an experience goes higher Dale's Cone?
A. It becomes more abstract. C. It becomes more relevant.
B. It becomes less abstract D. It becomes less relevant.
18. According to Association Montessori Internationale ( AMI ), a true Montessori Education is
characterized by 7 elements. Which of the following does not belong?
A. Mixed age classrooms
B. A trained Montessori teacher

C. Lectures for not more than an hour every day

D. Learners work with materials rather than with direct instructions
19. Which of the following is not personal dimensions?
A. Ecological C. Physiological
B. Biological D. Spiritual
20. In classroom management, Teacher M seek to control students' behavior through many rules,
procedures and consequences.
A. Permissive style C. Authoritarian style
B. Authoritative style D. Classroom procedure
21. How do cognitive psychologist's see the learner?
A. With empty mind
B. Uninterested to learn
C. Full of experience
D. Totally conditional by environment
22. Regular medical check up required of teachers is done in the interest of ____?
A. School officials C. Parents
B. Filipino medical doctors D. The state and of every teacher
23. Which of the following is not related to Friedrich Froebel?
A. Free play C. Reward
B. Play things D. Play gifts
24. Which of the following pairs of personalities contributed to the development of ABC blocks?
A. Maria Montessori and Friedrich Froebel
B. John Locke and Friedrich Froebel
C. Friedrich Froebel and Jean Jacques Rousseau
D. Jean Jacques Rousseau and Edgar Dale
25. Teacher M gave his students additional points for being honest in his exams. The child
admitted that one of his items should be marked incorrect due to erasures.
A. Positive Reinforcement C. Positive Punishment
B. Negative Reinforcement D. Negative Punishment
26. Teacher A allowed his students to eat inside the classroom,although there is a rule not to do
so, because they cleaned the room very well.
A. Positive Reinforcement C. Negative Reinforcement
B. Positive Punishment D. Negative Punishment
27. Teacher R sent his students home after the latter broke the window of the classroom,in
effect,not allowing him to participate in the X'mas party.
A. Positive Reinforcement C. Negative Punishment
B. Positive Punishment D. Negative Reinforcement
28. Teacher SHE's two students were forced to clean the room after they were caught cheating in
National Achievement Test.

A. Positive Reinforcement C. Negative Reinforcement

B. Positive Punishment D. Negative Punishment
29. Student A does his assignment every night because he already had plenty of experience being
scolded for not doing assignment.
A. Escape and Avoidance C. Extinction
B. Discrimination D. Satiation
30. Student B is afraid of dogs. However,whenever she sees dogs in chains, she doesn't feel any
A. Escape and Avoidance C. Extinction
B. Discrimination D. Satiation
31. Teacher A punished his students for pinching his seat mate a week after the pinching was
done. What factor did the teacher forget to consider?
A. Satiation C. Contigency
B. Immediacy D. Size
32. Student F answered "A" to a certain question in an exam. He then discovered that his answer
was wrong. After a week, the teacher administered the same exam. Unconsciously, student F
answer "A" , once more to the same question.
A. Law of Readiness C. Law of Effect
B. Law of Exercise D. Law of Recency
33. Teacher E started with a simple sentence on the first of hid topic on "sentence ". After a few
weeks , he ended with a very complicated sentence.
A. Law of Readiness C. Law of Effect
B. Law of Exercise D. Law of Recency
34. Which theory asserts that fear can be learned?
A. Connectionism B. Behaviorism
C. Constructivism D. Montessori Method
35. A child asked his mother the name of the animal he saw outside. His mother answered,
"That's a dog ". From then on, he called everything similar to the animal " dog ".
A. Accommodation C. Assimilation
B. Classification D. Conservation
36. Child D said 1+2 is 3 and that 2+1 is also 3.
A. Decentering C. Transitivity
B. Seriation D. Reversibility
37. When teacher asked." What is next to F?". Child F cannot answer . What does he lack?
A. Transitivity C. Seriation
B. Reversibility D. Decentering
38. In which stage does a child recognize that other people have thoughts that may be different
from his thoughts?

A. Sensorimotor stage C. Formal operational stage

B. Concrete stage D. Preoperational stage
39. Which process do children posses when they realize that an object hidden still exists?
A. Object permanence C. Intentionality
B. Preeminence of Danger D. Creativity
40. Child G said, "I love apples so Daddy must loves apples too".
A. Centration C. Egocentrism
B. Centrism D. Animism
41. The fact that fish cannot fly and owls cannot learn to swim is an indication of
A. Lack of adequate reinforcement
B. Their lack of experience
C. The laziness of these creatures
D. The effects of biological limits
42. Learned test aversion is a form of
A. Operant conditioning C. Insight learning
B. Classical conditioning D. Modelling
43. Which of of the following is /are part of definition of learning?
A. change in behavior C. brought about by experienced
B. relatively permanent D. All of the above
44. Learning that results from the consequences of behaviors is called
A. extinguished conditioning C. classical conditioning
B. operant conditioning D. positive conditioning
45. Something that is legal doesn't mean it's good for people.
A. Pre-Conventional C. Post - Conventional
B. Conventional D. Negative/Positive Punishment
46. The belief that sometimes it is better to make a " wrong " decision when there is urgency than
make a "right " decision too late, is encouraged by
A. Reconstructivism C. Realism
B. Pragmatism D. Humanism
47. Lucy excells in classifying current types of leaves and rocks. She love to collect specimens
and catalogs them. Her strength is
A. Realism C. Existentialism
B. Progressivism D. Behaviorism
48. Continues process of experiencing and visiting/reorganizing experience is
A. Perennialism C. Progressivism
B. Realism D. Naturalism
49. Learning requires disciplined attention, regular homework and respect for legitimate

A. Naturalism C. Essentialism
B. Existentialism D. Perennialism
50. Present trends and current issues of national and international interests are discussed in the
A. Nationalism C. Essentialism
B. Progressivism D. Reconstructivism
51. What metaphysical principle enables humans to know reality as it is?
A. Causality C. Primary of existence
B. Identity D. Excluded middle
52. I'll pay for your tuition prprovided that you'll be my mistress. Why is this argument wrong?
A. Appeal to advantage C. Equivocation
B. It's practical though immoral D. A fortiori
53. Which of of the following environmental conditions has been blamed for the usual
occurrence of "fish kills"?
A. Euthrophication C. Atmospheric pollution
B. Acid rain D. Silting of lakes
54. Who has the sole power to and decide an impeachment case?
A. People C. Senate
B. Supreme Court D. House of Representatives
55. Which of of the following devices best applies the magnetism exerts a force on electric
A. Magnet C. Transformer
B. Electric motor D. Electric generator
56. Taxable income is derived from
A. Net income less exemptions
B. Gross compensation income less withholding tax
C. Gross income less total exemptions
D. Gross income less personal exemptions
57. The intended audience of the family planning include
A. Men of reproductive age only
B. Women of reproductive age only
C.Men and women of reproductive age only
D. Women and children only
58. What logical equivalence exists between the statements. All books are reading materials and
some non- books are non -reading materials?
A. Converse C. Contraposit
B. Obverse D. Inverse
59. Simplify 1/3 + 2/5 - 2/6

A. 1/4 B. 1/5
C. 2/3 D. 2/5
60. The sum of the present ages of of a father and his son is 60 years. Six years ago, father's age
was five times the ages of the son. After 6 years, son's age will be:
A. 12 years C. 14 years
B. 18 years D. 20 years
61. What is the probability of getting a sum 9 from two throws of a dice?
A. 1/6 C. 1/9
B. 1/8 D. 1/12
62. A bag contains 2 red, 3 green and 2 blue balls. Two balls are at random. What is probability
that none of the balls drawn is blue?
A. 10/21 B. 11/211
C. 2/7 D. 5/7
63. Change 4/5 to percent form?
A. 4 B. 80
C. 8 D. .40
64. How much bigger in 550 than 375?
A. 175 C. 73
B. 45 D. 431
65. What is the smallest positive number that is a multiple of both 12 and 14?
A. 36 C. 42
B. 84 D. 168
66. If a certain job can be finished by 18 workers in 26 days, how many workers are needed to
finish the job in 12 days?
A. 45 C. 39
B. 24 D. 30
67. Php 8,000.00 is invested at 12% simple interes. What is the amount at the end of 2 years?
A. Php 9,600 C.Php 8,960
B. Php 8,240 D. Php 9,920
68. If the variance of distribution is 25, then the Standard Deviation is
A. 30 B. 5
C. 625 D. 12.5
69. Isa sa mga dapat isaalang -alang bago magsalin ay
A. Konsepto C. Kaisipan
B. Layunin D. Pangungusap
70. Anong pagbabagong morpoponemiko ang naganap sa salitang marupok?
A. Asimilasyon C. Metathesis
B. Pagpapalit-ponema D. Reduksyon

71. Walang pasok ngayon. Ito ay pangungusap na _______.

A. May paksa C. May panaguri
B. Walang Pandiwa D. Walang paksa
72. Ano ang komplemento ng Pandiwa sa pangungusap na ito: Bumasa ang bata ng aklat.
A. Layon C. Sanhi
B. Ganapan D. Tagaganap
73. Ayusin ang salita mula sa pinakamababaw hanggang pinakamalalim: 1. Kariktan 2.
Kagandahan 3. Karilagan 4. Kaningningan
A. 2-4-3-1 C. 2-3-4-1
B. 2-1-3-4 D. 2-4-1-3
74. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang tamang kahulugan ng "Maghigpit ng sinturon?
A. Maiksi ang sinturon C.Mag-asawa
B. Magtipid D. Lumayas
75. George is always a peeping tom. Peeping tom means
A. Philadelphia B. Voyeurism
C. Lesbian D. Hermaphrodite
76. Choose the correct word order.
A. A beautiful round wooden large carved table.
B. A large beautiful round carved wooden table.
C. A beautiful large round carved wooden table.
D. A beautiful carved large round wooden table.
A. A lovely white big old triangular wooden Italian.
B. A big lovely old white triangular wooden Italian.
C. A old triangular lovely big white wooden Italian.
D.A lovely big old triangular white Italian wooden.
78. Introduce a new law or system.
A. Bring up C. Bring in
B. Bring on D. Bring out
79. To one or more of the five senses in order to create a mental picture.
A. Idyll B. Hubris
C. Imagery D. Genre
80. A short often witty statement of a principle or a truth about life.
A. Assonance B. Burlesque
C. Aphorism D. Classism
81. He ( do, does, did ) not want to come to parties.
82. What type of sentence is this : I'll never tell her anything again!

A. Compound C. Complex
B. Simple D. Compound -complex
83. Please be quiet!
A. Compound B. Complex
C. Simple D. Compound-complex
84. The term "benevolent " has the same meaning of what?
A. Hardworking C. Outgoing
B. Fair D. Honest
85. What figure of speech in the song " Sounds of Silence "
A. Metaphor B. Personification
C. Oxymoron D. Hyperbole
86. My dear,you are ugly.....but tomorrow I shall be sober, is what figure of speech?
A. Metaphor C. Irony
B. Metonymy D. Simile
87. We always see the face of the Moon because?
A. It is smaller than Earth
B. It revolves on its axis in the direction opposite to that of the Earth.
C. It takes equal time for revolution around the Earth and rotation on its axis.
D. It rotates at the same speed as the earth around the Sun.
88. The inexhaustible source of energy of the stars is due to
A. Conversion of hydrogen to helium
B. Conversion of helium to hydrogen
C. Decay of radioactive elements
D. Excess of oxygen that helps burning and releases of energy.
89. The term "demographic gap" signifies the difference in?
A. Sex ratio C. Age
B. Child/ Woman ratio D. Between the birth and death rate
90. Earth is known as the Blue Planet due to
A. Reflection C. Scattering
B. Refraction D. Presence of huge amount of water on it
91. The latitudinal differences in pressure delineate a number of major pressure zones which
correspond with
A. Zones of climate C. Zones of oceans
B. Zones of land D. Zones of cyclonic depressions
92. What is ECG stands for?
A. Extracorporeal group C. Extended care group
B. Electrocardiogram D. Echocardiography
93. A group of species exhibiting similar characteristics

A. Genome C. Genes
B. Genus D. Chromosome
94. A female hormone produced by the ovaries
A. Fetus C. Estrogen
B. Fallopian tube D. Prostate gland
95. What form of energy is utilized to power the energy -requiring functions of the cell?
96. Which German botanist concluded that tissues were made of cells and plant derived from a
single cell?
A. Matthias Schleiden C. Rudolf Virchow
B. Theodore Schwann D. Gregor Mendel
97. Who first to describe bacteria?
A. Robert Brown C. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
B. Charles Darwin D. Robert Hooke
98. Which of the following hormone is responsible for the emotional states such as fear,
anger,tension and a rise in blood pressure?
A. Sometotrophin C. Oxytocin
B. Thyroxine D. Adrenaline
99. What structure that helps to form the spindle?
A. Cell cycle B. Centriole
C. Chromosome D. Crossing -over
100. Stage of Interphase in which cell grows and performs its normal functions
A. S phase B. G2 phase C. G1 phase D. Mitosis