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Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

Mr. Trevor Tremaine Advanced English II

Teacher Contact Information:
Class Website:

Phone: 859-381-3546 ext. 1103

Twitter: @mistertremaine

Course Description:
Sophomore English focuses on the concept of culture and community, and examines how these influences shape identity and
perspective. Students read and analyze works of literary and informational texts with emphasis on how stylistic choices and rhetorical
elements shape tone in persuasive and argumentative texts, both print and nonprint.
Unit 1: Words Matter: Tone & Diction
Unit 2: Novel Study: Of Mice & Men
Unit 3: Poetry
Unit 4: The Period Is Pissed: Writing an Opinion-Editorial
Fayette County Grading Scale:
100 to 92 = A
91 to 83 = B
82 to 74 = C
73 to 65 = D
Below 65 = F
Mastery Grading Scale:

Degree of mastery for each standard will be evaluated using a

four-point scale:

4 = Exceeds Expectations
3 = Meets Expectations
2 = Approaching Expectations
1 = Not Yet

Degree of mastery will be translated into a traditional letter grade/percentage using the following chart:

Grading Category/Distribution:
Formative assessment is about measuring where students are in their learning and giving them feedback. It is akin to practice;
therefore, it should not factor into their final grade. This is major shift so we are phasing in a gradual change to reduce formative
assessments impact on student grades down to zero over a two-year period.
Formative Assessment

Summative Assessment

Final Exam/End-of-Course Exam




Materials Needed Every Day:

Pen or Pencil
Loose-leaf paper or notebook
3-ring binder for handouts, self-assessments, etc.
Literature book or class novel
Anything else you may need for organization (folders, highlighters, dividers, etc.)

Classroom Rules and Behavioral Expectations:

1. Be in your assigned seat and working on the class opener when class begins.
2. Bring books and materials to class every day AND take them with you when you leave.
3. Treat each person in the room with dignity and respect in words and actions.
4. Follow directions the FIRST time they are given.
5. Follow ALL school-wide procedures and policies as outlined in PLDs student handbook.
Consequences for Choosing Not to Follow Classroom Rules:
1st offense: Warning / Documentation
2nd offense: Teacher Conference
3rd offense: Parent Contact
4th offense: Referral
*Consistent misbehavior will result in a parent conference with teacher and administration.
Late Work:
You are responsible for turning in homework and make up work on time.
Work turned in one block late will be deducted 10%.
Work turned in more than one block late will be deducted 30%.
Late work will be accepted only during the instructional unit in which it was assigned.
Make-Up Work for Absences:

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get your make-up work the day you return and sign that you have retrieved it, complete it
in a timely manner, and turn it in to me. Work missed during an absence will be entered in the grade book as missing work until it is
turned in. Missing assignments may be retrieved from the Make Up Work folders in my room, or from my website (see above).
If you are absent the day of a test or quiz, you will have 2 weeks from the test/quiz day to take it. After this time, you will receive a
zero for that test or quiz. Work all semester to make sure your grade is what you want it to be.
Classroom Procedures:
When you enter Come in quietly, retrieve materials from the Take One Tray, sit in your assigned seat, prepare materials, review
agenda, and begin opener.
If you are tardy Come in quietly, place your tardy note on my desk, and begin work for the day.
If you do not have supplies... Quietly ask a neighbor or borrow supplies from Mr. Tremaines supply stash (I require a deposit;
acceptable currency includes earbuds, cell phone, iPod, or a shoe.)
If you have been absent Retrieve your work from the Make-Up Work folder.
When I need your attention I will stand in front of the class, raise my hand, and wait for everyone to be quiet.
When you turn in an assignment Place it in the appropriate Turn In Tray.
If you finish work early Study, read a book, write a poem or a song, or work on unfinished English assignments.
When you are working in groups Participate respectfully with members and stay on the assigned task.
When we are having a class discussion Participate by speaking and listening, and keep discussion relevant.
When class ends I will verbally dismiss the class after everyone is seated and quiet.
When you have a substitute teacher Work as if I were here and treat any guest respectfully.
When we go to the computer lab or library Do not take food or drinks and stay on the assigned task.
And finally:
I am thrilled and truly honored to be teaching you all this year. I expect that you will all work hard, try your best, and learn a lot. I
intend to do everything I can to make sure that you are successful. Lets work together and make it an awesome school year!