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Cmle analizi

1-Aada verilen paray okuyup, sorular

cevaplaynz. Parann altnda verilen
kelimelerin / beklerin e anlamllarn
paradan bulup boluklara yaznz.
A new gadget called Nima can examine a food
(1) ---- for allegenic ingredients in minutes. It is
composed of two parts: a disposable capsule
that holds the sample, and a sensor that
performs a chemical analysis of the food.
Currently Nima only (2) ---- for gluten, (3) ---versions that detect peanuts, soy and dairy are
being developed.

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cevaplaynz. Parann altnda verilen
kelimelerin / beklerin e anlamllarn
paradan bulup boluklara yaznz.

If all else fails, a group of drugs called

polymyxins are the fail-safe antibiotics (1) ---- by
doctors to treat superbugs. (2) ----, scientists in
China have identified bacteria that can fight
through this last line of defence. Experts are
worried that these particular strains will
contaminate livestock and enter our food chain,
which could (3) ---- a health disaster.

A) destruction


B) development

A) using

C) sample

B) used

D) obstacle

C) having used

E) emotion

D) to be used


E) having been used

A) scanned


B) could have scanned

A) Furthermore

C) scans

B) Therefore

D) must have scanned

C) So

E) had scanned

D) However


E) On the contrary

A) but


B) moreover

A) lead to

C) as a result

B) call for

D) indeed

C) run out of

E) in that

D) cross out
E) take after

------------------------- sergileyen bir sensr
------------------------- bulmak
------------------------- alet

------------------------- baarsz olmak

------------------------- yiyecein kimyasal bir analizi

------------------------- tedavi etmek

------------------------- gelitiriliyor

------------------------- belirlemek, tespit etmek

------------------------- bulatrmak
------------------------- belli bal
------------------------- bir salk felaketi

Cmle analizi
3-Aada verilen paray okuyup, sorular

4. Aada verilen paray okuyup, sorular


Blood-sucking vampire bats are much more

For the first time in history astronomers have

friendly than they seem, at least (1) ---- you are

observed a planetary birth, in the form of a giant

a member of their social group. A recent study

gas exoplanet (1) ---- 450 light years from Earth.

(2) ---- females donating blood from their most

The planets nearest star is called LkCa 15 and

recent meal to hungry members of their colony,

is only 2 million years old, much younger than

(3) ---- that they do not go without food if they

our Sun, which (2) ---- around for 4.5 billion

have been unable to find a meal. It looks (4) ----

years. Astronomers will (3) ---- monitor this

this sharp-toothed species has a more complex

planets development, and hope to learn more

social life than previously thought.

(4) ---- it slowly forms.



A) although

A) roughly

B) in case

B) merely

C) if

C) already

D) therefore

D) rapidly

E) however

E) quite



A) has observed

A) was

B) should have observed

B) has to be

C) had observed

C) had been

D) observes

D) may be

E) might have observed

E) has been



A) being ensured

A) severely

B) having ensured

B) considerably

C) to be ensured

C) closely

D) to ensure

D) particularly

E) ensuring

E) reasonably



A) when

A) as though

B) unless

B) therefore

C) so that

C) but

D) as if

D) as

E) as soon as

E) even if