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Term 3 Spelling Homework Menu 3F

Choose one activity to complete each night in your homework books. Please label your choice at the
top of each activity. Your spelling homework must total at least 7 points each week, and you may not
complete the same activity twice in one week. If you go over 7 points, you may earn up to 3 extra
credit points. Your 4 spelling assignments must be written into your homework books and handed in
with your homework on Fridays.
Rainbow Write
(2 pts)
First, write all of your
spelling words in pencil.
Then trace over them in
two different colours.

Other Handed
(2 pts)
Write your words using
the hand you usually
write with. Next to it,
write the word using
the opposite hand.

Rhyming Words
(2 pts.)
Write out at least 5 of
your spelling words with
at least 1 rhyming word
next to them. See how
many you can get!
Ex: shut: gut, hut, cut

Three times each

(2 pts)
Put your words in
alphabetical order and
write each word three
times in a row.

Words without vowels

(2 pts)
Write all of your words
replacing the vowels
with a line. Go back and
see if you can fill in the
vowels using a different
colour. Check your work
when you finish and
make any corrections if

Waterfall Words
(3 pts)
Write each of your
spelling words as a
waterfall. Ex:

Word Sort
(3 pts)
Sort your words into 34 categories. Ex: parts
of speech, number of
syllables, number of
letters, meaning of the
words, etc Make sure
to label each category
to explain how they are

Silly Sentences
(3 pts)
Write silly sentences
using your spelling
words. Underline the
spelling words and write
Ex: My dog wears a blue
and purple dress when
he takes a bath.

Words within Words

(3 pts)
Write each spelling
word and then write at
least three words than
can be made from that
Ex: catch: cat, hat

Synonyms & Antonyms

(3 pts)
Create three columns.
In the first column
write your spelling
word. In the second
column write a synonym,
and in the third column
write an antonym.

Word Worth
(3 pts)
Use the table on the
back of this page to see
how much money each
of your spelling words
would be worth.
*Extra point if you can
round the amount!

Acrostic Poem
(4 pts)
Choose 5 of your
spelling words and
create an acrostic poem
for each one. Example:
Dont like cats
Outrageously kind
Go for walks!

Talk about it
(4 pts)
Write a short
conversation between
two people that would
include at least 6 of
your spelling words.
Dont forget to use
speech marks.

(4 pts)
Create something
amazing with your
spelling words. Take a
picture of it. Write a
short paragraph
describing your

Comic Strip
(4 pts)
Create a comic strip or
cartoon that includes at
least 5 of your words.

Story Time
(5 pts)
Write a story using ALL
of your spelling words.
Be sure to underline
each of the words in
your story.




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