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I never would have thought that one day, Ill make an art book.
Because, in my humble opinion, this is one: a small collection of
images from the wonderful world of Dishonored, a game that is
flawed in many ways, yet as remarkable and unforgettable, as
anything in the land of the games rated 90% and above. The
talented people at Arkane built a world so unique, so imaginative, that simply being in it, and reading its many books scattered throughout the adventure is a joyride in itself. Although we
only seen a small slice of what the Empire of the Isles has to
offer, it was enough to show the glimpse what will come in the
future. The city of Dunwall, in its plague ridden state holds many
secrets, locations to discover, sections to dissect, sprinkled
with gorgeous paintings, lavish decorations, wonders of art. Art,
which must be properly documented, archived, and shown to
the world. This small books aims to do that: because we dont
have an official art book yet, I took it upon myself to collect every
image worth showing from Dishonored, and compiling it into
something that can be kept on your computer, or printed out and
put onto a bookshelf. Have fun, and thank you Arkane Studios
and Bethesda, for making such an amazing game.

- wilson



Coastal cliffs


Dunwall cityscape

Dunwall cityscape

London shard

1666 concept

Coastal landscape

Environmental concept

London shard


Prison #2

The Golden Cat

City street

Covered building


The Pendleton family

Sokolovs self portrait

Rats and the weeper

Daud and the parabola of lost seasons

The Empress and her empty seat

Whaling ship in ice

Horse carriage

The Torturers quaternionic groan

Vera Moray and the afflix of her skin

The Isometry of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell

The obtuse argument of Lady Boyle

Vehicle concept

The Outsider and the circumscribed void

The Spymasters axis of assymetry


The Outsider


Whaling ships


Game cover


Revenge solves everything

Death from above

Corvo on ledge

Corvos Mask

Dunwall City Trials

Dunwall City Trials #2

The Knife of Dunwall

The Brigmore Witches


Greaves Lighting Oil

Bitterleaf Crematorium and Fluid Works

Rothwild Whale Meat

Corvo Wanted Poster

Sokolovs Elixir

Pieros Remedy

The Golden Cat


Corvo faces
Corvo poses

Character concepts

Pleasure house girls

Corvo ideation

Corvo early design

Corvo early design

Bow concept

The Pendleton Twins

Weepers by Viktor Antonov

Fully upgraded crossbow

Women portraits
English women

Corvo by Viktor Antonov

Corvos sword

Corvo Concept

Every single image is the property of Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. All Rights Reserved by them. The artbook
is not a commercial product; it is not endorsed, nor made by Bethesda Softworks. Me, the creator have absolutely no intention of
selling it, profiting from it. It is a fan project, for other fans. Images taken from public sources:

Video Games Artwork

Dishonored Wiki

Veronique Meignaud

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