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Why is the Afrakan's Kushite-Kemetic spiritual science superior to all other

spiritual systems? Here's five reasons:

1. The Muslim lives for happiness after he dies in a place called heaven or
paradise. The Kushite-Kemetic understands that heaven and hell exists here
on Earth and it is during this life that we determine which one we live in
NOW. Even in Islam, the image of a pale god is attached to Muhammad, who
most Afrakan muslims see as a tan-skin Arab even without the use of formal
images. This is conducted by associative metaphor due to the native
speakers of Arabic being predominately tan-skin. Many African kings
abandon their ancestry and created fake lineages to Bilal, the Arab's Black
slave. They would rather be related to the Arab's Black slave than to Black
kings outside of Arabia. The shame.

2. The Buddhist tries to escape life through stopping reincarnation. The

Kushite-Kemetic says that this is impossible because a truly enlightened
person always returns to Earth in order to save the rest because we are One.
Buddhism is an escapist philosophy no different than the purpose of
recreational drugs.

3. The Ifa practitioner use to be superior to Kemet, but nowadays has lost
their profundity at the hands of corrupt slave-trading Yoruba priest-kings.
Now, when they have a problem in life, they base their decisions on the
random placing of objects on a tray and believe their animal sacrifices,
rituals, and the like will solve their problem instead of using critical thinking
skills to come up with a solution to solve their problem. This corruption has
spread throughout the once divine African traditional systems that are now
arrested by superstition and adherence to corrupt gatekeepers of fortunetelling. To make matters worse, contention between ethnic groups is so great
(what is often termed "tribalism") that none of their systems will work for all
of Afrakans because they will be too busy asserting who is not following this
"tribe's" way the right way and isn't really a part of this tribe, who isn't really
African, etc, etc. Don't even get started on the African vs Diaspora issue.
Meanwhile the European Union is laughing at our disunity. For this reason,
the Kushite-Kemetic system, which "died" 1,500 years ago belongs to no one
ethnic group, continental or otherwise, but to all Afrakans. While we have to

wait for the corrupted African traditions of today to die before we can fully
restore/resurrect them with usefulness, the death of the Kushite-Kemetic
system was a good thing because it allows it to be reborn today and made
even better and useful. Its non-tribal affiliation with all Africa and its ability to
embrace full resurrection makes it the only one that can unify us.

4. The Jew believes that his God is vengeful and has favorites, as in a
"chosen people." By giving God such human qualities they immediately
forfeit the divine perfection of God and cause their god, Yahweh, to be an
unworthy model for divine behavior. Thus, the Jew, modeling himself after
the imperfect Yahweh, is prone to jealousy, prejudice, vengeful thinking,
materialism, and injustice. Thus Judaism is incapable of providing a world of
prosperity and peace for all humanity.

5. The Christian believes it is Jesus who will solve their problems and while
he waits he wonders why he is still a slave to a small elite. Kushite-Kemetic
says that you are God and so you are your savior. God does not act for you,
you act for God. This is becoming Ausar (Osiris), God living thru Man.

It is only the Kushite-Kemetic system that frees you from dependency on

external saviors, fictional nirvana escapism, and priests that claim you must
pay them large sums of money and conduct expensive sacrifices to
communicate and receive benefits from God. It is only the Kushite-Kemetic
system that not only says you are "in the image" of God but that you are God
living through Mankind and emphasizes that you live up to this role at all
times. It is the freedom and self-reliance of the Kushite-Kemetic system that
makes it not only superior, but the only system that will rescue our race from
our dilapidated condition.