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TERM 3, 2016

Welcome to Term 3 J
Dear friends,
Having spent the past term learning

In this newsletter

about all the different relationships in

our lives from friendships to marriage,
from our family at home to our family in
Christ our hope is that we can start
this second half of the year by bringing
into action all the wonderful things
weve learnt.
With the knowledge that its Gods love
that unites us and shapes how we
relate with one another, we look
forward to this term of learning from
Gods word together, sharing in the
things that encourage and frighten us,
and continuing to grow alongside each

With love,

The CRISP Team

What is LOVE?
Term 2 Recap
Lets meet
Melvin and Lil Felix!
Get to know
Robin and Phoebe!
Prayer points J

Is love a feeling?
A fire that burns within
our hearts until it fades?
Is love like a rose?
Beautiful to behold, but
not without its thorns?

Is love a battlefield?
A constant fight of give
and take?

What is love?
What does God say about love?
Where does Christ come in?

Term 2 Recap
Christ-Focused Relationships
This past term we had the pleasure of learning
about the many relationships God has placed in our
lives and blessed us with the opportunity of having:
friendships, family, marriage, even strangers we
have the privilege of introducing to Christ!
Overall, we learnt that relationships are not selfseeking and that what we should really be doing is
seeking God in those relationships.

1 Corinthians
Reading 1 Corinthians, we were reminded how
much Christ is truly the foundation of all things.
He is what will last, He is what the church of God
is built around, He is how we should look to be
growing our brothers and sisters, and He is how
we should understand lovebut more on that at

Friday Night Fellowship &

Hot Pot Q&A
Once-a-month on Friday nights we continued
meeting together to learn about how Christianity
differed from other world religions; this term was
Hinduism, Mormons and Jehovahs Witnesses.
We also wrapped up the term by enjoying
fellowship together over a Hot Pot dinner, and
discussing tricky topics that come with living as
Christians in a changing world.

Lets meet Melvin & Lil Felix!

Melvin and Lil Felix (sorry, we already have a bigger Felix!)

are two of our newest friends at CRISP Youth!

Sometimes it can be a little tricky inviting friends to church.
So its always a joy when they join us J

Big Felix

Lets meet Melvin and Lil Felix

1. What year are you in, at which school, and whats special about your school?
M: Im in my last year at Baulko. Im always amused at the fact every other school has
an interesting logo/symbol thing but we ended up with an orange.
F: Im in year 12 at Normo. The schools pretty neat, it was rebuilt after the original
school was burned down, and we havent had a .95 in 6 years.

2. Which animal represents you and why?

M: Probably a giraffe. Not that Im tall or anything, its just people used to call me
Melman, the giraffe from Madagascar.
F: A fennec fox, like the one in Zootopia. Theyre pretty small and pretty cool. Plus
theyre nocturnal which is exactly like me.
3. What do you want to do when you grow up and why?
M: Id like to study law next year, but thats pretty hard, so Im keeping my options
open. Would be interested in commerce/economics. Also considered psychology.
F: Im looking to study commerce but as a child I had always wanted to be a chef and
travel to try different food around the world. Open up to more cultures + tastes good!

4. Our camp this year is on Love. How has your understanding of love changed as
youve grown up?
M: When I was younger, I used to associate love to really material things, like the giving
of gifts and presents and stuff like that. But I think growing up, Ive learned to view love
as not just an emotion, but an act where a person makes a tough and selfless choice.
F: As a kid, love was how much attention my parents gave me and if they let me do
what I wanted. But as I grew up, love became more about who stood by you and who
really understood you. For me right now, love is the people who see the flaws in you but
instead of rejecting you, still have your back and try to make you a better person.
Sometimes they see the good in you even if you dont. Keen to see everyone elses
understanding of love at camp.
5. How and why did you start coming to CRISP and SMAC?
M: HAHAHAHAHA well Ive only been coming for the past month-ish, but its been really
great so far, everyones been welcoming. Shout out to Isaac for inviting me and Clement
for taking me on Sundays J
F: After my friend invited me to his church camp two years ago, I was interested in
learning more. Then I met Khodee and she kindly invited me to come to CRISP, and
after a lot of persuading I decided, hey, why not?

Melvin and Lil Felix are in their final year at school and its been a big
encouragement for us to have them join us during such busy times J
Please pray for them and the other HSC students as they commit faithfully to
their studies while remembering that there is a greater wisdom than 99.95.

Get to know Robin & Phoebe!

Robin and Phoebe help with leading our junior boys & junior girls youth
groups at CRISP.
The photo above was taken during the filming of our promo for CRISP Camp.
Robin and Phoebe played brother and sister J
Lets get to know Robin and Phoebe
1. If you could be a policeman, a fireman or an astronaut, which one would you be?
R: I would like to be a policeman if I am a machine like David J
P: I think I would be an astronaut, just because it seems like the least dangerous
out of the three (unless you cant get back to earth haha!). But it seems pretty fun
to be able to float and swim in the air!
2. How and why did you become a Christian?
R: My high school friend invited me to church in Year 8 and I went with him just for fun.
There, I learnt the basics of Christianity, but it took me until the end of Year 12 to
understand Gods sovereignty and unconditional love for all of us. The biggest turning
point for me was actually when I realized that I misunderstood the message of a passage
from the bible. If youre interested in the full story, Id love to share it with you!

P: The first time I heard about Jesus and how he saves us was in Scripture, and I think I
believed in Him straight away. But I didnt really do anything about the faith I had and I
just kept living my own way. Im thankful that God showed me through Bible studies,
talks and Christian friends that the way I live should change in response to knowing
what he has done in his great love for us. Ive learnt a lot and grown quite a bit as a
Christian at SMAC, and I look forward to growing even more. Especially on Sundays
when we can all ready the Bible together and encourage each other.
3. You both help out with the junior youth. What were you like in early high school?
R: Surprisingly in my earlier high school years I was actually very quiet,
really didnt like sports, and my only pastime was video games. But
that all changed because of a PE lesson in Year 8. Again, if youre
interested in my funky upbringing, come have a chat with me J
P: I was quite a tomboy back then, which Im actually really
embarrassed about haha. And I liked to say and do silly things, like
pranking my friends!
4. What is one bit of advice you wish you could give your younger high school self?
R: I would tell my younger self to be more outgoing and be confident in sharing my
thoughts whilst talking to others kind of like Clement except try to be less
embarrassing and a lot less cringey. Because I used to hold my thoughts in and never
share them and I really disliked myself for it.
P: Dont be a Christian just on Sundays! I missed out on a lot of opportunities to have
good conversations with my friends, all because I thought talking about school stuff or
our hobbies was better than talking to them about Jesus. So my advice would be to
build better relationships with other Christians at school, having godly conversations
with them and even going to the Christian group; but also talk to non-Christian friends
about Jesus!
5. How can we be praying for you?
R: Hmm I would really like to have the courage to speak out on my
belief to all my non-Christian friends, so please pray for me in light of
P: Please pray that I will keep prioritizing following Jesus and telling
people about Him. Also, this year has been my busiest and most
tiring year so far, so please pray that I will be able to keep growing as
a Christian. Also that I will find rest and energy from reading the Bible
regularly, praying & fellowshipping with other Christians! Thank you J

Prayer Points
As always, thank God for providing us with brothers & sisters that know
Christ and encourage us in our walk with Him!
Pray that we can see our identity in Christ,
finding value in Him and proclaiming Him to
those around us!
With HSC exams coming up, pray for the Year
12 students that theyll continue to give God
first place in their lives!
Please pray for the youth leaders as we work
together to teach Gods word and prepare for

Coming Up!
Friday Night Fellowship!
o August 26th: Atheism


o September 23rd-25th: What is Love?