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Islam Looked Down on Blacks:

Islam is an ideology, whose sacred Scriptures contain explicit denigrating remarks

about black people.

Muhammad referred to Blacks as "raisin heads". (Sahih al-Bukhari vol. 1, no. 662
and vol. 9, no. 256).

In another Hadith, Muhammad is quoted as saying that Blacks are, "pug-nosed

slaves". (Sahih Moslem vol. 9, p. 46-47).

*A Slave Is Not Entitled to Property or Money

Ibn Hazm says in Vol. 6, Part 9,

"The slave is not permitted to write a will when he dies, nor can he bequeath
(anything) because his entire possessions belong to his master."

*The Testimony of Slaves is Not Admissible

In Vol. 35, p. 409 Ibn Timiyya remarks,

"The Shafi'i, Malik, and Abu Hanifa, who are the legists of Islam, assert that the
testimony of the slave is not acceptable."

The "Ordinances of the Qur'an" by the Shafi'i (part II, p. 142), stipulates that,
"The witnesses must be from among our freeman, not from our slaves, but from
freeman who belong to our religion!"

Black Slaves on Matters of Sex and Marriage

1 The Slave cannot choose for himself.

This was confirmed by all the Muslim scholars on the authority of
Muhammad. In Vol. 6, Part 9, p. 467, Ibn Hazm said,

"If a slave gets married without the permission of his master, his marriage will be
invalid and he must be whipped because he has committed adultery. He must be
separated from his wife. She is also regarded as an adulteress because Muhammad
said, 'Any slave who gets married without the approval of his master is a

The same text is quoted by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya (Part 5, p. 117 of "Zad
al-Maad"), as well as Ibn Timiyya (Vol. 32, p. 201). Malik Ibn Anas relates (Vol. 2, Part
4) more than that. He says (pp. 199, 201, 206),

"The slave does not get married without the approval of his master. If he is a slave
to two masters, he has to obtain the approval of both men."

2. The male slave and the female slave are forced to get married.

Malik Ibn Anas says explicitly,

"The master has the right to force his male or female slave to marry without
obtaining their approval" (Vol. 2, p. 155).

"The master does not have the right to force the female slave to wed to an ugly
black slave if she is beautiful and agile unless in case of utmost necessity" (refer to
Ibn Hazm, Vol. 6, Part 9, p. 469).

In matters of sex and marriage, Ibn Timiyya states:

"The one who owns the mother also owns her children. Being the master of the
mother makes him the owner of her children whether they were born to a husband
or they were illegitimate children. Therefore, the master has the right to have
sexual intercourse with the daughters of his maid-slave because they are his
property, provided he does not sleep with the mother at the same time" (Vol. 35, p.

Price of Slaves
"If an owned slave assaults somebody and damages his property, his crime will be
tied to his neck. It will be said to his master, `If you wish, you can pay the fine for
the damages done by your slave or deliver him to be sentenced to death.' His
master has to choose one of the two options - either the value of the slave and his
price or the damage the slave has caused" (Vol. 32, p. 202, Ibn Timiyya).

Racism From The Hadith

Ishaq:243 "I heard the Apostle say: 'Whoever wants to see Satan should look at
Nabtal!' He was a black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy
cheeks.... Allah sent down concerning him: 'To those who annoy the Prophet there is
a painful doom." [9:61] "Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, 'If a black man
comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey's.'"

Ishaq:144 "A rock was put on a slave's chest. When Abu Bakr complained, they said,
'You are the one who corrupted him, so save him from his plight.' I will do so,' said
Bakr. 'I have a black slave, tougher and stronger than Bilal, who is a heathen. I will
exchange him. The transaction was carried out."

Tabari II:11 "Shem, the son of Noah was the father of the Arabs, the Persians, and
the Greeks; Ham was the father of the Black Africans; and Japheth was the father of
the Turks and of Gog and Magog who were cousins of the Turks. Noah prayed that
the prophets and apostles would be descended from Shem and kings would be from
Japheth. He prayed that the African's color would change so that their descendants
would be slaves to the Arabs and Turks."

Tabari II:21 "Ham [Africans] begat all those who are black and curly-haired, while
Japheth [Turks] begat all those who are full-faced with small eyes, and Shem [Arabs]
begat everyone who is handsome of face with beautiful hair. Noah prayed that the
hair of Ham's descendants would not grow beyond their ears, and that whenever his
descendants met Shem's, the latter would enslave them."

Ishaq:450 "It is your folly to fight the Apostle, for Allah's army is bound to disgrace
you. We brought them to the pit. Hell was their meeting place. We collected them
there, black slaves, men of no descent."

Bukhari:V4B52N137 "The Prophet said, 'Let the negro slave of Dinar perish. And if
he is pierced with a thorn, let him not find anyone to take it out for him.... If he [the
black slave] asks for anything it shall not be granted, and if he needs intercession
[to get into paradise], his intercession will be denied.'"

Slavery, raping slave girls, owning slaves, selling boys and women as trophies of
war, sharing the booty (including slaves) obtained in raids and wars with Allah are
all central teachings of Islam. Slavery was one of the major driving forces behind
the expansion of Islam.

Asking again the question - what will be one's conclusion about a man found to own
slaves in a civilized country, let alone raping slaves? Prophet Muhammad, aided by
his creation - Allah, created the institution of slavery: he enslaved in large numbers,
owned dozens of slaves as the Prophet of Islam; he used the female captives as sexslaves on top his dozen wives; he traded in slaves.

Slavery is Sunna.

Such an evil incarnate is eulogized by world's 1.6 billion Muslims as the perfect
human being, the greatest apostle of God, a man of peace. Tens of millions of Blacks
who were given the worst treatment by Muhammad, who suffered the most
devastating treatment at the hands of Muslimsalso eulogize this man, call
themselves proud Muslims. There cannot be anything more shameful than this