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Algebra 2 Honors Unit 3: Quadratic Equations Learning Resources

Goals of the Unit: Fluently choose and use all forms of a quadratic function or equation to describe
the function or solve the equation.

Learning Objectives
At the completion of this unit, I

The vocabulary related to quadratic

functions and equations.
The three forms of a quadratic function
(standard, vertex, and intercept)

Be able to

Interpret parts of a quadratic

expression (e.g., terms, coefficients) in
relation to the context.
Graph by hand a quadratic function in
any form and identify key points of the
Solve quadratic equations by graphing
y = f(x) and y = g(x) and finding the
intersection of the graphs.
Solve quadratic equations algebraically
by taking square roots, factoring,
completing the square, and using the
quadratic formula.
Choose the most efficient method of
solving a quadratic equation.
Convert a quadratic function/equation
into any of the three forms of a function
in order to identify key features of a
graph and to solve the equation.
Determine the nature and number of
zeros of a quadratic equation.
Create a quadratic function/equation
from given information, including key
points of a graph and any three points
on the graph.
Model a situation using a quadratic

The links below connect resources to specific learning objectives from the unit.
These resources are intended to be supplemental and are helpful for review,
study, or catching up after absences.

Vocabulary Quizlet
Forms of Quadratic Functions
Parts of a Graph of a Quadratic Tutorial
Parts of a Quadratic Website

Graph Video
Graph in Vertex Form Video
Solve Quadratics by Graphing and Intersection Video
Square roots Video
by factoring Website

Square roots Video 2

Factoring Review Video

Complete the square Video Complete the square Video 2

Complete the Square Website
Quadratic Formula Website
Quadratic formula Video
Solving Quadratics with Complex solutions website
Standard form to vertex form video
Vertex form to standard form video
Vertex form to factored form video

Discriminant Video

Discriminant Website

Quadratic Equation given three points video

Applications Website



The connections between the three

forms of a quadratic function
The difference between a quadratic
equation with real solutions and
complex solutions

Solving quadratic equations website with real and

complex solutions

Vocabulary of Quadratic Functions and Equations

Quadratic equation
Key features

Quadratic function
Square root
Line of symmetry
Standard form

Vertex form
Complete the square
Real number

Complex numbers

Reflection (write in your INB)

Quadratic Functions

Quadratic Equations

Describe 3 key features of a graph and

which algebraic form of the function
you would use to find each feature.

Describe 3 things you need to

remember when

Select either vertex form or intercept

form or a quadratic function. Explain
what 2 terms and/or coefficients of the
form tells you about the graph of the
Identify 1 connection between
increasing and decreasing parts of a
graph using vertex form of the

Intercept from

Forms of Quadratics
Demonstrate 3 common errors when
transforming an equation from
standard to vertex form. Then show
the transformation worked correctly.

Compare and contrast 2 ways to solve

quadratic equations. Give at least two
similarities and two differences.

Compare and contrast 2 forms of a

function. Give at least 2 similarities
and 2 difference

Identify 1 thing you need to

remember when modeling situations
using quadratic equations.

Identify 1 key feature of a quadratic

graph and explain how you can find
that feature in each form of quadratic