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Yamaha School of Music

A Preparatory Music Course

Capture the opportunity to explore music with your child

through singing and playing musical instruments ( percussion
instruments ).

\KidzPlay Ensemble enables children to enjoy expressing

music. Your childs imagination will delight you as we experience
music each lesson through creative stories with illustrations,
following the words in a song and playing musical instruments
with music accompaniment. The students in a group class will
become very perceptive to changes in musical elements: loud and
soft, fast and slow and high and low. Children love these engaging
music lessons which are designed to educate and foster a musical
ear at this key developmental stage.


At the end of the lesson, the students may be able to:

1. Identify and understand the different musical instruments
and follow the tune of different songs.
2. Play some musical instruments ( percussion instruments )
and perform some songs.

3. Appreciate and value the beauty and importance of Music in

their lives.

books , illustrations and musical instruments

Length of course:
2 3 months

No. Of Hours :
30 45 mins

Group class size :

minimum of 5 maximum of 10 students

Lessons :

Songs with words

Fun by listening to music
Fun playing percussion instruments
Playing instruments with accompaniment

At the end of the course, children will have developed an
ability to listen to and express many aspects of music. Having
established the foundations of musical expression they will then

be in a position to develop their musical skills in fundamental