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Negativity vs.

(Optimism vs. Pessimism)
Fill your heart and mind so much with My presence, with My praise, with thankfulness for the things Ive done for you, I
am doing for you, and the even greater things I will yet do for you; for My faithfulness, which will never leave you nor
forsake you, that there will be no more room for anything negative. (I:28)
Its easy to spot the negative in others, and so difficult to see the good. Oh, its easy to see the good in others that are
far away, like in those unreachable superstars the Devil is trying to get everyone to think theyre so great, well maybe
some of them are. - But that person next door or in the next room? (I:182)
You can determine the positive or negative outcome of a situation by deciding whether youre going to pray or not.

Focusing on the positive means, not staring at the problem, at the hole, but looking up to Me. (I:245)
Be more optimistic and look out for the opportunity instead of letting yourselves be bogged down by the seeming
impossibility! (I:263)
When youre in the gear of thinking negatively about someone, pull out some of the positive input on them from your
arsenal or mental archives, to counter-balance your view of them.
You can get a lot done by promoting steps toward improvement without attacking anyone. Instead of pointing your
finger at someones faults, point toward a positive solution: greater emphasis on memorization, the Word, focusing on
the work instead of the problems, getting busy for Me, etc. (I:327)
You must go on in spite of a negative audience reaction! (I:329)
Have a positive attitude!
Better to be surprised than causing failure by expecting failure and a negative attitude and a lack of faith! (I:409)
I'm trying to get you to have positive faith in people, or at least in My power to change people, and not give up on them
prematurely. Have faith in the people I've put by your side, faith that sees what no one else can see, "the good and
possibilities that others cannot see." (I:414)
Sometimes it's easy to focus on the negative, especially during times of battle. I mean, what's so cheerful about a
battle field? There's blood and guts all around you, pain and death, hellish noises of weapons and bullets flying
around your ears, your wounded comrades... Not much positive to look at, except by the miracle of faith, and with the
eyes of faith. (I:428)
Sometimes "bad" things aren't all that bad after all, especially not from My point of view, and when weighed against all
the lessons learned and wisdom gained out of them, which drive people closer into My arms and put their outlook
more into a realistic perspective: that it's actually quite naive to think that everything's always going to go honky dory,
that nothing's ever going to happen, even if you don't pray or tune in to Me or run around outside of the shelter of My
protection. (I:442)
If you expect more out of life than you're willing to put in, always look around for flaws and things to criticize, if you're
not seeking to stay on a positive channel nor making an effort to stay cheerful, by looking at the doughnut instead of
the hole, then not even I can help you. (I:449)
Focus not on the circumstances, which are largely brought about by the devil's mingling in My affairs, plus man's lack
of wisdom and lack of love, and his falling for the devil's tricks, but focus on the fact that you have found the One Who
is going to right all the wrongs and turn things around in your life and in everybody else's who will accept Me. (I:474)
Make sure you're aware of all the good things I heap on you, so that you can have a more positive attitude and outlook
on life and enjoy it more! Open your eyes and see all the good and the wonders and many benefits and blessings I've
given and am giving you, and will continue to give, if you will appreciate and make use of them and thank Me for them!

Don't look at the old man with their faults and human failures, but at that which you're going to be. You've got to look
in the spirit, through My eyes, through the eyes of love, faith and hope.
Forsake the eyes of doubt, of criticism and of seeing the so-called "realistic" side or view of things, which is only the
temporal view of things, really, which will cease, along with all that is temporal, and look on that which is eternal. See
things in the Spirit! (I:495)
Look at the good and focus on the good, which, in essence, means to focus on Me in each of you, the Hope of Glory!

Don't let the enemy bog you down with his negative version and view of things, which he would like to impose on you!


It's important to make a difference, to strive to be different in an uplifting way, a positive way that takes the initiative to
make a positive difference. (I:555)
The devil is trying to cast you into the pit of negativity, which is where he keeps an awful lot of his captives.
It's the supposedly "realistic" twist of things, or rather the pessimistic twist, which always makes you see the
downside, even in your blessings.
The enemy makes you see the flaws in others, or dwell on them, when you should be looking to Me and hear from Me
what you could do to help them or to remedy the situation, to make a positive difference.
The major problem stems from a negative attitude toward life itself! When everything still revolves pretty much around
yourself and what you want, that's the cycle of negativity. Spiritually, when someone is focusing on himself, they
become like a negatively poled magnet: it pushes other objects - in this case, greater blessings, happiness and
fruitfulness - away. Whereas in turning around and focusing on others, trying to make them happy instead of yourself,
and seeking your own survival and gain and benefit, you become a positively poled magnet that attracts others and
draws My blessings to you.
Become My new creature permanently, by refusing to look at the waves of the negative reality of the devil, and staying
fully in My positive Reality! (I:561)
You don't bring about a positive change by a negative viewpoint or attitude. You must become so positive that you
simply refuse to see the negative, you just rise above all the negative circumstances, because you believe and trust Me
that I knew what I was doing, and that by My grace they're going to be what they're meant to be. (I:568)
I'm trying to show you the positive side of what you consider a dilemma. I'm challenging you to stretch your faith.
If you lack, ask Me! (II:67)
If you focus on the negative, you will see the negative. If you focus on the positive - which, granted, with some people
is a little bit harder - you eventually will see the positive.
You must learn to look for the good in people! Then it will also not be so hard for you to correct them or tell them about
some of the things they do you consider wrong, because they'll still feel that you love them and consider them a
positive addition and a blessing to your life, not a burden.
What is needed is a more positive outlook, more love, more of the ability to see the good in others, instead of the bad.
The solution is not to look at the negative, but at the positive, to emphasize the positive traits of others and focus on
them. The more you look for the good in others, the more you will see it, and the more it will come alive for you, and it
will become more and more real to you! A positive reality instead of one where all you see is the bad. (II:116)
Focusing on the negative debilitates you, even if it's the truth!
You're much better off focusing and dwelling on the positive, seeing My hand in everything.
Look at the positive opportunity in the negative condition! (II:153)
People get back into their habits of viewing others with familiarity and negativity so quickly. (II:164)
Listening to the enemys lies about what others may be thinking of you is a form of daydreaming of the most negative
and harmful kind. It's entertaining the devil's thoughts, swallowing his poison, and you must make a positive and
definite declaration that you're not going to fall for those lies anymore! (II:166)
Dwell a little more on the positive, on that which by faith you know is going to be, instead of on the negative, the
present conditions as you see them! (II:188)
You've got a golden opportunity to make the best out of what you've got right now! Look at the positive, the
opportunities, and not at the negative, the obstacles! (II:189)
Just because you can only see the one side, the negative, doesn't mean that the positive isn't there. (II:198)
To maintain a positive attitude and outlook toward people that tend to strike you negatively or give you battles and
trials is a very important thing, because so much is determined by the way you see others: your ability to successfully
live and work with them, which will affect your fruitfulness for Me, your unity, your general happiness and outlook on
life, as well as theirs. (II:297)

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You consciously must fight for the good and positive mindset to take over the negative!
Life is what you choose and strive to make it each day; either a positive experience you can rejoice in, or a negative

one you need to suffer through. (2011:66)

Its so easy to see the negative; thats why youve got to make that effort to look at the positive. Now, sometimes youre
in such a negative mindset already that you wonder, what positive?
You can be a force for good, and you could bring about such positive changes and be such a positive influence in
others lives, if you would just manage to make that effort to stay positive yourself!
Okay, so before it was easier for you to stay positive, that means, youre going to have to make more of an effort now
to stay positive, to keep your mind on a positive wavelength.
Make that conscious effort to stay on a positive wavelength! (2011:67)
Learning to stay positive and cheerful when things are not fine, that is a challenge. (2011:86)
Looking at the positive, counting your blessings and praising Me for them will strengthen you. So, of course its in My
interest to get you to see things in a more positive way, since I want you to be strengthened. (2011:101)
If you dont have a lot of reasons to feel proud of yourself, I wouldnt necessarily view that as a negative, but actually
as a positive aid to stay on the right path. (2011:113)
Its basically up to you, whether you choose to go down the road of a positive, or negative approach to your challenge,
and the first step to giving the whole thing a more positive slant, would be to bring the whole matter to Me. (2011:130)
Any kind of experience that forces you to reconsider what you think you know, and that prompts some sort of reset of
your mind to the humble state of emptiness, is always a positive, as far as Im concerned, no matter how hard it may
seem to be for you to take at the time being. (2012:14)
When you place your faith in the right factors, it becomes evident in a positive, praiseful attitude and spirit, regardless
of any physical factors or circumstances. (2012:22)
Dont see the areas you need improvement in as a negative, but as a necessary positive, something you need in order
to stay spiritually alive and keep growing, moving forward. (2012:25)
Dont see the dark times entirely as a negative, because they might turn out to be your greatest ally in bearing fruit for
Me yet, in the end.
Its the oppression of Satan that makes people cry out for a Savior, and when they do, I need you to let them know Im
right here. (2012:29)
Youve got to make a conscious effort to stay on the positive side of things, especially when things arent going so
well! (2012:44)
Not everything about aging is negative, even though its perhaps easier to see the disadvantages in that
disproportionate world. (2012:56)
Happiness lies in the ability to look at the positive side of things, instead of ceaselessly harping on the negative and
critically and judgmentally pointing it out, which basically, is your adversarys profession, the accuser of the saints.

If you have nothing but complaints in your heart about the situation youre in, and you come to Me in an accusatory
manner, blaming Me for this and for that, its usually harder for Me to get through to you to get you to see My point of
view, which is usually the positive side of things you often fail to see.
Gratitude can be the key to unlock the mental cell of negativity that engulfs you. If you keep focused on the things you
ought to be grateful for, instead of all the circumstances that in your opinion should be better, youll have much greater
power and more energy to make it through each day victoriously and wont wind up with that attitude of resigning to
your fate at the end of the day.
In the end, youre going to have to take things one way or the other. But it makes a big difference how you take them,
whether with a positive attitude, or negatively.
We cant really make significant progress until youve learned to have a more positive outlook on things. (2012:89)
Soak yourself in My input, not theirs; for looking unto Me, not them, making sure youre receiving enough positiveness
from Me to pass on, in spite of all the odds, will defy and overcome their negativity. (2012:107)
The sooner it gets worse, the sooner itll really get better, so even the negative changes are positives for you, if youve
got faith! (2012:111)
For you the pain, agony and troubles youve had to go through and still do at times, look like a negative. And by the
standards of the world, they might be. But not according to Mine. (2012:114)
Negative human traits rub you the wrong way, and you can see right through them, and they keep you from enjoying
things and life the way youd like, but its good to be shown that youre no exception to those ails that affect everyone

around you, isnt it?

So, theres a lot of negative to see. And people like to look at it and talk about it But do you have to dwell on it?
Id say, its another matter of Lets Talk About Jesus! Of talking about anything thats positive, thats uplifting, thats
going to give people a break from staring at the endless amount of misery there is, thats going to remind them of Me
and inspire them, comfort them that theres something good about it all, after all, and something good and lasting will
come off it! (2012:118)
As a parent or teacher youve got to stay focused on the positive. You cant just dwell on the negative, the lack of
achievement and progress your students, followers or off-spring are making.
Youve got to make an effort to get them to focus on the positive, too the rewards that expect them if they keep going
in the right direction and make some effort to keep making progress.
They can choose to either reach the fulfillment of the promises, reap the rewards and positive consequences of their
efforts, or not. (2012:126)
Is it really a negative, that youve run out of the necessary energy to run in this lifes rat race? Isnt it a positive that
youve already recognized that thats not entirely where its at? (2012:135)
Things never stay looking as bleak as they temporarily do, but youll eventually be able to glean something positive
out of this again. (2012:139)
You may view the process of aging as a negative in your life, but I see it as a definite positive, because its a factor that
makes you turn to Me and depend on Me for strength to go on like hardly any other. (2012:150)
Every bad, selfish, negative choice (= sin) you make in life is a minus. Every unselfish act that follows the example I
gave on the cross is a plus. Its the minuses that add up or better; subtract themselves - to the messes. The pluses
add up to happiness and true freedom. (2012:151)
The main discrepancies kids have with parents is about punishment: They resent it, usually think its undeserved, or
take on some sort of rebellious attitude toward it, sometimes manifested in some sort of self-destructive behavior
Sounds familiar?
So, learning to take that part of My love for you is doubtlessly a major part of the challenge and lesson.
The problem is that folks automatically view it as a definite negative, when its actually a token of My love and care for
you, and thus a clear positive. (2012:154)
See the good in others, focus on that and hope for the best, have an optimistic attitude! (2012:180)
Dont withdraw your love, but keep loving unconditionally. Approach the problem in a positive way! (2013:18)
How about casting a glance at your own negativity and discontent in search for the root of your problems? How about
seeking the need for change right there? (2013:23)
One negative side effect of looking at people instead of Me, is that you tend to blame them for your discontent. Not
only that, but you end up blaming Me, too. When the truth of the matter is, that a lot of things could and would be
better if a lot more folks would take Me into the equation of their daily lives.
Murmurs and complaints are really negative vibes that can cause life to take a downward drift, instead of the uphill
progress one wants to make.
Prayer and praise draw good things and people into your life, whereas murmuring and a negative attitude drive them
away and attract negative repercussions instead.
Why would you crawl through life with a negative attitude, when you could soar through it on the wings of faith by
looking unto Me, keeping your focus on Me and thus ensuring a lot more positive attitude to help you make it through
your days? (2013:28)
Its a struggle to fight and try to stay positive in this rather negative world, but are you exerting that energy to make the
effort it takes to fight that fight, or are you just lying down and letting life run all over you? (2013:42)
To rise above the negativity that surrounds you is My challenge for you. (2013:70)
It wouldnt hurt to take on a more positive approach toward life, even if a lot of what you see around you is misery.
Remember that the trick and the challenge is to see beyond the misery, and rise above it! See Me at the other end of it,
knowing that itll all have a positive outcome against any odds.
The reason Im more positive and optimistic is that I see peoples hearts, and I see how many of them would be ready
and willing to accept and receive Me, if theyd get a chance to know Who and What I really am (2013:83)
Positive output will create positive benefits.
So, just remember that when things arent going the way you feel they ought to, chances are you forgot something,
and not just anything, but what simply happens to be the most important thing that your life should revolve around:
your positive, life- and benefits-engendering relationship with Me. You keep your heart attuned to Me with positive and

praiseful thoughts and prayers, and life will pour itself out to you in all its fullness. Thats guaranteed.
Now the real trick for you is to keep up this positive interaction and interchange with Me when circumstances arent
ideal yet, knowing and remembering that it lies within My power to override any of these. (2013:107)
Certain things you do wrong in life somehow call negative reactions on themselves.
In any case its positive to be made aware of the more spiritual finale of your life and to be trained more to be better
prepared for it. (2014:15)
Even though you perceive much of what has happened lately to you as more negative, trust Me that if I allowed it to
happen, I did it because I knew it would bring about positive changes in you. (2014:16)
Its good to know that if you want to be positive, you should make an effort and a decision to stay that way or become
that way again, and to remember that its better than to become negative! (2014:20)
To get you all interested in Me, in hearing My voice and communicating with Me, and having Me above any state of the
world in your life, should be fairly promising, and showing something positive achieved through something seemingly
Seemingly negative influences can cause actual positive fruits Thats one thing about the miracle-working power of
God: Good results appearing in spite of seemingly bad things caused to happen elsewhere Just like My being
crucified resulted in quite a miraculous result of things. Dont underestimate the positive result from God in a
seemingly negative approach of things. (2014:35)
Just keep breathing in and inhaling My Spirit and stay on the positive side of things!
Let Me and My Words fill you with courage and positiveness! (2014:38)
Its pretty good to view different kinds of changes in more positive ways, putting more trust in your Creator about them
and try to accept upcoming lessons with greater and more positive faith. To take a more positive attitude toward new
things happening to you in life is a good thing, because it shows you trust in God and the Creator, and not just your
own ideas of what should happen to you. (2014:45)
Some of those seemingly negative things happen to you in order to bring you closer to Me! (2014:51)
Its definitely more helpful for faith to work by being more positively active in the mind.
Stay positive! Stay actively fighting for faith against the enemy, and what hes trying to sow into your life with
negative moods (2014:52)
If you can let the needs of the rest of the world affect you a little more than your own, you can be pretty sure that thats
a positive, because unselfish thing for Me. (2014:53)
If you feel your body growing weaker, dont just see it as something negative, but also a more positive preparation for
Heaven! (2014:56)
Some of the things happening are there to teach you to trust in Me, even in spite of the negative things happening in
the world You can find out and learn that Im more powerful than the negative things and problems in the world, and
more powerful than what the junkies to the negativity of the world can project to you. (2014:69)
Sometimes, in order to make it through things, you need to undergo some positive changes.
Try to make the best of things! Try to stay positive! (2014:72)
To think and talk badly about others is pretty much a worse quality in itself than most of their weaknesses.
That negativity against or toward others is not really any form of positiveness in itself! (2014:85)
For some people life is something bad, something challenging, and something they have to overcome the negativity of
and fight for something positive to happen in it. Its a fight! And if its a fight, you can imagine whos behind thinking up
all that negativity in someones life, or making them think it up, imagine it and feel and perceive life as something
negative. (2014:86)
Sometimes folks hope too much for the positive and arent able to deal with the negative happening in this world

Dont let the worlds negative example give you a reason and excuse to be negative, too! (2014:103)
Look at it this way: the end of the merely physical life is coming to everyone. And being able to look at it with a
positive view shouldnt be something too bad; especially when you believe in Salvation. So, it should be viewed with a
positive look, your after-life; and see the rest of your physical one as an opportunity to prepare for it, instead of
focusing mostly on the way to make more money down there (2014:110)
Theres a positive difference that comes in life with and through gratefulness. (2014:120)

After all youre experiencing down there on Earth lately, you might want to think some more about Heaven and the
positive that awaits folks Here Itll definitely be the more positive side and deal of life believe Me. (2014:125)
Keep love as the most important thing to believe in and to practice, and youll experience how it will lift up your faith
and positiveness. (2014:128)
One of the reasons for which experiencing some negative vibes and times right now are there for: Itll definitely help
you appreciate the Hereafter a lot. (2014:147)
If your body is going through a humbling phase, dont see it as something negative! Humility is something positive, so
the things that help to make or keep you humble should be seen as something positive as well, and a blessing.
A little more suffering in life will make you a bit humbler. See it as something positive!
What the world sees as something positive, namely the things that make you more proud, isnt all that much more
positive in the long run, if you believe in eternity to follow, in a spiritual world, and the carnal world of the flesh isnt all
there is for you. (2014:148)
Stay a bit more on the positive side!
Just because I allowed something to happen to you that you wouldnt have expected, does not necessarily mean
something entirely negative, if you can manage to put more faith in Me than in your own perception of things.
Not being too enthusiastic and positively minded about the current state of the world is not a negative! (2014:152)
Things happening to you make you pray more is not a negative thing in total (2014:154)
Have some trust in the Hereafter, and try to live for it, if you cant make it to have any positive views for you there and
now. (2014:159)
A positive thing that happened was a miracle, and it prepared you for whats expecting everyone eventually, after the
life on Earth; but it pays to be a bit ready for it, and not just let it come like a big surprise. (2014:160)
Take it by faith that the Hereafters a whole lot better, and something to look forward to, and another reason to stay
positive! (2014:181)
Just because the enemy has control over this world in which you live doesnt mean you ought to keep constantly
complaining about it! Youre actually supposed to do something better: Change the world as much as you can with a
positive influence, not negative complaints about the negative things you notice. Do something better in order to make
things better!
In order to change the world for the better, youve got to have some input and influence in you for the better to touch
other peoples lives positively.
It may be a rough and tough part in your life, but thats what it sometimes needs and requires for a positive change.
Sometimes you need to realize that it doesnt pay to hold a negative attitude, but that its worth it to make the effort to
hold a positive one!
Even if its a battle and a fight, it pays to make the effort to stay in the victory, and dont allow the enemy to get you
way down into a negative attitude, which definitely wont have positive outcomes.
Stay positive, as much as you can, and dont allow the negative sides and thoughts to gain their control over you! After
all, having Me and the results of believing in Me for all these years should have taught you some positive things you
shouldnt forget! (2014:197)
Theres a lesson on how to be a witness, and on how to definitely not! The negative thoughts about a country definitely
shouldnt be part of your witnessing message. Just stay a bit more on the positive side and topics! All in all, staying
positive is something you should cultivate a bit more in your style, message and sample. Nobody really wants to get all
into something negative.
We all can see and know that there are a lot of negative things going on in the world, but thats why its all the more a
great piece of art to stay focused on the positive you can see or set your mind on. After all, have negative and critical
views ever been helpfully leading to conversions? And isnt positiveness a whole lot more what other folks would like
and want? So, stay positive! Amen? (2014:206)
Pessimism isnt as good as optimism, especially when you believe in Me and that Im in charge of you and your
destiny! Optimism is a sign of faith, whereas pessimism is a sign of the lack of it, and rather something negative you
shouldnt really want or make space for
Make some space for the positive and have some faith and expectation for the good things to happen and come to
you! (2015:1)
See the positive side: that youre probably learning the largest part during these times, and some day, you will
appreciate them for it. (2015:8)
Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaketh, and its a pretty bad sign of the state of your heart, when

negative words and expressions come out of your mouth. Its definitely something one ought to fight to get the victory
over especially if you want to wind up with a state of victory in your life.
So, some of the toughest battles youre having to fight in your life are the ones against your own negative habits.

The danger of letting the Devil have some power over your life through negative behaviors is why its so much better to
be looking at the positive sides and things in your life, instead of the negative and drift all into a down-trodden mood of
murmuring. It doesnt express a lot of faith!
So, maintaining a positive view, even in a fairly negative state is something you should try to get into. If it didnt work
out for you before the negative things that happened in your life, you may know the reason why it pretty much seemed
necessary that you had some lessons to learn on how to stay positive and cheerful, instead of negative and
So, try to keep an eye on the positive, even if it may be harder than ever before! Take it as the challenge and the lesson
youve got to learn! Theres always something to learn in life, and one of them is the effort to stay positive, even when
your mood is tempting you to view things negatively!
Look at the positive! Keep your eyes on the things in your life that ought to make you thankful, especially when youre
learning what can happen to you if you dont keep that up!
Even if tough and rough things happen to you, and theyre hard to take, some day theyll turn out to have had a
positive influence on your life and character and spiritual growth, youll see!
Learning appreciation changes your view on the hard and tough and seemingly negative times! (2015:11)
Learn to see things more positively along with and based on My Promises to help you make it! (2015:14)
To change in a positive way and become better sounds good, doesnt it? - Especially since youve become more aware
of your own weaknesses, faults and flaws. You know it would eventually be better and great to be able to do without
them, wouldnt it? (2015:17)
Wed all prefer things running differently, but weve just got to have positive views toward the lessons that are going to
be there to learn from all this (2015:24)
Now that youre having to take the tough times, it will show you, too, in what shape your faith is, and if it isnt too hot,
what the negative feelings are causing, you might have to do all you can to strengthen and improve it.
It could always be worse, and even if its tough and hard for you to be thankful and grateful right now for what has
happened, take it as a challenge, and try to be as positive as possible! (2015:42)
Your interest in Us and Up Here is a positive sign, because it shows that its becoming more important to you than
whats going on and your luck down there.
Keep in touch and stay in connection with Me! I can keep you from all the negative sensations the devil is plaguing you
with; and thats enough of a reason, isnt it? (2015:43)
Try to keep some faith, some hope, some positiveness, and dont give up too easily!
You notice youre getting that encouragement and stronger, more positive outlook from My input, and that somewhat
proves to you that its true, that your faith is the most positive thing and outlet in your life.
Keep Me in the first place of your attention, and youll take notice of the positive difference itll make! (2015:45)
Shouldnt you, as a believer in the Up Above, live positively due to that positive hope and outlook upon whats coming
up ahead for you? (2015:47)
Your relation to the world has strongly decreased, which, since the world has become a lot darker, spiritually, is in
many aspects rather a definitely positive quality, according to Our vision and perceptions Up Here.
Not just living for obtaining success or making a fortune in the world anymore is a rather positive change according to
Our spiritual and heavenly standards. (2015:53)
Even though some negative things have happened in your life, just hold on to Me anyway, in spite of them, and have
the faith and courage to believe that youll make it in spite of all the devil does to weaken you, stop you, or make you
fail! (2015:57)
Dont perceive it as too negatively, the bit of a more rough time youre going through right now, but trust Me that youll
be able to not only gain greater blessings out of it yourself, but will also turn out to be a greater one for others. (2015:59)
Its pretty good when you become able to see things you were only able to view as negative, finally as something
positive. (2015:64)
Negative thoughts are quite likely stuff the enemy plants in your brain, whereas, if youd be a bit more exclusively
tuned to Me, youd have lots more positive thoughts!
So, keep thinking about it, that whether your thoughts are turning you up or down depends on who your thoughts are
turned towards and tuned into: My way more positive input, or the enemys, who definitely doesnt have the same goal
as I, to see you happy and content!

Keep your focus on the positive side of things and prevent the enemy from dragging you down! (2015:66)
Dont just see your weakened state as something negative, but since it draws you closer to Me and strengthens your
attitude and conscience of dependence on Me, you should see it as something positive, drawing you closer to Me and
driving a greater need for Me into your conscience, which is something quite necessary for you in your worlds future
and upcoming fate. (2015:73)
Try not to see it all so negatively! Try to see things better and more positively! (2015:77)
Dont be too shocked or dismayed by the rough times youre finding yourself having to go through, but remember that
these draw you closer to Me, and thus will result in positive force in your life, rather than the negative it may initially
seem to you. (2015:84)
Dont see it as something negative that youre not feeling at home in this world anymore, but see it as a confirmation
that Heaven is your true and proper Home where you belong.
Let the negativity of the present strengthen your positivity toward your future, and whats expecting you with Us!

All the saints had to go through some hard times in order to make true saints out of them; so dont see the hard and
tough times as only negative ones! (2015:86)
Trust Me anyway, in spite of things that have a negative outlook!
Being able to trust in Me and the Father, in spite of all the negative that's happening on Earth through the enemy, well,
that's faith, and you can be sure of its reward once you get to your true Home! (2015:99)
Try and stay as positive through whatever as you can! (2015:103)
Becoming more dependent on Me, needing Me to make it, is not a negative part, even if it may seem that way to you a
bit, not being so independent anymore. But trust Me that having to cling to Me more is definitely something positive in
the light of the fact that hardly anyone will make it through whats to come without Me. (2015:109)
Whatever draws you closer to Me, even if its the negative situations youre being confronted with in your life in that
world, see it as something positive, anyway, since it tends to draw you closer to Me the positive result of the
negative happenings, with the end-result of the best thing that can happen to anyone, of being drawn closer to Me,
getting onto the channel from Above more, and through becoming more dependent on Me, becoming a lot more
positive and fruitful than when things were still working out alright for you in the system.
Let My wavelength become something obviously more positive for you, and you wont be disappointed in the long run,
but find out eventually that its true, and the right path! (2015:112)
So, see all the negative things that have happened in your life to make you humbler as something not all that negative,
but also as positive in that aspect! If something shapes up your personality in that aspect of humility vs. pride, it cant
just be negative!
Dont see it as a negative change to have become weaker and thus, humbler! (2015:113)
The rough times are making you more dependent on Me and your help from Above. Do you see that as something
positive, or negative? Well, what do you think I see it like? Drawing you closer to Me and making you more conscious
of the degree to which you need Me, and will need Me and My help in times to come, are definitely some positive things
when you know what I know about the future ahead of you!
Dont just let yourself get drifted off into a negative train of thoughts, which will just make the whole situation turn out
to be worse than what you originally have to deal with!
Those negative situations are there for you to learn to cope with them, since what expects you in the future will even
be a lot tougher than what youre having to face and deal with right now!
Faith is a matter of the ability to see the positive even in spite of negative appearances of your circumstances; and
seeing the good and the positive within the apparently bad that hits you is one of the great and important things that
you should let faith teach you. (2015:121)
Keep praying for the changes you need, and put in the positive features you need within those regions that are
momentarily still occupied by negative traits! (2015:125)
Whatever draws you closer to Me, dont see it as a negative, but as a positive experience. (2015:126)
Youre having to learn a lot about quite a few positive traits and factors like appreciation and thankfulness things
which, unfortunately, folks dont learn too easily throughout their positive times and circumstances, but rather learn
how to treasure more when things grow darker and tougher upon them.
When youve had a good part of life you didnt appreciate all that much, well, I guess you can tell by now why it is that
that old good part has been traded for a not-so-good one, making you appreciate that past and teaching you a lesson
on positiveness and gratefulness.
Theres a thing about negativity and not viewing things in a positive manner that sort of seems to draw negative things

to happen to folks like a magnet.

Sometimes its the negative happenings that make the former times look a lot more valuable, and make folks realize
how foolish it was to murmur about them or take them for granted, instead of taking full advantage of them and valuing
them for the unappreciated blessings of the past (2015:127)
If you cant rely on yourself and your own energies, dont see it as something negative, but remember that Im here for
you to provide you with greater strengths than you ever could have come up with by yourself. Trusting in and
depending on My Power and Strength to do things through you is definitely something positive!
Dont see being humbled each day as anything negative, but as a route that will lead you in the right direction! Be
happy if you can get rid of pride! Youll at some time see it as the most positive event having happened to you!

Sometimes its your task to accept what life is handing you as positively and victoriously as possible, and not in a
whining, murmuring and complaining attitude! (2015:135)
Accept it by faith whatever assaults you go through and seem to make life harder for you! Dont see the experience as
something negative, since its preparing you and teaching you how to handle rough times, which youll have to learn,
in order to make it through the dark future up ahead!
It will make sense then that you had to go through preparation for it! Just going through easy times doesnt make folks
stronger, and doesnt enable them to go through rough times, so do your best to view these hard times youre having
to go through right now as something positive! (2015:149)
Make positiveness a stronger gear to move you forward, and let the negativity and sight of the far from perfect things
that world has to offer, slide down a bit!
Keep that positive outlook on the hard times youre having to deal with: theyre making you stronger to deal with the
times to come!
Dont let the strengthening of your faith strike you as something negative, but deal with it and handle it the way a true
believer ought to! (2015:157)
Consider your weakness the beginning of true strength! Dont see it as a negative, but have the faith to see your
weakness as a positive! (2015:159)
What youve been largely perceiving of the world lately hasnt been that satisfactory, and while youre strongly tempted
to view it as something negative, try to see the positive reminder of focusing in the spirit and walking by faith
So, the world isnt all that attractive and pleasant to behold or look at anymore does that strike you as something
negative? What about gearing your spiritual sight toward Our Fathers Kingdom instead?
Lacking perfection makes you a bit humbler and less self-righteous. Youd consider that positive or negative?
Physical failures may make you humbler but contrary to worldly input, according to Us, thats a pro, not a con!

Learn how to handle what life brings with a good amount of trust that I and the Father know what Were permitting! And
even if its becoming rougher as time goes on, just trust and confide in Our goodness and Love, that it all will have a
positive outcome and ending! (2015:163)
Get ready for depending on Above!
Its a bit of a down-trod for the ego but dont view that as a negative! (2015:166)
Giving spiritual things higher values in life than the material ones will always have positive benefits, since it shows
that youre putting the right values on the different things. If the spiritual has been increased in its category in ones
life, it will reveal its positive results eventually. (2015:178)
May it strengthen your faith, optimism and future vision that whats to come is definitely better and more positive than
what youre about to have to let go! (2015:184)
As long as you have a little bit of trust that We Up Here know what Were doing, and youll benefit from it, even if it may
not look or seem all that positive at the moment down there, youre still on the right path, and theres hope. Theres
even still hope if you dont manage that, but to keep the state of affairs up on a victorious level, it would be better to
stay a bit more on the positive!
Yes, therell be a lot of negative in that world, but staying positive, anyway, as a believer, now, thats what the art of
faith is all about! The art of faith keeps or converts seemingly negative incidents somehow on or into positive levels,
which is one of the reasons why I am teaching you the difference between positive and negative as a lesson on a
regular basis. (2015:187)
Its definitely more positive things to prepare for and look forward to Up Here, after that temporal life down there, and
its definitely something to focus on and make you appreciate the change thats coming.
The views of something more positive awaiting makes you more special somehow than those who can only appreciate
whats to be expected down there (2015:191)

There could and should have been a lot more sowing of the good seeds in your life and not having sown those, dont
be too shocked by the lack of positive fruits and results! (2015:192)
To stay positive, even when struck by the negative, thats a sign of true and lasting faith! (2015:208)
Whatever makes you post your faith Up Here, instead of your own abilities is something positive! (2015:227)
Not exactly gratefulness or positiveness, to be complaining about lifes toughness, when you actually should be
grateful and appreciative of the blessings I bestow on you.
Its part of lifes school to learn to stay on the positive side of things.
So, theres a reason why youre having to go through tough things - Mainly to bless you with a more positive and
unselfish attitude. Once you learn that, itll also be much easier to teach your kids. (2015:233)
Its hard to stay positive these days, is it? I know its a fight But, hey, what else do you want to fight for, but the good
and positive, especially in a world being run over by the force of evil, and thus the sheep out there needing positive
input and spirits more than ever?
So, dont let the negative vibes of the enemy conquer you, but keep on fighting for the good, as rare as its becoming!
If lifes getting tougher, dont see it as something negative, but as something positive thatll draw you closer to Me and
thus make you stronger in the spirit (2016:2)
Dont see it as too negatively, that Im allowing circumstances to tie you closer to Me and make you dependent on Our
help from Above! Itll be the only thing to help you make it through the rough time to come (2016:3)
Dont let negative occurrences drag you down, but let them teach you to cling to Me (2016:6)
If you cant make it on your own, dont necessarily see it as a negative way or trait! But if it requires My help, and all
the help from Above you can get, see it as something positive! (2016:10)
If you dont understand things fully right now, take it by faith, and trust the Father and Me that We know what Were
allowing to happen, and as bad and as evil at it may seem at the time, it will have its positive outcome in the end.

Sometimes youve got to get the victory over those negative emotions and feelings!
Learn to make that effort to stay in the victory and a victorious, more positive attitude!
Learn to fight, overcome the negative, and gain the victory! (2016:22)
Not feeling comfy or at home down there is not a negative! It should spur you on to keep looking for the truly positive,
which youre not bound to find down there, but much more likely Up Here
Not feeling at home or comfortable in the world is not a negative. (2016:30)
The process to learn to rely on Me and all help and Strength from Above is not a negative, but definitely as youll
eventually see a positive one! (2016:38)
Get a more positive attitude, and let it result in more positive action! Negativity certainly wont help!
Let the mess around you inspire you to do something positive about it! One thing kids need most is a positive
example! (2016:40)
When it comes to your faith and attitude and thus, the characteristic spirit you move through, keep an eye on staying
victorious! Cheerful! Positive!
Be a cheerful and positive winner, as far as your attitude is concerned! (2016:42)
Blessings require some positive acts and attitudes, whereas the negative ones automatically draw their results upon
the ones with negative attitudes and actions.
You reap what you sow, and thus ought to make sure youre sowing the right kind of seeds in order to wind up with
positive fruits and results!
So, dont blame it on Me, if your actions arent bearing positive fruits and results, but yourself!
Negative tendencies have the tendency to bare negative results! So, make the effort to stay more positive!
Otherwise youll just reap what youve sown, and negative actions wind up with negative results!
The circumstances surrounding you in that world are bound to get worse and thus, something for you to learn to
handle and deal with more victoriously! With a more positive attitude! Negative behavior and attitudes will bring forth
negative results! And if its the enemy who started that whole process of negativity in the world, it should be a
reminder to do all you can to remain more positive stay on My level, instead of sinking down to his!
Positive vs. negative means the same as good vs. evil; and you can imagine which side of the two We are able to bless
with positive fruits and results.
So, consider that temptation to get into negative tempers something you need to make an effort to resist and fight
If you want to reap more positive results, sow the seeds with some more positive actions and attitudes! Negative

actions will bring forth negative results.

Its not easy to stay positive in such a negative world, but thats what shows how much faith youve got in both, a
positive Force of Creation and, accordingly, a positive Hereafter and final result!
Those who lack that faith often also lack the accordingly positive attitude, and show more negative action; but if you
do believe in Me, your attitude should accordingly be more positive! Even if McNegative tempts you as much as he
can to get into his downhill groove.
If its a battle to stay in a positive groove and mood, fight for it! Dont let the enemy drag you down with negative
circumstances! Now, thats what faith is all about: the ability to resist the negative conditions and circumstances and
see the positive in spite of them. Now, that sort of optimism may be comparatively rare, but something necessary, if
you want to be successful in inspiring others to accept your faith
Negativity just doesnt have anything attractive about it that would inspire positive seekers to adopt your faith!
So, it may be a battle and a fight to stay positively minded in a largely negative world run by negative forces, but for
goodness sake, fight for it, and dont give in to the negative forces taking over that temporal world!
You still believe in the Fathers Might as more powerful than the enemys? Then let that positive Force work in you, and
dont let the influences of bad and evil circumstances the devil creates, conquer or overcome you! Its your job to
overcome them and show through your faith Whose Power and Strength is greater than the evil ones.
See a positive side of physical weakness: an opportunity for others to do and reap some good through helping you!
A bit more positiveness is simply necessary in order not to let the negative outlook overrule everything your attitude
and perception of things. (2016:49)
If Were willing to help you in spite of negative traits, you should get the faith and attitude to do so for others as well,
even if they dont come across as perfectly worthy of it. (2016:50)
While there are negative changes going on and happening in the world, its still part of your job to do all around you
that you can to make things better! (2016:54)
Positive action is highly recommended! And no wonder, laziness is considered something definitely negative. So,
stay of the positive side with some positive action! Amen? (2016:58)
Going through trials in a world run by our enemy isnt a negative sign.
Keep your vision directed Up Here, where all of the negative things youre having to go through will make it worth it,
and I promise you wont be disappointed.
So, even if your surroundings strike you as negative, itll help you view whats coming as much more positive, even if
theres the slight unknown factor about It! (2016:63)
Look Up Here where your hope lies! Keep looking Up! Thats what youd call optimism instead of pessimism
positivity vs. negativity! (2016:68)
Getting used to the fact that youre not making it on your own without help from Above is a positive feature, not as
negative as it may seem on the surface. (2016:70)
What concerns most folks is the there and now, and they consider expecting dark times pessimism. Well, it takes some
faith to make optimism out of it by expecting a better world thereafter, and after the times of trouble. (2016:74)
A positive outlook is what will see you through if you put your vision toward the right direction which is Up Here to
Me, not your own abilities. (2016:85)
You have to learn to cope with, and try to make the best of life, not just focus on the negative down there, but try to get
a positive and more cheerful vision of Up Here through faith. (2016:87)
In order to make the coming drastic, negative changes turn into something halfway positive for you, youve just got to
get into that groove of utter dependence on Me and Heavens Help, instead of your physical abilities! (2016:92)
Dont let the negativity that the enemy is trying to sow in you be whats ruling your emotions and mental state! (2016:95)
Rough times are to prepare you and help you make it through the roughest to come. So, try and take it all with as much
of a positive attitude and outlook that you can!
Try to keep as positive a mindset as you can!
Not just passively resisting the evil surrounding you, but managing through the victorious (by faith) state youre in to
have a positive effect on those around you!
Getting onto My channel is one of the most important things to do for any true followers of Mine at this time, and any
circumstance that grants you to do so, is a positive. (2016:97)
What currently may strike you as a negative condition, you will later recognize as something positive. (2016:98)