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Success vs.

When you have learned to treat success and failure the same, clinging to Me in joyful trust in spite of anything that
happens, you will be stable, unshakable, immovable by any event or obstacle. (I:90)
Faith which worketh by love is the formula for success with people, especially for winning them to My Kingdom. (I:154)
Success in the flesh profiteth nothing. If I dont anoint your works to be accepted by the world, then it is My will for you to
utterly dedicate all youve got to the Spirit, and there you will find strength that they who trust in the flesh know not of.
Naturally, you want to show the world that youre not a failure. But think of Me on the cross! I didnt look like a success to
anybody, hanging there. And if you really want to be My disciple and follower, so it will be with you.
Success in this world is almost equivalent with failure in My eyes. Its the same old scheme: are you willing to apparently
be a loser in the worlds eyes and a winner in Mine, or do you want to be a winner in the worlds eyes and a loser in Mine?

The essence of the missions success lies in openness to My moves, regardless whether its the way anyone expected or
experienced it before or not. (I:224)
I love you unconditionally: success or failure, I treat both of those imposters the same, and that is, I treat them both as
success. If you fail in some area, Ill use it to draw you closer to Me. (I:361)
Just keep focusing on Me, knowing that I'm your secret to success, the One Who can ensure your becoming a true winner
and conqueror and overcomer!
Just stay close, that's your personal secret to success and the key to your future! (I:415)
Faith is a force that brings success, and a lack of it brings failure. (I:447)
Walk by faith, not by sight or feelings, to learn to treat those two "imposters", success and failure, just the same! (I:537)
This is the way, walk ye in it means, that this is the procedure I want you to go by, to learn by and that's the way to
successfully follow Me. (I:552)
The art of living is to be content in whatsoever state you're in, whether you're up or down, and to treat those two
imposters, success and failure, just the same. (I:589)
Your failures really don't count nor influence My Love for you at all, and you shouldn't worry about them influencing your
future, either, because fear of failure actually causes failure. (II:22)
If you're serving Me from a platform, a ministry where you right away come all out with what you stand for, as you do
when witnessing, it's just so much more conducive to true success and what I call bearing fruit, than the way where you
just present yourself and your abilities in the limelight, and you're so concerned about your image and reputation, that
you only dare to speak up about your beliefs once a rare and exceptional situation comes up! (II:59)
Learning how to love is more important to Me and in My eyes than for someone to become popular and successful in this
I can make you rich in spiritual wealth, but if you climb up the world's ladder of success, you're bound to neglect My
values, bound to compromise with the world, you're going to be less likely to win more souls for Me. (II:71)
Seeing the good in others in spite of the bad, that's an art I want you to learn! Without it, you're never going to have any
success with people, because people sense it when you only see the bad in them and consequently don't like them. Like
that quote, "The people who like people are the people people like." (II:116)
Giving your all really pays off, and in fact, it's the only way that living for Me really works successfully. (II:132)
I want you to see things from My perspective and see what I consider success, which is often a lot of barely-to-bedetected-with-the-naked-eye ground work below the surface. (II:149)
Humanly you can't make it, you're doomed to defeat and failure. But with Me all things are possible. (II:150)
Some people need their immediate, visible successes, or they'll drop their projects like a hot potato. But that's not the
kind of perseverance that I expect My men and women of faith to have. (II:151)
Treating the imposters success and failure just the same is what makes a good pilot: a good and smooth landing! It's
relatively easy to take off, and you feel like you want to stay up there forever. But what goes up, must come down, and
you're going to have to come back down eventually, and why not do so out of your own accord, before your fuel runs out
and you'll take a tumble and spin? (II:152)

How I measure success or closeness to Me? The greater your trust in Me, the better off you'll be! (II:166)
Thank Me for your challenges! Therein lays the secret of success and progress! (II:199)
You don't have to be devastated by your failures! It's okay to look at them and to deal with them, to accept they're there.

Dont consider lack of success with the world a failure or a disappointment! It's My way of making sure you stay on the
right track - My track! (II:256)
The devil nags and teases you: "Now, wouldn't it be nice if you had some success you could show off with, so that you
wouldn't have to appear like some poor, little nobody?" But I want to make something better out of you than merely
another successful person. Something the world needs much more desperately! - A healer of wounds, a comforter of the
heartbroken, a winner and saver of souls. (II:258)
Love is more important than success, because it is success in My eyes. (II:267)
Waiting on Me is the secret to success! Whatever you wait for Me to give you the strength, power and wisdom for, will
always be a success - what I consider success. (II:272)
Dedication and devotion is not quite the same as ambition, even though it may look the same.
Ambition is when someone tries to zealously achieve something for themselves; they want to be successful, and that's
their motivation. Dedication is that same zeal, but not for yourself, but for others, because you love them, and are
determined to do the best you can for them. (II:280)
For many, worldly success has become a deadly distraction and a snare (1.Tim.6:10). (II:287)
"Keep on believing" is the slogan to success. (II:321)
Failing is a part of life, and one of the most important parts of it. Can you imagine how yucky anyone would get if they'd
only succeed all the time?
So, accept failure, your failures and the failures of others, as a necessary part of life, one of those "beauty for ashes"
things, and don't take it as a reason to become self-righteous or resentful, but stay loving! (II:329)
Usually those who find themselves "less blessed" in physical aspects, do find themselves more greatly blessed in
spiritual aspects in the long run. The poor, the needy, the sick, the handicapped, the disabled and weak... they all find
their way to Me much more easily and quickly than the rich, the strong, the successful, those for whom everything goes
alright... (II:342)
If you can look success and failure in the eye in the end and determine that both are nothing more than entities of
perception, and you can still laugh and smile either way, then youll have learned to fully bear the consequences of your
own actions without relying on any ace up your sleeve that may or may not be there. (2011:83)
Having learned to successfully communicate with your Creator... Not much to show for with the world, perhaps, and
nothing to show off with people who measure success by numbers and in terms of physical gain and acquisition, but
what do you think?
Maybe your students wouldnt consider that a measure of success, but perhaps your Teacher does.
Maybe one of your tasks would be to reflect and convey to others what you have learned from Me about true success.
Imagine you were a deaf man, and one of your greatest dreams in life would be to regain your hearing. Wouldnt you
consider it a great success if you somehow managed to achieve that goal? Well, you once were spiritually deaf like
countless others who never hear My voice, and now you hear. Is that success, or not?
But you figure, Well, but what good is that kind of success when were not supposed to boast of it, nor show it off? The
minute we pride in it, were apt to lose it. Well, okay, so humility is part of the deal. But it is with just about everything Id
consider success. In fact, I would consider attaining humility a great success, whereas pride is a definite sign of failure in
My book. It shows you havent passed the tests, havent made the grade and didnt get the point. Humility does.
So, true success and humility go together like hand in glove. Humility is the glove that covers the hand that has achieved
great things according to My book. Youre not supposed to boast of them, which means, you truly succeeded, as far as
Im concerned. The success of the boastful is short-lived.
Who would want that sort of success that you cant take to the grave with you, but will vanish like dust as soon as you
leave this early life?
True success is something that lives on forever and doesnt fade away like all living things that are here now and then
wither. True success shows you were onto something deeper and more lasting than what most people put their faith and
invest all their efforts in. (2011:113)
The secret to success in life as I define it lies in caring for others. (2011:117)

Your failures are some of the greatest stepping stones to eventual greater victory, so long as you dont let them convince
you that they should be any reason or excuse for quitting, and keep fighting instead.
Accept that Im including your falls in My calculations on a daily basis. Im not shocked by them as you may be
because I know you better than you do.
What matters is not whether or how often you fall, but how often and with what persistence you keep getting up again.

Even if you feel like a failure sometimes because you think you could or should be doing so much better, doesnt mean
youre actually a failure. But that doesnt mean, of course, that I wont make My attempts to spur you on to make greater
The problem is that many people because of their pride interpret My efforts to spur them on as an indicator of their
failure, and they get discouraged and quit trying, when what Ive been trying to achieve was to tell them the opposite: to
try a little harder!
Unfortunately, only few people interpret the knocks of life and My prodding the right way, namely as a positive incentive
to try harder, while the majority take the lower road of pride and yield to discouragement. Thats why the great success
stories of people who made it big in this world are so outstanding, regardless of their faith, religion or motivation: They
simply refused to misinterpret their knocks as negatives; they kept trying, no matter what. (2012:45)
Whether success or failure, is really not that relevant right now. See it as another opportunity to try Me and the life of faith
out to the full. (2012:87)
If you appreciate what youve got, and focus on sharing that, its bound to generate greater contentment and success.
Of course, it also depends on your personal definition of success, and if you put your stakes up too high, at an unrealistic
level, it may not be too surprising if you wind up being disappointed. (2012:93)
I know those accomplishments make you feel better about yourself, but its not like I need them to feel better about you.

Someone can be quite successful in their career and still be sadly void of any trace of My light in their life, and without
that light theres simply spiritual darkness, regardless of any other benefits, such as affluence, skill, exuberance or
intelligence. (2012:140)
Success and failure are both frauds, when it comes to the worldly concept of them, and the only real and true standard is
Mine, the one youre truly wise to stick to and lean on for real insight and discernment of where things are really at, as
opposed to the deceitful illusion of what things often seem to be, tainted by the manipulations by the powers that govern
this world. (2013:11)
Remember, changes are always good for you, even such apparently negative ones like losing your job. If loss is a
substantial ingredient in this game, then the clue to winning is, how do you take it? Can you take success and failure
equally, with a grin? Can you say with Job, The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the
Lord! (Job 1:21)? (2013:22)
Theres a price to pay for daring to be different, and its not easy. Especially in a brand of work where success equals
popularity and being received and accepted. But Im teaching you a different standard of success, based on different
criteria, namely Mine, and according to those, its not the applause and reception that counts, but the degree to which you
caused them to make a choice. (2013:71)
Consider Me more about what you should do! Not just being concerned about being financially successful, but
spiritually fruitful instead, which would be considered a much more valuable move in the spiritual, eternal realm, instead
of the time-framed worldly types of successes
Im trying to get you interested in the eternal frame, not just the temporary successes in the world (2014:10)
As long as its only the temporary success in life that seems to give you a reason to live, therell always be more
something better to learn and be taught. (2014:15)
I want you to make it, and not give up nor fail. (2014:50)
If there will be a few genuine sheep yet you can reach and will be able to thats the best, and better than any typical
success in todays world! (2014:54)
If things start getting rougher and tougher in some ways, cheer up that thats the way I try to raise your faith in and
dependence on Me instead of your own carnal abilities. Sometimes I might also be changing your ways thereby, get you
to do something a bit more important for My Spiritual Kingdom rather than for your own success or popularity in a
worldly way. (2014:91)

To keep trusting in Me above all, and not just in your talents, but leaning unto Me to get strength in the highest and most
important abilities of spiritual, lasting and eternal strengths and values, is much more important than your temporary
successes and gains. (2014:122)
If you can put unselfishness above the things motivating most people like selfishness instead of its opposite, youll
raise up the quality of your life for sure. And isnt that a sign that the quality of life is a lot more valuable than success in
only financial and material matters makes it?
If love is the main meaning of life, then please dont put your success and financial gain, or even your personal fun above
it! (2014:128)
At the moment, those who have chosen to make the System their hero and the thing they yield their faith to, may seem a
bit more successful than you and other believers But lets wait and see! Maybe believing in Me will turn out to make you
luckier than the other great bunch of believers in the System! Right now, it may not look like it, but lets wait and see!

Look Up ahead and seek first the Kingdom, instead of success there and now, which will only be temporal, anyway.

Dont just consider your success something material, nor make it dependent on the amount of your income! (2014:162)
To do your jobs for Me is much more important than just surviving with some fun and pleasure through some physical
success. Try to aim more for the success for Me, which is spiritual, but so much longer lasting, youll see!
To Me, success is to win some souls through preaching the Gospel sharing the riches of My Word that Ive given you
and help them to whom you preach or teach it, to accept Me the answer to their lives that are bound to end, for a
greater one. (2014:164)
Remember that there are some other duties for you to fulfill in My service, if you dont want to commit the same failures
as you did before. (2014:166)
The unity between you and everything that you can make work and get to last as a family is something to lean forward to
and focus on, more than success at a job! (2014:182)
If only physical success is being accomplished in this life thats not necessarily a proof that someones following Me
and staying close to Me. (2015:34)
By cutting down the physical success era a bit, Im preparing you more for whats to come.
Even though this life is tough, just appreciate the lessons you can learn from and fight for it, that youll be able to make
some good grades and have some success while it lasts! (2015:49)
You should be more dependent on Me than yourself, and that has always been the power that has kept My disciples and
saints going and achieving things for Me, which youre slowly beginning to consider more important, too, than your own
physical and material success in this world. Keep that spiritual side of success on a higher basis of importance for you,
and remember that its truly the lasting one, while the physical achievements are really only a temporal and not that longlasting matter. (2015:52)
It was necessary to weaken your fleshly and carnal success to do most of it yourself in this world.
Keep your vision for strength focused on Me and your heavenly goal Here, Up Above, and turn it more into your
conscious goal in your life, instead of physical and material temporary success!
Make the most important factor in your life the lasting ones, and dont get into the worldly gear of focusing on only the
temporal, like money, and worldly success!
One of the disadvantages of temporary success in the world: The more success, the harder to get out of it again. (2015:54)
Youre seeing and beginning to realize the positive points and advantages of what youve had to go through. Part of it is
your recognition of the state of the world: that its not really so recommendable to try to make your success in it. (2015:84)
One advantage of getting older in the physical, earthly life is that youre beginning to realize that success, fame, and
whatever worldly ambitions one seeks or follows, dont last forever.
If God is Love, its definitely one of the things the enemy will fight and try to extinguish, and apart from coming up with a
few fake versions, he has definitely seen to it to install more important things and factors in earthly life, like money,
success, and physical, material well-being (2015:88)
Being more dependent on spiritual positive input will in the longer run have more lasting effects, more results to show in
the Hereafter, and thus, in the long run, it all bears more lasting fruit than just the temporary success you were able to
enjoy now and then (2015:95)
Depend on Me to make it successfully! (2015:140)

Try to put a bit more emphasis on reaching your success for Me, by winning souls unto Me! (2015:151)
Learn the lessons from your mistakes, failures and shortcomings! Of course, its not very pleasant to have to deal with
the results of your own failures, and a humbling and painful experience, but failure has to teach something.
If you let others reap hell, instead of giving them the chance and opportunity to wind up in Heaven, Im afraid Im having
to let you suffer a bit of what you bestowed on others through your failure, when sharing Heaven was supposed to be
your job and task of life!
Dont be too shocked Im having to let you go through some hard experience in order to get a glimpse of what you let
others go through by failing to share what you should have! (2015:188)
Learning to resist the temptations is another task of life.
The way to do it an manage is to stay in tune with Us, more than trying to please the world as much as you can, but
making it your goal to please Us by doing Our will for you. Making that your goal and vision is definitely an advantage
according to the rules and standards of Eternity, and not just gear your behavior according to the temporal, worldly ways
of success!
Success for Us means accomplishing things to help others, not just to elevate oneself and their own role in that system
pretty much established by the one who came up with all that evil the road of selfishness down there, as opposed to the
ways of Love I came to introduce on the planet. (2016:57)