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Vision, Outlook & Focus

Look up to Me and remain focused on Me! (I:2)

Focus on Me, Who giveth you richly all things to enjoy, the eternal Giver and Source of every good and perfect gift: your
only link with true happiness. (I:11)
There are always constant new revelations, spiritual renewing of vision and outlook, new perspectives and views in your
life, which give your life and mind hardly enough time to stagnate and settle for the old, comfortable rut. (I:12)
Always make sure that what youve got to say comes from Me and isnt just your own opinion or assumption. Focus on
Me! Enjoy Me without any distractions! (I:37)
When youve grown wise and mature enough to truly believe that that world really has nothing to offer you, can you let go
and fully focus on the sunshine of My love everyday and bathe your face in its light. (I:52)
Focus on Me, and I will be the glasses through which you will see everything clearly! Everything will make sense if you
look at things through Me. (I:59)
Remember, greater work than the works I did ye shall do! Dont let the agents of darkness tell you youre too insignificant,
youre not worthy. They only have a chance the second you believe them. But if you know they are liars, and all you focus
on is Me, My truth, and My Promises, they know you are a greater threat to them than they have ever known.
Just learn to faithfully, daily focus on Me, take time to get onto My wavelength, into My rhythm and heavenly groove, and
youll walk by faith, not by sight! (I:72)
Just keep your face focused on Me, and no matter what you do or what happens, its going to be an enhancement, an
improvement for the better and a blessing for you (Ro.8:28). (I:84)
Only focus on Me, anchor your look firmly on My eyes and go forth in fearless obedience of whatever I command you!

Focus not on the things at hand, focus on Me, and the things at hand will take on a whole new meaning and they will
come and go with such greater ease! (I:119)
Ask Me to open your eyes and expand your vision that you may be able to see those things which right now you cant
see. Call on the keys of vision and understanding, and I will broaden your perception! (I:120)
Let Me practice My sharp-shooting skill a little bit, by helping you to focus on your target everyday, pull the trigger and
shoot the balloons of the Devils bluffs and scare tactics for you! (I:127)
Constantly focusing on the hole in the doughnut is a very dangerous trick of the Devil.
Instead of seeing the good things in a bad situation, he shows you the bad side of any good situation, makes you focus
on that which keeps it from being perfect. (I:132)
Focus on what youve got instead of the things you lack! (I:137)
Learn to see Me with the eyes of your spirit! I would like to give you visions of Me! Try to visualize Me when you seek Me,
so that you will start learning to see things in the Spirit!
A picture is worth a thousand words, and the gift of vision can be an even more efficient and quicker way for Me to
communicate certain things to you. Watch out for the great and mighty things of the Spirit I wish to show you! Come and
see; taste and see. There is yet so much more to be heard, felt experienced and seen. Im more willing to give than you
are to receive.
Fine-tune and adjust your receiver! Tune up for the gift of vision!
Get ready for Spirit-TV! Stop seeing things merely with the eyes of the flesh. If you look at people with the eyes of the
spirit, you will see their true nature.
I can reveal things to you about people that they wont even know about themselves! I can show you things of the Spirit
that will encourage you and will give you new strength to carry on.
You seek a beauty that is not of this world. There is no other satisfaction for you than My heavenly light! Come, and open
your eyes to visions of heavenly light!
I will reveal Myself unto you, and all your helpers around you and give you many visions of things that thou knowest not.
There is no limit to what I can show you with the eyes of the Spirit.
As the days grow ever darker, and you find ever less satisfaction in the finite beauties of the world, look for more, for
greater things, beyond those seen with mortal eyes.
You have tried to soothe your hunger for beauty by means of the flesh. Often what you consider beautiful, is downright
ugly and an abomination to Me, while other times that which you consider ugly is beautiful in My sight. Learn to see with
My eyes, and fully put on My mind.

When you hear from Me and you are attuned to Me, you can rest in My mind, but often, when youre involved in all your
physical activities, you slip out of it again, you elude Me, or My mind eludes you, simply because it gets crowded out by
your habitual way of doing things in the way and strength of your carnal mind.
But there is yet a more pure and a more perfect way, and I would like to train you in it. Take My hand and I will lead you
there, to the place where you shall be able to see, see things the way I see, perceive things the way I do. (I:142)
Only if I become the primary point of your focus, can you operate the way I truly want you to. (I:157)
Now that Ive managed to stretch your vision toward further horizons I would like you to walk mindfully of this, your new
vision, wherever you go and whoever you talk to.
Stay faithful to the vision and keep it fresh in your mind and on your heart everyday!
Keep this vision and make it known! (I:163)
You still have a tendency to be deceived by that which your eyes behold, and I want you to look deeper! Look beyond that
which you can see!
Open your spiritual eyes and see what I want you to see, things Im willing and eager to show you!
Claim the keys of vision, for I have yet greater things in store for you as an important tool and instrument yielding vital
information that will ensure your survival and that of many others, and consequently, the Salvation of many. (I:182)
I want to be your focal point and your main Center of attention in any circumstance.
Make Me the central point of your focus and attention under whatever kind of condition, even if its noisy, chaotic or
confusing all around you! (I:189)
You have to check your motives! Is your goal and vision easy living? Or do you sincerely want to further My cause and
Kingdom? (I:204)
Keep your vision, your eyes and your focus beamed on the royal mantle of anointing Ive given you: that shining crown,
that golden glory, that high calling of God, and let no man belittle you!
Keep your vision of the grander things Ive ordained you to do! Tear loose from the little, insignificant distractions and
mundane affairs of life! Trust Me for more! Enlarge your vision! Raise your goal, your standard and vision! (I:214)
Focus fully on the task ahead and the vision Im going to give you, even if you feel like dying! (I:240)
Focusing on the positive means, not staring at the problem, at the hole, but looking up to Me, the solution-Giver, the
Filler! Stay focused on Me, not on your needs! (I:245)
Focus on the immediate little steps of love to take, right in front of you as opposed to far-off goals of grandeur and
splendor! (I:248)
Keep the vision that youre not of this World, that youre pilgrims and strangers, and that youre never really going to fit in
if you want to be My disciples! (I:289)
Sometimes I simply cant bless it when someone only focuses on what they want. (I:291)
Focus on and guard in your hearts My high calling for you to be My shining lights to the world in gross darkness! (I:302)
I am what concerns you, and Who you should focus on. (I:306)
Sometimes it's hard to focus on Me, when there are so many vibes around you and things going on... You don't feel like
shutting the door on them, because you don't want them to feel unwanted or excluded. And yet, sometimes you just have
to take a stand and pay the price of conviction to make sacrifices for that which you value most. (I:314)
The Devil is sooo busy distracting My children from focusing on Me. (I:316)
You have to focus on giving instead of receiving! (I:336)
If you walk a little more circumspectly, and you get your focus off the object of your affection long enough to ask Me
about those other things and their meanings, youll discover so much more beauty, so many more things that add to the
purpose of life and the joy of it... (I:353)
The art is to keep focusing on Me!
The consequences if you dont, are the usual consequences of missing the mark, failing Me and not hitting where you
were meant to: failure, sin, disobedience, beating the air, wasting precious time, and consequently feeling condemned or
discouraged about it, so, it pays to fight to keep your focus on Me! (I:370)
Continue to grasp My vision, My way of seeing things, and My mind! (I:375)

Just a little bit of focusing outwardly, on others and their needs, would in itself already solve so many problems and even
fulfill the needs. If you focus on the needs of others, you cant feel lonely or sorry for yourself, nor feel unloved, because
as you give, you receive, as you pour out, I pour in. (I:376)
Focus on the children, the sheep, the needy! Its a time to focus on giving and put the receiving mode on pause.
Focus on the need of others and the needy, and I will richly repay! (I:379)
You must focus on your job at hand! (I:390)
Don't focus on the need, focus on Me, the End of all your needs! (I:400)
If you just keep focusing on the work that's to be done and try to attack it the best you can, even with the problems you're
having, you're soon going to praise your way right out of the pit into which the devil is trying to cast you, for I will give
you victories to praise Me for! (I:409)
The art is to keep the vision for the glorious things in the doing of the humble and mundane, little things of everyday life.

As you follow Me step by step, you'll see the path ahead more and more clearly.
Just keep focusing on Me, knowing that I'm your secret to success, the One Who can ensure your becoming a true winner
and conqueror and overcomer! (I:415)
The time of the merging of the spiritual and physical realm is drawing nigh, and I want you to be prepared for it, by
focusing more on the spiritual and less on the physical.
See what no one else can see: the victory in the midst of battle, the light in the midst of darkness, the joy, the reward and
the glory of triumph in the midst of gross pain and suffering and fighting all around you! (I:427)
The thing to do is to focus on Me and keep your focus on what's up ahead, not the easier, more comfortable option, if you
want to be a bearer of the crown of those who choose My highest will and option. (I:431)
In all your ways and in whatever you do, keep your focus on Me, keep trusting in Me and look not to man! (I:441)
If you could focus on others enough and be concerned enough about them, about their Salvation, their finding Me, if that
would be your primary purpose, incentive and prerogative in your life right now, then you would also find happiness.
In order to not fall into a state of spiritual obesity, you need that focus on the outside, the look out for new souls to
conquer. (I:449)
Focus not on what you're leaving behind! Focus on the new life you'll find: the changes, exciting challenges and new
horizons to conquer! (I:453)
Don't focus on the selfishness of others! Dont let it distract you! Just focus on Me, and I will show you the need! (I:457)
Just stay focused on Me, Me in you, the hope of glory!
You can become more than conquerors by just holding on to Me and keeping looking unto Me, the Author and Finisher of
your faith. (I:466)
Just keep your focus on Me, the One Who can bring real beauty to any situation, even in spite of what people say about
you, and in spite of the fact that there may be others in better situations than you! (I:472)
Focus not on the circumstances, which are largely brought about by the devil's mingling in My affairs, plus man's lack of
wisdom and lack of love, and his falling for the devil's tricks, but focus on the fact that you have found the One Who is
going to right all the wrongs and turn things around in your life and in everybody else's who will accept Me! (I:474)
It's a challenge to rise above laziness, the inability to see the need below the surface, and the temptations of the enemy to
draw the attention away from the focus on others' needs. (I:490)
Keep your focus on Me, and I will deliver you from evil! (I:501)
Life can really be thrilling and exciting if you seek Me and focus on Me in all things. (I:507)
Keep focused on the goal and the possibilities and the greater potential, the greater love, greater joy and greater victories
that lie out there, waiting for you to avail yourself of them! (I:511)
Focus on Me in each of you, the Hope of Glory! (I:516)

Learning together to focus on the spiritual part of a relationship, and making Me the center and golden middle of it, is
what will salvage being a team for Me.
Just focus on Me and do and say and share what I'm showing you to! Just focus on Me, and things will start to flow, you'll
see! (I:517)
The adversities of this life were ordained to gear and steer your focus in My direction, to make Me the Goal in your life,
the Place where you will find all the answers and all you yearn for. (I:519)
Learn to focus on Me without distraction! (I:524)
What's important is not to walk through your days aimlessly, but to receive a clear vision from Me beforehand, of what I
want you to do. (I:558)
Spiritually, when someone is focusing on himself, they become like a negatively poled magnet: it pushes other objects in this case, greater blessings, happiness and fruitfulness - away. Whereas in turning around and focusing on others,
trying to make them happy instead of yourself, and seeking your own survival and gain and benefit, you become a
positively poled magnet that attracts others and draws My blessings to you.
Your only hope is to turn around and start focusing on Me totally, to "pray without ceasing," staying connected with Me at
all times.
Step out on the water of permanently positive reality, and stay there, by focusing on Me non-stop! (I:561)
Focus on change, focus on the spiritual needs of others, focus more outward than inward...! (I:565)
There are always new and different angles to view things from, and I want you to see things from all kinds of different
sides. I want you to be more understanding of your brothers and sisters, to empathize more with them and walk a mile in
their shoes. It's good to see things realistically, and not judge your whole world by just the little part of it that you've seen.
There's so much more you haven't seen, so, expand your horizon and open your eyes to what's yet to discover. Get the
real view of things! (I:567)
You miss out on some of the joys of life if you focus too much on the negative qualities of people, their imperfections, the
far distance they are from the way they're ideally supposed to be. (I:568)
The difference lies in focusing on the long-term goal. Sharing has eternal dividends. (I:576)
Focus on Me as that which they lack and need, and be so full of Me that I will just pour out of you into them! (I:584)
Focusing outward, on the sheep, is the best remedy against any personal problems there is. (I:591)
With the right vision, you can have the faith which will spur you on to take the kind of initiative that opens My windows of
Heaven and pours down such blessings that there will not be room enough to hold them! (I:596)
"People are what matters." People are what it's all about, and it's time to really start focusing on people and how you
might be able to help them, what you can do for them, so that they in return might help you with what you need! (I:597)
Without a vision the people perish. Without someone showing them what they could be doing for Me and for others, how
they could invest some of their lives, energies and resources into My eternal cause, their spiritual muscles wither, their
focus grows more and more narrow all the time, and the opportunities of what they could have accomplished for Me, and
thus for greater and everlasting rewards, literally perish and become lost, so, it's your responsibility to make sure to give
them the vision. (I:611)
Keep focusing on the freedom that I have in store for you, and all the countless possibilities it entails! Walk toward the
realization of that vision by faith! Make it happen! (II:2)
When I give you a vision or plan for the future, the devil will fight it, and it depends on everyone involved to ward off those
attacks from the evil one.
If whatever your brother does causes you to stumble or give up, that brother may be held responsible for his mistakes,
but you will be held responsible for your own decision to focus on his faults instead of Me, and whatever your looking at
the waves will result in.
Youve got to keep looking at Me! Everything else will only spell defeat... (II:10)
Stay focused on the spiritual, instead of getting side-tracked by the carnal! (II:12)
I want you to progress, to focus on higher goals, and to have the faith for Me to overcome any and all impossibilities.
Focus on Me and My bright opportunity even in a seemingly dark and bleak situation! (II:41)

If you focus on Me as the ultimate "Object" of your affection and desires, you will find happiness and bring happiness to
others. As long as you're looking elsewhere, you're programmed for disappointment. (II:46)
Not missing the mark (the essence of "sin") because you've allowed the enemy to distract you, that's what it's all about.
It means sharpening your focus.
I am the Target! If you will focus on Me long enough, if you just manage to hold still long enough and to not give in to all
the voices reminding you of this or that or the other you could do, if you just stay clearly focused on Me, barring
everything else from your mind, you will hit the mark!
It all depends on how seriously you want it! If you want it badly enough, you will stay focused on it; you won't let anything
else distract you from it. (II:59)
Never let your guard down; never take your focus off of Me! (II:60)
Stay focused on the essential things, on the values that remain! (II:71)
Keep making progress in focusing outwardly, out toward the field and the sheep! (II:72)
Focus outwardly, on the truly lonely people in this world, who don't know Me at all, who have not yet found Me! (II:79)
Stay focused on the search for My true treasures! (II:80)
Learning to really apply My Power to your life is a process that requires time and focus. You've got to stay focused on
your goal, just like a student would be focused on his diploma or final exam, his graduation, throughout years of
studying, listening, absorbing information and material in school. (II:81)
If I could get you to make souls your major focus and incentive, what an endless episode of joy your life could be!
Do you have the faith and the kind of long-term vision it takes to win souls?
Who is your master? Who are you serving? Me? - Investing your time and energy into winning souls for My Kingdom? Or
are you settling for the cheap thrills of the immediate gratification that paper money brings? Where is your focus? Where
is your aim? What are you shooting for? Which treasure are you hunting? (II:82)
When one seeks the wrong things, pursues the wrong desires, focuses on the wrong goals, it taints their perception of
things! It causes them to see only or mainly what they want to see!
Zooming in on carnal things, you neglect your spiritual view and insight, your vision. And thus it easily happens that you
see things not quite as they are. (II:90)
You've got to learn to see things through My eyes, perceive them with My mind and catch My heavenly vision for them!
You cannot judge by what is right before your eyes. You must look further, into the future of My limitless possibilities,
glance through the dark clouds at My bright and shining horizon! (II:114)
If you focus on the negative, you will see the negative. If you focus on the positive - which, granted, with some people is a
little bit harder - you eventually will see the positive.
The solution is not to look at the negative, but at the positive, to emphasize the positive traits of others and focus on
them. (II:116)
Its obviously humbling to distribute My Word to a crowd of unbelievers, the majority of which will usually reject you.
That's why you have to keep your eyes, your focus and your vision on the spiritual, and trust My Word for it, that they are
truly spiritually poor, no matter how rich they may be materially! (II:118)
Continue to work on focusing on the positive, looking at the opportunities, instead of the obstacles! (II:130)
The only way to rise above is to focus on Me, not the seemingly overwhelming forces of the enemy. (II:148)
Can you say that you've touched someone with My Love? That's what counts and what you should focus on! Forget
about yourself and get into them! (II:152)
Focusing on the negative debilitates you, even if it's the truth!
You're much better off focusing and dwelling on the positive, seeing My hand in everything.
Instead of focusing on the loss, focus on what you've gained! (II:153)
If you focus on Me and keep your faces turned toward Me, I will be the One Who unites you, Who will interpret what the
other one is really saying. (II:169)
Focus on what I'm trying to convey to you and teach you and impart to you through everything you experience! There is a
lesson in everything! (II:171)

Youre focusing too much on your own needs, your own "disease."
But you've got to focus on their need, not yours! (II:172)
Keep your focus on the spiritual! (II:173)
Focus on Me, not on what is lacking in your life, and I will show you what abundance of wonderful things We, you and I
together, have got to give to the world! (II:189)
Focus beyond material things! They cannot be what life revolves around.
Your main focus should always be on Me and the job I have given you of giving, loving and caring for others. (II:200)
Don't focus on the weaknesses, on the flaws, on your sins or those of your brethren, but on Me, Who will help you
overcome them! (II:205)
If you focus on Me and put your desire on My side, you may be tempted to worry sometimes, but you won't worry. You'll
be tempted to fret, but you won't fret. (II:251)
You should focus on My Grace! (II:264)
Focus on the new way, the new thing I am doing in your life, and on the goal and vision of its purpose, namely not merely
to gain support and ensure your physical survival, but to bring true, eternal life to many, many souls who hunger and
thirst for Me! (II:273)
Only focus on the goal: their soul, safely in My fold! (II:274)
You must see in a completely different way than the way the world sees!
Often I require you to have faith and vision for something greater, far beyond that which you can see immediately before
you. (II:277)
You've got to get your focus off of the things that you're capable of, and focus on what I can do through you. (II:281)
You've got to make a conscious effort, flip the switch, zoom in on Me and stay focused there, stay tuned in on Me, in order
to make full use and avail yourself of My Power to the greatest extent possible. Zoom in on Me and then let your focus
rest there. If the devil tries to distract you, zoom right back in on Me!
You've got to keep an eye on Me, keep your mind focused on Me, and you're just going to have to make a conscious effort
to do that. (II:286)
Stay focused on that spiritual creation of Mine in you! (II:293)
Stay focused on Me and only turn to the world in order to show them Me and the influence I've been having on your life,
the change I've evoked in you, the difference I made in your life! (II:299)
Learn to really focus on Me, develop a living relationship with Me, where you live, walk and talk and move with Me daily
where you really learn from Me as your Teacher, your Companion, your best Friend, Lover and Husband! (II:306)
Without a vision the people perish. If you don't know where you're going, you'll often get nowhere... (II:309)
If you look for the right things and focus on the humble and lowly, you will see them. You need to change your focus in
order to see as I see, and to see what I want you to see. (II:326)
Remember to focus on Me and on the knowledge of My Love!
You've got to aim your vision on Me as your Provider, as your Guide, as the One Who directs and determines all your
paths and forget about the circumstances that the devil would like to use to keep you tied to the ground! (II:351)
The more you focus on Me and on what I have given you already, the fullness I have already blessed you with, the more
that deception is going to disappear that you're still lacking something. (III:251)
Keep your focus on Me, the glue that keeps you together.
I am what you need most desperately in your relationship, and staying focused on Me will guarantee your ability to keep
up with the other requirements as well. (III:285)
Focusing on the negative and the lack of love that prevails elsewhere is just going to discourage you.
Focus on Me and drag your focus away not only from the shiny distractions, but also the discouraging, negative things
that would get you to focus on the pit! (III:327)

If your focus really is primarily on Me, and I've got true top priority among all things and people that are of interest to you
and intrigue you, then you'll be a lot quicker to forgive, and it will be much easier for you to cope with the failures of
others. (III:342)
Focusing on the lack never solves the problem, but only tends to make it bigger.
Whereas if you focus on Me and the vast amount of love I have for everybody, My love enables you to even love your
enemies. (III:458)
Focus on the good and the possibilities, not on the loss!
Look at Me more and focus on Me, the One Who can alter your circumstances when you cannot.
Youve got to keep your focus on the light! Otherwise, if you focus on the darkness, it will drag you down. (IV:336)
Keep walking ahead with the firm vision and knowledge that I am leading you someplace! (2011:30)
Its all a matter of seeing things from the right angle; and even if you dont always do that right away, be thankful that
youre able to get My view on things, letting Me show you My angle (2011:113)
Instead of focusing on the dreadfulness of a situation, try to make an effort to focus on Me, no matter how hard it may
Its all up to where you focus, on the bright and positive side that I promise is there by faith or the abyss. (2011:135)
If you cling to that vision of who you will be and what youll be capable of namely, all that you wish you were capable of
right now: communicating intimately and profoundly with those youre close to, and conveying to them in the most
efficient manner the things youre learning then that vision will help to shape you, become part of you and thus also
bring you closer to that goal in this life.
I want you to gain a vision for the greater things ahead of you.
Keep that heavenly vision of becoming one of My heavenly communicators, teachers and ambassadors! (2011:148)
I can be the drawing Force, but youve got to do the focusing, the praying, and put your heart in the right place and
position for it to happen. (2012:3)
Keep your eyes, your vision, your focus, on Me, the Giver and Filler, instead of the temporary emptiness, void and feeling
of loss when you have to give up something for Me. (2012:7)
You have something precious and valuable to pass on to the people you come in touch with, and youve got to cherish
that and focus on that! (2012:11)
Focus on Me and the fact that one man with Me can be a majority, as far as Im concerned, and can and will have an
impact if I determine it to be so. But youve got to be ready and willing to fill your place and do your part in the plan.

Its important not to lose touch with Me throughout the course of your day and its activities, but to keep Me on your mind
as much as you can and keep your focus on the importance of preserving your faith and keeping it strong and growing
stronger. (2012:34)
Im all about the lasting version of whatever youve got, including life itself. Im all about the real deal, as opposed to all
those fakes.
What I really like and appreciate in My children is when they recognize and honor that, and pursue those lasting and true
joys I have to offer, and turn their focus away from the temporal counterfeits. (2012: 43)
Focus on singing the tune and song of life itself! (2012:52)
You can either focus on the negative, the seemingly all-enveloping emptiness, or trust that those apparently tiny specs of
matter in-between are actually quite enough. (2012:54)
Youve got to have that long-term vision that only faith affords. (2012:65)
If you just focus on Me a bit more, the One Who can make things happen for you, instead of all the other factors and
parties involved that tend to drag you down, discourage you and try to stop you, youll see therell be no stopping you!

Why not focus more on the good things you know and share a little more of that knowledge? (2012:89)
If you appreciate what youve got, and focus on sharing that, its bound to enhance your relationship with people and the
world around you, win more friends, and thus generate greater contentment, and accordingly, success. (2012:93)

Youve got to have a vision that is more than just a selfish little plan for an easy, comfortable and pleasant life, in order to
represent any kind of spiritual vision, one not completely void of My Spirit and void of life (2012:170)
You mustnt focus on the majority of people, but youve got to keep on the lookout for the exceptional ones those who
make it worth it. Yes, the wicked by far outnumber the good, the righteous, or at least those for whom theres hope; but
that doesnt mean the latter arent there at all. Youve just got to keep looking. And when you find them, hold on to them.

Youre all on a journey seeking a better Home, one that is not from this world, a heavenly Country. And as long as you
keep that vision, youll be making sure youll impart some of it to the folks youll meet on your way there.
See the good in others, focus on that and hope for the best, have an optimistic attitude! (2012:180)
The spiritual, the real and lasting way of seeing things, will become plainly visible to all.
It doesnt really require that much vision into the far away distance, for the Spirit World is ever so near, much closer than
most would suspect.
If you see and look with the eyes of the spirit, you can see more, and when all hope in the visible will have run out, youll
have a whole new and much greater World to offer than anything known.
Preparing others for that encounter is basically what the life of faith is all about. (2013:15)
I and My input are always available to you, thats a Promise I wont back down on.
The only question is, how well can you focus on it? How strongly do you desire it and refuse to allow distractions to
divert you from My wavelength? (2013:16)
Why not keep the focus on the requirements that are truly needed in order to gain points in the game of life, such as
humility, selflessness, kindness? (2013:23)
Why would you crawl through life with a negative attitude, when you could soar through it on the wings of faith by looking
unto Me, keeping your focus on Me and thus ensuring a lot more positive attitude to help you make it through your days?

Im the lens through which you can discover all that, and in order to see things so differently, youve got to look unto Me
so that you can see through Me and allow Me to adjust and clear up your vision. (2013:36)
I honor the attempts youre making, and any steps youre taking closer toward Me, even if most of the times they wind up
in your stumbling.
The first step in learning is putting your heart towards it, see the need, and focus on the goal.
Youre just starting to get a greater and better glimpse now, at the vastness and beauty of the significance of what it
would mean for you to truly implement this lesson in your life, of making loving Me your primary focus, aim, concern and
goal. (2013:37)
To feel full and filled within the apparent emptiness that surrounds you when youre lacking, thats the great trick of faith
in the kind of things that make life truly worth living. As long as the object of your affection, your target and focus remain
some elusive dream youre constantly chasing, youll never get that point. (2013:39)
Why dont you focus on the fact that its not going to be all that long for you anymore? (2013:40)
The best and first incentive for doing better is to actually want to do better. People can pretty much do anything they
really want, and if thats what you truly want, youll focus on it, and eventually will actually do better. I wanna do better
is actually quite a good resolve, and very often the first step toward positive change in many peoples lives. (2013:41)
When theres a lot of darkness all around you, its all the more reason to focus on the light. (2013:52)
Its a matter of focus and adjusting your lens, a matter of where youre looking and what you want and aim to see,
whether youre able to see the donut at all, or not.
When you can face the entire scope of reality and can still focus on the larger, positive and good portion of it, then youre
learning to overcome and walk by faith.
My donuts supposed to be the answer to peoples emptiness, so why focus on the hole, when theres so much good stuff
surrounding it to focus on?
Youve got to remember that its the Enemy whos trying to steer and divert your focus off the donut and blessings, and
onto the hole of his blackness instead. (2013:57)
If you would draw close to Me the way you should, you would also learn how to love Me and to be loved by Me the way
you should. Its a matter of taking the time and letting all other matters and affairs fade into the background, forsaking
them all for Me and letting Me become the paramount Object of your focus and attention. (2013:59)
Anywhere you are, you need to stay in tune with Me in order to keep or get that heavenly vision to see it through, to even
get the necessary strength to want to go on living.

You need to catch My viewpoint of things, let Me show you the things that arent so obvious. (2013:91)
If you focus on the effort youve got to make in order to rise above, instead of on all the things that bug you, thats a good
place to start.
Try to get through to people somehow!
Keeping your focus on all that bugs you about them isnt going to be helpful. You should rather keep your focus on the
responsibility you bear toward them!
Youve just got to keep your focus on your job and responsibility toward Me, believing and trusting that if I charged you
with it, I knew what I was doing and know that you have it in you to handle this, that you are capable of doing it.
Its all a matter of focus, whether youre going to look at the wind and waves of your circumstances and the raging
masses around you, or to the One Whos capable of enabling you to rise above it all. (2013:114)
Focus on things that dont require as much thinking as inspiration! (2013:122)
Focus more on where it really matters: over Here! (2013:126)
Focus more on spiritual things and the Spirit World, which is where eventually youre going to wind up! (2014:2)
When you have a carnal talent and other strengths from the flesh, its easier to trust in those. But when theyre weakened,
youre more prone to focus on, or turn to the Spirit again.
Its a lack of faith to just focus on what the flesh has to offer. (2014:8)
Keep your vision on Heaven the most you can! Certainly better than what you can expect in this world. Theres something
better. (2014:9)
Youve got to see things the right way, look in the right kind of direction and not just let your mind be guided by your own
physical desires! (2014:99)
Try to keep focusing on what youve theoretically learned to be the most important in the world, namely love. (2014:128)
Do you still believe in My Word as the truth, as opposed to the majority of that worldly input? Well, then dont let the
world bring you down so much, but focus more on your way Up! Focus more on your goal and whats coming for you
hereafter! It can only be better! Dont you think so? (2014:132)
The Word can fill your mind and spirit with visions of much better creations than the temporal ones a reminder of the
existence of a better World.
Focus as much as you can on the spiritual, that which is to come for you, and has been long before that which you can
see around you! (2014:151)
Keep your mind and vision on whats to come. - Definitely better than the there and now for you. (2014:159)
If you just keep hanging on to Me and let that vision grow to share Me with others, youll see: youll be doing better and
dont have to worry that much. (2014:163)
Keep on following that vision Im giving you of eternal things that last forever and wont end abruptly when the physical
life and existence is over! (2014:164)
Instead of looking at the world too much, look up to Me! (2014:166)
The unity between you and everything that you can make work and get to last as a family is something to lean forward to
and focus on, more than success at a job! (2014:182)
Theres something better awaiting you Up Here! So, think about it a bit more, and look forward to it! (2014:186)
With as desperate and tough times as are up ahead, youd better get focused on trusting above all in Me, the Father, and
any heavenly help you can get, because this world isnt heading for its best times ever, but its worst. (2014:194)
Focus a bit more on Me and My role in your life, so that you can play the desired role for you in My future story on this
planet and beyond! (2015:15)
Let Heaven be your vision, your Goal, and something to offer to others to look forward to as well, since all they need to do
in order to get Here after their earthly lives, is to receive Me in their hearts. Let Heaven be a major part of what your life is
all about, or at least the vision of it, the faith in it, and making it the main part of your goal in life!
Make Heaven part of your vision, make It your goal, and the Place you know youre headed for! (2015:19)

Trust a bit more in that which youll see hereafter, even if right now you cant see it yet, unless you ask for some visions
given you by the Holy Ghost (2015:36)
When the here and now and temporary world cannot promise so much anymore, thats a good opportunity for believers to
focus on the There & Then, and whats coming, which, believe Me, is quite a bit more positive than your momentary,
worldly there and then.
Focus on the spirit and its values, and dont get too stuck on the temporary flesh department!
Whats faith in Me and the Father all about than the certainty that theres something better to come? So, why not focus
and concentrate a bit more on that, and become more heavenly minded? (2015:43)
Youre getting encouragement and a stronger, more positive outlook from My input, and that somewhat proves to you that
its true, that your faith is the most positive thing and outlet in your life. (2015:45)
Think more about Heaven, and focus more on that final Goal of believers, too!
For many folks, life down there is all there is, as far as they know or believe But shouldnt you, as a believer in the Up
Above, live positively due to that positive hope and outlook upon whats coming up ahead for you?
Think about and focus on Heaven!
So, no matter how horrible life on Earth may get, think about and focus on the Hereafter! (2015:47)
Keep hanging on to Me, and make Us the main Thing and direction to keep your focus on! Keep looking unto Me! Even if
you still dont know exactly about My looks. Its not about how I look, but a spiritual view is more concerned about other
things: not what we look like, but what Were all about and can do to save the world and make it a better place.
In Heaven, folks are less concerned about their looks than other matters, that care about and focus a lot more on love
than vanity does, and ones concern about their own looks! (2015:50)
Dont be too shocked that the way has turned so rough now, and all you can see up ahead is only rougher.
Look a little bit further and you may catch those glimpses of Up Here that will encourage and make you stronger in your
faith, and thus, your power, energy and strength to make it! (2015:51)
Keep your vision for strength focused on Me and your heavenly Goal Here, Up Above, and turn it more into your
conscious goal in your life, instead of physical and material temporary success!
Make the most important factor in your life the lasting ones, and dont get into the worldly gear of focusing on only the
temporal, like money, and worldly success!
Lift your expectation and spiritual vision Up Here, your future and lasting Home in Heaven!
Keep your spiritual sight and vision in a direction thats encouraging and will lift up your faith, your mood, and life in
general, and eventually, that of others around you, too!
Become more Heaven-minded! Gear your vision and your goal in Our direction!
Make it all more pleasant for you, as you change your vision and outlook, and thus also for the ones youll meet and live
Think about and move your spiritual vision toward your future Home! (2015:54)
You havent lived for and focused too much on the Hereafter, but more on your temporary there and then, but its time to
focus on the believers goal and destination! Its time to focus your view on something higher, your future, and the much
better Place to spend the Hereafter, even though you havent seen too much or any of it yet. (2015:55)
Look Up to Me and to Heaven as much as you can, and dont let the ugly current state of the world drag you down so
much, even though its quite negative and miserable But its not the only thing youve got to base your focus on, but try
to make it looking more toward the better option, even if thats mainly happening by faith only. Believe in Me, and try to
look and see by faith what you believe in! Eventually you will see it! (2015:57)
Instead of focusing almost entirely on the temporal dimension youre in right now, focus more on whats to come: the
Here and Now of the Spiritual and heavenly Realm! Your future Home!
Dont focus on what youre missing, but try to keep your focus on Me! (2015:61)
Youre on a humbling path, and a track of humiliation, and you should keep your eye and focus on the fact that youre
very much in need of that spiritual item of value, even if largely underestimated by the majority of people. (2015:62)
Dont just focus on the negative things around you, but let it make you focus more on the better things to come!
Dont let the current time and circumstances drag you down, but focus on, and get prepared for the better ones, up

Keep your focus on the positive side of things and prevent the enemy from dragging you down! (2015:66)
Sharing Heaven is a good vision and purpose for living you should focus on and cling to.

Keep your focus on This, your Home to come, as much as you can, in order to make it help you bear with your tough
trials and battles there, remembering that itll all be worth it, every hard time and trial youve had to go through!
So, focus on the heavenly life thereafter, which will make everything you have to go through now worth it, and if you do,
will make it somewhat easier to bear with, too! Keep your vision on the good Thing to come!
Make Heaven your goal, vision and purpose, and youll find out itll be a lot easier to put up with it all down there: some
temporal trials and tests to be welcomed by eternal rewards and comfort.
Focus a bit more on the Spirit World and get a bit out of the groove of the flesh!
Just let that vision strengthen you to give you more power to fulfill your purpose down there!
Im sorry life can be so awful and rough down there, but maybe itll help to turn your vision Up Here and make you a bit
more heavenly-minded. (2015:68)
Try to get your vision towards Mine, and what can be done to bring Salvation, eternal life and Heaven to others! (2015:70)
The more heavenly-minded youll get, the less unpleasant the rest of your time on Earth will be, since the more youll tune
in to Heaven, the heavenlier youll be, and thats definitely a positive feature. (2015:71)
Keep your focus in My direction, and dont allow the circumstances around you to drag you down!
Even if the devil and his demons keep trying to drag you down, dont focus on them or pay attention to them, but try to
keep your focus, heart and mind set on Me!
Keep your focus on Me and the good, upward, spiritual view, and dont let the enemy drag you down with ugly earthly
circumstances he manages to create through folks who are basically serving him, since theyre not interested in anything
else than what he has to offer, which is mostly that paper money his systems based on
So, keep your main vision on whats to come, not whats surrounding you right now down there!
Keep your vision Up Here as the first thing and the most important goal in your mind, your life, and everything that makes
you move; and just fight hard against any distractions from the world or the enemy to get you tripped off from that vision
and goal! (2015:84)
Keep your vision geared toward the everlasting Home hereafter, and maybe catch some kind of a greater vision for it,
based on greater faith and expectations. (2015:87)
The Thing I encourage you to keep your focus and spiritual view on, is your heavenly Home hereafter.
Theres Something better Up ahead, and you should keep your spiritual vision, focus and expectation on that, so you get
into the shape of inviting others Here! (2015:88)
If the here and now for you doesnt cut the cake, put your vision as much as you can into the There and Then! (2015:91)
Appreciate the Hereafter the life in Heaven that I promised! Going through something rough, be able to appreciate it,
the outlook and vision of getting and going There, and eventually arriving. (2015:111)
Make your Home beyond your temporal stay down there your goal, and the Place you gear your vision and hope to,
knowing by faith that its a lot better than anything expecting you down there! (2015:122)
Your true Home is waiting Here, where I am, and lots of heavenly folks and brethren, along with tons of angels; so
focusing on that should cheer you up a bit and help you to deal a little better with having to live in a place for some more
time thats run by Our enemy.
And even though you have to go through hard times down there, itll gear your focus and vision more Up Here, where you
truly belong. (2015:131)
Keep your faith and vision pointed toward that: a better Hereafter! (2015:135)
If you cant get a lot more information or input from Me, focus more on what I can do in order to help you, strengthen and
enable you to see things through! (2015:143)
Strengthen your faith in the World beyond that one youre living in right now, and strengthen your vision on whats to
Make the effort to focus more on the spiritual side of things, since thats where youre supposed to belong, and will wind
up eventually!
Focus more on the spiritual side of things, spiritual fulfillment and thus, the cause of true happiness! (2015:148)
If youre having a hard time with how things are going down there, just try to focus and keep your vision toward Up Here,
which is all by faith, but thats precisely what you should work on becoming the strongest force in your life right now,
because itll be the most desperately needed through whats to come!
Keep your vision on how wonderful it is to get a soul saved!
Let your faith keep that vision in you clear of what things in the Spirit are really like Whos the true Creator and will be
the final Winner! (2015:149)

Dont keep looking at the world around you, but lift your vision Up Here! (2015:155)
Keep your vision aimed at the true Goal, not greater materialistic advantages! (2015:160)
What youve been largely perceiving of the world lately hasnt been that satisfactory, and while youre strongly tempted to
view it as something negative, try to see the positive reminder of focusing in the spirit and walking by faith instead!
The world can be a distraction when its all appealing to behold. But when you notice and feel there are things wrong with
it, it becomes easier to focus in My direction instead and make a bigger effort to turn your sight toward the spiritual side
of things and seek first My Kingdom (Mt.6:33), instead of all that surrounds you.
Turn your focus toward that, which according to your faith is so much better and more lasting than those temporal,
physical surroundings! (2015:161)
The more your faith and vision are being focused toward Here, your eternal and true Home, the more of a witness to
others youll be and instill hope in them for a better Hereafter coming.
Look more Up Here in the Spirit, and not just down there, where the darkness will be taking over!
Dont let whatever you can achieve in this world be your big goals, but focus a bit more on the Hereafter, where much
better things are expecting you than in the physical present place or dimension youre living in.
The here and now may be very tough for you, but the more you focus on the There and Then, the better it will be for you,
and life is going to be a lot more pleasant, youll see! (2015:167)
Knowing where spiritual Strength and Power comes from, maybe itll also help you to focus more in that direction and
become more heavenly minded.
Become more conscious of the Place youre going and headed!
Definitely an advantage to stay geared towards and focused on It. (2015:169)
Why not focus a bit more on the good news that faith in Me has to offer?
And get your focus back onto your true sense and purpose of life, to bring real and true life to others! (2015:179)
Have a positive and victorious vision, that Well wind up as the winners and Victors in spite of his temporal act of reigning
down there! (2015:183)
May it strengthen your faith, optimism and future vision that whats to come is definitely better and more positive than
what youre about to have to let go! (2015:184)
Keep the vision of Heaven in your soul as much as you can! (2015:190)
Its definitely more positive things to prepare for and look forward to Up Here, after that temporal life down there, and its
definitely something to focus on and make you appreciate the change thats coming. (2015:191)
If you get a bit more of a glimpse and vision of Heaven, youll have something more to share with those who are sheep
and you might still come across to share It with.
Get a bigger glimpse of Heaven, so that itll be easier for you to share Heaven! (2015:193)
Lets see how far through the day youll make it tomorrow, pinning your focus a bit more on the bright side of things, shall
we? (2015:198)
Set your goal Up Here, not merely your temporal success and welfare down there! Thats the vision and what the outlook
of a life of faith and following Me is supposed to be like! (2015:232)
Youre becoming weaker to teach you to focus, lean and depend more on the strength from Above!
Preparations the name of the game right now, even if the temptation is to just get stuck and focused on whats going on
right now (2015:240)
As much as you keep up the vision of your true Home, the easier its going to be to let other folks know about It.
How about focusing more on sowing the good stuff, much more likely to bring good results? (2015:249)
Focus on the strength in the spirit, believing by faith that thats more important! In fact the only thing thatll help you
make it through the days to come! (2016:2)
So, cant make it? Relax! I can make it through you and for you! Just keep looking Up Here, your attention and focus
pinned Up Here, and asking for whatever help youll need, and I promise, it will be coming! (2016:20)
Focus Up Here, where your hope lies, and not so much on your earthly circumstances! (2016:24)
Its a tough battle, but the way to win it, is to learn to focus on the Spirit, and win it through the Spirit! (2016:27)

Keep looking Up and try to keep in touch with Me as much as you can! (2016:30)
Dont focus too much on your physical surroundings, nor allow them to drag you down, but make the effort to keep your
mind focused on and staying geared toward the better state of things following the current one, if you believe in Me!

Keep looking Up Here in the spirit, and the victory shall be yours! Looking down, and all around at the negative
circumstances in your world cannot be too helpful without looking Up at Me and Our Kingdom, from where youll find the
solution to any problem, as much as your faith allows.
So, keep looking Up! (2016:36)
Most of the times you can assume that the burdens and desires in your heart come from Me those visions and longings
to get elsewhere It might well be, because I would be able to use you more over there. (2016:41)
The more you manage to point your daily vision Up Here, the more chance youll have to invite others Up Here as well!

Gear your focus more into the Realm of the Spirit! Tough, in a fleshly world, but thats what both, I and all My true
followers have had to go through. (2016:44)
Thats what it means to follow Our groove and put all things into the proper perspective: the focus of love! (2016:45)
Its hard, having to go through tough times, but can you see a glimpse of their purpose, to draw you closer to Me and get
your vision set a bit more toward the Hereafter?
The one thing you should be able to pass on to others is the aspect and vision that theres Something Better coming up
for those who accept the message from Above, and the purpose of life isnt just ones own, personal well-being! (2016:46)
Strengthen your spiritual vision and that faith in the physically invisible! (2016:52)
Learning to resist the temptations is another task of life.
The way to do it an manage is to stay in tune with Us, more than trying to please the world as much as you can, but
making it your goal to please Us by doing Our will for you. Making that your goal and vision is definitely an advantage
according to the rules and standards of Eternity, and not just gear your behavior according to the temporal, worldly ways
of success! (2016:57)
Focus on the Upside, and receive the strength you need from Here! (2016:58)
Feeling like you cant make it? Look Up Here! (2016:60)
Focus Up Here, not down there!
Something higher and greater is expecting you. So, look forward to it, and make your days more acceptable by keeping
your vision Up Here! (2016:61)
If the conditions and circumstances around you are a mess, well, thats the condition the world around yous in, and
becoming worse, so dont be too discouraged! Let that condition turn your focus Up Here, your true Home, and believe
that theres Something much better on its way!
Dont let your faith and vision be focused on the circumstances around you, but on My Promises instead!
Keep your look on Me, Who can help you overcome any hindering conditions and circumstances! (2016:62)
If times arent easy or even tolerable for you right now, keep your focus on whats to come!
Keep your vision directed Up Here, where all of the negative things youre having to go through will make it worth it, and I
promise you wont be disappointed. So, keep your focus and vision geared Up Here! A Home thatll make it worth it all
you have to go through now.
Make an effort to get into that gear of being heavenly-minded! - Heaven-focused, and Heaven-geared! (2016:63)
Learn to look and focus Up Here, not down there where the troubles happening! But Up Here where the Solutions are!
Keep focusing Up Here where the solutions are to the troubles, trials and problems down there!
Dont focus too much on the physical circumstances down there if they tend to worry you! (2016:64)
The nasty, dark and evil times you have to go through should stir up your longing for your true Home, where your vision
should be headed. (2016:66)
Can you take on that task of representing a glimpse of hope to others, who are not so thrilled with the current state of the
world? Can you be a raiser of hope in something better to come?
The only way to do that is by keeping your vision, focus and hope geared there yourself.
Dont get frustrated by the physical circumstances and conditions, but point your vision Up Here to Me and the host of

heavenly helpers whove been through similar trials during their times on Earth, but whose arrival Here has confirmed to
them that whats to put up with down there will be made worth it.
So, dont give up hope in a better Thereafter, and dont keep your focus set on the earthly circumstances, that as you
noticed are going downhill!
Learn to cope with those downhill circumstances and conditions, by keeping your spiritual focus and vision geared
toward your true Home!
Dont focus on the physically visible the circumstances but Up Here, the Place which is your true Home awaiting you,
and from where you can receive and avail yourself of all the Help, Strength and Power youll need to make it through
whats to come!
If the physical folks and conditions around you are not being all that helpful in order for you to make it, thats just a sign
that youve got to focus elsewhere not at the physical conditions, circumstances or even accompaniments around you,
but that spiritual side from which the very creation of your existence stems. (2016:67)
Learn to keep your mindset and vision and gear of thoughts directed Up Here the side of faith to keep lifting you up!
As times are getting darker down there, let that cause and motivate you to keep your vision Up Here, the Source of Light!
Let your faith become strong enough to get ahold of the vision of heavenly Light, in spite of the darkness and dark
circumstances around you down there!
Thats why the theme of vision, focus and outlook is so important! It all depends on the direction your minds set and
aiming at! And the best directions not down there, but Up Here by faith instead!
Look Up at whats before you, and dont stop! Its the devil trying to stop you from looking Up Here where your hope
lies! So, dont let him, but keep looking Up!
Its about the only way youll make it through the dark days to come!
If youre feeling too weak to make it, focus Up Here where the Source of your true Strength lies the kind that wont
vanish as time goes by!
Dont focus on the surroundings getting darker, but Up Here, where the heavenly Light always remains! No night-time!
Keep your spiritual vision geared Up Here, where theres always Light!
So, keep your spiritual sight geared towards and focused on the heavenly Light!
Stay focused on the Light! Dont let the enemys darkness drag you down, but remember Me, the personification of the
Light of the world (Jn.8:12)!
Remember Me, the personification of the Light of the world!
I am there, even when you cant see any light left down there! The true and lasting Light will always keep shining. Just
stay focused on the Spirit! No matter what the physical world happens to represent!
Keep remembering and gearing your spiritual sight toward the greater and brighter Dimension! (2016:68)
Some folks dont realize nor notice the coming changes but some do. And even if thats a darker outlook if you do, try
to make that outlook reach as far as whats coming after the ugliness: the better times! (2016:70)
Make love the major focus, goal and aim in your life to become the most important thing! (2016:76)
Keep your outlook and vision pointed Up Here, which will make it worth it all, and keep your focus set by that hope!
So, look Up Here! Thats where your hope lies. Dont keep focusing down there! (2016:82)
A positive outlook is what will see you through if you put your vision toward the right direction which is Up Here to Me,
not your own fleshly abilities. Time to rely more on the Spirit than your flesh and its capabilities!
Time to focus more on the job I gave My disciples! (2016:85)
You have to learn to cope with, and try to make the best of life, not just focus on the negative down there, but try to get a
positive and more cheerful vision of Up Here through faith. (2016:87)
You shouldnt focus much on the circumstances! The fact that theyre turning out bleaker just shows that youve got to
keep your focus in the right direction, not the circumstances, no matter how screwed up the enemy makes them to draw
your attention, but youve got to learn to keep your spiritual vision and focus set steadily on Me!
Youve got to get the point of not having your focus pinned on the negative circumstances down there, but keep your
vision set Up Here, even if thats got to happen through faith. (2016:88)
Focus not on your surroundings, but point your spiritual vision Up Here where all your hope lies, and dont let
surrounding circumstances drag you down!
Focus on as your true Home, not the far less pleasant circumstances of the world around you!
Point your spiritual vision Up Here! Thats where your hope and your strength lie.
Put your trust in Me and dont focus on the surrounding circumstances of darkness sown by the enemy! (2016:95)
Resist the evil and look Up Here; keep your focus on Me through faith, not on the hell-bound circumstances down there!
Rough times are to prepare you and help you make it through the roughest to come. So, try and take it all with as much of
a positive attitude and outlook that you can!
Keep your vision and hope set Up Here the Hope for all of mankind (or at least the ones who wont fall for the enemy
and his bunch)!

So, dont be dragged down by the evil influences and circumstances down there, but keep your vision Up Here, the final
winning side!
Dont focus on whats around you, but Up Here to strengthen it!
Keep your vision up! (2016:97)
Keep your mind focused on your true Home Up Here!
Dont be too discouraged about circumstances and conditions not being perfect down there! - One reason to focus Up
Keep your focus Up Here where you belong, your true Home, even if currently only perceived through faith! (2016:98)
Put that faith and trust in Me to strengthen and lift up your courage, outlook and confidence in the fact that with My Help
things are going to work out! (2016:99)