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Jaipur National University, Jaipur

A presentation on
132 KV Grid Sub-Station
By Rajneesh Budania

Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran

Nigam Limited (RVPNL)
Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Limited
(RVPNL) is a company of Rajasthan State Electricity
Board (RSEB) established by government of
Aim of RVPNL is to provide reliable Xmission
service to customers.
132 KV G.S.S., Bhadra (Hanumangarh) is a part
of RVPNL and power comes from SSTPS.

Components of A Sub-Station

1.Primary power lines 2.Ground wire 3.Overhead lines

4.Transformer for measurement of electric voltage
switch 6.Circuit breaker 7.Current transformer 8.Lightning
arrester 9.Main transformer 10.Control building 11.Security
12.Secondary power lines

Sequence of Components

Lightning Arrester (L.A.)

Lightning Arrester is a
protective device which
provides protection against
high voltage surges.
A lightning arrester has
two terminals viz a high
voltage terminal and a
ground terminal.

Lightning Arrester

Schematic Circuit of L.A.

Capacitive Voltage Transformer

Wave Trap (Line Trap)

Power Line Carrier Communication

For exchange of data and transfer of messages
between substations, voice communication is
necessary. For this purpose high frequency carrier
current is transmitted over same transmission line on
which power is transmitted. Hence this
communication is called as power line carrier
communication .

Schematic diagram of P.L.C.C.

It isolates the devices
from live line when
there is a maintenance.
It operates when there
is no load.It is also used
to change bus bar line
from main to reserve or
vice versa.

Current Transformer (C.T.)

Current Transformer is
used to measure high value
of current.
C.T. s secondary is
connected to relay to
protect the system
against overcurrents.

Circuit Breaker
Today, two most popular
circuit breakers are used
in sub-stations which are:
Vacuum Circuit Breaker &
SF6 Circuit Breaker.
Oil and Air Blast circuit
breaker was used in earlier

Bus Bar
It is a metallic bar
which has high current
carrying capability.
Bus bar is made
from Cu and Al.
Its function is to
carry electricity from
line to switchyard or

Power Transformer
Transformer is a
static device that transfers
electrical energy from one
electric circuit to another
electric circuit by means of
a common magnetic circuit.
Transformer can link
two or more electric circuits.

Main Parts of Power Transformer


Windings (H.V. winding, I.V. winding & L.V. winding)
Tap changer
Main tank
Conservator Tank
Buchholz Relay
Dehydrating Breather
Oil Temperature Indicator
Winding Temperature Indicator

Oil Cooling Arrangement

Protective Relays
Protective Relay is
a sensing device and
is designed to detect
operating conditions
on an electric circuit.
It trips the circuit
breaker when fault is

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