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DeePositive G.O.L.

Sporting Patriotism

A DeePositive Foundation Initiative

Vision 2020
In a country of over 1.2 billion people, we have observed that our dependence on a handful
of sportspersons to deliver national glory at international sporting events shouldnt be taken
lightly. Especially, since weve only scratched the surface of potential. It is in the best
interest of India that we Indians should create more platforms at local levels to invite and
recognize and patronize sporting ability to increase the talent bank of athletes
representing our nation at International Sporting events.
It is in the greatest interest of the spirit of oneness that we should encourage Sporting
Patriotism in lieu of Political and Social Patriotism. One step in this direction will have its
ripple effects across communal, caste and state divides and is definitely a more powerful
tool to unite India. Since, we celebrate sporting victory as ONE NATION, ONE INDIA, we
at DeePositive Foundation are taking a tiny step in the direction of creating a Dedicated,
Enthusiastic, Empowered, Positive platform to inspire Sporting Patriotism with G.O.L.D.
Every VISION begins when ONE INDIVIDUAL says YES and as we take each step to
realise this new vision, we will continue to include more sporting events to our vision. The
most important of all will be to take the FIRST STEP as citizens to express our vision to
YOU, India.
It is time for us, Indians, to unite sport & Patriotic sentiment to a new level of CoDependence. It is time to build a databank of potential sporting talent to represent us
internationally. To raise our chances of bringing home more G.O.L.D medals and yes, proudly
standing up with respect as a fellow Indian, stands on the victory stand and our national
anthem plays in respect for Indias victory.
The Intent:
G.O.L.D intent is to grow into a sporting movement in the years to come. For us to travel
across India, to identify and inspire potential sporting talent, to stand tall and be counted
in the sporting hall of fame and indent the world sport map, beyond cricket and hockey.
Which, we are confident we will in the near future. We are of the firm opinion that with the
growth of sporting patriotism and co-dependence, gets the citizens vote, well soon be
invited by the Ministry of Sports at the State level to bring G.O.L.D to every state to assist
in discovering new talent. We may grow from support 20 athletes representing Indian Sport
at a national level, to be able to support and groom 20 athletes per state to represent India
in different sporting disciplines.

Yet, every dream begins with the FIRST IRREVERSIBLE STEP FORWARD and ours is to
inspire 20 athletes to join the first batch of G.O.L.D by March 2017, who have the potential
to run for G.O.L.D in the 400mtrs.

LEVEL I: Intra school identification of 3 athletes per school, on the basis of their
race timing at the local school level. Inter school race day in which the
representatives from each school race to reveal the top 20 runners at the state level.
LEVEL II: 20 potential athletes are then put into a 3 day camp with their
parents/school representatives. Where we introduce them to Nutrition Experts/
Fitness Experts/Academic Experts who will assist the parents and school in
understanding their role in supporting the child as well as planning the childs
Nutritional/Fitness and Academic support schedule with them.
LEVEL III: Due Diligence of signing contracts till their first representation and
winning performance. A 3 month fitness/nutrition/academic schedule is set for them
LEVEL IV: Update and Upgrade: on the basis of their performance of the 3 month
regime and preparedness in a 1 day camp. We will then introduce discipline specific
coaching and mentoring schedule. Including, interactions with imminent sporting
personalities who can share the pride and honour of their personal sporting victories
and the pride of representing Indian sport.
LEVEL V: Introduce this new talent to India in a showcase run and formally introduce
them at a special event. Post which, we will continue to find avenues and races for
them to train at both, nationally and internationally.

Finances and Budgets:

We intend to create, fundraising opportunities at different levels to be able to finance this
We are looking at a national brand taking the opportunity to sponsor LEVEL1 of the process,
which is a School Contact Programme to initiate the search. Since our attention to detail at
this level is the most critical. We are also open, to have this brand partner the project till
the first batch is ready to represent India.
At Level II our intent is to co-depend with existing brands in fitness/nutrition/academics
to come forward and sponsor the basic needs of these students, thus creating a healthy
competition among brands to produce results and grow in mass popularity as contributing
brands. As long as were able to co-opt and create opportunites to assist in the growth plan
of a child, were open to barter deals in which brands sponsor the childs
fitness/nutrition/academic needs on an G.I.V.E basis (embodying their brand vision
through the talent they support). We also intend to have a citizens fund raising activation
for citizens of India to donate to G.O.L.D.

At Level III & IV we will be looking to create a media rich introduction of the 20 talents,
Fitness/Nutrition/Academic brands, coaches and mentors who have pledged their support
to take Project G.O.L.D, Sporting Patriotism to it finale. We intend to market each athlete
and give corporate and business India the opportunity to unite as part of the movement, by
co-sponsoring each of the talented children. This level, will require multiple brand support
and extensive media plans, we may at this stage also indulge in a series of fundraising events
to assist us meeting the extended needs of the phase. Which we will detail and present to
potential sponsors as we get closer to detailing this part of the project.

At DeePositive, it is our dream to create a people led Patriotic Vision of Sport. We look
forward to a co-dependent vibrant Indian democratic movement forward: Team DeePositive
We look forward to communicating with you, on how you would like to partner with us, sponsor
a level or just hop on with an idea!!
Deepanjali Rao
Founder- DeePositive Foundation