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Melendez-Heart 1

Lance Sao Melendez-Heart

Professor Sung
English 113
4 July 2016

Poetry and Paragraphs

First Fig By Edna St. Vincent MillayThis poem symbolizes the poets carpe diem
philosophy, Millay express that she wishes women could life and not worry about
taking care of children or a husband. She also talks about having many sexual
partners which was improper for woman during this time period. But as, my foes,
and oh, my friends-This speaks to what life would be like without friends and
enemies. The poet uses rhetoric in order to persuade the reader to live life in a
manner that will be worth living, and emphasizes that life is short, so we should
make the most of it. The metaphor used in this poem is very interesting and diverse
because it can be opened up to many different interpretations.
Dreams by Langston HughesThis poem discusses the importance of dreams and
being able to hold on to those dreams. We should hold on to our dreams and not let
them go or we will not live to our fullest potential. The overall message to this poem
is that life is not worth living if there is no purpose. Hughes compares the death of a
dream to being a broken winged-bird, like having life but not being able to live it to
the fullest potential. This is Hughes version and persuasion of Carpe Diem. Dreams
are our personal version of our most genuine and desperate desires.
To the Virgins, to make much of time by Robert HerrickThis poem emphasizes the
theme of carpe diem, persuading young woman to pursue opportunities of marriage
before they become old maids. During this time frame it was more common that
young people delve into marriage and live under matrimony. This is very different
than young people in todays society. So this was a message to those young people
that life is short and you can do what you want to do before embarking in marriage,
and losing your virginity or in essence your innocence.
A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, This poem represents different
interpretations of life and biblical teachings, explaining that all human life is in vain
and that we as humans are all made of dust and will eventually become that again.
The author questions traditional wisdom and also reflects on his youth. Longfellow
seems to be very argumentative and somewhat daring in his opening statement, he
seems to reject parts of the bible that teach human life is in vain empty. This poem
argues that the spirit is not dead, only to those who take advantage of the
possibilities of life. Carpe diem is in essence what this poem is about, and exploring
the possibilities for virtuous and noble actions. Longfellow wants the reader to reject
the idea of spiritual defeatism and passivity, but not the bible as a whole.

Melendez-Heart 2

Be Drunk by Charles BaudelaireWhat this poem shows are the motives of others
and being able to do what you want when you want it. Baudelaire wants to
implement change in the thinking process of people, in todays society people do
not have time to do what they love or what they want to do. People do not have
time to do what they want, and only focus on things that give them money and
power. No one is giving time to their hobbies and passion. One should avoid working
in areas that do not provide them with happiness. Baudelaire questions the act of
doing business just for sake of becoming prosperous or earning money. He wants
the reader to look inside themselves and evaluate whether they truly like the work
that they do. He uses the example of the birds, stars, wind, and waves and other
things in nature which are doing and enjoying a true sense of life, these elements
are not living for money or any other purpose. Baudelaire wants the readers to do
everything they wish to do and really enjoy what they do. The overall theme of this
poem is carpe diem, and being able to get something meaningful from life.