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Written by:Moisés Olvera

Hi I hope you have been ok in the last days, I think is time for another lesson!!!
This time we will to make a lick of arpeggios, we will to use a simple three chord
progression:,A minor B diminished G Major.
We will to use sweep picking technique, some legatos and tapping too!!!
More or less our lick is based in the following figure:
Example n. 1 is an arpeggio in A minor, you need to play it slowly to familiarize
with the finger extensions, you must see how it uses various positions for the
same arpeggio.

Example n. 2 is our lick!! I use this lick often in the middle of a guitar solo and it
sounds good!
I suggest you to practice slowly trying to accommodate your fingers and pick
movements, and then add speed, also note the irregular groupings of five in
some bars.
I include the mp3 for listening.
This type of things came to my mind after listening to records of VINNIE MOORE,
JASON BECKER or MARTY FRIEDMAN. They are excellent arpeggio players!!
Learn the lick and try to make your own, the triads in A minor are:
A minor,B diminished,C major,D minor,E minor,F major and G major of course
you can try with augmented and suspended triads too, feel free to experiment.