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There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child. I always help in any way I can, even if it's just by signing an
autograph. A child's smile is worth more than all the money in the world.
-Rederick Ayoma, Brgy. Secretary

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There are so many nice places on the earth. They are scattered across the country. Every place has its own distinct features. Some
places have scenic beauty in abundance while many are famous for their architectural wonders. In addition every person has
different tastes, choices and likings. Several people enjoy the sight of scenic beauty; some are attracted towards places of historical
and archaeological interests. A few may be interested in visiting places of religious importance.
Barangay Kauswagan is located in the Municipality of Diplahan. It is widely famous for its rich flora and fauna. Kauswagan is the
home different tribes Ilonggos mostly, Bisaya and Subanen. Kauswagan picturesque spots, enchanting landscapes and vast
ricefields in abundance. Its serpentine and calm rivers, waterfalls, long lines of coconut trees are some of the delightful attractions
not only for the locals but also for those who are just visited the place.
Barangay Kauswagan has a rich history. Some say that the name Kauswagan is from the Ilonggo word Mauswag which means
progressive. Yet, this place lives with what is the meaning of Kauswagan. It continues its legacy to be the place of the rich in
Some would say that as nice as it sounds- to empower youth, it is not that easy. However, this was not the case in Kauswagan.
They have various program for the youth in nation-building.
According to the Barangay Officials, the "how" of how to empower youth to be change agents is to let them be kids and develop
their own ideas- wherever they are in the range of potential social good actions. The answer is simple- we simply let them "do." We
let them dream and think. We give our youth the tools to collaborate and problem solve, brainstorm and reflect. We empower them
to believe that their voice matters without judging or criticizing their ideas. That is why the Sangguniang Kabataan of Kauswagan
was given an autonomy do to whatever project but with a close supervision of the adults. The elderly are not left-behind in this
barangay. The conditional cash transfer or what is popularly known as the 4Ps is facilitated by the Barangay. They helped those
who are beneficiary especially the senior citizens by securing documents like affidavits.

Kauswagan. The place is far from the bustling city and getting there is as simple as ABC. Its a 5 minute motorcycle ride from the
Poblacion of the Municipality of Diplahan. When one arrives in the place its like being transported in time coupled with the view of
modern-built houses. There is that feeling of de`javu one gets when you see the step the place for the first time. Maybe it is because
of the smiles you get from the settlers or because as a young child you have had countless dreams of being in a serene and quiet
place where you could just play and be happy and gay. The place is filled with old buildings and structures that remind us of how our
parents and grandparents might have enjoyed the thunderbolt, the rain, the mud and the sun. The contemporary edifice blended
well with the antiquated structures that gives the place an ambience of past-future feeling.

During the 1990s, Kauswagan already blossomed into one of the richest barangays in Diplahan, Zamboanga Sibugay. This was
because of the ricemill businesses that were put up by the rich families.
Harvests of rice from the other barangays are milled in Kauswagan. The rice mill business flourished that it created many jobs for
the people of the place. Up to this time, Kauswagan is still the first choice of the farmers for milling their palay.
One also cannot deny that Kauswagan is progressive because of the rice fields. Palay are grown all over Kauswagan. One of the
main source of living is farming. The government most especially the local government unit is very supported . They have various
programs that promotes the welfare of the farmers.
Aside from farming, the Barangay has formulated a livelihood program for women. Located near the Market is the cooperative which
sells rice. This cooperative was formed to enable married women to augment the income of the families who are members. Aside
from the cooperative, the Barangay also introduced the another livelihood program- Alagaan mo Baboy ko, Hati tayo sa Kita. This
program helps many families in sustaining their basic needs.
One of the most basic services that the Barangay offers is the free medical check up. Equip with a rural health unit and personnel,
anybody can get a first aid from this health unit without a fee. Sometimes, free medicines are given. Talking about infrastructures,
most of the roads are concrete. During rainy days, no more flooding because of the modern drainage system built. You will not worry
talking at night for this barangay is well-lighted because of the streeght lights.
All these and many more like its cultural hues, scenic beauty and beautiful people make it a heavenly abode on earth. Indeed, the
beauty of Kauswagan is enchanting.

Your adventure awaits you. Be enchant. Be in


Piece of Paradise. Discover Kauswagan!

Rederick M. Ayoma
Brgy. Secretary

Friendly Neighboorhood
Taking you to a paradise!

Kauswagan para sa Kauswagan.

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