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Voice of The International Sun Imbibers' Society

Fall, 2005 (Vol. 1, Issue 2) FREE

down by word of mouth, and what that precious emanation of

Contents little that was recorded was mostly
destroyed by priests of opposing
the sorrow of God – still
unsullied, still unatrophied,
Lost Teachings of Zarathustra religions and invading Arabs and because it was embedded
1 Greeks. deep in man’s subconscious.
ISIS Publications 1 George Gurdjieff, who traveled He it was who translated his
extensively throughout Central Asia insights into a spiritual action
Sungazing Tools 3 in search of lost teachings, wrote
which, for one blessed
Nude Sunbathing 3 about a great teacher, whom he
decade, eradicated
Deathless Solar Body I 4 called Ashiata Shiemash, in his
esoteric novel "All and Everything." nationalism and castes and
Atonic Tea 6 Some think Ashiata Shiemash was war itself, throughout the
Grounding 6 just a fictional character, but those length and breadth of Asia."
close to Gurdjieff knew that it was
Zarathustra. Just as Ashiata What was this "spiritual
Shiemash did, in Gurdjieff's action" that achieved such
THE LOST TEACHINGS world-transforming effects? It
story, Zarathustra taught
OF ZARATHUSTRA people how to awaken their must have been a powerful
Daena (conscience or inner technique to awaken
self). And their coexisting at conscience. Gurdjieff
the same time (@1200 BC) reveals, in one passage, the
and place (near Babylon) parts of this technique:
makes it obvious that they (Continued on page 2)
were the same.
The Columbian founder of modern
Gnosticism, Samael Aun Weor, Want to get the word out about sun
referred to Ashiata Shiemash as "the imbibing but are at a loss for words?
great master of compassion who ISIS has published a four-page
embodied to teach the peoples of wallet card that describes the basics
Asia, especially those in Babylonia, of sungazing, sunbathing, sun-
the ultimate cause of suffering, that charged water and barefoot walking.
is, the ego. His teachings influenced The Sun Card also lists eight
many peoples of the East, and his websites and nine books that
apostles reached the Far East, promote the benefits of sunlight. I
possibly to Vietnam and Japan." carry a couple in my wallet at all
Gurdjieff's biographer, James times so that I can give them out to
Moore, called Ashiata Shiemash people I meet who are interested. It's
In the opening scene of "2001: A "an unjustly forgotten handy for beginners who might get
Space Odyssey," the sun rises to the historical figure... He it was, discouraged if they do something
soul-stirring chords of "Thus Spoke wrong. Sun imbibing is simple, but
insists Gurdjieff, who saw
Zarathustra." This was fitting since it's hard at first to keep all the rules
most deeply, felt most
Zarathustra taught his followers to straight in your head. ISIS also has a
keenly, faced most squarely bumper sticker showing a silhouette
face the sun during their daily the decay of love into
rituals, and worship the great spirit of a nude couple standing on a beach
egoism, hope into gazing at the setting sun. It says in
Ahura Mazda who lived in the sun. procrastination, faith into
. bold letters "SUNGAZING IS FOR
credulity. He it was who LOVERS," Do you know someone
Not much is known about the
original teachings of Zarathustra or divined the redemptory in another part of the country or the
Zoroaster because they were passed potentiality of conscience, world who would be interested in
reading The Sun Gazette? Now you appears, you will see that it is not names: inner self, true self, higher
can easily mail it by folding it in like anything you call conscience self. In the teachings of the Summit
thirds so that the bottom third of the now… Conscience, when it awakes, Lighthouse, it is called the Christ
last page, designed for writing an will not allow one to do anything Self. On the back of a chart
address, folds out. Then staple it. selfish or contrary to other people's published by the Summit
interests, or harmful to anybody." Lighthouse, depicting the three parts
Sun cards are 50 cents, newsletters Another meaning of the Daena of of the divine self, I found this
are $1.00 and the bumper stickers Zoroastrianism is "law." The Bible description of the Christ Self. "The
are $3.00 each. To order, send a gives God's covenant in Jeremiah middle figure in the chart is the…
check or money order made out to 31: "I will put my law in their Light emanation of God, the
ISIS for the correct amount plus inward parts, and write it in their Universal Christ. He is your personal
$2.00 shipping (SASE if just one) to hearts… Thus saith the Lord, which Mediator and your soul's Advocate
ISIS, 3516 W. Saguaro Park Ln., giveth the sun for a light by day and before God. He is your Higher Self,
Glendale, AZ 85310. the ordinances of the moon and of whom you appropriately address as
the stars for a light by night." This your beloved Holy Christ Self. John
light helps us to read what God has speaks of this individualized
The Winter Solstice meeting of written in our hearts. presence of the Son of God as 'the
ISIS will be held on December true Light which lighteth every man
18th from noon to 1 pm at the Localization of the particles means that cometh into the world.' He is
Logos Center, 6401 E. Aster, a condensation as with water vapor your inner Teacher, your Divine
Scottsdale. Call 623-256-9098. into a droplet, or crystallization as Spouse, your dearest Friend and is
with atoms of silica into a quartz most often recognized as the
crystal. In this case, however, the Guardian Angel." In the pantheon of
(Continued from page 1) "The particles are not of matter but of Zoroastrian heavenly beings, Daena
factors for the being-impulse light. One of the definitions for is the angel who is the embodiment
conscience arise in the presences of Emanation, according to Webster's of religion as a link between God
the three-brained beings from the Third New International Dictionary and man.
localization of the particles of the is "the radiation of a divine quality."
'emanations-of-the-sorrow' of our Rudolf Steiner wrote concerning
omni-loving and long-suffering- Sorrow, I feel, is a misinterpretation. Zarathustra: "He had knowledge of
endless-creator. That is why the The correct word should be everything that took place on the
source of the manifestation of compassion, which means, "sorrow Earth because he was able to
genuine conscience in three-centered for the sufferings of another, with experience the Spiritual Being of the
beings is sometimes called the the urge to help." A Buddhist Sun, i.e., the One later called the
representative of the creator." definition of conscience is "insight Christ." Omraam Aivanhov wrote in
or self knowledge which leads to "Toward a Solar Civilization," that
Let's examine the key words and compassion." The compassion of the "the light that flows from the sun…
phrases to determine what this creator awakens the slumbering is the Spirit of Christ… and if you
technique entailed. conscience with the first rays of link with him and love him, your
spiritual light. Conscience, when whole being will throb and vibrate in
The first key word is conscience. It fully awake, then gives rise to our harmony with the Cosmic Light that
means "to know (right from wrong) own compassion. shines, in condensed form, through
with. The Mormon's "Doctrine and the sun." He also wrote "That part of
Covenants" state that "conscience is Another term Gurdjieff used for ourselves, that entity which lives in
our natural capacity to distinguish creator is "Sun Absolute." This is the sun is our Higher Self…, a part
between right and wrong, due to the also called the "Great Central Sun." of God."
light of the Christ that is given to In esoteric teachings, our sun is
every person." The Hebrew phrase considered the last in a series of Putting this all together, we have a
"Matzpun Naki" means "clean step-down transformers of the technique that focuses the radiation
conscience." Matzpun actually emanations of God from the Great of God's compassion from the Great
means something hidden or a Central Sun. Christopher Holmes Central Sun through our Holy Christ
treasure. So conscience is the hidden wrote in his treatise on the teachings Self in our sun in order that we may
part of our inner self that resides in of Gurdjieff, "Slugs," that we "feed identify with him and thereby live
our subconscious." If you ask people on material food and water, the air conscientiously or righteously in
if their conscience is fully and atmospheres, the influences of accord with God's will.
awakened, they will say "Of the planets and moon, radiations of
course!" But according to Gurdjieff's the Sun, and even the emanations of In "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus
student, Piotr Ouspensky, the Sun Absolute." The latter is food the Christ," Levi wrote, "But men
"conscience is a special positive for the soul by which it develops a must see their Gods with human
emotion. In our present state we strong conscience and compassion. eyes, and Zarathustra said, The
have a very small trace of this greatest of the Spirits standing near
emotion, sufficient to have a general The source of the manifestation of the throne is Ahura Mazda, who
feeling that something may be right genuine conscience or manifests in the brightness of the
and something else may be wrong... representative of the creator is a sun. And all the people saw Ahura
When real [genuine] conscience divine part of your self. It has many Mazda in the sun, and they fell down
and worshipped him in temples of The cheapest and least accurate is a
the sun." Thus, the technique that UV intensity meter card. They are
Zarathustra used to quickly awaken available for $3.00 from MATC at
the conscience of millions of Asians http//www.meaurementandtechnolo
and bring about an era of freedom, To order by phone,
peace and prosperity, was sungazing. call 1-519-883-0425 ext. 103.
But it was sungazing with an intent.
In the daily Kusti ritual, Zoroastrians
face the sun, repent their sins and
ask for compassion using specific
prayers coordinated with hand
movements. You can compose an
invocation, using your own words
and sentiments that would be more
effective than any ritual because it It has a built-in UV meter that
would not be some meaningless measures to one decimal place and
verbal and mudric formula that you an alarm that beeps when the sun
These cards incorporate a UV exceeds 2 for safe sungazing and 5
perform as rote but a sincere sensitive strip that changes to a
expression of the yearning of your for safe sunbathing. It's water-
shade of purple when exposed to resistant, has a chronograph, timer,
heart. The following is an invocation sunlight. An adjacent color-
that I composed and use while daily alarm, an hourly chime, a
matching chart provides the backlight, a pre-programmed
sungazing. approximate UV Index number. If calendar, and comes with a one-year
you use a UV card, make sure you warranty. It's a deal at $29.95 and
O Mighty Presence of God, I AM, in don't leave it out in the sun as this
the Sun behind the sun, I invoke thy free shipping from
will shorten its useful life.
Christ Light into my body, mind and
heart to free me from all darkness product.asp?/itmky=41939. To order
Normally a UV Meter would be the by phone, call 1-800-414-8655.
and wrong desire, guide me on the most expensive device but you can
path of righteousness, and fill me find two on Ebay for less than $10
with the fire of compassion that I If you don't want to purchase a UV
plus shipping. One is a Discovery measuring device, you can always
may become thy glorious Self in UV Monitor, Model 701698, shown
manifestation. go online right before sungazing and
below. The other is a Speedo UV find the local UV index reading at:
Meter/Monitor. Both are
HRM says “with sungazing a devil discontinued items so they are
soon becomes divine. One can do no ty/skinprotection/currentuvindex_lar
becoming increasingly rare. More ge.html . Another great weather site
wrong.” This is the mark of real accurate monitors are available for
conscience, the aim of Zarathustra’s at
over $100.
lost teachings.
85310&hours=27&metric=0 gives
Sungazing is low-tech. It doesn't UV index and other weather
require much training. You don't conditions important to sungazing,
need much equipment to do it. All such as cloud cover and sunrise/set
you need is a clear view of sunrise times.
or sunset, a bare patch of ground, a
digital timer, and a UV measuring NUDE SUNBATHING
device. You begin with 10 seconds
the first day and increase your Sunbathing or absorbing solar
gazing time by 10 seconds a day, energy through the skin is one of the
except when clouds obscure the sun. four channels of sun imbibing.
Appropriately-named Sunbeam People know this intuitively. For
digital timers are found at WalMart example, someone headed toward
This digital monitor tells you the
for only $5.99. the beach or poolside wearing a
current level of ultraviolet radiation
bathing suit will say, "I'm going to
from 1 to 13 with no decimal places.
Safe sungazing time is generally soak up some rays." But how much
And, it alerts you with an alarm
from sunrise to one hour after more sunlight and its benefits would
when it's time to go inside. With
sunrise or from one hour before that person soak up if he or she
easy-to-read graphics, it
sunset to sunset. But it should weren't wearing a bathing suit?
automatically updates its UV rating
always be done when the UV index every 30 seconds. It also has a built-
is below 2. UV measuring devices Nude sunbathing to improve health
in clock, temperature gauge, belt
can be purchased from $3 to $30, had its origins in ancient Greece.
clip and sport strap.
depending on how accurate a Hippocrates prescribed it for his sun
reading you want. cure. Herodotus was called the
The deluxe UV device is the UV100
father of Heliotherapy as the result
watch from LaCrosse Technology.
of his frequent reference to the sunbathing, claims that safe "Okay," you might say, "I agree
healing properties of the sun and his sunbathing doesn't cause skin cancer there's nothing harmful if I sunbathe
use of this in his medical practice. or wrinkles but actually helps heal in moderation during safe hours, but
He prescribed "aerination" or the these conditions. He says that the do I have to do it in the nude?" Dr.
exposure of the nude body to main cause of skin cancer and McFadden insists that cancers of the
sunlight, specifically on beach sand. wrinkles is poor eating and other breast, prostate, reproductive organs
lifestyle habits. He writes, "I have and colon are caused by not
Hygienists and naturalists in the 19th sunbathed nude almost every day, exposing these vital organs to the
century early part of the 20th century for many, many years, for several sun and air.
tried to revive aerination. Dr. hours, and I have never developed Sylvester Graham, wrote in
Herbert Shelton wrote that "A full skin cancer nor wrinkles… "Lectures on The Science of Human
sun bath in the nude is ideal… Sunbathing heals cancer by building Life," "If man were always to go
Man… is by nature a nude animal… up the immune system and entirely naked the external skin
Begin the sun bath by exposing the increasing the oxygen in the would be preserved in a more
entire body six to ten minutes a day tissues... Chronic sunburn combines healthy and vigorous state, and
and gradually increase the length of with free radicals to cause skin perform its functions more perfectly,
time of exposure until half an hour cancer… The sources of free and thereby the whole human system
to an hour or more are consumed... radicals are mainly dietary fat, in all its properties, powers and
Expose the front of the body three to especially polyunsaturated fats, but interests, would be benefited."
five minutes and then, expose the also fats and oils applied to the skin
back three to five minutes… in suntan lotion and other cosmetics.
Sunlight is distinctly beneficial to Suppression of the 'immune system
the hair and eyes… Gazing directly by drugs may be involved in skin
into the sun has been found to cancer… Marijuana contains adverse
greatly benefit weak sight." toxins that induce skin cells to
mutate in the presence of sunlight,
Arnold Rickli, whose sun and air causing skin cancer…"
institution in Switzerland attracted
patients from all over the world in Dr. McFadden claims that nude
the 19th century… collectively sunbathing heals dozens of other
referred to the combination of sun diseases and disorders from If we "were always to go entirely
and air bathing as the atmospheric abscesses to whooping cough. In naked," as Graham suggests, we
cure. Generally speaking, however, addition, it strengthens and builds would be forced to spend time in a
most authorities place far more muscles, accelerates healing of open jail cell with not much sun and fresh
value upon the ultra-violet rays of wounds and broken bones, and air. So how do we nude sunbathe
the sun than upon the air. They improves eyesight. In fact, and avoid getting arrested for
recognize the fact that fresh air sunglasses, eye glasses and contacts indecent exposure? Country dwellers
increases metabolism, and permits block healing UV rays and can find plenty of times and places
complete respiration of the skin. contribute to eye disease. For this to do it, but city residents have to be
However, this, they claim, is less reason, we remove glasses and more resourceful. If you live in an
important than the chemical changes contacts while sungazing. apartment high-rise, ask the manager
which occur when the body is if you can get access to the roof. If
exposed to sunshine. Sunscreen contributes to skin cancer your condo has a patio, cover the
because it contains free radicals, railing to make it more private. If
Heliotherapy has been shown to help keeps toxins stewing under the skin you live in a development and your
alleviate a host of problems, ranging and prevents vitamin D absorption. backyard has no fence, ask your
from chronic skin conditions, But is it safe to sunbathe without neighbors to share the cost of
osteoporosis, high cholesterol levels, sunscreen? Dr. McFadden writes that erecting one since it will add to their
heart disease, depression and even "If the sunshine is going to be privacy as well. Sunbathing through
some cancers. During the early 20th harmful to us, our bodies will feel an opened window offers privacy
Century, TB patients in sanitariums uncomfortable in the sunshine. This and it can be done even in winter, as
would sunbathe in the nude. will force us to withdraw our bodies can sungazing.
However, after WWII, all these from the sunshine before the
known benefits of sunbathing were sunshine can injure us." Just look at THE DEATHLESS SOLAR
ignored when antibiotics became animals. As Dr. Shelton observed, BODY - PART I
widespread and researchers began to "Wild animal life spends the cool
link skin cancer with over-exposure portions of the day in the sun and You are destined to become
to the sun. The damage caused by seeks the shade and rest when it is immortal. Now, I don't mean your
staying too long in intense sunlight hottest." Dr. Edwin Flatto advised body. Who in their right mind would
does increase the risk of skin cancer, people to "Absorb the sun's rays want to drag around a bag of flesh
but safe sunbathing has been shown during the early morning or just and bones for eternity? Who would
to heal more cancers than it causes. before sunset, when the sun's rays want to be restricted forever by the
are slanting, and when your shadow laws of physics and the limitations
Dr. Bernarr McFadden, the most is longer than you are." of the brain? Neither do I mean the
outspoken advocate of nude ego, which is responsible for evil
and suffering. Having an immortal on to state that a caduceus action of Ezekial, the prophet describes with
ego would be hell negative polarity forces and positive horror the solar and underground
forces is necessary for the "wedding cults which flourished at the
What I mean is transferring your garment to descend" and "envelop Temple. In its inner court he saw
consciousness, when the body is the lifestream of the individual in 'about five and twenty men with
spent fulfilling your life's mission those tangible and vital essence their backs towards the temple of the
and after you've become free of the currents of the ascension." Lord, and their faces toward the
ego, into a deathless solar body and east; and they worshipped the sun
either staying on Earth as an In the "New Age Bible toward the east.' In a vision he was
immortal Bodhisattva like Babji or Interpretation" by Corinne Helen, shown a hole in the wall of the
ascending back to the Great Central the emanations from the moon may Temple. Digging into it he
Sun. be the negative polarity forces that uncovered a door leading to an
play a part in forming the Deathless underground chamber. A dreadful
Solar Body. She writes, "The Sun sight was revealed within, of the
I have always believed that we were
controls the vital body; the Moon, monstrous progeny of inner earth.
meant to transcend the cycle of birth
the desire body. The purified extract Worshipping these things were
and death. I remember as a boy of
or essence of these two vehicles 'seventy men of the ancients of the
ten, listening to a sermon and
provides material for weaving the house of Israel.' He evidently
mentally shouting "YES!" when the
golden wedding garment, the soul understood the Temple as an image
priest said, "We are put on Earth to
body, which is essential to the of human mentality with it's solar,
become saints." Ever since then I
functioning of Initiate rational element above ground and
have followed religious and spiritual
consciousness… By bringing into its lunar, subconscious side
paths involving prayer, meditation,
equalization (polarity) the masculine buried..beneath."
yoga, chanting, decreeing, self-
and feminine poles of spirit within
analysis and discipline, and
himself, Joshua became a Christed Mitchell relates this story while
eventually sungazing. I was
person." I would add what Paul discussing two gematric numbers,
discouraged with my slow progress
wrote, "There are also celestial 1080 and 666. He writes, "As 1080
before finding sungazing, but now I
bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the is to the moon and the realm of
am confident that I will become
glory of the celestial is one, and the imagination and mystery, so is 666
immortal in this lifetime.
glory of the terrestrial is another. to the energy of the sun and the
One of the many paths I followed in There is one glory of the sun and principle of reason, will and
my search were the teachings of the another glory of the moon…Behold, authority." The yin number 1080 is
Summit Lighthouse. These teachings I shew you a mystery; We shall not also "the number of the Earth Spirit
are published in thousands of all sleep, but we shall be all as the source of Universal Harmony,
transcribed dictations from ascended changed,… For this corruptible must Prophecy, and Wisdom" and relates
masters, angels and cosmic beings. put on incorruption, and this mortal to the "lunar influences on the
must put on immortality." 1 earth's vital currents. The yang
In the book "Dossier on the Cor.15:40-41, 51, 53. It seems that number 666 got its reputation for
Ascension," dictated by the ascended what Paul refers to as "glory" is being evil because "without the
master Serapis Bey, mention is made Helen's "purified extract or essence." mitigating effects of 1080, the power
of a "Deathless Solar Body spun out The glory or essence of the sun is of 666 is that of the sun which, were
of the light of the sun." How is this Yang energy; the glory or essence of it not for the protective atmosphere,
created? According to Serapis, "It is the moon is Yin energy. Perfect would burn up the earth, or of the
this deathless sense of identification balance of yin and yang in a tyrant who rules for his own glory
with God, that enables mankind caduceus action is a prerequisite for without consideration for the people,
actually to function at the Divine Christhood and immortality. or of the rational principle where it
Monadic level. There, when man entirely controls the mind and
functions under divine direction and produces arrogance, self-delusion
activities, either in or out of the and madness. The beast of
body, he takes the energy dispensed Revelation signifies the total
to him which in ignorance might dominance of the number 666.”
have been misused and creates
instead a great body of light called Mitchell wrote, I gather there are
the immaculate seamless garment of three yin spheres that can balance
the living Christ which will one day the yang sun: the moon, the earth
become the great spherical Deathless and the atmosphere. By sungazing
Solar Body. Born of the energies of during safe times, the thickness of
the sun and of the energies of the the atmosphere is enough to mitigate
Sun behind the sun, the Deathless the intensity of the sun. Also, by
Solar Body becomes a magnet. The The Caduceus of the Ascension standing barefoot on bare earth, we
magnetism of the Divine is a are connected to the "Earth Spirit"
lodestone that will transmute shadow In "The Dimensions of Paradise," and "earth's vital currents." These
in the human octave and will John Mitchell wrote, "An earlier two spheres may be enough. Moon
transform the consciousness of the enemy of the old science was Jewish gazing may upset the balance just as
ascendant one…" Serapis Bey goes monotheism. In Chapter 8 of extreme yin sugar can upset the
balance in diet. Also, the moon is a force… It is the same light-body of
dead sphere. The Earth is alive, and Jesus, the golden body of Buddha, ATONIC TEA
so is the atmosphere. and the sun body of the Viracocha
[El Dorado]. " As the weather becomes cooler,
The elements of sungazing, in terms people are more susceptible to
of the Quaternary, are the Mother Concerning El Dorado, Savoy wrote, viruses. That's why flu shots are
earth, the Holy Spirit atmosphere, "He claimed to be a child of the usually given around October and
the Father sun, and the Son gazer. In sun… He was a radiant being of November. A better preventive
the Gayatri mantra, the first three are light, shining like powdered gold, measure you can take, one that
addressed in the first verse, Om Bhu who took the name 'the Golden doesn't involve injecting toxic
(earth), Bhuvaha (atmosphere), Swar One'… He taught that men were chemicals into your bloodstream. is
(sun). The end of the mantra "Dhiyo nothing more than monkeys who a fall tonic tea. I searched the
Yonaha Prachodayat" means "kindly could not rise above their internet for a sun tea recipe that uses
enlighten our intellect." Thus the superstitions until they took on the tonic herbs, found one and modified
dynamics of the sun-atmosphere- nature of light…" so that it only had inexpensive,
earth balances our conscious and easily found herbs. After some
subconscious minds, bringing buried Savoy reported that he found "sacred experimentation, I came up with the
elements like conscience, colleges where priests and formula below, which I have dubbed
synchronicity and intuition to the priestesses learned… to become "Atonic tea," in honor of the
surface so that we live more and celestial beings. At these ancient Egyptian sun god, Aton.
more in the divine flow and shrines, dedicated souls practiced the
eventually become enlightened. And secret doctrines that enabled them to • 4 small tea bags or tsp.
when we are light, we ascend. We light the divine spark of their Green Tea
become the nexus in a figure-eight consciousness and unite themselves • 1 small tea bag or tsp. each
flow of energy from the sun through with the Godhead… The initiates of Rose Hips, Peppermint,
the mitigating atmosphere to the became immortal. El Dorado's and Pau d'Arco
balancing earth and back again. spiritual message was that matter • 4 thin slices of Ginger Root
touched by light is transformed. The • 1/4 cup honey
In "Project X: The Search for the divine seed within matter begins to • 1/2 fresh lemon
Secrets of Immortality," Gene Savoy germinate when exposed to the sun, • 1/2 fresh lime
describes an experience he had while and God is incarnated within the • 1 quart of purified water
sungazing of seeing a golden figure seed. Once the process is set in
descend from the sun. The face motion, the seed ascends to heaven, Brew tea and ginger in sun for 6
looked familiar and he realized it transformed into light." hours in a glass jar with glass lid. If
was his own. At the point of death using bulk tea, don't use metal
from a 107-degree fever, he felt brewing pods; just spoon the tea into
himself merge with the golden body the jar. Afterwards, strain the tea and
and seeing his physical body on the dissolve honey in it while it's still
ground. But the merging did not last hot. Set aside in an earthenware
and his consciousness returned to his bowl to cool. In a large pitcher
body along with an "understanding combine the tea, lemon and lime.
that the two forms, though of two Enjoy!
sets of dimensions, were yet one,
only occupying distinct places in GROUNDING
time and space. For mounting
seconds everything blurred; then Barefoot walking for 45 minutes six
with a great gasp I felt the breath days a week is the yin part of sun
return to my body." He was Ascending Soul by Gilbert imbibing. It's essential for grounding
completely healed. Williams the yang energy from the sun. It
Savoy later speculates that the light should be done slowly in a relaxed,
body "is immortal, and once a state Savoy, in reflecting on birth and meditative state. I have been
of cosmic consciousness is achieved, death, wrote, "Why did birth have to interested in Chi-Gung for the last
one becomes aware of this divine, take place in physical form? Why couple of years. I once watched as a
unearthly origin. Knowledge of this not as a light or solar being? That Chi-Gung master demonstrated a
immortal, ultra-dimensional should be the goal of man on our Chi-Gung walk in a graceful, fluid
consciousness body turns man's planet: to ascend to the sun and the motion.
attention away from the limitations stars…"
of third-dimensional life to a higher Chi-Gung walking should be
life. The light-body, unlike the [Editor's Note: In Part II we will performed in slow motion with
physical organism and energy fields, examine practical techniques to gain every small step being carefully
is not at a fixed or focused point in immortality and make our balanced - just like walking on thin
the universe… Like the sun, a focal ascension.] ice. Your foot first touches the
point of energy coming from beyond ground for a split second before
the material universe, the light-body committing any weight to it.
is the gateway to other worlds of Another helpful image, if you've
ever watched McHale's Navy, is that Close your eyes and breathe slowly coordination in the body, and
of Ernest Borgnine "pussyfooting and naturally into the lower cultivates concentration, clarity and
around." Tiptoeing is not the same abdomen as you feel yourself focused attention in the mind.”
as pussyfooting. Cats crouch down become rooted to the Earth. Feel her
and take small, light steps with flat beneath your feet. Feel her yinness: To get the correct posture, pace and
paws. I find that stepping with flat her cool, moist, dark energy. foot placement, it helps to imagine
feet enables me to comfortable walk Visualize a channel opening from that you're a deep-sea diver walking
on pebbles since my weight is your feet all the way to the core. along the bottom of the ocean. Your
evenly distributed throughout the lifeline and the water buoy you up
sole. The following directions and Figure and keep your spine straight. The
1 are taken from "A Complete Guide water's viscosity puts you in slow
Through abdominal breathing, you to Chi-Gung" by Daniel Reid. "In motion. And your feet fall flatly
sink your center of gravity into your chi-gung walking, the knees are kept with each small step.
hara center, two inches below the bent throughout each step, not
navel and visualize roots of energy straightened out on forward After you become adept at chi-gung
sprouting from the soles of your feet extension as in ordinary walking, walking, you can add four other
into the earth. This develops a sense and the soles of the feet are kept techniques to enhance its grounding
of secure balance, and gives a deep parallel and very close to the ground and balancing effects. These are
sense of being rooted. Your body at all times, not lifted at different mudras or hand gestures, connected
weight should be shifted from one angles. This means that each breathing, mantra and visualization.
foot to the other in steps that are forward step is taken by lifting the
smooth and even, not clumsy or stiff entire rear foot off the ground at Two mudras you can use are the
and with no pause between the steps. once (not the heel first), bringing the Bhumisparsha or earth-touching
This assures not only stability of the foot forward while keeping the sole mudra and the Surya or sun mudra.
body but agility during changing of parallel and close to the ground, then Gautama Buddha used the
steps. Also, it reduces the possibility setting the whole foot evenly and Bhumisparsha mudra when he was
of muscle cramps and general flatly down on the ground in front tempted by the evil god Mara
tiredness in the legs. When you (not the heel down first, then the (actually Buddha's shadow self)
walk, you look forward and toes). The body thus moves forward while meditating under the Bodhi
downward, not staring but focused slowly and smoothly, in a straight tree. Mara tried to move Buddha
and aware. The feet are parallel, not line, without the head bobbing up from his spot with an army because
pointing out or in. Hold both arms and down and the torso swaying he was on the verge of
out away from your sides for greater from side to side on each step as in enlightenment. But the Buddha only
balance. ordinary walking. The spine is held moved his hand to touch the ground
erect and aligned with the neck, the with his fingertips, and thus bid Bhu
Before you start walking, gently head is kept straight, the arms hang Devi, the Earth Goddess to bear
shake your arms and let them hang down relaxed by the sides, and the witness to his right to be sitting
loosely by your sides for a few pelvis is tilted slightly forward to where he was. She did so with a
minutes. Stand with your heels keep the buttocks tucked in and the hundred thousand roars, so that the
together and the toes turned slightly lower spine straight. This style of Mara's elephant fell upon its knees
outward. Sink your knees downward chi-gung draws terrestrial energy in obeisance to the rightful owner of
and allow your body weight to be from the earth into the system… It. the spiritual seat of attainment.
evenly distributed through both feet. … improves balance and Buddha

Figure 1 - Walking Posture - The Chi-Gung Walk

mudra signifys rootedness and
touched the ground with his hand in confidence.
a relaxed gesture, forefinger
touching the thumb (Figure 2). This Fig. 2 - Bhumisparsha mudra

out and forming the Surya mudra white light from the ascending spiral
with your right hand. In the Surya leaving your mouth, taking with it
mudra, the ring finger is tucked impurities from your cells.
under the thumb so that the first
knuckle of the finger is bent 45 If you find it hard to simultaneously
While chi-gung walking , I form the degrees and the finger tip rests at the visualize the two spirals and the
Bhumisparsha mudra with both base of the thumb (see Figure 3). light going in and out of your mouth,
hands and massage the thumbs with then just practice one of the
the forefingers, in a clockwise Fig. 3 - Surya mudra visualizations. If you can't visualize,
direction on the right hand and in a then look up at the sky with each in
counter-clockwise direction on the Egyptian healing rods can be used in breath (but don't gaze at the sun) and
left hand. place of the mudras. [Read about look down at the ground with each
This stimulates the three upper Egyptian Healing Rods in the next out breath.
chakras: throat, third eye and crown, issue of The Sun Gazette.] Hold the
since they have focal points in the zinc rod in your left hand and the Barefoot walking is difficult during
tip of the thumb. As I'm doing this, I copper rod in the right hand. the winter in many parts of the
visualize a right-hand spiral of country. Sun imbibers who don't
golden light descending from the sun Connected breathing and mantra go want to get frostbite on their toes
in ever decreasing circuits till it hand in hand. You want to slow your can still do it and get benefits by
focuses in the center of my heart pace so that it matches the rhythm of wearing wool-lined moccasins,
chakra. At the same time, I visualize your breathing. Your inhalation and cotton Kung-Fu slippers or jazz
a left-hand spiral of white light exhalation should therefore be equal. shoes. The leather and natural fibers
ascending from the white-fire core Visit in this footwear will keep the feet
of the earth in ever decreasing warm and not block the upward
circuits till it also focuses in my chapt1.html for detailed instructions. spiral of earth energy and the
heart. Both spirals continue from the Begin the inhalation as the right foot downward spiral of sun energy.
heart center, the golden light touches the ground. Inhale slowly as They will also allow for good
spiraling down into the earth and the the left foot slowly moves forward. ventilation and evaporation of
white light spiraling up into the sun. Begin the exhalation as the left foot perspiration.
I am the nexus of a figure-eight flow touches the ground. Exhale slowly as
of energy from the sun into the earth the right foot slowly moves forward.
and from the earth back to the sun. As you breathe in, sound the sun [Editor's Note: All articles in The
You will notice that as you do this, mantra, "Ra" and visualize some of Sun Gazette are copyrighted  2005
the arms rotate in the appropriate the golden light from the descending by ISIS Press. All rights reserved. If
spirals. Alternately, while spiral entering your mouth, going to you would like to submit an article
visualizing the spirals, you can form every cell of your body. As you idea, contact ISIS press at the
the Bhumisparsha mudra with your breath out, sound the earth mantra, addresses below. With mail, enclose
left hand, without massaging the "Ma," and visualize some of the pure a SASE.]
thumb, while holding the right arm
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