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ethical innovators

solutions for a global

clean-energy economy

Sponsorship Prospectus
Letter from the President
Dear Friends:

Ethical Innovators comes not a moment too soon. The challenge before us is a

Hugh LaFollette
daunting one. The world’s population is predicted to reach about 9 billion by 2040.
More raw materials are being used and more greenhouse gases emitted than ever
before. Yet amidst challenge, opportunities abound. We can empower our political
leaders to forge new energy policy directions. We can motivate our business leaders
to craft innovative business models. We can inspire a new generation of thought-
The result:
leaders, investors, teachers, students, and advocates to accelerate progress.

There are very few institutions in the United States—perhaps even in the world— Ethical Innovators
where people from different backgrounds and with different expertise can gather
to study the ethical perspective of specific policy issues. The Carnegie Council for infuses ethics into the
Ethics in International Affairs has developed a rich trove of insights, ideas, opinions,
and educational materials on the Council’s main themes: Ethics, War, and Peace;
clean-energy debate
Global Social Justice; and Religion in Politics. Through the Carnegie Ethics Studio,
the Council disseminates these resources to teachers, students, policy makers, and
the public worldwide.
Ethical Innovators has three components. First, our Documentary TV Series recounts
inspiring stories of clean-energy innovations that entertain and motivate. Second,
our Clean Energy Forums engage the globe’s top thought-leaders to advance the
debate. Third, our integrated Education & Outreach Program empowers a global
audience in real-time to accelerate progress on equitable, scalable solutions. The
result: Ethical Innovators infuses ethics into the clean-energy debate worldwide.

Please join the Carnegie Council in ensuring that ethics guide this global clean-
energy revolution. Become a sponsor of Ethical Innovators today.

Joel H. Rosenthal

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

ethical innovators:
who we are
Carnegie Council
The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs was found-
ed by Andrew Carnegie in 1914. It is an independent, nonprofit,
nonpartisan, educational 501(c)3 institution, which is focused on
the critical role of ethics in international relations. By ethics, the
Council means systematic reflection on the standards by which
policy choices are made and defended.

Programs. The Carnegie Council’s students forming an interactive network

multiple programs include: Public Affairs of knowledge sharing and discourse.
Program, Global Policy Innovations, U.S.
Leading outreach. A wide array of
Global Engagement Program, Carnegie
materials includes: articles, blogs,
New Leaders Program, and Workshops
discussion forums, reports, teacher’s
for Ethics and Business.
materials, and videos. Among these,
Events. 70+ recorded public events podcasts rank in the iTunes top-25 in
per year feature authors, policymakers, their category, with more than 70,000
NGOs, academics, and business leaders. downloads per month. The influential
academic journal, Ethics & International
Network. World-renowned participants
Affairs, is referenced in more than 1,000
include Gernot Erler, Niall Ferguson,
University syllabi worldwide.
Geoffrey Heal, Jeffrey Sachs, Peter
Singer, Ann-Marie Slaughter, James Internet hubs.
Gustave Speth, Lord Nicholas Stern, and receive more
and Joseph Stiglitz. than 80,000 unique visitors per month.
A dedicated YouTube channel streams
Global education. The Global Ethics
video material.
Network comprises universities on
three continents, with thousands of

Ethical Innovators
is distinctive, because
it strives to balance
the three pillars of
Dorst MediaWorks America’s leadership during the ozone ethics: pluralism, rights
crisis, which resulted in history’s most
Award-winning documentary film
production studio, Dorst MediaWorks,
successful environmental treaty. and responsibilities,
( partners with International. Dorst MediaWorks has
the Carnegie Council on Ethical experience leading production teams and fairness.
Innovators’ Documentary TV Series. on five continents. Its work has played in
festivals on four continents and on TV/
Experience. Recently completed
satellite worldwide.
Shattered Sky: The Battle for Energy,
Economy, and Environment—a feature Impact. Founded in 2000, the firm creates
documentary that makes the business independent social-issue documentaries,
case for action on climate change. and is equally committed to grassroots
Within the context of the current and educational distribution as television
energy debate, the film chronicles and theatrical releases.

Ethical Pillars
The Carnegie Council is focused Pluralism. Pluralism respects the cultural rights, such as an adequate
on the critical role of ethics in diversity of human experience across standard of living, education, and
international relations. Ethical time and geography. It celebrates health. Equally important, rights imply
Innovators is distinctive, because differences in values and behaviors, reciprocity. If you assert rights, you
it strives to balance the three pillars and acknowledges multiple views also concede rights to others, which
of ethics: pluralism, rights and without succumbing to the trap of implies responsibilities for individuals,
responsibilities, and fairness. cultural relativism. communities, and governments.

Rights and responsibilities. Fairness. By striving to fairly balance

Balancing rights and responsibilities rights and responsibilities in a plural-
is the second pillar supporting ethical istic world, individuals and societies
choice. Early understanding of rights make better ethical choices.
emphasized political and civil rights,
such as freedom of speech and the
rule of law, while newer ideas have
focused on economic, social, and
Ethical Innovators
has three components,
which work together
to infuse ethics into
the clean-energy
debate worldwide. challenge
Fossil fuel energy production has precipitated a host of benefits,
including unprecedented global wealth creation and higher
standards of living. However, climate science and common sense
suggest that current global energy practices are out of balance
with clean, fair, and sustainable energy. “Business as usual” is
no longer an option. As a result, the best and brightest are
pioneering innovations to meet today’s challenges.

When considering ethics, people tend to
make better choices. That’s why Ethical
Innovators pays special attention to the
ethical dimensions underlying scalable,
replicable solutions. What are the best
business models and policy frameworks?
How do we build an ethical energy system
© Curt Carnemark / World Bank

that provides more opportunities for both

rich and poor? Ethical Innovators has three
components, which work together to
infuse ethics into the clean-energy
debate worldwide.

Drinking water from a pump. Mali.

Documentary TV Series Clean Energy Forums Education & Outreach

Six episodes each for four seasons / 24 total Three annual events / 12 total Diverse, integrated education and outreach

Recounts inspiring global stories that Engages the globe’s top thought-leaders, Uses targeted, publicly available, and free
entertain and motivate. Equips viewers business leaders, policymakers, and dissemination channels to empower a
with examples of clean-energy innova- philanthropists to advance the debate. global audience in real-time to accelerate
tions worldwide. The Carnegie Council’s Held at the Carnegie Council’s New York progress on equitable, scalable solutions.
ethics focus differentiates Ethical Innova- City offices. Features a robust, interactive educational
tors from all previous broadcast initiatives. component, partnering with the Carnegie
Council’s Global Ethics Network.

ethical innovators:
documentary tv series
Ethical Innovators’ Documentary TV Series include six 30-minute
episodes per season for four seasons, for a total of 24 episodes.
Each episode features replicable, scalable solutions. These
innovations span disciplines, including new business models,
financial instruments, policy frameworks, and technology—
united in their potential for extraordinary impact. Stories span
the globe.

Objective. Ethical Innovators’ Spanish—would enable Ethical Innova-

Documentary TV Series accelerates tors to reach up to 100+ countries on five
an ethical approach to the most continents in their native languages. This
troubling issue of our time. includes a viewing audience of more than
2 billion people—half of whom live on
Audience. Ethical Innovators empowers
less than $2 per day.
business leaders, policymakers,
educators, students, and thought- Online distribution. Ethical Innovators’
leaders with groundbreaking Documentary TV Series streams via
clean-energy solutions. the Carnegie Council’s websites
( and
TV distribution. Initial distribution targets, YouTube
a U.S. public TV audience, and English
channels, and as downloadable
language global distribution is envi-
podcasts from iTunes. Repackaged
sioned. Subsequently, multiple language
RSS and radio content also reach
translations—including Arabic, French,
much of the developing world.
Hindi, Mandarin, Portuguese, and

Letter from the Director
Dear Friends:

I’m thrilled to collaborate with the Carnegie Council on Ethical Innovators. For me, it’s a
logical next step. I recently completed the feature documentary Shattered Sky: The Battle
for Energy, Economy, and Environment. In the context of America’s contentious energy
debate, the film chronicles U.S. leadership during the global ozone crisis—which I believe
is the best blueprint for climate action.

What’s the end game on energy? Rather than finite resources—such as oil, gas, and What breakthrough
coal—we will eventually employ infinite ones, such as solar, wind, and water power.
Energy systems will be more networked, smart-grid enabled, and distributed. Costs will innovations will
trend downward, access up, and pollution gradually disappear. Future energy systems
will no longer undermine public health, natural systems, or government budgets. The
accelerate progress?
real question is: How long will it take? Do we need 50 years or 500? What breakthrough
innovations will accelerate progress? And what value systems will guide the important
decisions along the way?
And what value

The Carnegie Council’s ethics focus is the perfect frame for a documentary series systems will guide the
on clean-energy solutions. It differentiates Ethical Innovators from all previous
broadcast projects. Likewise, the Carnegie Council’s long-term commitment—24 important decisions
episodes over four years—gives us the opportunity to explore these issues with the
depth, comprehensiveness, and gravity required. Furthermore, the Carnegie Council’s along the way?
integrated engagement, education, and outreach promise to inform business leaders
and policymakers, classrooms, and chat rooms from New York to Beijing.

Ethical Innovators is the only broadcast initiative to explicitly examine the ethical
dimensions underlying clean-energy choices. Join us. Become a sponsor of
Ethical Innovators today.

Steve Dorst

Ethical Innovators

ethical innovators:
clean-energy forums
Ethical Innovators’ Clean Energy Forums include three annual
events for four years, for a total of 12 world-class events.
Conferences are plentiful, but these are different. The Carnegie
Council assembles the world’s top thought-leaders on select
clean-energy topics at its New York City location.

Objective. Ethical Innovators’ Clean Morning. Keynote speaker and two

Energy Forums advance the Carnegie clean-energy innovation panels.
Council’s mission to be a worldwide
Lunch. Preview of Ethical Innovators
“voice for ethics in international affairs,”
documentary episode, Q&A with a
in this case on energy issues, by assem-
featured innovator.
bling the world’s top thought-leaders
for focused high-level debate. Afternoon. Working group session,
including sponsors, and
Participants. The Clean Energy Forums
convene those at the vanguard of select Reception. For informal networking,
clean-energy topics—such as business ex- knowledge exchange, and partnership
ecutives, policymakers, and philanthropic development.
leaders—for purposeful debate on Keynote speaker. A globally
groundbreaking clean-energy solutions. recognized leader introduces the
Forum Structure. One-day forums select issue. This attracts press coverage,
are held in New York City at the which helps multiply impact.
Carnegie Council.

Ethical Innovators’
Clean Energy Forums
require preparation,
stimulate moderated
debate, and result in a
blueprint for action.

the difference
Because energy issues are so complex, contrasting opinions abound.
At many energy conferences, because well-meaning thought-leaders
end up talking past one another, participants leave angry or bored—
but rarely enriched. Ethical Innovators’ Clean Energy Forums are
different. They require preparation, stimulate moderated debate,
and result in a blueprint for action, which is distributed globally
for broad impact.

Clean Energy Forums bring together diverse leaders

in clean energy topics, which results in new ideas,
directions, and networks.

ethical innovators:
education & outreach
Ethical Innovators’ Education & Outreach Program includes an
integrated package of materials that are real-time, targeted,
publicly available, and free. Initially, they will leverage the
Carnegie Council’s diverse existing network. As Ethical Innovators
grows, we will adapt our tools to meet the evolving needs of
our global audience.

Event videos. The Clean Energy Global Ethics Network. A sustainable

Forums are recorded and distributed global clean-energy economy needs
online—a resource for academics and future innovators with experience in
professionals worldwide. international collaboration. That is why
Ethical Innovators has partnered with the
Blueprint for action. Working-group
Carnegie Council’s Global Ethics Network
recommendations serve as a cutting-
to equip participating institutions with
edge resource for clean-energy
diverse teaching tools. This group com-
prises more than a dozen universities in The world’s hub East Asia, the Middle East, North America,
for ethical discussion around clean-ener- and Southeast Asia. Collaboration may
gy solutions. It provides access to Ethical include: joint network lectures, symposia,
Innovators’ documentaries, forum videos and conferences; classroom exercises,
and reports, clean-energy news feeds, case studies, and lesson plans; video-
and interactive resources. Using social conferences between network partner
media, this site transforms broadcast institutions; and faculty development
media monologues (one to many) into programs.
influential social media dialogues
(many to many). It multiplies impact.

A sustainable global
clean-energy economy
needs future innovators
© Dominic Sansoni / World Bank

with experience in
international collaboration.

Q: In Ethical Innovators, what (long-term viability, cost-effective,
qualifies as an innovation? supportive of growth).

A: We have cast a wide net to consid- Q: What technologies do you like?

er an eclectic range of advances and A: We don’t pick winners.
improvements across multiple do- Technologies (such as floating wind
mains—business models, financial in- turbines, concentrated solar, or
struments, policy frameworks, social geothermal for example) are only
entrepreneurship, and technology small pieces of a multifaceted puzzle. Ami Vitale / World Bank
to name a few. The innovation must Our use of the word “innovation”
Outreach is dynamic and multi-channel,
already be in play and be achieving is inclusive (see the first question
meeting people where they are: via Internet,
impact. Our criteria: in the long term, above). In our 24 episodes, we will
TV, and Carnegie’s Global Ethics Network.
an innovation must be (1) scalable, cover a diversity of global innova-
(2) replicable, and (3) promote ethical tions, including the most awe-
energy systems. inspiring new technologies.

Q: What do you mean by “ethical Q: Ethics seem like a tricky

energy systems”? concept. How will you avoid
offending people?
A: This is not some pre-industrial
ideal. When we think about ethical A: Every day, individuals and gov-
energy systems, we strive to fairly ernments make decisions based on
balance three practical values. We values. The objective of the Carnegie
consider whether an innovation, in Council and Ethical Innovators is to
the long term, is: (1) good for people promote more systematic reflection
(complementary to greater income and open debate about the clean-
and energy access, for poor as well as energy choices in front of us. The
rich countries); (2) good for the planet three pillars of ethics that guide
(low-carbon, low resource-intensity, us are pluralism, rights and
high standards of safety and secu- responsibilities, and fairness
rity); and (3) good for the economy (see page 5).

ethical innovators:
integrated approach
Ethical Innovators has three components: Documentary TV Series,
Clean Energy Forums, and the Education & Outreach Program.
A sample episode, “Skyscraper Retrofit,” illustrates the value
of Ethical Innovators’ integrated approach.

“Skyscraper Retrofit” Clean Energy Forum. Thought-leaders

assemble at Carnegie Council’s New
Documentary Episode. Buildings in York offices. After watching a portion of
North America contribute 37 percent the documentary, they listen to a world-
of global CO2 emissions. United States renowned keynote speaker. A moderator
buildings alone are responsible for more guides a working-group discussion. This
emissions than total CO2 emissions of any elite group concludes with a blueprint
other country in the world, except China. for action, thereby advancing a much-
Fortunately, companies are discovering needed debate.
vast opportunities to save money by
Education & Outreach. The Ethical
making their existing buildings more
Innovators website features Clean Energy
energy-efficient. However, the practi-
Forum highlights, including videos,
cal trade-offs and ethical choices facing
reports, and podcasts. Some of it is
policymakers, builders, managers, and
repackaged for educators and students
tenants have never been so intricate.
throughout the Carnegie Council’s Global
By chronicling a green retrofit of a New
Ethics Network.
York City skyscraper, Ethical Innovators
features a “Skyscraper Retrofit”
investigates the current trade-offs
topics page, which highlights clean-
between affordability, reliability, and
energy choices.
clean—with the aim of inspiring a big
reduction in global emissions.

A sample episode, “Skyscraper
Retrofit,” illustrates the value of
Ethical Innovators’ integrated

Replacing an old skyscraper’s thousands of windows is but one important step in a green retrofit.

Powerful Solutions
With 24 topics over four years, Miracle Method: Biochar. An ancient Solar Financing Revolution. Solar energy
Ethical Innovators explores a diversity practice for making fertilizer in the is set to hit the Earth every second of
of solutions. These topics include: Amazon is rediscovered as a tool to feed every day for the next 7 billion years.
impoverished communities, all while Yet, despite this potential, solar power
Forensics: Corporate Energy. For a long
creating a source of clean energy that has been beset with challenges since
time, companies have lacked detailed
can be captured as a byproduct. the invention of the photovoltaic panel.
analysis of the energy they use and
Amazingly, biochar also results in As a result, high costs have limited scale.
waste—and the money they are losing.
carbon sequestration from the air. However, a revolution in new financing
But that is changing. New methods in
Could widespread implementation models has skyrocketed solar adoption.
lifecycle analysis are measuring energy
of biochar in the developing world not What are the most successful business
use more precisely than ever before,
only help reach the Millennium Devel- models today? What are the trade-offs
and helping the globe’s most powerful
opment Goals, but also reduce global and strategies in financing, transmission,
companies save energy, money, and
greenhouse gas emissions? or public-private partnerships? How
reduce their carbon footprint.
are consumers and our planet already
benefiting? What will it take to scale up
more aggressively?

ethical innovators:
Please join the Carnegie Council to ensure that ethics guide
the global clean-energy revolution. Become a sponsor of
Ethical Innovators today.

Sponsorship enables Ethical Innovators Sponsorship benefits include: Prominent

to carry out its three components: recognition globally across a plethora of
media: Ethical Innovators Documentary
1. Documentary TV Series
TV series, forum videos, web content,
2. Clean Energy Forums, and the
reports, and podcasts, as well as diverse
3. Education & Outreach Program.
print and web advertising;

© Ray Witlin/World Bank

Full “backstage” access to all events at the
Clean Energy Forums, including sessions

with global thought-leaders; and

The capacity to help influence the

direction of global, ethical clean-energy
choices in association with the Carnegie Influence the direction of global, ethical
Council for Ethics in International Affairs. clean-energy choices in association with
the Carnegie Council.

ethical innovators:
To support the Carnegie Council’s distinctive ethical lens at the
crossroads of energy, economy, and environment, contact:

James Marshall, Program Manager

Ethical Innovators

Eskinder Debebe/UN Photo

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ethical innovators
solutions for a global
clean-energy economy

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