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Jassie Eluza Naranjo Ortega.

Multidisciplinary aspects of the


Lic. Uriel Coronel

Mutidisciplinary aspect of the emotions.

Are the emotions that allow us to face too difficult situations , risk, irreparable losses ,
persistence in achieving a objective despite the frustrations , the relationship , creating a
family, so as to be resolved only with the intellect.[1]
Mankind over the years hav tried to understand all that is extrange for they. To do this
many people start to look all the facts that happen in the enviroment.
But is a fact that people, since we were a specie in envolution, we were beings full of
emotions. There were people that wew interested in these emotions and how it affect
govern our life and our actions.
First we have to understand what are emotions. The word Emotion come from Latin
movere united at prefix e, it mean movement toward, excitement, agitation, in other
words it is a physical process strictly[2].
The emotion is the main system to evolve and adapt to environmental conditions we
have, therefore, in view of the ability of the human being accommodate a variety of
means. That is why emotions are very important in our life and the way in that we see
and act in some situations.
Some important that we dont have to confuse is emotion with feeling.
Emotion is part of our temperament which is owned by our genetic load, these can only
be controlled and feelings are generated by experience and which we show them
through behavior then the emotion is given by an action which gives a feeling response.
Between some authors is accepted that emotions have a triple response system:

Physiological arousal (neurophysiological - biochemical system): It refers to

changes that occur in the central and peripheral nervous system and endocrine.
These changes affect muscle tone, breathing, circulation and even mental
processing speed.
Expressive behavior (behavioral expression system): Communication and
externalization of emotions refers through forms nonverbal language, such as
gestures, facial features, posture or key changes in the dialogue.
Subjective feelings (experiential - subjective system ): It refers to the feelings
generated by an emotion, divided mainly pleasure or affliction. These feelings in
turn generate changes in other answers, leaving blurred the line between purely
expressive or physiological response and the response as a sense result. [3]

Knowing this, we can see that emotions are involve in many process not only in our
mind, if not, in others aspects like medical, school, work, between others. Is important to
us like people know control our emotions in different situations, because we lost calm in
situations when exist fear or sadness.
Imagine different situations or activities, measurable activation causes both physiological
as motor, which will be related and adequate to the type of activity or imagined situation.

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