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Mukas, Kolambugan Lanao del Norte
SY 2016-2017
Name: ____________________________________Grade and Section:__________________
Directions: Complete the statement by writing the correct word or phrase. Choose the best
answer from the box below.
interpersonal communication
perceptual and language differences
less effective

few seconds
speak correctly

appointment card
service manner

1. The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to ____.
2. The _____ is a very important part of the treatment sufficient time must be allowed so that it
is not rushed.
3. Look ______ be clean, neat and tidy.
4. A _____ provides support to people to live well, by addressing the factors that influence their
health and well-being.
5. One of the best practice in dealing with clients is to _____ and politely to everyone. Do not use
improper language.
6. Always practice the _____ standards of personal and salon hygiene.
7. Communication is _____ when managers are surrounded with a pool of information which is
sometimes misinterpreted by the clients.
8. It is the standards and conduct of behavior of an individual or professional group.
9. Consider the _____ in which you answer or speak on the telephone. Be competent, helpful and
10. _____ is any message which is against their values is not accepted.
11. Do your utmost to deliver the most effective treatment ____ to the needs of the client.
12. In booking clients you should prepare a ____________.
13. To gain the _____ of clients and establish an excellent reputation.
14. A customer first impression of your practice is formed during their first ____ of contact over
the phone or in person.
15. The exchange of feelings and attitude in the communication process is known as ____.
Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write the letter of your choice in your quiz
1. This refers to the type of massage treatment commonly in some spa and hair salons.
A. Transformational or psychotherapeutic massage B. Pampering
C. Sports Massage
D. Relaxation/stress/ stress reduction
2. As early as 3000 BC, who among the nationalities practiced massage to cure ailments and
improve general health.
A. Chinese B. Japanese C. Vietnamese
D. Swedish
3. The Greek physician who used massage with oils and herbs to treat medical conditions and
A. Herodicus
B. Abacus
C. Hepartacus
D. Eherodicus
4. The most widely used form of massage used for relaxation.
A. body massage B. stone massage C. sports massage D. pregnancy massage
5. A rapidly growing field encompasses athletic training massage, and massage designed to help
an athlete prepare for competition and recover from competing.
A. Transformational or psychotherapeutic massage B. Pampering
C. Sports Massage
D. Relaxation/stress/ stress reduction
6. The lymphatic drainage system removes excess _______.
C. water
D. sweat from all over the body, returning it
into the bloodstream
7. This can be done as an introduction to massage for clients who may not come in for an office
massage, or can be a continuing form of stress- reduction therapy when done on a regular basis,
as in the office setting
A. Chair Massage B. Pampering
C. Chiropractic adjunct D. Relaxation/stress/ stress

8. This details will enable you to contact the client quickly should you need to cancel or change
an appointment or for any other reason.
A. personal records
B. doctors records C, physical records D. school records
9. The type of massage used for stress reduction.
A. Chair Massage B. Pampering
C. Chiropractic adjunct D. Relaxation/stress/ stress
10. Some massage therapists focus on the shifts in awareness and psychological insight that can
be brought about with massage.
A. Transformational or psychotherapeutic massage B. Pampering
C. Sports Massage
D. Relaxation/stress/ stress reduction.
11. Per Henrik Ling developed a system of passive and active exercises known as Swedish
Remedial Gymnastics and also a system of massage movements. Ling used the terms, except
one (1)
A. effleurage
B. petrissage
C. vibration
D. ventilation
12. These details will indicate whether massage will be helpful to this client and will influence the
type of massage to be given,
A. Past Personal Information
B. Past Medical History
C. Present Medical History
D. Present Personal Information
13. Massage that releases the chronic patterns of tension in the body.
A. deep tissue massage
B. stone massage
C. sports massage
D. hand massage
14. Different origin of the word massage are the following except one,
A. mass
B. massh
C. masser
D. massege
15. These details indicate whether massage would be suitable for the client.
A. Massage Analysis
B. Arabic Analysis C. Therapeutic Analysis
Psychological Analysis
16. All are included in the five elements of balance except
A. water
B. metal
C. earth
D. air
17. Which statement is true?
A. metal controls wood
B. earth controls fire
C. fire controls wood
wood controls metal
18. _______details that will enable to contact the client quickly.
A. massage analysis
B. personal details C. contra-indication
D. other
19. A kind massage that uses heated stones during the treatment
A. deep tissue massage
B. sports massage C. reflexology
D. stone
20. The following programs can be offered in a massage salon except.
A. pedicure
B. manicure
C. weight management
D. face surgery
21. It is a pleasant tone of voice in a telephone conversation.
A. Shout
B. Speak clearly
C. Speak in a very low
D. Speak very soft
22. Create a friendly working relationship with ________.
A. colleagues
B. manager
C. clients
D. all
23. Do not make false claims for treatments, but explain the benefits__.
A. fairly
B. reasonably
C.practically D. realistically.
24. Before picking up the receiver, ______ any other conversation.
A. continue
B. halt
C. discontinue
D. disregard
25. It is define as simply the exchange of messages by human being
A. Communication Process
B. Communication Standards
C. Communication Problem
D. miscommunication
26.Be prepared with ________ when you answer the phone.
A..tissue paper
B. calendar C. information form
D. pen and message slip
27. As the communication process continues, it becomes a communication
A. cycle
B. stroke
C. routine
D. requirement
28. It is often said that human communication consist of
A. 93% body language while only 7% of communication consists of words themselves.
B. 95% body language while only 5% of communication consists of words themselves
C. 90% body language while only 10% of communication consists of words themselves
D. 80% body language while only 20% of communication consists of words themselves
29. Smile and the world Smiles With ______.
A. Us
B. Others
D. All
30. For the consultation the client should be seated comfortably, with the _________.
A. doctor
B. dentist
C. specialist D. therapist
Directions: Answer the question on a paragraph form.
In your own words, define Ethics and how are you going to use this in your business?