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Passenger rights for bus passengers

A. Special rights as from a 250 km route

B. Passenger rights, regardless of distance

I. Information in the event of delay or cancellation

I. Loss of and/or damage to luggage

You will be informed as quickly as possible (either personally or electronically,

by FlixBus (in the following referred to as FB) or the bus station operator),
however at the latest within 30 minutes of the scheduled departure time, about
any delay/cancellation expected.

In the event of loss of or damage to your luggage, you will be entitled to assert a
claim against FB for compensation for damage, which is limited to an amount of
1,200 per case of loss or damage. Such a claim shall only exist if the damage
is associated with the use of the coach and is attributable to intent or gross
negligence on the part of FB.

Should you need to catch a further connection, FB, as well as the bus station
operator, will make every effort to inform you about alternative connections.
II. Claims on the part of the passenger in the case of
cancellation, delay (that is expected to exceed 120 minutes)
or over-booking
Being transported on to the scheduled destination without a
surcharge and on comparable terms and conditions of carriage or
reimbursement of the fare and, if applicable, a free return journey
to the scheduled point of departure at the earliest possible time
In the unexpected event of such information on these two options not being
provided, you will, in addition to reimbursement of the purchase price, be
entitled to compensation in the amount of 50% of the fare. Such additional
compensation can only be granted vis--vis FB upon request.
III. Claims on the part of the passenger in the event of the
vehicle being unserviceable
Continuation of the transport service from the point at which the
unserviceable vehicle is located, with a different vehicle, or
Transport from the point at which the unserviceable vehicle is
located to another suitable waiting point/bus station, from where
it is possible to continue the journey.
IV. Assistance from FB in the event of departure being
cancelled or delayed (by more than 90 minutes in the case
of journeys with a scheduled duration of over three hours)
Snacks, meals or refreshments in reasonable proportion to the
waiting time or delay, in so far as the latter are available on the
coach or at the bus station or can be obtained in a feasible way.
A hotel room or other accommodation, as well as assistance with
the transport organisation between the bus station and the
location of the accommodation, should a stay of one night or more
be necessary. The total costs of such accommodation (excluding
the transport between the bus station and the accommodation)
shall be limited by FB to 80 per night, and to two nights.
V. Notes for handicapped persons and persons with
reduced mobility
FB will always make every effort to make the information specified above
available to handicapped persons and persons with reduced mobility in a simple
way, and, in the process, comprehensively take their requirements into account.

II. Death and bodily injury

In the event of death or bodily injury due to an accident, you or your heirs will be
entitled to claim compensation for damage from FB, to the extent that such a
claim is attributable to intent or gross negligence on the part of FB. The latter is
limited to the loss amount of 220,000 per claim (the amount of damage under
the Road Traffic Act (StVG) shall not be affected thereby).
Further details on questions of liability can be inferred from the T&Cs and
General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of FB that can be viewed at:

C. Obtaining detailed information/legal sources

concerning passenger rights
The complete regulations from which the above-mentioned passenger rights can
be inferred can be found at the following link: The printed version of this is also
available from the driver for inspection.
You can obtain a summary overview of these regulations in regard to your
passenger rights via the following link:

D. Contact
Do you have any questions in regard to this passenger information?
Then you can contact us at the following address:
FlixMobility GmbH
Birketweg 33
80639 Mnchen
please fill in following contact form:

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