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Test 1

(70 pts)

Name: __________________ Date:_______________ Mark: __________________

I.- Classify the following greetings between formal and informal and translate them:
(12 pts)
1.-Good morning: formal, buenas noches
2.-Hello: informal, hola
3.-Hi: informal, hola
4.-Good afternoon: formal, buenas tardes
5.-Whats up?: informal, que pasa?
6.-Good evening: formal, buena noches

II.- Replace the subject underlined for the personal pronoun: (6 pts)
1.- Allen is a short basketball player. _He______
2.- Nicole likes dancing. ___She____
3.- My mother and I watch tv every day. ___We____
4.- The flower is color yellow. ___It____
5.- The children play in the yard. ___They____
6.- The posters are on the wall___They____

III.- Transform the following sentences into negative and interrogative: (12 pts)
1.- I am a talkative student
Neg: No, i am not.
Int: Am I a talkative student?

2.- George is a handsome man

Neg: No, he is not.
Int: Is George a handsome man?
3.- James and his wife are very kind and short
Neg: No, they are not.
Int: Are they very kind and short?
4.- Javier is a little heavy
Neg: No, he is not.
Int: Is Javier a little heavy?
5.- That movie is very funny
Neg: No, its not
Int: Is that movie very funny?
6.- Jessica and I are good friends
Neg: No, we arent
Int: Are we good friends?

IV.- Complete the following sentences with the possessive adjectives (based on
context) (6 pts)
1.- Melissa is married. Her husband is a great doctor.
2.- Patrick is a lawyer, and His girlfriend is a teacher
3.- Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are in the garden. Their pet likes to play with them.
4.- Their cousins are very annoying. They games are very noisy.
5.- My favorite sport is basketball. I always play in the evenings.
6.- Nataly and I have a brand new car. OUR car is really comfortable.


Translate the following farewells: (3 pts)

1.-See you tomorrow: Nos vemos maana.
2.-Have a good evening: Que tengas una buena noche.
3.-Good night: Buenas noches.

VI.- Write the following numbers: (6 pts)

1) 3: three
2) 5: Five
3) 7: Seven
4) 8: Eight
5) 9: Nine
6) 0 : Zero

VII.- Translate the following questions: (5 pts)

1.-Cmo ests?: How are you?
2.- Qu edad tienes?: How old are you?
3.-Cul es tunombre?: Whats your name?
4.-Cul es tu correo electrnico?: Whats your e-mail?
5.-Cul es tu nmero de celular?: Whats your cell number?

VIII.- Transform into plural the following singular sentences: (6 pts)

1.- This is a child: These are Children
2.- That is a person: Those are people
3.- That is a tooth: Those are teeth

4.- This is a dictionary: These are dictionaries

5.- This is an English book: These are English books
6.- That is a radio: Those are radios

Complete with the indefinite arcticle (a/an) (4 pts)


1.- I go to a nice hotel

2.-She likes an orange
3.- I am an English teacher
4.- They have a house

X.- Invent 5 sentences with at least one preposition each one. Apply the vocabulary seen. (10 pts)
1.- The Children are in the class room.

2.- The laptos is on the desk and my book bag is on the floor

3.- My girlfriend waiting for me under the Eiffel Tower

4.- My cats are hidden on the closet under the blanket.

5.- The house of my parents are between two avenues.