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Academic Integrity Assignment

After viewing the Academic Integrity Policy and the Common

Craft: Plagiarism Video, please respond to the following
1. Plagiarism is commonly referred to as
Taking somebodys ideas and using them without giving
them credit
2. How will student work be checked for plagiarism? (List at
least two ways)
A teacher can use plagiarism identification software and
another way is that a students work is compared to
other student to make sure they arent plagiarizing.
3. Sanctions for plagiarism include (list at least two possible
The student could receive a Zero on the assignment, a
note on their student record and could end in the
student getting removed from the class or school.
4. What is the difference between accidental plagiarism and
deliberate plagiarism?
Accidental Plagiarism is when a student is unaware of
what plagiarism is or doesnt fully understand it, forgot
to site his/her sources or it the citations werent done
well enough.
Deliberate Plagiarism is when a student is fully aware
or what plagiarism is and they want to use another
persons work as their own. Thus could result in severe

5. How can you avoid plagiarism, while still integrating support

(ideas and quotes) in your own work?
A student can keep note of what sources they used and
what for while they are doing research. They could also
have a citation page at the end of their project so that
the teacher knows that it was not plagiarized and the
student didnt take credit for what wasnt theirs. They
can also use quotations around the idea or quote and
then give the credit after.
6. Other than the written work, what other items can be
plagiarized? Can you still use these items? How?
Pictures, Music, Art and Ideas can all be plagiarized. Yes
you can still use the other items and to avoid plagiarism
you can cite your sources and use quotations when
7. Do some internet research and find at least one website (not
listed in the Academic Integrity Policy or on the Common
Craft Video) that helped you understand how to avoid
I found this website to be very helpful for me:
Please sign (type name) after you have reviewed the statement

I have reviewed both the Academic Integrity Policy and viewed

the Common Craft: Plagiarism video. I have a good

understanding of Plagiarism and how avoid this practice. If I

have any questions (before the course begins or when completing
an assignment), I will send my questions to the teacher before I
submit my work.

_____Cc Rundell_____
(Type Name=Signature of Understanding)

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