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190 Glen Park Drive

Cordova, TN 38018

(901) 585-1278

I currently work full-time at the Madison Hotel as a front desk guest service representative and night auditor. I possess
experienced managerial skills and know how to provide excellent customer service. I have taken several business management
and public relations classes from The University of Memphis. I have researched the companys history and would very much be
interested in investing my time. I am very hard-working, easy to get along with, and take directions well, which embody me to train
others at an effective rate. I understand the importance of team work and customer satisfaction along with meeting goals and
projected business numbers. I have a flexible schedule and am available to work weekdays, holidays, and weekends. I am willing
to travel or relocate. I am up-to-date on technologies, and am very proficient with computers and their softwares, including
Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I strive to keep a positive attitude in all situations and tend to go out of my way to lend a
helping hand to others.

Professional Profile

Student Currently attending the University of Memphis as a full time student. My classification is senior and I am anticipated
to graduate in May 2017. I am currently majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. Marketing products, information
and ideas has always been a strong suit for me, and the plan is to continue obtaining education in this area.
Retail and Customer Services I am beyond knowledgeable in retail and the services that are provided by individual
companies that I have worked for. Up-to-date in the latest technologies, computer programs, and networking capabilities.
Extremely outgoing, persuasive and professional. Effective communicator with the ability to interact, lead and influence. Years
of experience in retail as well as Management experience. My time in the hospitality industry has helped shape my guest
services in many ways that help create positive feedback and loyal return visits.
Management - Decisive leader with experience recruiting, training, and developing talent. Creative hands-on management
style with the ability to coach and mentor. Experienced professional leadership roles with progressive experience in customer
service, marketing, and networking. Easily trained and able to perform effectively and efficiently

The Madison Hotel Downtown Memphis, TN (08/2015-Current)
Full Time Guest Service Representative
I am currently employed at the Madison Hotel downtown. I work as a Guest Service Representative, better known as a front desk
agent. I am also trained to work overnight audit shift, where I obtain and balance reports of statistics of the daily business
transactions. I am responsible for checking guests in and out, room payments, concierge, guest assistance, and audit paperwork.
The Madison is known for catering to high-end business travelers and VIP guests such as celebrities, government officials, and
traveling corporate employees. Smiles and upbeat attitudes are a must for Madison employees as they engage with each guest
ensuring a relaxed environment, hospitable needs, and memorable service.

T-Mobile Memphis, TN (10/2014-7/2015)

Full Time Assistant Manager
T-Mobile is known as the fastest 4G LTE cellular Network. As a sales associate I was responsible for engaging with customers,
informing them about T-Mobiles products and services, and assisting them in choosing the best coverage to fit their individual
needs. I sold T-Mobile phones and broadbands and stayed up-to-date with the latest iPhone and Andriod devices. We sold brand
names like Apple, Samsung, ZTE, Acatel, HTC, and Nokia. I helped upgrade plans, assisted with trouble shooting and opened
several business accounts. After 3 months of employment with T-Mobile I was promoted to kiosk assistant manager, where I
assisted with training, sales coaching, staffing/scheduling, opening/closing, audit/inventory, signage/ product placement/ displays,
and daily sales goals tracking.
FedEx Memphis International Hub Memphis, TN (01/2014 10/2014)
Material Handler
FedEx Memphis International Hub is located at the Memphis Airport. My job was to load and unload freight from the aircraft. I was
responsible for driving the freight to the various inputs to be sorted and reloaded into cargo cans. My job title required me to be
alert and aware at all times. Safety is the number one priority at FedEx next to being ON TIME when handling the operations. I
worked with little supervision and am trusted with copious amounts of responsibility. The shift was from 10:30pm-4:00am Monday
through Friday.
Love Culture (Wolfchase Galleria) Memphis, TN (06/2013 02/2014)
Assistant Store Manager
Love Culture is a West Coast based clothing store for young adult women. We strive to stay up-to-date in the latest fashions and
provide the upmost professional standing with customer service. I am one of the full time assistant managers and am over the
operations of business. I manage the sales associates so that things do not turn chaotic throughout the day. I manage numbers
and help with payroll hours as well as scheduling. I interview potential new hires and also help with visual updates and floor sets
and changes. This position has helped shape my management skills and has called for me to be more responsible than any other
management position that I have held. I am eager to learn from this job and what all it has to offer.
Claires (Wolfchase Galleria) Memphis, TN (02/2012 06/2013)
Assistant Manager
Claires is a jewelry and accessories retail store that caters to young girls and also specializes in ear piercings. Located in
the Wolfchase Galleria Mall, the store is classified as a high volume and heavy traffic store. As the assistant manager, I am faced
with new challenges every day. From visual updates to customer care, I manage the business full-time. I am also a certified piercer
and pierce anywhere from 5-25 people a day ranging in age from 2 months to elderly. Dealing with a younger crowd demands an
outgoing and upbeat vibe in ones personality. The ability to up sale a product or make a bond with a potential repeating customer
is a must. I am over the organizational department of management. I make schedules, manage the budgeting hours, set goals of
the numbers that should be made each day of business and also assist the store manager in hiring potential sales associates that
seem fit enough to handle the amount of traffic that is attracted to the business.

Munford High School Munford, Tennessee
Graduated with Honors 2011; GPA 3.75
University of Memphis Memphis, Tennessee

Public Relations
Minor: Spanish