Placement Preparatory Quiz 1

Placement Preparatory Quiz 1
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Placement Preparatory Quiz 1
Which of the following does not fall under any of the 4Ps
Management of Sales Personnel
Managing Distribution Channels
Option (1) and (3)
None of the Above



com/a/iimidr.google..in/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVH_wuw_bMxoIqv6vXsZ2Sz_­We06b6NPqQu01uyNOn6Jifg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgAQzp. 2/11 ..ac.7/24/2016 Placement Preparatory Quiz 1 All of the following are examples of Vertical integration except expansion of Virgin Records into talent management and record production from a lone record store Maine lobster in control of both production and retail A supermarket’s acquisition of a manufacturing rm that supplies canned goods that it sells to customers Integration Heinz and Kraft Foods in the Food Industry Commodities can be differentiated on the basis of Core Product Speci cations of the Product Brand Value Services Price of a Product depends on Customer Demand Willingness to Pay Cost + Margin Competition in Product Segment What is a basic constraint for a retailer Cash in hand Shelf Space Margin from products Option (1) and (2) Option (1) and (3) https://docs.

.in/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVH_wuw_bMxoIqv6vXsZ2Sz_­We06b6NPqQu01uyNOn6Jifg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgAQzp.7/24/2016 Placement Preparatory Quiz 1 The cost of insurance and taxes are included in Cost of ordering Setup cost Inventory carrying cost Cost of shortages Which of the following is true for inventory control? Economic order quantity (EOQ) has minimum total cost per order Inventory carrying costs increases with quantity per order Ordering cost decreases with lot size All of the above Using the ABC classi cation system for inventory.. which of the following is a truestatement? The “C” items generate highest revenue The “A” items generate highest revenue The number of “A” items are higher than “C” items The number of “B” items are higher than “C” items Which one of the following statements is correct? Quantity ordered is kept the same from one cycle to another in a P system P system requires more administrative control and computer support than does a Q system Cost of implementation is high in Q system when compared to P system None of the above https://docs.google. 3/11 .com/a/iimidr.ac.

4/11 .. What type of cloud service should he avail for? IAAS PAAS SAAS Hybrid Jim works in a FMCG company.The data is harnessed through iOT SMAC Cloud Computing Option 4 ERP Saurav is required to develop a mobile application within 4 months.in/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVH_wuw_bMxoIqv6vXsZ2Sz_­We06b6NPqQu01uyNOn6Jifg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgAQzp.google. What methodology should he use to develop the application? https://docs.ac.com/a/iimidr. He needs to interact with client a lot and his project involves frequent changes in requirement.7/24/2016 Placement Preparatory Quiz 1 Reorder point tells When to order How much to order When the order will reach All of the above Rohan is running a start-up and wants to optimize the cost of acquiring and maintaining the IT infrastructure.. He is required to extract information derived from customers’ buying patterns for the purpose of target advertising and marketing campaigns.

The company's income statement included Income Tax Expense of $140. The mobile gives multiple recipes as recommendation.in/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVH_wuw_bMxoIqv6vXsZ2Sz_­We06b6NPqQu01uyNOn6Jifg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgAQzp. XYZ company is providing customers with relevant shows with the help of analytics. At the beginning of the year the company's stockholders' equity was https://docs. All of these data can be stored and accessed easily due to the presence of Social Media Analytics Cloud Mobility Sia goes to a shop and pays the bill through her mobile wallet. All this was possible due to____________ iOT Mobile ERP Data Warehousing A company's net income after tax was $400. she could start her dish washer at home through her mobile phone.ac. It is further analyzing the closed group of the customer on social platform to do targetedmarketing. 5/11 . She then browses her mobile to check what can be cooked with vegetables present in her refrigerator..com/a/iimidr.google.000 and Interest Expense of$60.7/24/2016 Placement Preparatory Quiz 1 SDLC Waterfall Agile Adaptive Project Framework Q4. At the same time..000 for its most recent year.000.

google.. As land is an appreciating asset.com/a/iimidr.100. Gross margin percentage is a pro tability measure C).. C and D A.ac.7 9.000. What is the times interest earned for the company? 6. 6/11 . Going concern states that the life of the company is limited D).000 and at the end of the year it was $2. A machinery purchased in full cash will have an entry in the balance sheet but not in the cash ow statement B. the depreciation on land is reported negative in the income statement https://docs. Depreciation is not considered while making the cash ow statement using indirect method B).0 10 15 Declaration of dividends would affect which nancial statement(s)? Cash ow statement and Balance Sheet Income Statement only Balance Sheet only Both income statement and balance sheet Which of the following statements are true? A). C and D Consider the following statements A. The revenues should be realized in the pro t and loss after the receipt of the cash A and B only B only A. B.900.in/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVH_wuw_bMxoIqv6vXsZ2Sz_­We06b6NPqQu01uyNOn6Jifg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgAQzp.7/24/2016 Placement Preparatory Quiz 1 $1.

Last year.ac. it seems. Further. 11. Salman Khurshid's only job is to dance attendance to Sonia Gandhi.in/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVH_wuw_bMxoIqv6vXsZ2Sz_­We06b6NPqQu01uyNOn6Jifg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgAQzp. decrease no change.each of them discovered that every tree in their own orchard bore exactly the same number of apples. increase Five farmers have 7. b) With the 2014 elections in view. respectively in their orchards. a) These days.com/a/iimidr. they would all have exactly the same number of apples.google. the ruling party is dancing to the tunes of its allies. decrease no change. and the fth gives three to each of the second and the fourth. Identify which of them are wrong. if the third farmer gives one apple to the rst. 13 & 14 apple trees. What were the yields per tree in the orchards of the third and fourth farmers? 11 & 9 9 & 11 7 &10 10 & 7 Given below are some usages of the word dance.7/24/2016 Placement Preparatory Quiz 1 Statement A is true but B is false Statement B is true but A is false Both A and B are true Both A and B are false An increase in depreciation would result in _____ in EBITDA and _____ in Net income increase. 7/11 . decrease decrease. 9. c) Arvind Kejriwal has been leading Congress and BJP a https://docs...

in/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVH_wuw_bMxoIqv6vXsZ2Sz_­We06b6NPqQu01uyNOn6Jifg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgAQzp. 18..500 Rs. 21.7/24/2016 Placement Preparatory Quiz 1 merry dance ever since he decided to take a plunge into active politics Only a Both a & c Only c None Which of the following rms are not listed in India? L&T Infotech Ltd Mahanagar Gas Limited Vodafone Quess Corp Ltd Krishna borrows Rs.000 Rs. 16. Q is (x . How much did he pay in year 1? Rs. He ends up paying 54K totally.com/a/iimidr. 8/11 . what is the range of values x can take? 10% to 28% 10% to 25% 10% to 37% https://docs.google. 19.500 Rs. He repays it in three annual instalments that are in arithmetic progression.000 P is x% more than Q. If P > R..10)% less than R. 45K from a bank at 10% compound interest.ac.

com/a/iimidr. work into each other.google.7/24/2016 Placement Preparatory Quiz 1 10% to 43% Two cogged wheels of which one has 32 cogs and other 54 cogs.. If the latter turns 80 times in three quarters of a minute.in/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVH_wuw_bMxoIqv6vXsZ2Sz_­We06b6NPqQu01uyNOn6Jifg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgAQzp..ac. how often does the other turn in 8 seconds? 48 135 24 None of these Section 3 Answer the below using How many mail order transactions were made during the year? 720000 5500 7200 750000 https://docs. 9/11 .

.google. 10/11 .in/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVH_wuw_bMxoIqv6vXsZ2Sz_­We06b6NPqQu01uyNOn6Jifg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgAQz.7/24/2016 Placement Preparatory Quiz 1 What percentage are the number of mail order transactions to number of online transactions? 5% 10% 15% 20% Section 4 Use the data to answer the below question https://docs.com/a/iimidr..ac.

2 bn. the entire industry added $4bn. total revenue in 2005 was $18. of which an increase of $1bn was contributedby COGN. What was the growth rate seen in Centure? 11% 35% 20% 27% This form was created inside of Indian Institute of Management Indore.Terms of Service .google.Additional Terms https://docs. 11/11 . what was the growth rate seen by the entire sector in 2004? 20% 34% 52% Cannot be determined Total revenue in 2006 was $21.ac.7/24/2016 Placement Preparatory Quiz 1 In 2004.com/a/iimidr...in/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVH_wuw_bMxoIqv6vXsZ2Sz_­We06b6NPqQu01uyNOn6Jifg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgAQz. Report Abuse .1 bn.