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Animal Life Lessons

By Claudia Schmidt
There are many life lessons in life. Some of these life lessons are
keep your hands to yourself and treat others the way you want to
be treated, but all of the life lessons we know come from humans.
Humans are not the only things in our world that can teach us about
how to live life. Animals are smarter than you think and can teach us
wonderful life lessons. I am going to share you ten life lessons that we
can learn from animals. These life lessons should be taken seriously
and you should live them out through your entire life.
By Ciara B.
Summer fun is great.
Pool, ice cream, fun, camp, warm, happy.
It is over fast
By Casey Corcoran

John Lackey, Jonny Gomes, Felix Doubront
and Stephen Drew were traded last week! Jon
Lester was throwing 2.52 ERA and the Red
Sox traded him to the Oakland Athletics for
the winner of the Home Run derby in 2012
and in 2013, Yeonis Cespedes! John Lackey
was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals yesterday
for Allen Craig and Joe Kelly. What a deal for
the Red Sox! Steven Drew was traded to the
Yankees for infielder Kelly Johnson. Johnson
was batting .219 and put away six homers for
the Yankees. Jonny Gomes was also part of
the trade that acquired Yeonis Cespedes. Felix
Doubront was traded to the Chicago cubs for
an unnamed player.

1. Dung Beetle Eat dung every day for protein

2. Giraffe Always pick on the short people
3. Bee Steal all of the nectar from flowers so they dont have anymore
4. Snake Scare people when they are not expecting it
5. Flamingo Taunt others by showing off your talent of standing on
one leg
6. Dog Always mark your territory know
7. Termite Destroy peoples houses for your own amusement
8. Octopus Suction yourself to others
9. Raccoon Annoy people by eating their garbage and making a
10. Bear Mess up peoples camping trips by eating all of their food

Doodle Cats!
By Nina C.

Doodle cats is where you can ask for a fan cat! Which is
basically a cat modeled after a character, or a character who is a cat!
To make a request follow these directions:

Make a note including where your locker is (and your full
name), and the cat-character you want. Then put it in the request box
outside the Daily Double writing room in the old building!

What would happen if you ate a hot dog right now

By Ryan Kane
If you ate a hot dog right now, it would be gone. If it was gone,
you wouldnt have anymore. If you didnt have anymore, you would
be hungry. If you were hungry, you would eat everything. If you ate
everything, there would be nothing else to eat. If there was nothing
else to eat, everyone would starve to death. If everyone starved to
death, then worms would take over the world. If worms took over
the world, there would be so many that they wouldnt all fit. If they
didnt all fit, they would move their base to Neptune. If they moved
their base to Neptune, then they couldnt breathe and they would all
die. If they all died, the end. So please do not eat a hot dog right now.

Melting Cheese
By Katie Predella and Tillie Slosser
K: A conversation about melting cheese? Huh?
T: Really?
K: I dont really know. *gets tape* Another
rebellion? *rubs hands maliciously*
T: Lets employ Walker for this one.
K: Ok! *gets Walker to start a rebellion against
melted cheese*
W: I really like grilled cheese, so no thanks.
K&T: Go chinchillas, go!
Chinchillas; *eat all the melted cheese, then choke
on it*
K&T: Our army! No!
W: *becomes power hungry and takes over camp*
K: Walker! What would your mother say?
W: She would say Walker! Melt the cheese
correctly and eat the soup, son!
T: No! about the taking the entire camp over!
W: Shed be very proud of me.
T: I dont think so.
Ws mother: Walker? Did you burn the cheese
W: No mother, I did it right this time
Ws mother: *sniffs* no you didnt. Be sure to eat
your soup this time!
W: *groans* Mom! Just let me take over the camp!
Ws mother: *sarcastically* Oh yes, and next time
the world!
W: *takes over the world and makes everyone
shave off their mustaches*
K&T: *rise up against walker and re-take over the
W: Well that escalated quickly.
K&T: its over now!
The End
Well that was fun. Bye!

Nina Rants: Why We Need to Bring Back The Middle

By Nina Kahn
Ayyyyyyyy! So I havent done a rant in a couple days
Sorry about thatSo heres a rant for your pessimistic pleasure!
So, if you were at CRCAP last year, you probably
remember the song The Middle. Aaron G sang and it was
awesome! He always sang it at the ice cream social and all of
the campers would crouch until the chorus. Oh, the nostalgia,
amiright? Unfortunately, Aaron did not sing this song for either
of the ice cream socials this year. Last year was my first year
here, and I had no idea what the song was. So a couple months
ago, I looked up The Middle and learned the lyrics. AND IT
part of the ice cream social besides the, ya know, ice cream, so
this was a tragic loss for the camp *tears*
This was a short rant, but please use your power to
bring back this awesome song!

By Sam
The color yellow is a mix of ? and ?
The color orange is a mix of yellow and red
The color green is a mix of yellow and blue
The color purple is a mix of red and blue
I cant think of any other colors, so if you wanna know more
look them up on the internet

Steps for getting good playing the marble-cup game

By: Lleyton W.
Hello people! Today I am going to be telling you how to (Please read the title). By the way, please dont do this on
me. Sorry if I dont say too much Im pretty tired.
1: show your friend the two cups that are empty. While you are doing this, take the marble.
2: cup the marble in your hand. As long as they dont see it, they will still think it is in the cup where it was. This takes
3: after your friend picks a cup, move the two unselected cups back, while hiding the marble under one. This is sure to
confuse them.
4: Smile and tell your friend want to try again?
Tip: if you see this game in public, stay away. They are probably charging money, and will take tons of it away from you.

By Talia Kalis

The Tales of George Washington (Part 5)

By Casey Corcoran
Hello again! We left off at George Washington being ambushed by a
doctors friend that was trying to chop off George Washingtons head. Well
George (since he was afraid of almost nothing) tried talking to this doctor. George
was from then on known as the Crazy Man. Did George like this? No. Of
course not. Why would you want people calling you the crazy man? So George
decided to make up for it and become the general of the colonists in the American
Revolution. Well George was British (I think) so he decided to visit the Queen
of England to see if she was okay with that. Of course she wasnt so George was
a British general. Well, he quit for the following reasons: He hated the color red
(that was the Britishs main color, the British general was annoying and that he all
along wanted to be a free man.
(To Be Continued)
Guardians of the Galaxy *Review*
By: Alex Wymer

See? I told you Id make another article! Anyways this is my first review
in the Daily Double but fret not! Im experienced! Quick note before we begin DO
We start off with Star Lord, leader of GOTG but not quite yet, stealing an orb that
has an infinity stone, really powerful thing thats like the Tesseract but it will kill
you in ten seconds flat, inside of it! Star Lord gets trapped by the forces of Ronin,
Main villain, but star lord escapes! Ronin learns of his escape and sends Gamora,
GOTG member, after Star Lord. On the Nova Core planet Rocket, raccoon with
a gun, and Groot, friendly and deadly, find Star Lord (But not before seeing Stan
Lee in some weird glasses) and attempt to capture him for some cash after Star lord
was rejected of a sale. However Gamora gets to Star Lord first and theres a big
three way fight that ends in them all being captured. Long story short, Rocket gets
them out of jail (where they pick up Drax), they all team together so they can split
the money, they get to a guy called the collector and are about to collect the money
when Ronins forces show up and a group of criminals who knew Star Lord. Drax,
madman on a rampage, fights Ronin and loses, Gamora and Star lord are captured
by the group of criminals but then Rocket, Drax, and Groot come to the rescue
after Star Lord and the criminal group reach an agreement. The Guardians are
now together and, along with the criminal group and the Nova Core police, are
fighting Ronin and his forces. Heres the fight scene, the Guardians minus Rocket
go into Ronins ship, shoot him with a laser that doesnt work, Drax rushes him
and he and Ronin get run over by Rockets ship! Groot protects the guardians while
theyre crashing but ends up dying, Ronin gets his hammer holding his infinity
stone smashed, the guardians all get pummeled from holding the stone and destroy
Ronin! Whew! Ill see you all soon!

Do you like fast food?

C-kind of
Do you like school better than camp?
C-kind of
Do you like the store justice better
than old navy?
C-I dont like any of them
Are you a boy or girl?
C-I dont know
If you answered mostly
As then youre a boy who works
at justice and in the summer and is
a teacher the fall and who always
gets fast food or gets fast food a lot.
If you answered mostly Bs then
youre a girl who works at old navy
in the fall and is a counselor in the
summer and doesnt like fast food. If
you answered mostly Cs you dont
know if youre a boy or girl you
dont have a job you kind of think
school is better than camp ( so not
true! ) and you kind of like fast
food. Next time find out if youre
an animal or person and if youre an
animal what animal are you? Find
out next time on find yourself!

how to make a minecraft plane

By max amster
1. make square wheels
2. make the tail of the plane then make body
3. make windows
4. make name of the plane
5. make wings

Ask the 10th Doctor

By The Whovians (Alex Wymer and Eleanor Dunne)

Car review Trailer

By Lleyton Wing

Hello! Its me! This time my friend Alex is helping because
were bored. We just started and we already have a question!
Actually, someone took down our old slot thingy, so we just made
another. Same spot, looks about the same. QUESTION TIME!

Hello again, everyone who is reading

this. Today I am going to start a car review (My
interest) and Ill give you information about
that car. If you are kinda interested, keep reading
future articles. Thanks!

Q. Whos your favorite companion?

A. Well.. Donnas lost her memory, Marthas moved on and
Rose Rose So no comment ALLONS-Y!
Hes hedging. Dont ask him that again, or you will get the same
Q. *Knocks 4 times* -hehe ;P

What is your dream vacation?

By Haninah Forrest

There you have it Whovians (and normal people). LEAVE MORE

QUESTIONS! Allons-y!

What is something people would most likely find

you doing?
a. Buying tickets to your favorite musical
b. Painting a pretty picture to hang up on your
c. Packing up your bags to go take a tour of your
local museum

By Samuel
Which tournament will you choose? 4 square, volleyball,
wall ball, one of the others that I dont remember? If you win,
great, if you lose, great, because you tried your best (I hope).
Have a great day

Jokes I guarantee youll crack up at

By Ryan Kane
Just so you dont think that these jokes are rigged or something,
how it works is by reverse phycology. By making jokes logical and
not funny, but me saying its funny is funny! If thats too confusing,
just read the jokes
A man walks into a bar. Lol.
A giraffe and turtle have a race to see who can get the apple at the
top of the apple tree first. Who wins? Trick question. There was no
apple tree.
A man eats cheese
Want more funny jokes? Just say so in Advicey Advice, the advice
column that will deal with any problems. Youll see it mounted on
a bright orange piece of construction paper in the main entrance to
the activity center. Adios Tacos!

Which environment do you like to be in?

a. Somewhere busy with lots to do!
b. Somewhere pretty with lots of history
c. Somewhere fun and exciting, and where lots of
people go and enjoy
Which food sounds most yummy?
a. Pizza
b. Pasta
c. Crepes
Which landmark would you most want to see?
a. The statue of liberty
b. The REAL painting of Mona Lisa
c. The Eiffel Tower
What is your dream house?
a. A top level penthouse
b. A villa
c. A small cottage on a farm
Mostly as: Your dream vacation place is New
York City!
Mostly Bs: Your dream vacation place is Italy!
Mostly Cs: Your dream vacation spot is Paris!

Dont ask us, yay more questions from yall!

By Dont ask us
You guys sent us a ton of questions! You sent us all so many questions
that we decided to answer 5 every day instead of 4!!! Yay!!! We also noticed
that some of you have been using the new box in the third art room! Good job
GIVE IT BACK OR WE WILL TRACK YOU DOWN! Anyways, here are some
Dear Dont Ask us,
If you and Aaron couldnt be in charge, who would you want to be in charge?from anonymous
We would want Walker to be in control, as he is easy to control and/or corrupt!
(no offense Walker)
WHAT ARE YOU???-!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear !!!!!!!!!!!!, We are immortal magical wizard demigod dauntless tributes who
are secretly ruling the entirety of your earth.
(another question in latin that we translated) Apple girl is said, life is too short
to spend joy
-apple girl
Sorry Apple Girl, we accidently translated your name wrong. This time we have
it right. I Hope. Yes, life is too short to spend joy. If you need advice on that, ask
us more clearly please. Thank you.
How do you make friends?-friendless
Dear friendless, were really sorry that youre friendless. We think you should
start by introducing yourself to other people. Start with Hi Im (your name),
Whats your name? They will tell you their name, and you should keep asking
them different questions to let them know that you are interested in them. Also,
if you see someone who is alone, you should let those people especially sit with
you and talk to you. If you cant find any friends, meet us at the picnic tables at
lunch on the day after this is published, and we will hang out with you. We hope
its published soon *cough* Walker *cough cough*
Whats your favorite class?-Stalker and Twitter Guy
Doc Talk
By Ethan Mamenta

Hello Timelords and Daleks alike. Welcome to Doc talk. Today as I
promised, I will be talking about if Christopher Eccleston will ever come back in
a multi-doctor episode. Well, Im sorry to let you down, but he does not plan on
coming back. Just to upset you more, Im also going to tell you that he was going
to be in day of the doctor, but decided not to at the last second. In other news,
episode 1 of season 8, Deep Breath, will air on August 23. Im sorry that I cant
say more, but there just isnt a lot more to say.
Until next time,

What Type of Dinosaur Are You?

By Christine Foster
Fruits and vegetables or meat?
A) Meat! Who needs anything else,
I love dead flesh!
B) Fruits and vegetables. Im not
really a fan of meat.
C) Both!
D) None of the above
Whats your favorite sport?
A) I really like contact sports.
B) I like more sports like swimming
and skiing, and running.
C) I like a large variety of sports.
D) None of the above.
Are you more aggressive or more
A) Aggressive! Huh >:D!
B) Im more passive.
C) I can be both!
D) None of the above.
Do you have any fears?
A) No! I laugh in the face of fear!
B) I have some fears.
C) I have a bunch of different fears.
D) None of the above
Whats your favorite activity?
A) Anything that has to do with
meat and running
B) Im a fan of reading.
C) I have a variety of activities I
D) None of the above.
If you were mostly As youre a
velociraptor! *Screeeeeee*
If youre mostly Bs, youre a
Sauropod! *munches on leaves* :3
If you dont know what that is, its
the one with the long neck & tail.
If youre mostly Cs youre a
human. What are you doing on
a dinosaur quiz? Get outta here!
If youre mostly Ds, youre the
void. You are nothingness. You are
darkness. You are a swirling pit of

The dog that always fails at everything epilogue

By Eli Grassi

Ask Bunnytail!
By Bunnytail

After woofy fell off a cliff he thought that he

would die. And he did. All of the sudden he was in heaven
talking to god he found out that the only reason he won
all the tournaments was just because that god was saving
up all his bad luck just so he could fall of a cliff. The end
Thanks for reading

Whats the most embarrassing thing youve ever done?

Dear person with no name,
IDK, I havent really done anything that bad.
- Bunnytail

Walkers Mustache
By Lily Biro
Have you ever thought about the possibilities of
Walkers Mustache?
Could he dye it pink?
Will he ever braid it?
How long will it take to grow?
What will he do with it next?

3 More Cheesy Jokes Again

By Jake Rast

Do you remember a person from 1st session 2 years ago

with your name?
- this person
Yes, I do Ms. LUPPINO!!! ** Dramatic music **
And how do you know Im Bunnytail?
Im always hungry after lunch, what do I do?
Theres always snacks in the cafeteria during festival
period, feel free to take some.
- Bunnytail
Will you write questions to ask the 10th Doctor?
- Whovian
Yeah, I will!
- Bunnytail
All for now, Bunnytail.

Q: Why are IPhones so delicious?
A: Theyre made by Apple!
Q: How does electricity smell?
A: Re-VOLT-ing!
Q: What superhero loves dinner?
A: Supper-man!
Nonsense haikus revenge #2
By Jake Rast

The Greatest thing that ever happened to me!

By Natalie Dean

I like to eat cake,

This made the cake really mad,
Now the cake eats me.

My dear friends know that my favorite actress is

Emilie De Ravin (Stars in Once Upon A Time and Lost).
Recently she was at comic con and went on Instagram
asking for people to send her videos with a question
which she would answer. Of course I asked and I was so
anxious for her to answer. Saturday there was a video on
youtube where she answered the videos. I was excited
but then I saw that she only answered five. I was like:
She couldnt have answered mine. But as I watched she
did answer mine and I was screaming and crying and
shaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was the third one answered. And
she called me cute and Im so excited!

The Most Useless Article Youve Ever Read

By Jake Rast
The letter a is spelled a.

Ask Katniss #2
Hey everybody. Im back with another edition
of Ask Katniss! Ive got lots of questions to be
answered today. Remember, if I dont answer
yours today it will be answered immediately
tomorrow. Lets get started (Spoilers may
Question 1: What happens when you like
someone? What do you do? Anonymous
Response: If you are brave enough to tell
them, tell them. If they reject youWell
there are always more squirrels in the forest.
If they like you too ask them out. Remember
that youll think back on this one day and
realize that it doesnt matter very much. I
had a secret crush on Gale for a while but
then Peeta came along Anyway its your
decision in the end. I think you should take
the shot.
Question 2: How do you win the Hunger
Games without the Night-lock berries?
Response: Actually, I dont quite understand
this question. I won the Hunger Games
because of the night-lock berries. Peeta was
picking them and accidentally left them lying
in the open. Foxface, the girl with the red
hair, ate them and the cannon went off.

Car Review #2: 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish

By: Lleyton W.
Back from the dead is the Aston Martin Vanquish. This car
was in the James Bond Movie 007.
The Vanquish is a 2-door Luxury coupe. The starting price is
279,995, which is relatively expensive. This car has a 6.0L engine
producing 565 HP. But all that power comes with a down side. The
MPG is 13 city and 19 highway. But if you ever were to buy this car,
this wont be a problem. Youre probably rich.

The Insane Adventures of Matt & Sam

By Eli H.
Episode 1: Accident at the Restaurant
Opening with Matt and Sam at a lunch table. Sam is eating, but Matt is
still waiting for his food.
MATT: Ugh! My food should be here by now! I mean, how long does
it take to make a tomato?!
SAM: Maybe theyre all out of tomatoes, Matt.
MATT: No, no. He said theyd be out in one minute. Its been two!
The waiter comes out with a plate of gold.
WAITER: Here is your tomato, sir.
MATT: Thats notI didntokay! Thanks!
SAM: Can I have some?
MATT: No! Its mine!

Question 3: Lets be honest. Peeta or Gale?

Curious Hippo
Response: Peeta. Im sorry. In my movie Gale
was really handsome but he teamed up with
President Coin, and Coin tried to kill me. So
Peeta I guess. People say hes a burden but
we were a great team in the games together.
Gale is more of a close guy friend, if you
know what I mean.
Question 4: We figured it out. Are you the
Response: You didnt finish your question.
Also, I have sent different people to pick up
my questions for me. The closer you think
you are, the farther you are from the truth.
Thats all for today. Remember who the real
enemy is.

What the Moth/Hummingbird?!

By Roxanne Glassenberg
Today, Claire and I saw a moth/what? on a bush between
the old and middle buildings! I tried looking it up but I couldnt
find a match! All I got was pics of someones butt. Really. Anyways,
the bird-moth (henceforth called Rupert Festivus or R.F.) had a long
tongue, a strangely marked body, and orange wings. If you see R.F.,
dont hurt him! What did he ever do to you.

All Of William Shakespeares Plays

By Sophie Biro
Before I get onto the real stuff, I want to tell everyone
a few things about this article. I will write a few basic
facts about the play and then so that you dont get
bored, I will write a silly one (but it will sound kind
of realistic). Last year, I wrote an article about all of
the presidents. It was long, hard to write, but really,
really, fun. So this year when Walker told me that he
had an idea for another long article, I was excited.
So now, here I am, writing about each and every play
that Shakespeare wrote. I dont expect you to read this
whole entire article at one time. I dont even expect
you to read the whole thing at all. Maybe you will
find your favorites and read about them. Maybe you
will read new ones. But whatever you read from this
article, I hope that you like it.
Alls Well That Ends Well
This comedy was said to be written somewhere in
between 1604-1605. The play was set in France and
consists of around 14 main characters and a lot of
characters that werent useless, but probably werent
exactly what made the play. They probably didnt paid
as much, but the stars of the play probably got like 1
million bucks.
As You Like It
Shakespeare started writing this article in 1599 and
was completed with the play in 1600. This play holds
one of Shakespeares most popular quotes, which is
all the worlds a stage. I think CRCAP seems to
follow off that quote because of all the cool performing
and visual arts we do here!
The Comedy of Errors
This play was one of Shakespeares first and is very
short. It is a comedy (as the title says). It has been
turned into operas, and was even a Broadway show in
1879! Walkers great-great grandfather went to it!
Though not much is known is about this play, it is
told that two main themes in the play are jealousy and
innocence. Also candy was invented in this play.
Loves Labours Lost
This play was one of Shakespeares earliest comedys
and was written sometime in the mid 1590s. (From
1592-1597). The play ends with the princesses dad
dying and having all weddings delayed by a year.
Weird, right? Anyways, this actually has happened
before in real life.

Measure for Measure

It was first shown in 1604 and was written late in 1603
and 1604. It is a comedy, but some things in the play dont
fall under that category. One of the characters names in
elbow. (No joke) Also, he was thinking of naming one of the
character eye, but he thought that people would expect a giant
eye, so he didnt.
The Merry Wives of Windsor
This play is said to be written in 1597 but was first published
in 1602. It features the fat knight, who is also in Henry IV
parts one and two (I will get to that one later, but you can go
find it right now to see what that is) It was a movie in 1999.
There was some sarcasm in this play. The person who played
the fat night was really skinny so he had to put on a sumowrestler suit.
The Merchant of Venice
This play was written in about 1597. This play is known for
its dramatic scenes. One includes when a chocolate factory
floods with chocolate!
A Midsummer Nights Dream
This play is a comedy that was written sometime in between
1590 and 1596. This play includes six mechanics and too
many listed characters to count. Though isnt Shakespeares
most famous, most people would know it if someone said the
name. This play also included costumes that were imported
from the moon!
Much Ado About Nothing
This play was written during the middle of Shakespeares
career (which was around 1598 and 1599). This play is
considered one of his best comedies. This play ends with
multiple marriages and no death, which isnt exactly common
in his plays. Every single character in this play is a baby.
Pericles, Prince of Tyre
This play was not all Shakespeares, he only ended up writing
385 lines. So this play is not all his. He wanted to buy it from
the other person, but he said Not on my watch! Then he got
a new watch.
Taming of the Shrew
This play is said to be written sometime between 1590 and
1592. This play was another one of his comedies (I know, he
has A LOT). Anyways, this was also made into a movie. On
the picture on Wikipedia the girl has her mouth wide open.
Maybe she was screaming.
The Tempest
This was the last play that Shakespeare wrote alone, and was
at the end of his career. (Which was about 1611) This play
has a character named Ferdinand. He has his own Wikipedia

Continued from previous page

page! It is set on a remote island, which a cool but
weird place to have a play, but Im not a play writer
and Im definitely not going to doubt Shakespeare.
Shakespeare donating all of the money made from this
play to Cradles to Crayons.

Henry IV, part 2

This play has A TON of characters, most of which I cant
even pronounce. In this play, the characters that were the two
main characters and were always together in the first play
go their own ways. Shakespeare was an actor in this play!

Troilus and Cressida

This a tragedy (finally!). Well no one likes tragedy, (if
youre crying... wow) but he had a lot of comedies. It
ends with a death and was popular after world war one
(he wrote it I 1602, but it became popular then). This
play made Shakespeare cry.

Henry V
This play has a character named Prince Harry, which I think
is funny because there is a Prince Harry now! This play is
about Henry the 5th (just a little extra info). There has been
not one, not two, but THREE major films! Pretty cool, right!
But Shakespeare didnt get to see these movies because he
was dead (obviously).

Twelfth Night
This play is also called What you Will. You can go
see this play at the Boston Common for free this
summer.Sounds fun, right? Anyways, this play is
about long lost twins that were separated after a
shipwreck. I hope that never happens to me and Lily!
Two Gentlemen of Verona
This play is considered by most people as
Shakespeares first play. In this play, a girl dresses
up as a boy. This is now a popular theme in books,
movies, and in real life. Shakespeare created a
character named Proteus (who is the servant). This
character has a dog named crab. I wonder how they
got the dog to play the role! Especially back in the late
Winters Tale
Im not sure why, but the first thing that came up when
I typed up the title it came up with a bunch of movie
reviews. I know it was a play but I guess that a movie
came out with either the same title or its based on the
play. Sorry you dont get any information.
Quick note: Dont get intimidated by the fact that
there is a lot of plays about Henry IV and Richard.
They are British kings. All these plays are about
the kings of England. If there is different Roman
Numerals after the name, then it is a different
version of the king. Okay, lets keep going!
Henry IV, part 1
This play was the first of two. Shakespeare wrote this
play sometime in between 1596-1597. He wrote about
an event that occurred in 1402. It was a war! The wars
in 1402 were mostly fought with horses and swords.
Dont worry, the actors didnt really die during the
play. But they had to be REALLY good at faking!

Henry VI, part 1

This play was possible written by Shakespeare and one other
person, not just Shakespeare. In this play King Henry learns
to deal with losing the French-English colonies. This might
be one of the weakest plays that Shakespeare ever wrote! But
it sounds pretty interesting (actually it sounds boring as all
history does).
Henry VI, part 2
This play has the biggest cast of characters than any of
Shakespeares plays ever had. It was also made into three TV
segments. Since this play had so many characters, there was
FIVE separate houses to keep all of the actors!
Henry VIII
Another title for this play is All is True. It was written
by Shakespeare and his successor and collaborator, John
Fletcher. John Fletcher was often called Jonnie Boy.
King John
This play is about King John. A big scene is when he dies.
(sorry, no one likes death) This was written in the mid 1590s
but wasnt published until 1623. One of the big reasons
this happened was because ice cream was invented so they
waited for everything to cool off
Richard II
This play also has quite a big cast. Its based off the last two
years in his life (including the death). In 1597 this was called
The Tragedy of King Richard the second. King Richard was
Shakespeares 20th cousin.
Richard III
Richard III was king for two years. Two years ONLY! He
died two years after being named king. Richard III also had
12 brother and sisters. Sorry this is all history but thats all
that stood out to me in the article.

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Antony and Cleopatra
This play is about Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of
Egypt. Cleopatra is apparently one of Shakespeares
most complex characters. Thats because she had a
cell phone, which was very hard to do in the 1600s.
Pronounced Cor-Neel-E-Us. Coriolanus was a
Roman king. This play was remade in 1957.
Most people know this play quite well. Its a tragedy
about Hamlet. Hamlets mother is named Gertrude. I
think that its kind of funny because there is a book
called The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet.
Ive never read it though!
Julius Caesar
Though the play is called Julies Caesar, he only
appears in play for five scenes. Some people believe
that main character should have been Brutus (cool
name, huh?) because he was featured more in the
play. But then again, the play is named after Julius,
so I dont know which side to take.
King Lear
I had never heard of this play until now. This play
was first shown earlier, then revised and shown
again. Shakespeare most of liked it a lot.
Probably one of Shakespeares most well-known
plays, this play has not only been made into multiple
movies and TV shows, but also has been done here

Pusheen Hp crossover fanfiction 2!

By Katie Predella and Tillie Slosser
And you thought we wouldnt write a sequel! You were wrong!
Pusheen was on the train to Hogwarts. When she got
there, she was greeted by her old friend Hagrid. She and a
couple of kids rode on a magical boat to the castle. She was
amazed by how big it was. Being a cat, she wondered how she
would get to all of her classes. Then she saw some fish in the
water, and fell overboard, trying to catch them. A student had
to grab her tail and pull her into the boat, which later resulted
in Pusheen scratching her. That student went to the hospital
wing before she was even sorted. She was sorted later. They
arrived at the great hall, when Pusheen noticed she wasnt the
only cat at the school. There were two others. One, was Draco
Kittenfoy, who was mean to her before they were even sorted.
There was Hairy Pawter, who was very nice, and she liked
him. Along with him, there was Purr Weasly, and Hairmione
Scratcher. Pusheen knew they would all be great friends.
There was also Mrs. Norris, Filchs cat! She was the old lady
cat, but she was still nice. It was time for her to be sorted.
Hairy went into Kittendoor, along with Hairmione and Purr.
Draco Kittenfoy (more commonly known as Kittenfoy) was
sorted into Slytherkitten. Mrs. Norris had completed school,
but she gave everyone catnip cookies. Now it was Pusheens
turn. Meowgonagall placed the sorting hat on Pusheens head.
It sorted her as a Divergent! Jk, thats another story (that
will probably be a fan fiction one day). She was sorted into
Kittendoor with all her friends. Hagrid chanted Fuzzy! Fuzzy!
Fuzzy! He couldnt remember Pusheens name! Pusheen
purred, and they all ate their feast. Then CLIFFHANGER

This play is (yet again) a tragedy. Its long name is the The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, but I think everyone
prefers to call just call it Othello. It was written in 1603. This play also featured Hula Hooping.
Romeo and Juliet
Again, probably one of Shakespeares most well-known plays, this love story ends with the main characters dying. Romeo
is a nickname, the long name is Romeos. Dont call Juliet Julie, because Romeos and Julie just doesnt sound right!
Timon of Athens
This is a problem play (whatever that means). The article has almost no information at all, so Im just going to say that
Timon doesnt sound like a great name.
Titus Andronicus
Sorry to end on a sad note, but this play is a tragedy. It was written in 1593. This play wasnt too popular until the 20th
century. Also, Shakespeare wrote this play with George Peele. George came up with the title. Thats it.
Thank you for reading this. I know its long, but it was really fun to write. If you ever get an idea for another long article
for me, just tell me!