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Civil law reviewer

1. What is marriage?
2. What are the two aspects of marriage? (2)
3. What is purpose of marriage?
4. What are the principles of marriage? (6)
5. Distinguish marriage from ordinary contracts.
6. What are the rules governing marriage before the new civil
code? (3)
7. What are the essential requisites to make the marriage valid?
8. What are the formal requisites of marriage? (3)
9. Does a defect in any of the essential requisites will make the
marriage voidable?
10.What is the exception in marriage to be void ab initio in the
absence of the essential or formal requisites?
11. Will the irregularity in the formal requisites affect the validity of
12. What are the liabilities of the party or parties which is
responsible for the irregularity of the validity of their marriage? (3)
13. Who are able to contract marriage?
14. What is a common-law marriage?
15. Who can solemnize marriage?
16. In what manner should the marriage be solemnized?
17. In what instances where public solemnization is not needed?
18. Where should the marriage license be issued?
19. When is marriage license is not not required? (4)
20. Does religious ratification of a valid marriage requires a
marriage license?
21. Who can solemnize marriage between filipino citizens if they
are in abroad? (2)
22. What is required if one the parties has been previously married
in order for them to contract marriage? (3)
23. What is required if either or both of the contracting parties, not
having been emancipated by a previous marriage, are between the
ages of eighteen and twenty one?
24. What is the effect of parent's refusal or if advice is unfavorable
to either or both of the contracting parties?
25. What is the effect if parties refuse to obtain parental advice?
26. How many days is required for the publication of application for
a marriage license?
27. Who are exempted from fees on issuance of marriage license?
28. How long is the life of a marriage license?
29. In cases foreigners decided to contract their marriage here in
the Philippines, what is required?
30. Who can issue the certificate of legal capacity?
31. Who are the diplomatic officials? (4)
32. Who are the consular official? (4)
33. What is the best proof of evidence in proving the existence of

34. What is the difference of marriage certificate from marriage
35. What is the duty of the person solemnizing the marriage?
36. What is the duty of the local civil registrar to the parties
contracting a marriage?
37. What does the doctrine of lex loci celebrationis means?
38. What are the exceptions if a marriage was solemnized outside
the Philippines? (4)
39. What is the rule for void or voidable foreign marriages?
40. What are the requirements to prove a foreign marriage? (2)
41. What is the effect of divorce of a marriage between a filipino
citizen and a foreigner?
42. Under article 27, in what circumstances the marriage may be
solemnized without the necessity of a marriage license and shall
remain valid even if the ailing party subsequently survives?
43. Who can perform marriages in articulo mortis? (3)
44. What is the difference of danger of death from point of death?
45. What is the purpose of affidavit in article 29?
46. Does the failure to comply to submit the original affidavit with
said requirement invalidates the marriage?
47. Can the marriage be solemnized during stopovers?
48. Can marriages among muslims or among members of the
ethnic cultural communities may be performed validly without the
necessity of marriage license? If yes, Support your answer.
49. What are the requisites of ratification of marital cohabitation?
50. What is the reason of article 34?
51. What are the distinctions between a void and a voidable
marriage? (4-4)
52. What are the two kinds of impediments in marriages? (2)
53. What are the other classification of the impediments? (2)
54. What marriages are void from the beginning? (6)
55. What is the concept of psychological incapacity?
56. What marriages are void from the very beginning for reasons
of public policy? (9)
57. What are other void marriages? (4)
58. What is the purpose of article 40?
59. What are the elements contained in article 42? (2)
60. What are the effects of reappearance of spouse? (5)
61. Who will decide for proving if one of the parties acted with bad
62. What will happen to marriage if both spouses of the
subsequent marriage acted in bad faith?
63. What are the grounds for making the marriage annulled? (6)
64. What are the distinctions of annulment and legal separation?
65. What are the following circumstances that constitutes fraud
referred to in number 3 of article 45? (4)
66. What are the prescriptive period for filing annulment of

marriage? (5)
67. What are the two kinds of confession of judgment? Discuss.
68. Will there be a trial if the defendant chooses to acknowledge
the rightfulness of the plaintiff's action?
69. When a marriage is annulled, does the obligation to give
support still subsist?
70. Who shall be liable if the action prospers in an annulment
71. In what instances when damages may be awarded when the
marriage is judicially annulled or declared void from the
beginning? (6)