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ls/ulo Drugs & Industries Ltd Survey No. 179/1,
Vrlloge Vasono - lyava, To. Sonand,

Dear Slr,
Sub:- Audit Report an Tron.s fer of Shores of lshfto Drugs & Industries Ltd by R & T Agents Shorepro Services
{Indio) Pvt. Ltd Ahmedabad.

We have conducted audit of the record and systems mamtamed by Shorepra Services (India) Pvt Ltd (heremofter
called to os "Shorepro") acting os Registrar and Share Tra~fer Agents of lsh1ra Drugs & Industries Ltd. (hereinafter
called "The Company") with respect to transfer of Equity share of the Campany presently having /IS registered office
at lshlta Drugs & Industries ltd. Regd.olf. Survey No. 179/1, VI/loge
Vosono - lyovo. Ta. Sanond, Ahmedobod382170 Gujarat to determine whether securities hove been transferred as per the prollisiotl of the /ow The Audit
hos been conducted in terms of the d1fect1~ of Secur1ties and Exchange Boord of India v1de its Order No.
WTM/RKA/MIRSD@/41/2016 doted 22nd Morch 2016.
The Audit was carried out for a per1od beginning June 01, 2010 as Sharepro was appointed as RTA w e.f. that dote.
Further the Company hos not dee/ore any dividend m the fast 10 years and os such, the scope of the audit was
/1m1ted to checking whether securities were transferred as per prov1S1on of low. The Company hos been verifying the
transfer of short by Shorepro on a penodic basis and maintaining records or 1rs end Also, which were also verified
ond tallied with Shorepro records.
The Audit was conducted in manner that provide us o reasonable basis for evaluating the system and processes
followed by the Shorepro In relation to Shore transfer of the Company to ascertain compliances of low and systems
followed by Shorepra and expressif19 our opinion thereon Our responsibility is to express on opinion on these
records based on our audit
We hove followed the audit practices and processes as were appropriate to obtain reasonable assurance about
correctness of the contents of the Stcretono/ records. The venficor10n was done to Msure that correct process ond
procedures have been followed in relatton to transfer of share as per the focts reflected In the records under audit.



For the purpose of verification of compliance system prevailing at the office of Sharepro in re/a11on ta transfer of
share. We had verified various records in computerized system as well as phys1col mode including records as per
Annexure A to this report pertoming to period of six years 1.e. 1" June 2010 to 31" May 2016.
~~ on our venf1Cotion of the Records/Registers/do ta

mom tamed by Sharepro in computenzed manner as well m

a!Jnade, In our opinion and la the bt'st of our mforma11on and according ta the explano11ons given ta us and
ntot1on mode by the Reg1stor and Share Transfer Agents Sharepro and representatives of the company, Its
t/6/iiils, agents and authorized representatives during the conduct of audit, we hereby report that in our opinion,

K-<704, SJ.""4UlcJ,...Stn< /V~MVClJ.M-S~, A~ - 380 004

Pfw(R): 07'1 -.2S6.2SB'l.2 (/11) '11. '14.27.33361..2




during the audit period covenng the period of six year i.e . . l" June 2010 to 31" Moy 2016, we ho~ not come
across any evidence establishing deviation from standard practices.

CS Meenu Moheshwori
Place Ahmedobod
Dote 11 August, 2016

(A} For Transfer/transmission of shores:




Registrar of members
Doto Showing Beneficial Ownership Position (BENPOS) on periodical basis
Register/Records of Transfer of Shore
Register/Records of Transmission of Shore
Register/Records of deletion of nome of the holder due to death
Register/Records of Transposition of name
Register/Records of Issue of dupllcote shore
Physical Shore transfer Forms





K -oo-f., s1< ..Lau1t:'1- Sl7Ct Nar811,,...,c;N:trs~, A~ - :sso au
PJ,..(R): 07'1-,2.S6:ZSS'l:Z (M) +'I:/. <t+:Z 7:S:S:S6:J.:Z /;;w;i.U. ~~ytJJwo-:=-