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There is a section in our society that remains deprived of Spiritual &

Educational knowledge due to visual deficiency. They have a wonderful

intelligence but they may study only with the help of Braille Script.

The Aadhyatmic Chetna Samiti has been established specially to infuse

the spiritual feeling in them so that they may be inspired to live an ideal life
the institutes is also registered with Govt. of NCT Delhi. The main aim of
the Samiti Though the Samiti has been carrying out various spiritual &
cultural activities, yet its main aim is to get the spiritual books published in
Braille Script and distribute them freely among the blind.

There this blind section of society will be acquainted with the prolific
knowledge treasure in the ancient spiritual books. The unique and
benevolent campaign of distributing the various spiritual books in the Braille
script freely among the blind is being launched throughout India by the
samiti till now, over eight hundred copies of Braille books have been
published & freely distributed among Blind personal institutions.
Help our project - free Vedic scriptures and Stotras for the Blind people

The blind Jagadguru Sri Ramanandacharya with a blind boy

When someone bumps into us, or fails to follow the written instructions, we call him a blind
fellow. Yes, in India saying "Andhe ho kya?", meaning are you blind, is a Gali - an abuse or
insult. So what is the life of an unfortunate blind person like?

We can simply get up, go to the toilet, wash our hands and come back. It's an act about
which we don't have to worry. A blind person has to carefully feel his way to do this simple
thing. Going to the market to buy vegetables is not a problem for us but they need an
escort. As soon as we settle in a job, we buy a car, after prospering go for a bigger car and
dream of a Honda Accord or a Mercedes one day. The blind can't even dream of a bicycle.
And who will marry a blind person?

In spite of a million such difficulties and deprivations, many blind people are fighting it out.
They are studying and doing jobs which they can to earn a living and stand on their own

There are a lot of organisations which are helping the blind in many ways. Being a
religious minded person, I am involved with an organisation, Aadhyatmik Chetana Samiti
(Reg), which makes Vedic scriptures for the blind in Braille script and gives them free to
the blind schools and students.

You'll be surprised to know that till now there were no Braille script scriptures or
stotras for the blind people of India to read and learn. This is the first organisation
which has undertaken this task. Pt. Ram Kumar Sharma, who is a Sanskrit teacher at
the School for the blind New Delhi, started this with the help of a few other like minded
people and is providing the scriptures and stotras etc. to the blind schools and students

So far we have printed and distributed feely the following:

Shri Shiv Saharanaam

Shri Guru Geeta

Shri Stotra Piyusham(Part - ll)

Shri Hari Geeta (2- vols.)

Srimad Bhagwat Gita

(3 vol Sanskrit-Hindi)

Srimad Bhagwat Gita

(3 vol Sanskrit translitration-English)

Shri Hanuman Chalisa

Shri Durga Chalisa

Shri Bhajan Sangrah

Shri Sunder Kand

(Ramcharit Manas)

Shri Lalita Sahasranaam

Shri Vishnu Sahasranaam

Aditya Hridayam

Lakshmi Stotras

Krishna chalisa

Gopal sahasranam
In August 07 we conducted a stotras competition for the blind students.

Thanks to the good wishes and help extended by people like you we have managed
to complete a long cherished project, Bhagavad Gita for the blind people in Braille
script. This 1st ever Braille edition of Gita is with Sanskrit verses and Hindi
commentary and it was inaugurated on 30 November 2007 by Sri Jagadguru
Ramanandacharya Ramabhadracharya, (the Ramanuja Muth equivalent of a
Shankaracharya) M.A.Dlit in Sanskrit. He is an acknowledged Vedic scholar who
started the blind university at Chitrakoot, MP and is blind himself. It will be
distributed free of cost to all the registered blind schools and to any blind person
who wants it.

See the inaguration pictures

After that came the English version of Bhagavad Gita in Braille. ( The English
translation is by Swamy Paramahamasa Sivananda of the Divine Life Society,

Right now it is almost a 2 man project. Pt. Ram Kumar Sharma, who is a Sanskrit
teacher at the School for the blind, New Delhi, looks after putting together the
Devanagari script, editing the Braille composition, printing and distribution of the
booklets. I look after the fund raising and publicity. So any support is a morale
booster for us.

Braille is a writing system which enables the blind to read and write through touch. It
consists of patterns of raised dots (like embossing). As it must be understood by touching
the raised dots, it has to be fairly large. So it is in 16 point size and occupies more space.

For example my name looks like this:


This picture is the actual size

So the Braille script occupies approximately 3 times the space of ordinary print. It also
requires special printers and thick paper to print the raised dots. It doesn't exactly cost a
bomb but its not peanuts either.

Even if you are not rich, I am sure you can sponsor one MP3 CD or one Hanuman Chalisa
booklet for one blind child. Or a Vishnu Sahasranama, or a Durga Chalisa, or a Shiva
Chalisa? In most cases its less than 1% or 1/2% of our monthly income!! After all Vidya
Dan or giving knowledge in charity is said to be the best charity according to our scriptures.
If you cannot do one good act a day, can you do one good act per month or per year?

If you are interested given bellow are the various donation options. You can donate online
by credit card, or by online transfer by clicking on the "Click & Donate" links.

It is a registered organisation and you can see the registration certificate and testimonial
letters given to the Adhyatmik Chetana Samiti by Chief Minister of Delhi and Union Cabinet
Ministers by > clicking here
Send your donations to:

Adhyatmic Chetna Samiti (Reg)

Flat No. 3, 1st floor,
2.PP Block, Lakshmi Nagar
Delhi -110092
Mobile (0091) 9810207724

You can also visit their website

You can send cheque or transfer money to their bank a/c as follows:

Adhyatmic Chetna Samiti

ac no 10113006159
State Bank of India, IOC Lodhi road, New Delhi 110003

General Donations - click on the link to donate

All donations are entitled to 50% Income Tax exemption under Section 80G
Specific Sponsorship Amount
1.Sponsor an MP3 CD of 97 stotras & Bhagavad Gita Rs.51/-
2.Sponsor 120 MP3 CDs (One for each blind school)
In this case your name will be printed as the sponsor on all 120 Rs.6120/-
3.Sponsor ONE small booklet - Hanuman Chalisa or Durga
Chalisa or Shiva Chalisa or an Asthakam or Astottara Shata Rs.51/-
namavali of any Deity
4.Sponsor a minimum order of 50 as above
In this case your name will be printed in Braille as the sponsor on Rs.2550/-
all 50 booklets
5.Sponsor an order of 120 as above
In this case your name will be printed in Braille as the sponsor on Rs.6120/-
all 120 booklets
6.Sponcer ONE large booklet - Sahasranama of any Deity Rs.101/-
7.Sponsor a minimum order of 50 as above
In this case your name will be printed in Braille as the sponsor on Rs.5050/-
all 50 booklets
8.Sponcer an order of 120 as above
In this case your name will be printed in Braille as the sponsor on Rs12120/-
all 120 booklets
9.Sponcer 4 Bhagavad Gita booklets Rs.1001/-
10.Sponsor 200 Bhagavad Gita booklets
In this case your name will be printed in Braille as the sponsor on Rs.50050/-
all 200 booklets
11.Sponsor 500 Bhagavad Gita booklets
In this case your name will be printed in Braille as the sponsor on Rs120120/-
all 120 booklets