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Name: __________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

Math Science Technology Preparatory School PS197

Music in Our Lives 2016 / 2017
Mr. Brent C. Minet
Room #106

Course Description:
Music in Our Lives is a full year course that allows students to explore music and its influence on
the world around us. Students will create, perform, listen to, and analyze music from diverse
genres, and cover many social, cultural, and historical contexts from around the world. Students
will study how music says who we are as human beings and how we express ourselves through

Required Materials:
1. Three Ring Binder
2. Pen / Pencil

Grading Policy:

Grading Policy



As illustrated in the pie

chart, there are three main
criteria that your grade will
be based on. 50% of your
grade will be based on
classwork, 30% will be
based on participation
during class and 20%
percent will be based on
any tests given in class. It is
important to understand
the importance of each.

Classwork (50%):
A. Students are responsible for completing and handing in all of their work.
B. All work should be kept in their binder until the teacher asks for it to be handed
in. Keeping your work in your binder will reduce the risk of it being lost or

Name: __________________________________________________________ Date: ________________



C. All work must be handed in on time. This should not be an issue since we complete
all of our work in the classroom during class time. I DO NOT ASSIGN HOMEWORK!
D. If a student has an excused absence, it is their responsibility to see the teacher
regarding any missed work.
Participation (30%)
A. Students are expected to be in class every day. Attendance is the responsibility of
the student and his/her family and a key component to the success of the student.
The class discussions, activities and listening activities are designed with the idea
that students are in class. Students are also responsible for being prepared for
each class with the required supplies.
B. Students will receive 5 points for participation each class day.
1. If a student has an unexcused absence, they will receive a zero as
their participation grade for that day.
2. Each day, every student enters the room starting with 5 points for
their participation grade for that day. Students WILL lose points for
the following reasons.
a. Not participating or doing what you are supposed to do.
This can include using your mobile device, talking, sleeping,
or eating. You are expected to follow the rules of the school
and classroom that you are in at the time.
b. Each time the teacher needs to speak with you about failure
to follow rules or comply with teacher requests and/or
expectations, you will lose a point.
c. Sleeping will result in a zero for the day.
d. If a student is removed from the classroom by security or
administration, their participation grade for the day will be
a zero.
3. Any points lost due to an unexcused absence, tardy, failure to
follow classroom or school rules, or failure to comply with teacher
requests and/or expectations cannot be made up.
4. A tardy is defined as a student NOT being in their assigned seat
when attendance is being taken.
Tests (20%):
A. Tests will be announced or unannounced as determined by the teacher.
B. There will be a test at the conclusion of each chapter and/or unit.
C. The tests given in this class will adhere to an open notes policy. Students will be
able to reference all notes and classwork completed during class while taking a
test. Only notes and assignments that have been provided by the teacher in this

Name: __________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

Class Expectations:

School Rules:
Students must keep their hands, feet and other objects to themselves at all times.
Students must follow adult requests the first time they are given.
Food and drinks are not permitted in the classroom. Save them for the cafeteria.
Students must leave all of their outerwear in their lockers. This includes and is not
limited to hoodies, hats, headphones and backpacks.
Classroom Expectations:
Hoodies, hats and/or any other outerwear are not permitted in class.
Electronic and/or mobile devices are permitted in class.
Students will treat the teacher and each other with respect at all times.
Students will treat the room and all materials with respect at all times.
Students will be on time for class.
Students must be prepared with their binder, writing implement, notes and
Listen to the teacher at all times. Talking while the teacher is speaking or giving
instructions is NEVER appropriate.
No vulgarity
Class Routine / Agenda:
When the bell rings, students must be sitting quietly in their assigned seat. Any
student who is not sitting in their assigned seat when the bell rings, is tardy.
The first three to five minutes of every class will be dedicated to listening. The
class will listen to a piece of music, selected by the teacher. Each student will fill
out a listening log. The listening log will be handed in after it has been completed.
If a student is absent, late or chooses not to complete their listening log at the
appropriate time, it will not be accepted.
The rest of the class will be dedicated to instruction, individual and group
When the bell rings, students will be dismissed to their next class. Do NOT leave
anything behind. The teacher is not responsible for anything left behind. It is likely
that whatever you leave behind will not be there the next day.


Each time the teacher needs to address the student regarding conduct, they will lose a
point off of their participation grade for the day.
Parents will be contacted if a student receives a zero participation grade on a given day.
Students who are disrespectful or who create major disruptions will be escorted out of
the classroom by security or an administrator.

Name: __________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

For repeat offenders a parent/teacher/administrator conference will be requested.

Topics Covered:




The Foundations of Music:

A. The Pleasure of Music
B. Music as Culture
C. Experiencing Music
D. Find the Beat, Feel the Rhythm
Vocal Music and Music for Entertainment
A. Vocal Music
B. Rhythms that Dance
C. Opera and Beyond
D. Musical Theater
E. Music in Film
Music for a Cause:
A. Music in Political and Social Movements
Music History:
A. Jazz
B. Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Music
C. The Classical and Romantic Periods
D. Twentieth Century Classical Music
Music Occupations:
A. Making Musical Decisions
B. Musical Creators
C. Creating With Technology

Note Form the Teacher:

Each student at the Math, Science, and Technology Preparatory School is required to have at least
one art credit in order to graduate. Since you are signed up for this class, it is my job to help you
acquire that credit. I truly do care about all of my students and look forward to seeing each and
every one of them walk across the stage on graduation day. You are all my number one priority
and I will do all that I can to insure that you successfully acquire this art credit. In order for this
to work, we must understand that you and I are a team. I will do all that I can to help you achieve
success in this class, but you must meet me half way. If you are absent from class regularly, fail
to hand in assignments on time or behave inappropriately, there is nothing that I can do to help
you. I will help you, but you must also help yourself. I look forward working with all of you. Heres
to an outstanding year!

Name: __________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent/Student Declaration:
I have read, gone over and am familiar with the syllabus for Music in Our Lives. I understand what
the required supplies are, what the grading policy is, and what the expectations and
consequences are for this class. I also understand that starting on Monday, September 12, 2016,
my child will receive a zero for participation every day until this declaration is signed and handed
in to the teacher.
Student Name (print): ___________________________________________________________
Student Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: _____________
Parent Name (print) _____________________________________________________________
Parent Phone Number: _____________________________________________________
Parent Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: _____________

Name: __________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

Syllabus Review
1. What two materials are you responsible for in Music in Our Lives?
1) ________________________________________________
2) ________________________________________________
2. Should any of your belonging be left in the classroom when you leave? ________
3. If you skip class, what can you count on your participation grade for the day
being? _____________________
4. Your participation counts as what percentage of your grade? ________________
5. Your Classwork counts as what percentage of your grade? ___________________
6. Tests count as what percentage of your grade? ____________________________
7. How much homework should you expect to be assigned in Music in Our Lives? __
8. Who is responsible for making sure that all work is handed in on time? ________
9. List some things that you need to do in order to get all 5 points for participation.
10. Are you allowed to reference your classwork and notes during a test? _________
11. Where should your outerwear, such as hoodies and hats be during class? ______
12. List all of the classroom expectations below:
1) _____________________________________________________________
2) _____________________________________________________________
3) _____________________________________________________________
4) _____________________________________________________________
5) _____________________________________________________________
6) _____________________________________________________________
7) _____________________________________________________________
13. If you are asked to leave the classroom, what will your participation grade be? __