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About the book Loving London, writted by Angela

Roberta Oliveira 26/08/2015

If you would like to visit London but dont have enough money, the
book Loving London, written by Angela Tomkinson, its a good booby
prize. In it you will get some surprising information about this
beautiful city. The cover of the book brings some of the most
important Londoner symbols: the London Eye, the crown, the Big
Ben, the red buses and the royal couple: Willian and Kate.
The book has 26 chapters that talk about Art, Traditions,
Stores and all of these things that make what London is. The last
chapter is dedicated just for activities, where the students will test
their memory and have some fun, at the same time. Pages are richly
illustrated by Veronica Pozzi.
Londons buildings are a great attraction in this city. The
tallest building of London is The Shard: Its 310 meters and has 87
floors. It looks like a big needle. Other important skyscraper of London
is The Gherkin. This nickname is because it is similar a green
vegetable preserved in vinegar called gherkin. Some people think it
looks like a pineapple as well. If you like of a little adrenalin, The
London Eye is an option. It isnt a building, but its a monumental
roller coaster that measures 120 meters. But London pleases all of
tastes: you can say a little pray at Saint Paul Cathedral, or visit The
Parliament, or even more, adjust your watch looking to The Big Ben.
Loving London talks about the Londons Museums, too. One
of them is The London Dungeons, and it a pleasure for whom loves
horror stories. In Dungeons you can know about many strange things
that happened during the history, such as the serial killer Jack the
ripper, and the scary Sweeney Todd, who used make delicious pies
stuffed by human meat. These stories and many others are played by
actors in beautiful and creepy sets.
There are other museums in London. The Sherlock Holmes
Museum is one of them. There you can find the famous detectives
hat, and sitting on the armchair in the living room of 221B Baker
Street. Its a really exciting experience for all Sir Arthur Conan Doyles
stories fans.

But if you prefer cinema instead of theater, you must watch

the movies that were filmed or have London as its background. James
Bond is a great example! 007 is the British Crowns secret agent who
has licence to kill. He lives a lot of unbelievable adventures and kisses
a lot of girls as well. Daniel Craig is the actual actor who plays this
legend of London.
However, Harry Potter is the greatest success movie from
Britain. The film has a legion of fans all around the world and since its
premire, in 2001, has collected millions of dollars. In the Harry
Potters movies you can see the London Zoo, Piccadilly Circus, Kings
Cross and a sort of places from the city. Harry, Ron and Hermione ran
away the Death Eaters through the streets London in sixth movie,
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. That was awesome!
And did you know the Greenwich line is in London? Yes, it is!
The book Loving London brings the history behind of this world
heritage site. Actually, it is called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). At the
beginning it was used to speak about the time in Royal Observatory in
Greenwich, but it became a world time standard posteriorly.
Greenwich line is the prime meridian: the countries in its left have
fewer hours and the countries in its right have more hours. Its not
really complicated to understand it, just look at a world map and
youll can see all of these things.
We have a lot to say about the icons of London! The Red
phone boxes, The Red double-decker buses, The Black Taxis! Wow,
there are many things that mean the spirit of this city. Although the
cell phones are everywhere, is impossible resist to make a call in of
the iconic Red phone box. They were invented by Sir Giles Gilbert
Scott in 1924. The Red phone box was the winner of a competition
and took over the streets of the city. Red ones as well, the Doubledecker Buses are a big symbol of London, but its real name is
Routemasters. The people used to jump on and off them, because its
back was open. It sounds like a big exciting situation! But if you dont
like taking buses, you can take a cab! The Black Taxi Cabs were
introduced in 1950, but now you can find them in many colors, not
just black. The Black Taxi Cabs drivers have to know pretty well the
location of all streets of the city, otherwise they are forbidden to
You can go by Underground, too! Its also known as The
Tube. It is more than 150 years old! Around 3,5 million use it every
day. When you look the London Underground map, you can find some

interesting things: the figures of elephants, whales, birds and more

than 38 others animals!
The people of London are really multi-cultural. Theres an
estimative that 300 languages are spoken there by around 7 million
people. Thats a huge population! A big part of this crowd comes from
other cities next to London. These people are called Commuters: they
go to work in London every day, and then go back to their houses in
the evening. They are an important group for the economic field of
the city.
But the person who is known in the wide world is The
Queen! Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born in 1926. She has
been on the throne since 1953! Elizabeth is married to Prince Philip
and has 4 children: Anne, Andrew, Edward and Charles. The last one
is father of Princes Harry and William, who is married to Kate
Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. The Royal Family is a symbol of
the world monarchy, because of their traditions and to be a pop icon
for music, movies and art. They are marked of some scandals as well.
Everybody knows about the failed marriage of Prince Charles and
Princess Diana, dead in 1997. Betrayals and conspiracies were in the
cover of all English tabloids. That wasnt a happy union!
London is more than a city of traditions and monarchy.
London is place to get a lot of fun! You visit the many landmarks, go
to walk in its several parks, drink the tea, watch a football game, or
visit the London Zoo. Its a remarkable place to see and live! The book
Loving London shows how could fun and wonderful a city can be! I
love London and I believe you will as well after read this nice book!