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Integrated II Unit 4: Bivariate Data

Learning Resources
Learning Objectives
At the completion of this unit, I

The properties of a scatter plot

How to write the equation of a line

Vocabulary associated with bivariate


Be able to

Create a scatterplot
Identify a type of functions that
could be used to model the
Determine a line of best fit for an
approximately linear scatterplot
Use technology to determine a
regression equation for a linear or
exponential scatterplot
Identify the correlation for a linear
Interpret a correlation coefficient of
a linear scatterplot

- The relationship between a scatter

The links below connect resources to specific learning objectives from the unit.
These resources are intended to be supplemental and are helpful for review, study,
or catching up after absences.

Scatterplot website
Point-slope form website
Bivariate data flashcards
Scatterplot video
Scatterplot model website
Drawing a line of best fit video
Write the equation of a line of best fit video
Creating a regression equation using Casio video
Correlation coefficient website
Correlation coefficient video
Real world example video

plot and the line of best fit

Vocabulary of bivariate data

Bivariate data
Line of best fit

Regression equation

Correlation coefficient