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Two-Column Notes


Name: Rachael Henthorn

Class/Subject: EDTL 2670

MR Title(s): Why kids dont like Social Studies

MR Source(s): Schug, M., Todd, R., & Beery. R. (1984). Why kids don't like social studies. Social Education,
48(5), 382-387.
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My notes, commentary

I think this is a very good thought. We as

teachers need to be able to connect what we
importance of social studies is that we do not do a are teaching to the real world. Without any real
life connection then nothing we teach will ever
very good job of communicating why social
connect from the classroom to the real world.
studies knowledge and skills are valuable.More
care needs to be taken to tell students why social
One implication of student thinking about the

studies is important.

The most frequent student comment was that

local studies was boring. Most often, boredom
was attributed to social studies content, but
teaching methods were also mentioned.

While this research is just discussing social

studies I think this can be true for any subject
taught in school. If the teacher does not provide
the information in a thoughtful and exciting way
then the students will think that the subject is
boring. Great teachers can make any subject
fun and intresting.

The dominant reasons students preferred their

favorite courses to social studies were that the
provided more variety in instruction and more
opportunities for being successful.

I have never thought about how similar all the

social studies classes I have ever taken have
been. Its usually either a lecture, or notes, or
some kind of group project. I think social studies
teachers need to expand their range of teaching
methods and maybe borrow some activities
from students other classes to try and in
cooperate them into social studies.

Connections to previous MR:

In high school I had pretty decent social studies teachers. Some were boring but others really made
what we were leaning super intreating. But it wasn't until I came to college where I saw how much a
social studies teacher could really be. The teachers at BGSU are amazing. They helped me to fall in love
with history all over again and made me realize that I want to inspire the same kind of feelings in the
younger generation. The one part of the study I found hard to believe that most students favorite
subject was math. I remember very few peers throughout my education ever listing math as their
favorite. Maybe its because I love social studies so much but I do remember it being quite a few peoples
favorite subject. I did agree with the study though that most people don't love or hate social studies but
instead kind of tolerate it.