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I. Write T on the blank if the sentence states a fact.
Otherwise, write F.
______1. Promise are made to be fulfilled.
______2. When we make a promise we must forget about
______3. God was happy when Adam and Eve ate the
forbidden fruit.
______4. Adam and Eve felt guilty and scared after they
eat the fruit.
______5. Adam and Eve blamed each other for disobeying
______6. God made a promise to send His Son to save us.
______7. When we make sin, we are completely separated
from God.
II. Identify who said the following lines. Write the letter of
the correct answer on the line. Choose your answer from
the list in the box.
A. Eve
B. God
C. Adam

______1. I heard your voice and I was afraid.

______2. Why are you afraid? Have you eaten the fruit I
told you not to eat?
______3. The snake tricked me and I ate it.
III. God wants us to be happy. In return, we should also
make God happy. How will you make God happy? Write
your answers on the lines.
1. ______________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________

I. Color the correct picture of the person whom you will
call in the following situation.
1. I accidentally broke the take at home.

2. My tooth aches.

3. Someone took my bag.

4. I feel dizzy and hot.

5. The streets in our community are dirty.

II. Write T if the sentence states a fact. Otherwise, write

_____ 1. When someone calls us, we should ignore it.
_____ 2. We should respond to a call right away and with
_____ 3. Obeying our parents is also a way of obeying
_____ 4. God rewards those who obey Him.
_____ 5. Abram and Sarai are from the land call Ur.
_____ 6. God askes Abram and Sarai to go to a place
called Canaan.
_____ 7. After God called him, Abrams name was changed
to Abraham.
_____ 8. The name Abraham means the Father of Few.
_____ 9. The name Sarah means princess.
_____ 10. God promised Abram and Sarai that their
children will be as many as the stars in the sky.
III. Answer the following questions briefly.
1. What good characteristic or attitude of Abraham and
Sarah can we imitate?

2. How can we show our obedience to our parents and
to God?

I. Arrange the following events according to how they
happened in the story, The Call of Moses. Write 1-5 on
the blanks.
______ Moses got scared and fell on the ground.
______ Moses heard a voice calling him.
______ God is sending Moses to lead the Israelites out of
______ Moses saw a burning bush at the foot of the mountain.
______ God introduced Himself to Moses as I AM WHO I AM.
II. Write T on the blank if the sentence states a fact.
Otherwise, write F.
______ 1. The voice who was calling Moses is from Abraham.

______ 2. God chose Abraham to set His people free from

______ 3. Aaron is the Father of Moses.
______ 4. The pharaoh is the King of Egypt.
______ 5. God asked Moses to take off his sandals because he
was standing on the Holy ground.
III. Color the hearts with the attitudes needed in showing
Gods love and goodness to others.








I.Color the

if the sentence states fact. Otherwise, color

1. The Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Easter


2. The ashes used during the Ash Wednesday are

from the last years palaspas.

3. Lenten Season last for 40 days.

4. Lenten Season is a period of time when we

prepare for Easter.

5. The ashes remind us of our sins and the need to

ask for forgiveness.

II. Shade the box if the child in the sentence is preparing well
during the Lenten Season. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Lorna sorts out her old clothes and toys that she will give to


Arman spent six hours playing video games on the


Randy asked his mother to cook fish and vegetables instead

of his favourite chicken.


Mindy reaches out to people who she has hurt and asks for


Katherine lessened her time for playing and spent more time

III.Color the picture of the child who is preparing well

during the Lenten Season.