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International Journal of Philosophy Study (IJPS), Volume 3, 2015

doi: 10.14355/ijps.2015.03.002

Cold Mind: The Released Suffering Stability

P.P. Yupapin 1,2
Interdisciplinary Research Center, Faculty of Science and Technology, Kasem Bundit University, Bangkok 10250,

Advanced Research Center, Faculty of Science, King Mongkuts Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok
10520, Thailand


There are two popular methods of concentrations that have been successfully used and recognized, which are (i) forcing and (ii)
free concentrations by meditation and death consideration respectively, from which the contemplation and perception can be
performed and achieved. In both methods, the switching between bright and dark spirit signals in time is finally generated
when the deep meditation is in active, where the fast switching in time of spirit signal in time is introduced, from which the
increment in time of spirit signal is approached zero. This means that the spirit oscillation is stopping in time, thus, such
situation is known as cold spirit (mind), from which spirit signal is free from the external stimuli, i.e. happiness and suffering,
which is known as a neutral mind state.
Buddhism Philosophy; Quantum Buddhism; Buddhism and Science; Suffer Releasing; Neutral Mind; Nirvana

In Buddhism, human white spirit configuration can be introduced by the five Prefects incorporating the Eight
Noble Paths, which were established by Lord Buddha, and could be found in the Tripitaka book (William, E. et al.,
2009). Generally, human life time can be divided into three periods, where the first one, with the ages between 0-30
years, is called an elementary period; the second one is the middle period, with the ages between 31-60 years; the
last one with the ages over 61 years, is called the final period. In fact, the last period is currently becoming the
important one that should be obtained more intentions on life before death and beyond. Generally, there are two
main actors (quantities) of being spirits in universe, which are time (t) and energy (E). The product of them in
terms of changes is uncertainty, EiEj , where is the Planks constant divided by 2 (Yupapin, P.P. 2015(a)).
Spirit signal is assumed to oscillate in time, where the spirit energy is given by the product of Planks constant (h)
and frequency ().
Spirit is existed and originated at the same time with the time after Big Bang (Hawking, S.W. 2014). Since,
Buddhism is the actually concerned with beings and nature, where the being spirit is the human major concern
part rather than the body part, in which the body and organ functions are operated by the spirit (mind) commands,
where the mind-body relationship is automatically transferred by the sprit signals. The simultaneous mindfulness
is obtained by the Four Mindfulness Foundation (FMF) (Yupapin, P.P. 2014; 2015(c)), where the death
consideration is concerned. Principally, spirit energy is formed by the Rabi oscillation and distributed throughout
the body via the spirit networks (Yupapin, P.P. 2515(b); Ali, J. 2014). The minimum energy is occurred by the 4th
state of enlightened person (Arhat) (William, E. et al. 2009), where the harmonic oscillator of spirit is maintained
and recognized as the minimum energy (Hawking, S.W. 2014, Yupapin, P.P. 2015(b)), which is called a cold spirit
condition, from which the stable released suffering state is achieved. Cold atom is the process in atom when the
average speed of spirit is at rest, approached zero, from which the spirit total energy is approached zero, except,
the minimum energy is remained in terms of harmonic oscillator (Yupapin, P.P. 2014; 2015(b)), which is not
affected by the external excitation. In this concept, the cold spirit state can be used to describe the state of
meditation, where the neutral mind is the nirvana state, which is the situation between existence and nonexistence
From the author experiences, the long period of time with happiness, he has gained nothing. While it is the 5 years


International Journal of Philosophy Study (IJPS), Volume 3, 2015

of suffering, he can have some clues of Dharma. Given i, j are the bright and dark spirit signals which are
formed by the Eigen functions in Hilbert space, where they are oscillated in time since the origin of Big Bang. The
spirit energies of both quantities are presented in terms of Eigen value Ei and Ej, respectively, from which they are
generated by the spirit projection in Hilbert space and become the being the blueprints after death (Yupapin, P.P.
2015 (a); (b)). The basic requirement is the white spirit form, which can be achieved by following the five Prefects.
Since then the spirit signal is formed by the wave-function in Hilbert space. The Eigen-value relationship can be
expressed by H = E (Yupapin, P.P. 2015 (a)), where E is the total energy generated by the Hamiltonian operator
(H), where the total energy ET is given by ET=1 Ei + , Where Ei is the ithenergy values in the enlightened states,
while the final state is called Arhat (Buddhist saint), where Ei is the remaining minimum energy, which is the
harmonic oscillator energy.
Human mind is a master function of human body and all organs, from which all commands are recognized and
transferred to body and organs for mind processing and body function. The good things were generated by good
thoughts, where alternatively, the bad things are turned up. We are all Buddha followers, in which the world will
be safety remained by them in the future. In principle, the spreading of cold mind throughout the body is caused
by the stopping spirit oscillation condition (Yupapin, P.P. and Pornsuwancharoen, N. 2009), from which the cold
body is the outcome of cold spirit transferring state. The spirit energy is E = n, where n =1, 2, 3, 4 are the first,
second, third and fourth enlightened states, respectively. The Dharma body is the form of cold spirit
transformation energy. The cyclic Three Characteristics (William, E. 2009) are described as following, when t 0
and E 0, then EiEj . Where Ei and Ej are the bright and dark spirits, which energy exchanged,
respectively. Given E is the energy real value, then the ratio of Ei/Ej value is defined as the signal to noise ratio
of the bright and dark spirit signals, when Ej is approached zero, it means that there is no limitation of brain
Principally, all Lord Buddha statements are divided into three parts, namely, elementary, middle and final
statements, from which the period of human mind life time and education should be ranged by 0-30, 31-60 and
over 61 years, respectively. The white spirit signal can be obtained by following the Five prefects, Concentration
and Wisdom, where the Yoniso Manasikarn is also included (William, E. 2009), the dynamic 3D movements is
applied to obtain the state of wisdom, but the others are not. From Figure 1, the reduction of time duration
between suffering and happiness is the key performance of enlightened states, in which the change in time (t) is
0, which is known as the neutral mind (emptiness), i.e. the enlightened state, which is the Arhat person, and the
gap between the non-existence and existence is the neutral state, which is eventually reached the nirvana situation.




To achieve the cold mind state, we are required the regular practice of the five Prefects including the Eight Noble
Paths. The cold mind under the contemplation can lead to the appearance of the super natural power, while the
perception can lead to the generation of the wisdom, which can be achieved by the Three Characteristics practice.
The nirvana is the transferring state between existence and non-existence situation, which is namely the neutral
situation. When the spirit is in the cold spirit state, there is no effect from greedy, angry, wanderers, fear and selfconquer, which is the independent spirit. And the transferring from emptiness to be nirvana is achieved, where the


International Journal of Philosophy Study (IJPS), Volume 3, 2015

evidence is the remaining material, which is the everlasting material which called relics. In this concept, the spirit is
formed by the energy signal oscillates with time, which is called soul, where the stopping spirit with time (at rest)
is called mind, while the last one is the spirit projection (consciousness). Human body is functioned by mind,
which is claimed as a boss, while the body is a servant.


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Preecha P. Yupapin received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from City University of London in
1993. He has been a visiting professor with Kasem Bundit University and Kasetsart University,
Thailand since 2015. He has authored/co-authored more than 850 research papers in Google Scholar
database, 430 papers in Scopus database, 460 papers in research gate, 45 papers in Pubmed, and 45
chapters and books. His research interests are in multi-physics, spintronics, brain science, nanocommunication and networks, nano-medicine and beauty, nano-energy, quantum information,
quantum life and Buddhism philosophy. He has been appointed as an editor in chief and editorial
board member of more than 20 international journals.