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Issue : 10 Volume No : 10 ( August 2016)

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Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Pray for us


Pastoral Visits of
Most Rev. Elias Gonsalves,
Bishop of Amravati & Team.
(July- August 2016)

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Amn`m Xoem`m am`KQ>ZoZo g_m{d> Ho$bo`m gmd^m_, g_mOdmXr, Y_{Zanoj, `m`, g_Vm B. n{d
_y`mMm nwaH$ma H$$Z `mMr dmT> H$aUo ho Amnbo H$V` Amho. Amnbm Xoe bmoH$emhr _y`mda dmT>V amhmdm Am{U `mmao
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amoOr AmnU {VMm O_{Xdg gmOam H$aVmo. Amn`m g_mOmVrb gd A{Z>, A`m`r d AYm`m nmnr dmrbm Xa
gma`mgmR>r n{d _[a`oMm AmXe S>mo`mg_moa R>oD$Z Amn`mbm Z{dZ OrdZ OJm`Mo Amho, {V`m n{d, gmbg Am{U
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Amn`m Y_mVmVrb Am`mp_H$, ej{UH$, gm_m{OH$, Amamo` {df`H$ H$m`H$_ A{YH$m-A{YH$ gKQ>rV
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AmnUm gdmZm PQ>m`Mo Amho, Amnbo Hw$Qw>~ ho EH$ bhmZ (KaJwVr) {Vg^m Amho. m_`o AmnU Amn`m CVrgmR>r
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We Salute our Veterans

Fr. K. J. Joseph
Fr. K. J. Joseph was born on 23rd January
1932 and had as siblings three other brothers and 5
sisters. Though his Father married a second time
the siblings lived as one family. Fr. K. J. attributes
his call to the priesthood to the devout life that his
Grand Parents and Parents lived. Behind a
successful man is a woman it is said but for KJ, it
was his maternal uncle who himself being a Rector
of two Seminaries was the driving force to Fr. K. J s
vocation. K. J. Joseph moved out of kerala to
Mumbai in order to earn his living and deepen his
spiritual life. He lived very close to Mahim Church
in Mumbai where every Wednesday thousands of
people of all faiths come to present themselves at
the feet of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. No wonder
he has a strong devotion to Our Blessed Mother. In
Mumbai he learnt typing and later on was a tutor in
this same institute where he learnt the use of the
typewriter. Till date you can see him at his
typewriter. Moved with great passion for the
economically poor and spiritually poor K. J. moved
to Manmad where he was assisting Fr. Vincent
Fereira sj in the social works. Here he met late Fr.
PV Joseph MSFS who asked him do you want to
become a social worker or want to be a spiritual and
a priest. K. J. Joseph responded that he wanted to
bring the love and compassion of the Father to the
people and so PV Baba (as he was affectionately
called) proposed to Bishop Joe Rosario MSFS

Bishop of Amravati to accept him in the diocese

as a candidate for priesthood. K. J. Joseph at a
mature age of 38 joined St. Charles Seminary
Nagpur where he completed his Philosophy and
Theology. There were subjects his companions
could not understand and K. J. would like Jesus in
the temple explain to them the concepts and the
abstract matter in simple yet accurate way.
For K. J. Amravati was his home and so he
chose to be ordained in the diocese of Amravati
rather than his hometown kerala. On 28th April
1970 Deacon K.J. Joseph was ordained a priest in
our missions at Kholapur Parish by none other
than his mentor late Bishop Joe Rosario MSFS
Bishop of Amravati. Soon after his ordination late
Bishop Joe picked him up to be his secretary from
1976 to 78. Within two years he was appointed as
Parish Priest of Rasegaon where he continue for 3
years. He organized a camp for 45 days for 120
people. Bishop Joe felt that Fr. KJ with his
disposition to prayer and his love for the people of
all faiths brought him back to Amravati as Parish
Priest of the Cathedral where he served from
1981 to 1995. His pastoral ministry knew no
limit, he concentrated on building up the faith of
the people, distributing free bibles to the rst holy
communicants and the newly wed couples.
During these 14 years he spent in Amravati he
would go cycling to Paratwada to take classes for
our seminarians there. Mind you Amravati to
Paratwada is an hours journey by car, so you can
imagine by bicycle how long it would take. In
1995 He moved to Murtizapur a railway colony
parish for yet another long term of 12 years . His
commitment to prayer which done on his knees
daily brought the people closer to God and
created in them an interest for the church and its
functioning. Even today, the people there are
come forward and show keen interest in the

parish activities.
Fr. KJ's faithfulness to the diocese and his
uncompromising spirit of prayer was the reason of
his being appointed as Vicar General of the diocese
from 2007 to 2010 and again from 2013 to
For Fr. K. J. Joseph time spent in prayer
before the Blessed Sacrament is quality time spent
during the day. During his tenure as VG he would
daily lift the Bishop, Priests of the diocese in daily
prayer calling out by name and offering them to the
Lord. He has a daily schedule for this during his
time of prayer. He says its only prayer that can win
the world to Jesus.
His advice to us younger priests is, pray
always in your mind one of these prayers Jesus I

love you above all things (Jn21:15-19) and/or

Jesus Christ have mercy on me. Doing g this Fr.
K. J. says will bring about liberation in your life
from all evil and secondly everything that is done
will be transformed into worship Of God
As we surrender Fr. K.J. to the Lord we
thank him for his availability even today for
spiritual direction, preparing individuals for the
sacraments of baptism and marriage, for being
available for the sacrament of confession and
forever willingly praying over disturbed,
troubled and tormented people anytime of the day
or night and anywhere in the diocese. GOD
Fr. Mario Dsouza MSFS, Amravati


Born on 29th
June 1932, James is the 4th
child among 8 children
born to the Vakamala
family. James did his early
education at
St. Mary's the parochial school. At the tender age of
16, he joined the MCBS Congregation in Kerala
which had as its Novice Master Fr. Romulus cmi the
spiritual director of St. Alphonsa. It was here on the
second day of the Minor Seminary that James
picked up the motto of his life namely LITTLE
That is the day James said to himself I will follow
this maxim with utmost care and perfection.
While in Minor seminary, he suffered from
several bouts of Jaundice which made him weak in
the body but not weak in his vocation. After
completing minor seminary, he went to Mangalore
for Philosophy. Some are lucky to escape regency,
of course it has its own disadvantages too. James
too jumped straight from Philosophy to Theology
and that leap took him to Pune where he joined
Papal Athenaum in the Pre Vatican II days, where

classes and studies were in Latin. Obstacles of

learning a language can sometimes discourage us
which James too experienced but that did not take
him away from his focus. While in Pune he was
much attracted to the MSFS where he met .
Fr. Moget who encouraged him to join the
MSFS and so grabbed the offer extended to him.
James from now on, from Bro. James MCBS
became Bro. James MSFS after completing his
novitiate in Vizagapatnam in 1964. His rst
appointment as a religious was in the school
ofce of Little Flower School , Aurangabad till
1969 and at St. John's Nagpur till 1972. During
these years, he was encouraged by many a priests
like Frs. Moget, Joe Rebello, Kamat and Reggie
to continue his theological studies to be a priest.
Bro. James MSFS was seriously pondering over
this proposal when late Bishop Joe Rosario
MSFS once again ignited the spark of vocation to
the priesthood in him. He condescended to him
and joined Papal Seminary to complete his
theological studies at Pune as a candidate for the
diocese of Amravati. James was ordained a priest
at SFS Church and Little Flower School,
Aurangabad on 30 th March 1974. His rst

appointment was as Assistant Parish Priest of SFS

Church, Aurangabad and in the ofce of Little
Flower School. Later transferred to the missions of
Gogergaon where the great MSFS Missionary
Fr. Jacquier's tomb is and where through his
intercession many a miracles are claimed to be
happening. Bishop Joe found in Fr. James a man of
order and discipline and so brought him to the ofce
of the Bishop's house to write the accounts in 1977.
Fr. James was living the motto that he picked up in
the minor seminary in Kerala mentioned earlier and
that gave the condence to Bishop Joe to appoint
him as Procurator of the diocese and Superior of
bishop house from 1986 to 1996. In all, he worked
19 years in the Bishop's ofce right from 1977 to
1996. On the sad demise of Fr. MT Thomas MSFS
the founder of Nimbora Leprosy Centre, Fr. James
was appointed director while he continued with his
responsibilities as Procurator of the diocese and
Superior of the Bishop's House. Though he joined
the diocese of Amravati, the inuence of the French
MSFS Fathers was seen on him with a pipe in his
mouth while he went about performing his duties

very diligently. At that time there were no

computers and no clerical staff. From 1995
onwards to 2016 Fr. James like his patron saint St
James has been manifesting his devotion and
dedication to the inmates not simply by
professing his faith alone but by his good works as
Director of the Institute of Nimbora. He has been
residing there since 1996 till date.
His message for each of us: Once he heard
a priest commenting about some Sisters. The
priest labeled them as Sisters of Perpetual
Botheration That is the day Fr. James decided
that he would not to be a source of botheration to
anyone. He says he does all that requires to be
done by himself. Of course he humbly admits that
there is one thing that he does not like to do and
has not done. (nd it out personally from him to
know more about it)
The diocese is indebted to our dear
Veterans Frs. K. J. Joseph and James Vakamala
for their untiring service and above for their
outstanding commitment to the responsibilities
and to their exemplary life lived as Pastors

Fr. Mario Dsouza MSFS, Amravati

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2016 amoOr AZw^dd`mg {_imbr. `m ew^{XZr gnyU
Y_mVmbm Amn`m bmS>`m _Z{_imdw _|T>nmimMm hUOoM
{~en Ebm`g Kmogmb{dg `mMm O_{XZ _moR>m CgmhmZo
gmOam Ho$bm. A_amdVr Y_mVmbm ^y H$adr {_imbo`m m
XoUJr~b mWZomao na_odambm Y`dmX Xo`mV Ambo. m
{Xder {~enm`m {ZdmWu X`mMr Md Amhr Y_Jw d
Y_^{JZtZr MmIbr, Vr hUOo `mZm {_imbo`m XoU`m
`mZr dVH$arVm Z dmnaVm `m A_amdVr {Oh`mVrb
Am_h`m JV Hw$Qw>{~`mgmR>r XodyZ AmhmnyT>o EH$ AmXe
{Z_mU Ho$bm.
\$m. AmoZrb Kmogmb{dg

Thrust Areas : Faith Fromation

Let Heaven Rejoice and Earth Be Glad

Thank God once again Jesus walked on

the face of the earth, going about doing good in
and through and with the most beautiful person of
Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta who will be
proclaimed a Saint on 4th September 2016 in
Rome, with a heart full of gratitude to the Holy
Mother church .
Mother Teresa in the Land of Maharashtra
We are proud and happy to think the rst
M.C. home established by Mother in the Land of
Maharashtra was in Amravati in 1962. This is 8th
home among the 759 homes of 139 countries
where the Missionaries of Charity serve the
poorest of the poor in their distressing disguise.
Mother Teresa came twice to Amravati ofcially
and few other times for a short visit only to meet
our sisters.
On 23rd March 1962 the Late Bishop Joe
Rosario of Amravati wrote to Mother ever since
the erection of the new diocese of Amravati in
1955, it has been our great desire to have here in
Amravati some sort of home for the poor, the
destitute, and the crippled of whom there are so
many in the city. Having so often heard of and

later having an opportunity of seeing all the good

works that the missionaries of charity are doing in
I have often felt that there would be plenty of scope
for work for your sisters when they come to
Amravati.This is therefore to request you in name
of many poor, the destitute, and the crippled the
lepers and those abandoned to die on the streets, to
see if you could nd a way to send a group of your
sisters to start a convent in Amravati. So that they
can extend to many uncared for, here in Amravati
the wonderful charity for which they have so
generously devoted themselves.

Bishop Rosario of Amravati
Mother was very anxious to open the
convent on 14th June 1962; on 1st Saturday of June
1962 Mother wrote a letter to the sisters, asking for
prayers for Amravati foundation.
(Adapted from Letter of Mother Teresa to her
A Saint among Us
Mother left Calcutta by Bombay Mail with
the group of sisters on 14th June and reached on 16th
4.00 pm. at Badnera Station. The Bishop of
Amravati, Bishop Rosario with the Vicar General
and many other priests and brothers received
Mother and Sisters at the station. Within 20
minutes Communion and then had a Benediction
service. After the thanksgiving prayers when they
came out they found the Holy Cross Rev. Mother,
provincial and the superior and many sisters and
girl waiting to give a warm welcome to M.C.S. by
6.00 pm. They left for chaprasipura, a small little
house mud oor, and 10 minutes of walk, they
could reach the , where the sweepers of Amravati
lived in small huts. It was called Metharpura.
Next morning Bishop welcomed Mother and
I am happy to invite you and your good
sisters to te diocese of Amravati, where you have
so kindly arranged to start a new foundation of the
Missionaries of Charity. I am sure that sisters will

nd plenty of scope for work in the slums of

Amravati, especially in the city area, where there
are so many of God's poor and suffering. I am sure
that the devoted work and heroic charity of the
sisters will be a constant source of blessings on our
infant diocese of Amravati.
Mother stayed few days with the sisters.
The Bishop compound was used for the dispensary
work as well as the Leprosy Centre, within no time
Sisters were in need of establishing Shishu Bhavan
and Nirmal Hirday. Soon we were given the land.
Gradually we were able to build a convent, Shishu
Bhavan, and Nirmal Hriday.
Mother Second Ofcial Visit to Amravati
Mother arrived on 14th September 1966,
and on the same day the inauguration and blessing
of the house was done by the Governor of
Maharashtra, Mr. P. V Cheriyan Governor had
another function in which 800 leprosy patients
took part. Every patient received sweets from the
thanked Governor. At the end Mother thanked each
and every one with these words, My people the
poor, the blind, the crippled the sick, the leprosy
patients, my sisters. I thank you all, Mother
thanked the Bishop, Governor and his wife the
priests, sisters, and all the people of Amravati.
M.C's at Akola
The foundations of M.C home Akola was
laid on 16th July 1988. Mother gave her blessings to
all the sisters and prayed for them but she couldn't
be present due to her ill health. Even though for
past 25 years we have the home for the children, at
present it does not exist anymore. Since we don't
have any home for the children we are much free to
go in search of poor in the slums as well as villages
and we are able to bring Jesus to the poor as poor to
Jesus. Thus we are His presence, love and
compassion among them.
Preparation for Mother's Canonization
As we want our dearest Mother's
canonization to be a celebration with and for the
poor, we take up the following activities:
- Thanksgiving Mass with Bishop
- Novena in the Parish
- For Catholic families, homeless, shut-ins.
A day of recollection with preparation for

confession in small groups, opportunity for

- Holy Mass
- Film on Mother
- Games, cultural program, Meal etc
For families:
- Enthronement to Divine Mercy
- Consecration to the Immaculate Heart
- Five First Saturdays devotion
Pilgrim statue, etc
For Children:
Singing competition, drawing competition, quiz
- For young people: Pilgrimage, recollection etc.
- For the poor including non Christian and non
May our spiritual and material preparatio for this
event bring joy to the Heart of Jesus.
Mother Speaks on Holiness
Whenever Mother was asked to speak, she
spoke with conviction in these words Holiness is
not the luxury of the few but a simple duty for you
and for me. Holiness is within the reach you and for
me. Holiness within the reach of eveyone. The fruit
of holiness is found in season and out of season. We
must become holy not because we want to feel holy
but because Christ must be able to live fully in us.
Allow Jesus to live fully in you. That imitate union
is holiness. Let us spend ourselves with him and for
him. Let him see with our eyes speak with our
tongue, work with our hands, walk with our feet,
think with our mind and love with our hearts. Is this
not a perfect union, a continual loving prayers?
The Bread of Life and Hungry One
Jesus in his love for us, being rich, became
poor for us. Jesus gave himself totally to us in the
Eucharist to satisfy our hunger The greatness of
the Eucharist love, and the Bread of love. He made
himself the hungry one and he said I was hungry
you fed me our works of love are nothing but an
overow of our love for God from within, therefore
the one who united to him, loves her neighbor
most. Jesus goes on loving the world through you
and through me. It is we who have to be His love,
His presence, His Companion in the world of

Morther Speaks of Joy

Joy is prayer, Joy is strength, Joy is love,
and Joy is the net of love by which we can catch
souls. God loves a cheerful giver. She gives most
who gives with Joy. Accept everything with Joy.
Joy was the strength of our Lady too. She was the
rst Missionary of charity. She was the rst one
to receive Jesus physically, and carry Him to
others. Mary went in haste to give Jesus to others.
Joy would have given her the strength to go and
do the work of the hand maiden Joy is the sign
of our union with God. Joy is the result of a
normal heart burning with love.
Jesus loves you
Am I convincing of Christ love for me
and mine for Him? God loved the world so much
that he gave his only begotten son. Today God
loves the world so much that he sent you and me.
This conviction is the rock on which the sanctity
is built. It is like the sunlight which makes the sap
of life rise and the bud of sanctity bloom.
The Devil may use hurts of life,
sometimes our own mistake to make you feel, it
is impossible that Jesus really loves you. It is
dangerous for all of us and it so sad, because it is
completely opposite what Jesus is wanting. He is
waiting to tell you I love you always even if you
don't feel worthy.
Jesus loves you tenderly, you are precious to
Him. Turn to Jesus with great trust. Allow
yourself to be loved by Him.
The past belong to His Mercy
The future to His providence
The present to His love.
Don't be afraid you are precious to Him
Don't look for Him in far of land. He is not there.
He is close to you and He is within you.
The meaning of Mother's whole life was
Jesus Jesus was everything for her and
everything she did was for Jesus and always she
said Let nothing and nobody ever separate you
from the love you have for Jesus.



Mother Teresa. M.C

Mother House Culcutta
First Saturday in June, 1962

My dearest children,
One day St. Margaret Mary asked Jesus,
Lord, what wilt thous have me do? Give a free
hand, Jesus answered. He will perform divine of
sanctity, not you, and He asks only your docility. Let
Him empty and amend you, and afterwards ll the
chalice of your hearts to the brim, that you, in tour
turn may give of your abundance. See Him in the
Tabernacle, x your eyes on Him who is the light,
bring your hearts close to His Divine Heart, ask Him
to grant you the grace of knowing Him, the love of
loving Him, the courage to serve Him. Seek Him
fervently during this month of love.
Knowledge will make you strong as death.
Love him generously. Love Him trustfully without
looking back, without fear. Give yourself fully to
Jesus. He will use you to accomplish great things on
the condition that you believe much more in His love
than in your weakness; believe in Him, trust in Him
with blind and absolute condence because He is
Jesus. Believe that Jesus and Jesus alone is life and
sanctity is nothing but that same Jesus intimately
living in your only then His hand will be free with
you. Give yourself unswerving, conrming
yourself in all things to His Holy Will. Which made
known to you through your superior. Does not matter
who they are or what they are, as long as they are HE.
Love Jesus with a big heart. Serve Jesus with Joy and
gladness of spirit casting aside and forgetting all that
troubles and worries you. To be able to do all these,
pray like children, with an earnest desire to love
much and loved the love that is not loved.
To thank Jesus for all His Goodness to us
we shall make a special Novena to the sacred Heart
from the 12 t h June in preparation for the
enthronement of the Sacred Heart which has to be
made in each house on the 21st of June, Corpus
Christi. We shall all do it if possible around 5:00 or
5:30 pm. Let me know if this is possible for you to
arrange with the priests. I shall send you the prayers


of enthronement you must do it properly. After

this start slowly to consecrate every family to the
Sacred Heart and see that the children start their
nine rst Fridays. You could arrange to bring
them for Holy Mass.

Pray much for new foundation at Amravati. We are

leaving Calcutta on the 14th of June God willing.
Pray much for me.

God bless you, 


Compiled by Sr. Suma M.C.,


F.C.C Mini Synaxis at Dayasagar .

On 9th and 10th July 2016 , about 35 F.C.C.

sisters from different mission stations of Amala
Province, Bhopal gathered at Dayasagar campus
for the Mini synaxis and they were warmly
welcomed by Sr.Rosilind the superior. The
resource persons of the days were Sr.Princy Rose,
the Provincial Superior, Sr.Vinaya, (Vice
Provincial) Sr.Amritha, Zonal Councilor and
Sr.Lissy Jose.
The Inaugural address began by the
Provincial Superior quoting, The Lord God ,
Merciful and gracious, slow to anger and
abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness
(Ex.34/6). As Pope Francis announced 2016 as the
Jubilee Year of Mercy , we have taken the theme
for our Synaxis Evangelization through merciful
love. Be merciful as the heavenly father is
merciful (LK:6 /36 ) This goes in line with the

Motto of our congregation To Holiness

Through Lowliness and our F.C.C.
charism, to experience personally the poor,
humble and crucied Christ and to bear
witness to His gospel. The central theme of
MERCY which is at the heart of the
Gospel and the Extra ordinary Jubilee Year
of Mercy was also incorporated with it. The
decisions, suggestions, and the ndings of
the general synaxis were presented to us for
deep study and practice . In all the talks it
was stressed that we the daughters of St.
Francis, who committed his life to the
work of mercy , are obliged to accept any
sufferings and even death as a challenge for the
sake of the word as St. Alphonsa and Sr. Rani
Maria, the Servant of God, who shed their blood
and accepted death as martyrdom. We have to
give prime importance to direct evangelization At
the same time,our traditional apostolate of
education , care of the sick, family apostolate,
other social development activities must continue
with the aim of evangelization.
Most Rev.Bishop Elias Gonsalves also
enriched and enlightened the gathering with his
powerful message. He reminded us that we must
make use of all our apostolic activities as means
of evangelization with a merciful heart during
this Jubilee Year of Mercy. It was an enriching
gathering .


A{Y>mZ g_mamoh

A_amdVr Y_mV _| Zd{Z`wV nbr- nwamohrV H$m A{Y>mZ g_mamoh, {~en

Ebm`g Ho$ mam gnZ hAm & {XZmH$ 19 OyZ H$mo \$m. gm`_Z H$mo gV \$mgrg {S> gog MM
, {MIbXam Ho$ _wI nwamohrV Ho$ $n _| {Z`wV {H$`m J`m & {XZmH$ 25 OyZ H$mo \$m.Aobmo H$mo
\$m{V_m _mVm MM, AH$moQ> Ho$ _wI nwamohrV Ho$ $n _| enW {XbmB J`r&
{XZmH$ 26 OyZ H$mo \$m. Amamo`gm_rZo Amamo`_mVm MM, dS>mbr Ho$ _wI nwamohrV
Ho$ $n _| H$m`^ma g^mbm& Ed {XZmH$ 10 OwbB H$mo \$m. {d{nZ Zo _bH$mnwa, Hw$bJUm nbr
H$m A{YH$ma JhU {H$`m& {~en Ebm`g Kmogmb{dg, Omo g^r nXJhZ g_mamoh Ho$ _wI Wo,
ChmoZo AnZo dMZ mam g^r nbr nwamohrV H$mo AnZo H$V`m| Ed {O_oXmar`m| Ho$ ~mao _o
g_Pm`m &
g^r nXJhZ g_mamoh _| \$m. $noe S>m~ao, g^r nbr Ho$ Y_~hZ| Ed ^VJUmo Zo
~S>o Cbmg Ho$ gmW ghm`Vm XmZ H$s &

\$m. H$moZ}{b`wg Hw$Oya

Inauguration of New Reginal Superiors House, Yavatmal

It is a great joy for the congregation of
Poor Sisters of our Lady (PSOL), who
inaugurated a new Regional Superior House at
Yavatmal. Sr. Norma (PSOL) is newly elected
as regional superior. Rev. Bishop Elias
Gonsalves, Shepherd of Amravati Diocese
inaugurated a new regional superior house
with Holy mass. Fr. Mario the Episcopal Vicar,
Fr. Philip Ekka the Parish Priest of Yavatmal,
provincial of PSOL, Sisters and faithful were
present during the Holy Eucharistic
Celebration and prayed for Sr. Norma. After
the Holy Eucharist our Bishop felicitated and
welcomed her in the Diocese.



This is indeed a memorable event for the

Church in India and very especially for the Sisters
of the Cross, as Sr. Barbara Coutinho SCC
receives the Papal honour Pro Ecclesia et
Pontice. This honour was given to Sr. Barbara
for her 26 years of outstanding and unstinted
service as Sacristan in St. Francis Xavier
Cathedral, Amravati.
On Sunday, 3rd July, 2016, Solemnity of
St. Thomas the Apostle, during the Holy
Eucharist, Rt. Rev. Bishop Elias Gonsalves,
Bishop of Amravati conferred this honour upon
Sr. Barbara.
Sr.Barbara, along with the Priests and the
Bishop entered the Church in a solemn procession
for the Eucharistic celebration. Bishop Elias,
during his Homily, appreciated her dedicated 26
years of service rendered in the Cathedral and the
Diocese. He inspired the faithful by saying,
Sr. Barbara did ordinary works in an
extraordinary way for the love of God. Her
commitment and her perseverance were highly

The ceremony of awarding the certicate

and medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontice took
place before the nal blessing of the Holy
Eucharist. Fr. Rupesh Dabre, Secretary to Bishop
Elias translated and read the letter in Marathi and
English which was in Latin received from the
Holy See. He explained the symbols on the medal
and their signicance. He also gave a brief Bio
data of Sr. Barbara. With great joy, Bishop Elias
conferred the Insignia of the Cross [For the
Church and For the Pope] and gave her the
certicate received from Vatican.
On behalf of the 'Sisters of the Cross', the
representative of the Province of Amravati, Sr.
Teresa Jose and Sr. Teresa Pagare, Provincial
Councillor and Superior of Local Community
respectively, greeted her with a bouquet of
owers. Sr. Barbara thanked Bishop Elias for
this great honour of recognising her services to
the Church. Her youngest sister Eulalia
expressed her gratitude to the Bishop, Priests and
the whole assembly.
It was a great day for Sr. Barbara, for the
Sisters of the Cross and the whole Church in
India. Our special thanks to Rev. Bishop Elias
for his great efforts in obtaining this Papal
Honour for Sr. Barbara through the intervention
of His Grace Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio,
Apostolic Nuncioto India.

Fr. Rupesh Dabre

Secretary to Bishop Elias Gonsalves

Diocese of Amravati


Amhr dmMbmo Am{U Xodm`m A{YH$Va JmadmgmR>r gYr {_imbr

Jwdmar g`mH$mir nmM dmOVm Amhr K$Z
{ZKmbmo. Vr g`mH$mi IynM N>mZ hmoVr H$maU Vw_`m ^oQ>rMr
CgwH$Vm _Zmbm bmJbobr hmoVr. R>rH$ AmR> dmOVm JmS>r
A_amdVr Q>oeZda nmohMbr.
A_amVdVr Q>oeZda \$mXa OmogbrZ, ^r_amd d
b{bVm BJio d Am_`m {_d` JmdS>o Am_`m dmJVmbm
hmVmV Jwbm~nwn KoD$Z hOa hmoVo. Vw_M o_ nmhZ Amhr
^mamdyZ Jobmo. hr Va gwdmV hmoVr.
XmoZ JmS>m Amhmbm `m`bm Ambo`m, Amhr,
{~eghmD$gbm Jobmo.
R>rH$ Xhm dmOVm AH$mobm `oWo Om`M hmoV. AH$mobm
`oWrb Amnbo Zohr gVmof BJio mZr dmJVmMr O`V V`mar
Ho$br hmoVr. {ZKm`bm Vmgm^amMm CeraM Pmbm. _J AH$am
dmOVm _r, ~ZS> d {dgZ XmXm, ^r_amd BJio d JmdS>o XmXm
Am{U \$mXa OmogbrZ Am{U S>m`ha Ago {_iyZ gmVOU
AH$mo`m`m {XeoZo {ZKmbmo.
dmVmdaU IwnM AmhmXm`H$ hmoVo. hbHo$M nmD$g
gy$ hmoVm. EH$m gdmJgwXa Aem ghbrbm Amhr gwdmV Ho$br
hmoVr. H$m{nAmo JmS>r IwnM Amam_Xm`H$ hmoVr.
Am_`m Jnm aJmV Am`m hmo`m. gmYmaU drg
{H$._r. Mm dmg Pmbm Agob, Am_`m nwT>o ~H$Mr H$e hZ
OmV hmoVr. AMmZH$ VrMm a`mdaMm Vm~m gwQ>bm Am{U Vr
Kgabr. H$mhr H$mi Vr brn Pmbr Am{U `mM doiobm Amhr
`m JmS>rbm AmohaQ>oH$ H$$Z OmV AgVmZm Vr Ad`m H$mhr
jUmV Am_`m JmS>rbm `oD$Z YS>H$br. Am_`m S>m`haZo
Iyn `Z H$$Zhr `edr Pmbm Zmhr. EH$ O~aXV
\$moQ>gmaIm AmdmO Pmbm Am{U Am_Mr JmS>r a`md$Z
Imbr KaJiV Jobr, V~b VrZ doim nbQ>r KoD$Z Am_Mr
JmS>r CbQ>m {XeooZo Wm~br. Oohm AnKmV Pmbm Vohm Amhr
MS> ^rVrZo Amamo`m R>moH$`m `mhr n[apWVrV ~ZS>^mD$
{^D$ ZH$m hUyZ AmoaS>V hmoVo. VrZ doim nbQ>r KoV`m_wio
JmS>rVM Amhmbm O~a _ma ~gbm hmoVm. H$mhr jUmVM Amhr
gmdY Pmbmo. AmVm ~mhoa H$g nS>m`M ?
grQ>`m Imbr Amhr H$go~go nS>bobmo. VmoM _mJo

~gbo`m BJioXmXmZr `Z H$$Z XadmOm CKS>bm Am{U

hiy hiy KaJiV Amhr JmS>r~mhoa nS>bmo.
^rVr_wio Amhmbm Hw$UmbmM ZrQ> C^ amhVm `oV
ZhV. nU EH$ M_H$ma KS>bm hmoVm H$s Amhr gmVhr OU
{OdV hmoVmo. ZwgVoM {OdV Zmhr Va ghrgbm_V hmoVmo. gnyU
AJ R>UH$V hmoV, gnyU AJ WaWaV hmoV. ~mobVm `oV ZhV
nU S>mo`mnwT>o OrdmnmS> o_ H$aUmam `oey hmoVm. `mZoM
AbJX hmVm`m Am|OirV Y$Z Amhmbm _aUm`m
H$mimoImVyZ ~mhoa H$mT>bo hmoVo.
a`mda Ambmo Va AmVm ~arM JXu O_br hmoVr.
`oH$OU AmWoZo MmH$er H$arV hmoVm. H$mhr _XV hdr H$m?
hUyZ {dMmaV hmoVm. BV`mV nmobrg YS>H$bo. `mZr H$e
hZ ~mOybm Ho$br d H$Q>mob$_bm \$moZ bmdbm. \$mXamZr
A_amdVrbm \$moZ bmdbm Am{U Vmgm^amV \$mXa _m[aAmo
`oD$Z YS>H$bo. `mAmYr ~ZS>, {dgZXmXm d BJioXmXmZm
A_amdVr`m X`mgmJa hm nrQ>b_`o nmo h Mdb
hmo V , nmo b rg Q>o e ZMo gmo n H$ma AmQ>mo n y Z Amhrhr
XdmIm`mV Jobmo. \$mXa _m[aAmoZr JmdH$`m`m _XVrZo
JmS>r a`mda AmUbr Am{U Z V a dV MmbdV
nmobrgQ>oeZbm JmS>r AmUbr. hm XoIrb M_H$maM hmoVm.
H$maU \w$Q>VwQ> hmoD$Zhr JmS>rXoIrb gwM hmoVr.
BnoQ>a Omoer hUmbo, hm aVm \$maM Ymo`mMm
Amho. Amhr `oWyZ H$m`_ _wS>Xo Jmoim H$arV AgVmo. Vw_`m
AnKmVmMr ~mV_r {_imbr Vohm dmQ>b AmVm H$_rV H$_r
VrZMma Var hoS> ~mS>rO H$mT>m`m bmJVrb. nU Vwhr gmao
^m`dmZ AmhmV, Vwhr nyUnUo gwa{jV AmhmV, VoWo
hmnrQ>b_`o ~mV_r {_iVmM am~Q>m, b{bVmVmB hOa
hmo`m. CnMma KoD$Z Mma`m Xa`mZ Amhr nwhm
{~eghmD$gbm Ambmo. ~mV_r {_iVmM gVmof^mD$ BJio
AH$mo`md$Z d MH$mV dmZIoS>o jUmMmhr {db~ Z bmdVm
Am_`m ^oQ>rbm Ambo. H$YrMr AmoiI ? Hw$R>b ZmV Am_M
? nU hr XodmMr _mUg XodmgmaIr YmdV Ambr. ^y gH$Q>
nmR>dVmo, `mVyZ dmMdVmo Am{U o_mMm dfmd H$$Z qM~ qM~

gm`_Z _{Q>Z,dgB

Inter-religious gathering held

at khamgaon
On 6th June 2016 we the members of
FVNK along with our Parishioners and Interreligious friends commemorated the 8th death
anniversary of Fr. P.V.Joseph msfs, the founder of
Rev. Fr. Mario D'Souza msfs, the
Episcopal Vicar of Amravati Diocese presided
over the Eucharist and the Inter-Religious
gathering for the tribute there after. Fr Marcus
Ruptake msfs, broke the word of God, connecting
the theme of the gospel with the life and ministry
of late Fr. P.V. Joseph. "P.V Baba lived for the
uplift of the marginalized and poor of all faith."
We were honored by the heart touching
sharing by some of the elderly people from
different religions and our parishioners who spent
their memorable days with our beloved Fr. P.V.
Joseph. Fr. Mario, 1st in his sharing, urged the
gathered people to lead a meaningful christian life
by looking at the example of great

people like late Fr. P.V. Joseph. The tribute by

our guests made some of us, who haven't met
Fr. P.V. Joseph, know that he was a Missionary
for the poorest of the poor, voice for the
voiceless, shelter for the homeless, friend of
the unwanted, peacemaker for the troubled,
champion of the Inter- religious dialogue,
source of consolation to the jobless etc.
The ofce of the dead in Hindi at the
tomb of Fr. P.V.Joseph, was attended by
everyone present. As a sign of respect and love
for Baba everyone lit candle, incsence sticks
and placed on the oral tomb before the prayer
Priests, Religious and faithful from
Shegaon, Buldhana, Akola, Bhusawal,
Badnera and Khamgaon added colour to the
occasion with their presence and active
participation . The presence of our Inter-faith
brethren too enriched the function.

_bH$mnwa _o nmbH$ {Xdg g_mamoh

idnaaMk 20072016 kao Aar saI imaSana caca- malakapur maoM
pllaI maoM saBaI K`IstIya ivaXvaaisayaaoM ilea palak idvasa ka Aayaaojana
fa. ivaipna AaOr faitmaa ka^nvaonT ko isasTsa- ko naotR%va maoM ikyaa gayaa
[sa Avasar pr 8.00 bajao Saama ko piva~ imassaa bailadana maoM saBaI maata
iptaAaoM ko ilea sauMdr AaOr p`orNaadayak p`vacana Wara saMdoSa idyaa ik
pit pi%na ka @yaa kt-vya hO ek dUsaro ko p`it ek maata ipta ka @yaa
kt-vya hO Apnao saMtana ko p`it AaOr ek Ba@t ka @yaa kt-vya hO Apnao
[-Svar ko p`it
t%pScaat caca- ko baccaaoM nao Apnao maata iptaAaoM ka svaagat
AaOr puYpgaucC dokr SauBakamanaae^M idyao [sako saaqa saaqa [sa kaya-ma
kao AanaMdmaya banaanao ko ilae KolakUd ka Aayaaojana ikyaa gayaa AaOr
maataipta ka Pyaar fula AaOr KuSabau ko samaana haota hO
saBaI ivajaotaAaoM kao baaixasa dokr ]naka haOsalaa baZ,ayaa [sa kaya-ma
jaao ApnaI saMtanaaoM sao Alaga haokr Aqa-hIna hao jaata hO [sa
ko baad saBaI ko ilae naasta ka Aayaaojana ikyaa gayaa qaa AaOr gaa^Mva ko
jagat maoM hr [nsaana fula ko samaana hO jaao jaha^M khIM jaata hO vaha^M
saBaI CaoTo baD,o KuSaI sao Baaga laokr baD,o AanaMd sao kaya-ma saMpnna huAa
Apnao maata ipta ko Pyaar kI KuSabaU kao fOlaata hO
\$m. {d{nZ Amo[a`m

maOM bailadana nahIM bailk dyaa caahta hU mait 9 13

saMt yaaohna ka sausamaacaar 316 " [-Svar nao saMsaar kao

[tnaa Pyaar ikyaa ik ]sako ilae Apnao eklaaOto pu~ kao Aip-t
kr idyaa ijasasao jaao ]samaoM ivaSvaasa krta hO ]saka sava-naaSa naa hao
bailk AnaMt jaIvana p`aPt kro " sampUNa- piva~ baayaibala ka saar
[sa kuMjaI vaa@ya maoM inaiht hO jaao hmaaro p`it p`Bau ko p`oma dyaa AaOr
Anaukmpa kao dSaa-ta hO p`Bau caahto hOM ik jaao dyaa ]nhaoMnao hmapr
kI hO hma dUsaraoM pr kroM [sailae vao hmasao khto hOM bailadana
nahIM dyaa caahta hU samaya kI maaga kao Qyaana maoM rKto hue hmaaro
prmagau$ paop aMsaIsa [nhaoMnao [sa vaYa- kao "k$Naa vaYa-" ko $p maoM
GaaoiYat ikyaa hO prmagau$ paop aMsaIsa khto hOM p`Bau [-Svar nao
hmapr dyaa AaOr k$Naa barsaa[- hO ekdUsaro pr dyaa krao k$Naa
krao ek dUsaro kI madd krao yahI p`Bau yaosau hmaoM isaKato hOM yahI
sabakuC maOM BaI krta hU AaOr yao maOM sampUNa- )dya sao krta hU
"k$Naa vaYa-" GaaoiYat krnao ka ]d\doSya yah hO ik dyaa
AaOr k$Naa hma p`Bau sao p`aPt kroM AaOr )dya sao dUsaraoM pr dyaa kroM
[sa "k$Naa vaYa-" maoM dUsaraoM pr dyaa krnao kI Aadt hma Dala laoM
AaOr jaIvana Bar dyaapUNa- Balao kaya- krto rhoM tqaa AnaMt jaIvana
p`aPt krnao yaaogya banaoM
[-Svar kI dyaa p`aPt krnao ko ilayao hmaoM ]D,a} pu~ kI
trh Apnao ApraQaaoM pr idla sao pScaatap krto hue [-Svar ko pasa
laaOTnaa hO @yaaoMik [-Svar ko pasa laaOTnao pr doiKyao @yaa haota hO

laUk 1520 maoM "tba vah ]zkr Apnao ipta ko Gar kI Aaor
cala pD,a vah dUr hI qaa ik ]sako ipta nao ]sao doK ilayaa AaOr dyaa
sao d`ivat hao ]za ]sanao daOD,kr Apnao pu~ kao galao sao lagaa ilayaa
AaOr ]saka caumbana ikyaa " jaI ha [-Svar sao dyaa p`aPt krko dUsaraoM
pr dyaa krnao ko ilayao hmaoM sava-p`qama ek pScaatapI )dya ilayao [-Svar
ko pasa laaOTnaa hO
dyaa hmaoM iksa p`kar idKanaI hO hmaara pD,aosaI kaOna
laUk 103033 "ek manauYya yao$salaoma sao yaorIKao jaa rha qaa
DakUAaoM nao ]sao laUT ilayaa Gaayala ikyaa AaOr AQamara CaoD,kr calao
gayao ek yaajak nao ]sao doKa ikntu ktrakr calaa gayaa [saI
p`kar ek laovaI Aayaa vah BaI ktrakr calaa gayaa ifr ek
samaarI yaa~I Aayaa ]sa AQamaro vyai@t kao doKkr ]sakao trsa
Aayaa AaOr ]sanao ]sakI saovaa sauEauYaa kI " p`Bau caahto hOM ik hma hr
iksaI kao Apnaa pD,aosaI maanao AaOr ja$rt maoM ]sa pr dyaa kroM ifr
caaho vaao iksaI BaI jaait yaa Qama- ka hao yaa ifr kao[- garIba Anajaana
vyai@t hao yaa ifr vah hmaara Sa~u hI @yaaoM na hao @yaa hma eosaa kr
pato hOM
Aaja p`Bau yaosau yahI savaala hmasao kr rho hOM ik ijasa p`kar
maOM tuma pr dyaa krta hU @yaa tuma BaI dUsaraoM pr dyaa krto hao
jakyaa- ka ga`Mqa 79 "sabako saaqa dyaa AaOr k$Naa ka vyavahar
krnaa ivaQavaa Anaaqa prdoSaI AaOr garIbaaoM kao na satanaa na ek
dUsaro ko p`it duBaa-vanaa rKnaa "dUsaraoM ko p`it hmaara vyavahar kOsaa
hO ho p`Bau pa kIijae ik hma diryaa banakr dUsaraoM kao Dubaanao vaalao
nahIM ikntu jairyaa banakr sadOva dUsaraoM kao bacaanao vaalao banaMo
AMQakar maoM BaTknao vaalaaoM ko ilayao @yaa hma kBaI kuC kr payao hOM ho
p`Bau pa kIijae ik ijanaka ivaSvaasa dRZ, nahIM hO ]nako ilayao hma
sahI maaga- idKanao vaalaa ek dIp stmBa banaoM
saMt yaaohna ka phlaa p~ 317 "iksaI ko pasa duinayaa


kI QanadaOlat hao AaOr vah Apnao Baa[- kao tMgahalaI maoM doKkr ]sapr
dyaa na kro tao ]samaoM [-Svar ka p`oma kOsao banaa rh sakta hO
@yaa hma [-Svar kI dyaa AaOr p`oma panao yaaogya hOM
ho p`Bau pa kIijayao ik dUsaraoM pr Cae gama ko baadla maoM
hma sadOva raht ka [nd`QanauYa banakr camako
@yaa hmaara ivaSvaasa kmaao-M ko ABaava maoM inajaI-va hO

ho p`Bau hma pr eosaI pa kIijae ik hma [sa baat kao

hmaaro )dya pr AMikt kr laoM ik p`aqa-naa ko ilae jauD,o dao haqaaoM sao
BaI AiQak maUlya madd ko ilayao baZ,o ek haqa ka hO jaIvana Bar
Apnao dyaapUNa- Balao kayaao-M ko Wara hma hmaaro ivaSvaasa kao sadOva
sajaIva rKoM
gwg r Xod{g`m


Malkapur parishioners participating in charismatic

retreat at Tabor (Kalyan)
It was golden opportunity for the
parishioners of Malkapur to participate in
charismatic prayer at Tabor. More than 21
men and women experienced the love of
God in a unique way and felt Blessed,
renewed and supported by the prayers.
The charismatic retreat began from
Friday 22nd to 27th July 2016. Fr. Vipin
and Srs.Joana and silvhi are accompanied
to the parishioners. It was an appropriate
time to thank Jesus for choosing us to be
his own and renewed the faith.

TOT held in the Diocese of Amravati

Training of Teachers was held in the Diocese of
Amravati from July 15, 2016 to July 23, 2016. Fr. Michael
Gonsalves of the Diocese of Vasai was the main resource
person for this Training. Fr. Michael G. who has worked with
many National bodies like CCBI, Marathi Christi Sahitya
Parishad and he is also a well known social activist. He has
edited many books and has been giving seminars and sessions
to several groups. About 500 teachers from 13 different
schoolsof the diocese beneted from this seminar.
Fr. Rupesh Dabre

Y_{ejU {e~ra - amgoJmd MM

8 OyZ Vo 12 OyZ 2016

maorI [myaakulaoT caca- rasaogaaMva yaoqao paca idvasaaMcao iSabaIr

maulaaMsaazI rovh. fa. saMjaya baaoQak yaaMcyaa Waro Aayaaoijat krNyaat
Aalao haoto. iSabaIracaI sau$vaat 8jaUnacyaa saMQyaakaLI p`aqa-naonao
krNyaat AalaI. Baaopapur kapusatLnaI Asadpur prtvaaDa yaa
gaavaaMtUna lahana maulao iSabaIrasaazI Aalao haoto.
yaa iSabaIr Aayaaojanaacaa mau#ya hotU va ]d\doSa maulaaMmaQao
prspraMbad\dla p`oma AapulakI inamaa-Na krNao iSast kaya-t%prta yaa
gauNaaMcaa ivakasa krNao AaiNa to saud\Qaa p`BaU yaoSaucyaa iSakvaNaIcyaa
maaQyamaatUna krNyaacaa p`SaMsanaIya p`ya%na krNyaat Aalaa. Qyaana
saaQanaa p`BaU yaoSaucyaa baalapNaabad\dla maaihtI tsaoca baayabala vaacana
AaiNa Ba@tIigato Bajana GaoNyaat AalaI. ba`dr D^inayala AaiNa ba`dr
saitSa maaoro yaaMnaI maulaaMmaQyao rmamaaNa hao}na %yaaMnaa vaogavaogaLo KoL
saMgaIt AaiNa kahI naaTyaCTa k$na daKvaUna maulaaMnaa saud\Qaa yaa
KoLaMmaQyao AitSaya kuSalatapUva-k samaaivaYT k$na Gaotlao. %yaanaMtr
kahI KoL maulaaMmaQyao Asalaolyaa sauPt gauNaaMnaa vaava doNyaasaazI GaoNyaat
Aalao. kahI vyaayaamap`kar Gaotlao gaolao. fadr tvaamanaI yaaMnaI maulaaMnaa
Qama-iSaxaNa idlao. %yaaMnaI %yaaMcyaa maaga-dSa-naat AitSaya samap-k AaiNa

maaima-k ]dahrNaaMcaa samaavaoSa kuSalatonao kolaa.

isasTr mau@ta yaaMnaI maulaaMnaa iSakvalao. baayabala maQaIla
maulya ho baalamanaavar pirNaama krtIla ASaa ]dahrNaaMsah spYT
kolao. Bajana Ba@tIigato AaiNa p`aqa-naonao saMpUNa- vaatavarNa
Ba@tImaya hao}na gaolao. p`%yaok SvaasaaocCvaasaat p`BaU yaoSaUcao naava
Gaotlao gaolao. fadr sauBaaYa yaaMnaI baayabalamaQaIla saMbaaoQa spYT
kolao. dovaanao AapNaasa kSaa p`karo p`omaanao vaagaivalao ksao saMgaaopna
kolao va krt Aaho tsaoca AapNasaud\Qaa vaOr Baavanaa saaoDUna
prspraMvar p`oma k$na navaIna jaIvana sau$ kravao ASaa samap-k va
saMixaPt Sabdat maaga-dSa-na kolao. fadr maakU-sa yaaMnaI saaamaoMtacao
mah%va saaMigatlao AaiNa AapNaasa saaamaoMtacaI garja ka Aaho ho
saaMigatlao. tsaoca Aaplyaa pihlyaa saaamaoMtacyaa vaoLI p`BaU yaoSaU
ha Aaplyaa )dyaat yaot Asatao ho AgadI saaoPyaa sahja BaaYaot
samajaUna idlao.
fadr saamaI yaaMnaI p`aqa-naa kolaI. maulaaMnaI prspraMvar
p`oma kravao iSast ha gauNa AMgaI baaNaavaa ASaa p`karcaa saMdoSa
idlaa. tsaoca saMgaNakacyaa Waro maulaaMnaa p`BaU yaoSaUcyaa ica~iftI
daKivalyaa gaolyaa. id.12 jaUna raojaI fadr saMjaya yaaMnaI
Ba@tIsaagaratIla maaotI vaocat %yaaMcaa maulaaMnaa Aaplyaa jaIvanaat
p`oma SaaMtI dyaa xamaa yaaMnaa p`vaoiSat krNyaasa ]d\yau@t k$na
iSabaIracaa SaovaTcaa idvasa saMpnna Jaalyaacao jaahIr kolao. naMtr
piva~ p`aqa-naa GaoNyaat AalaI. saMpUNa- iSabaIracao Aayaaojana ho
AitSaya caaMgalyaa p`karo kolao gaolao.


Congratulations! Results of SSC, 2016
Name of the School
Mount Carmel School, Akola
St. Mary's School, Pusad
Holy Cross Marathi, Amravati
Holy Cross School, Akola
Holy Cross Eng. High, Amravati
St. Aloysious school, Yawatmal
Holy Cross School, Badnera
Dnyanmata School, Amravati
Fatima School, Paratwada

Appeared Passing



Marks in %






Mt. Carmel HSC, Akola, Highest (79.38%) 1st class with distinction (01) 1st class (04), & 2nd class (04)

kmZ_mVm hm`Hw$b `oWo, hmD$g BQ>mboeZ H$m`H$_ CgmhmV gmOam......

VmarI 13-07-2016 ~wYdma amoOr Wm{ZH$

kmZ_mVm hm`Hw$b`m ^` maJUmV Am_Xma lr_Vr `emo_Vr
R>mHy$a `m`m CnpW{VV d emioMo _w`m`mnH$ \$mXa Amamo`
gm_r`m A`jVoImbr hmD$g BQ>mboeZ H$m`H$_ CgmhmV
nma nS>bm.
dJ 5 Vo 10 n`V`m nyU {dm`mMo Mma hmD$g _`o
{d^mOZ Ho$bo. Vo hUOo by hmD$g JrZ hmD$g, aoS> hmD$g d
Wobmo hmD$g `oH$ hmD$gMo _wI d Cn_wI R>a{d`mV Ambo,
VgoM _wbm_YwZ gwm _wI d Cn_wI R>a{d`mV Ambo. by

hmD$gMo _wI lr AZV Q>m|Jio Cn_wI lr_Vr p_Vm ZmMUo

VgoM aoS> hmD$gMo _wI {`H$m ndma,Cn_wI , {dU H$mio
JrZ hmD$gMo _wI Om`gr qeXo, Cn_wI \$mgrg nmQ>rb
VgoM `obmo hmD$gMo _wI A^` `odVrH$a Cn_wI AMZm
\w$Q>mUo gd hmD$gMo AZwH$_o nr.S>r. Cfm, _oarH$mo_, {_ImqgJ
d `mZMX ho AmXe Amho. `m`m AVJV df^amV {d{dY
H$m`H$_ am~{d`mV {dH$mg gmY`m OmUma Amho. df^amV
gmH${VH$,em[a{H$ d doJdoJ`m H$maMo Ym{_H$ H$m`H$_mMo
Am`moOZ Ho$bo OmUma Amho. `mM_mUo _wbm_YyZ emioMm,{g.Ama._mQ>a nmag ehm.d E.Eg.{n.Eb. Ama,
O_rZ ~moago `mMr {ZdS> H$a`mV Ambr. `m H$m`H$_mbm
bm^bobo _wI A{VWr hUyZ \$mXa am_qgJ d \$mXa OmZ
_`y `mZr _wbmZm _mJXeZ Ho$bo. `mVyZ gd {ejH$mMm d
_wbmMm AmZX PiH$V hmoVm. `m_`o {gQ>a eoaob bmo~mo,
{gQ>a OmogZm, {gQ>a emo^Zm, emioMo gwnadm`Pa lr.
{gdamO Omogo\$ B`mXr _m`damZo H$m`H$_mbm CnpWVr
\$m. Amamo`mgm_r

Felicitation of Merit
Students in H.C.C.

Holy Cross Convent English High

School, Amravati arranged a grand programme
on 4th of July 2016 to felicitate the merit students
of SSC Board Exam March 2016.
The function commenced with the
welcome of the H.M. Sr.Nita and the dignitaries
(parents) with bouquette of owers. First the
H.M. and the supervisor garlanded the portrait of
JESUS and lighted the lamp. A meaningful
Prayers Service was conducted by the students of
Class 10th which started with the enactment of
the Biblical parable about the talents bringing in
the message of knowing and developing one's
talents to the fullest for one's good & for the
service of humanity.
Miss Aditi informed the gathering that
221 students appeared for the SCC board
examination. Our school is honoured to have
100% result. It was a moment of pride to know
that 61 students secured 90% & above.
Sr.Nita then felicitated the toppers
Apoorva Umak, Riddhi Kalantri, Shashwati
Timane, Vaishnavi Dhote, Sai Rajput and
Shalaka Nanoti with momentos and the other
students with owers.
The H.M. inspired the assembly through
her speech, highlighting the importance of
optimistic living and thus motivated the students
to live by 5' C ie: Character, Conscience,
Compassion, Commitment, and Competence.
One of the parents Mrs.Umak also
expressed her gratitude to the H.M., staff and the
management for the constant guidance and
contribution in the success of their wards
The function culminated with the vote of thanks.


Investiture Ceremony of
Holy Cross Primary , Amravati

The students of today are the visionaries

and torch leaders of tomorrow. To showcase the
leadership skills and abilities of our students the
most prestigious Investiture Ceremony for the
academic year 2016-17 was held in the Holy Cross
English Primary School, Amravati on 26th July
2016 at 9:00 am.
The programme began by garlanding the
portrait of Lord Jesus Christ, the biggest leader
and Guru by our respected Headmistress Sr. Elsie
followed by a very meaningful programme
seeking God's blessing on Headmistress, the staff
members and the students of the school. At the
outset Sr. Elsie, the Headmistress highlighted on
the objectives and functions of the school cabinet
and assigned the portfolios to the newly elected
Cabinet ministers and Deputy Cabinet ministers of
the school cabinet.
The oath was administered to them by the
chief guest of the function. The newly elected
Prime Minister of the school cabinet Miss
Shravasti Mahore thanked Sister Elsie, the
Headmistress, teachers and all the students for
giving her an opportunity to become the Prime
Minister of the school cabinet and assured them
that she would live up to the expectations and carry
out the duties diligently along with the ministers of
the school Parliament.
This ceremony has created a very good
impression on the students especially on the newly
elected school parliament. The prestigious
Investiture ceremony concluded with the School



Inauguration of New Scholastic Year- 2016. (27th
June)The day began with enthused spirit welcoming
the new and the old teachers and the students
presenting them a tree sapling each, giving a fresh
thought to enlighten the teachers and the students the
importance of caring the environment. Fr. Mathew
the Manager of the School ofciated the programme
with lighting of the lamp and the thought provoking
message. Sr. Shiny, the principal of the school spoke
of the light of true knowledge comes from God alone.
Captains' Investiture Ceremony, July 2, 2016
The day marked with thrill as the
School captains, House captains and the Class
captains promised themselves to be model, diligent
and responsible to help their friends to grow and
bring out their talents Fr. Mathew, the Manager of the
School presided over the function. He highlighted the
importance of the leadership qualities and
encouraged the young ones to march ahead with


Washim- Ya vatmal

Fr. Joselyn
Fr. Tavamany
Fr. Biju James
Fr. Cyriac
Fr. Sanjay Wankhade


Fr. Rijo msfs, Sr. Elsie SCC & Sr. Rachita FCC
Fr. Subhas, Fr. Sanjay & Sr. Arkang SU
Fr. Benjamin, Fr. Shimon & Sr. Sheeja FCC
Fr. KV Joseph & Sr. Lilly SCC
Fr. Philip, Sr. Aley PSOL & Sr. Ashalata SRA

Zonal Leaders are to have their rst meeting with the core group and submit the minutes by 31st of August 2016
to Fr. Mario D'Souza msfs
AGENDA: (1) Prayer (2) appointment of 5 members in the zone/parish to head the (a) BCC (b) Liturgy &
Faith Formation (c) Youth (d) Women (c) Corespondent for Amrarvani (zone to chose for these 5 areas from the
parishes to be the cordinator at the zonal level of the 5 groups) (3) Matters pertaining to (a) 25th Sept Program
(b) Zonal /Parish program for year of mercy and charismatic convention (c) BCC animation Program for the
zone/parish (c) collaboration with CRI (d) Celebration for the Fatima year as year of Family (4) Any other
* Please note the same agenda can be taken up in the Parishes
ZONAL LEADERS are to request the Parishes to have their meeting latest by 22nd August (before the meeting
of the Zonal Core Group meet) so that they can collate the reports from the parishes and present at the Zonal
Leaders meet a report from their Zone
Convenor : Fr. Mario D'Souza msfs



We live in a world which is technologically connected but socially fragile and
incongruous. A careful analysis of the myraid
causes of the outrageously radical
degradation of social norms among today's
youth would reveal a deep-rooted immoral
mind set which has contagiously
disseminated into immature minds. Although
it would be unfair to think of this as a
generalisation, it would nevertheless be
foolish to ignore this stark, dark reality
The reality of our teenagers and youth
getting lost in the deep ravine of social media
and internet, the reality of our youngsters
living in a virtual world, the reality of a
weakened bond between parents and children
and the reality of degradation of moral values.
As vices grip, a large portion of our
young generation it has become compulsively
incumbent upon the intellectuals in the
societly to strike the evil before it spurts more
The need of the hour is to imprint the
young minds with moral values, so that they
may be guided on the right path. The right
time to sow the seeds of moral values is when
the young minds are fertile and can be
moulded and shaped and what better way than
to incorporate these values in the core of
academic cirriculum with more sincerity and
earnest efforts.
Moral science has been a part of the
syllabus since long, but teaching it just as a
single subject is structurally ritualist. What is
needed is a holistic integration of moral
education into the entire curriculum and also

extra- curricular activities. It actually should

be a part of the education ethos. The thrust of
education should be building character along
with building career.

Our Indian history is replete with examples

of great souls like Mother Teresa, Mahatma
Gandhiji, and Dr. Abdul Kalam who were epitome
of values. We take their names with great pride.
Today let us inspire and motivate the young minds
to consider these great souls as their role- model.
Today we have to deal with a generation
which has been walloped into brazenness by the
247 social media. The schools have to teach them
to discern between the good and the bad. Moral
education can be imparted through language
studies and social sciences too, it is the duty of the
teachers to teach the children what moral lessons
are derived from the chapters of language, the
lessons of history and the social responsibilities
from civics. Sports is one of the best areas to
inculcate the values. Skill development and other
classroom strategies need to be devised to assist
character formation. Co-operative learning and
conict resolution skills should be into academic
It is the collective responsibility of the
government, the schools and the parents that such
a curriculum becomes a norm rather than an
exception. Let there be a more comprehensive
collaboration between the schools and the parents.
Parents too need to spend quality time with their
children. A close monitoring on the activities of
the children is a must in this technologically
progressive world.
We as a young entrepreneurial nation have
a lot at stake. Let us together lay a strong
foundation to build a strong nation.

Mrs. Nilima Pohakar

Fatima Convent High school,



{e`dmr narjoV {Z_bm {dmb`mMo ZoXrnH$ `e

EZE_E_Eg narjoV A_amdVr {OmVyZ gdm{YH$ 11
{dmWu nm VmbwH$m {V{ZYr /15 Owb
AOZJmd gwOu - A_amdVr {Ohm Jm_rU {d^mJmVrb _hm_m
`mo { V~m \y $ bo gdm} H $ > emim Agm Zmdbm { H$H$ Agbo `m
H$mnygViUr`m {Z_bm {dmb`mMo df} 2015-16 `m amQ>r`
Am{WH$Q>m X~bm KQ>H$ EZE_E_Eg narjoV V~b 11 {dmWu
{e`dmrH$arVm nm R>abo AgyZ Vmo {Oh`mVrb Jm_rU JmdmVrb CMmH$
^maV gaH$ma Xadfu Am{WH$Q>m X~b KQ>H$mVrb
{dm`mgmR>r dJ 8 H$arVm Aem narjoMo Am`moOZ H$a`mV `oVo. dm{fH$
Cn 1 bmImnojm H$_r Agbobo dJ 8 do Am{WH$ X~b {dmWu `m
narjogmR>r {dR> hmoD$ eH$VmV. narjoV Ho$di nmg hmoUo Cn`moJmoM ZgyZ
{e`dVr`m JwUdmm `mXrV {dmWu nm R>a`mV `mV Xadfu ghm hOma


$n`o Aer 24 hOma $n`mMr {e`dmr B`mm 12 drn`V m hmoVo.

`m_wio hr {e`dmr A{WH$ X~b KQ>H$mVrb {dm`mgmR>r A{Ve`
~h_mobmMr Amho. `m narjoV {Z_bm {dmb` H$mnygViUrMo {dmWu Xadfu
KdKdrV `e {_idyZ {e`dmrMm bm^ KoV AmhoV. `mdfugwm V~b
AH$am {dm`mZr _oarQ>{bQ>_`o `oD$Z emioMo Zmd {Ohm^a
PiH$drbo Amho.
`m `edVm_`o Hw$. dUdr H$me [eJUo, {ed_ g{Ve qeJUo,
Hw$. Jmar aqd nmWao, Hw$. nyZ_ ~m~wamd VwaIS>o, {`me JmoaIZmW dmZIS>o,
AwZamJ Za| ~Vybo, `mXd aqd gmoJmobo, Abog _moX A`H$a, Hw$. mMr
{dbmg BJio, Hw$. l{VH$m JOmZZ IS>go, Hw$. dUdr kmZoda MhmQ>o `m
{dm`m`m g_mdoe Amho.
`m gd `edr {dm`mMo gWoM mMm` aoh. \$m. Vdm_Zr
CnmMm` MhmU, n`dojH$ R>mH$ao, S>mbHo$, BJio, Vm`S>o, ~hmXao,JwhmZo,
d gm hoamoio, _S>_, `mZr H$mVwH$ Ho$bo

Medical Camp

Holistic health medical camp was conducted on

8th June 2016 This program was mainly conducted to
promote preventive & curative health care to every one
particularly to the poor & marginalized.
In this program Dr.Stephen, Dr.saurabh, Mr.
Pramod, Sr Ruth, Ms Nisha, Fr.Vipin Sr. Lucia & Fatima
sisters. The program started at 10.00 am with traditional
lighting the lamps there after, dignitaries' were welcomed
by us.
In this program patients were treated with various
sicknesses such as lyboma, anemia, scabies, dysentery,
malaria, diarrhea, kelloids received the treatment & those
patients surgical interventions were called for the blood
test on 13th June This program was ended at 3pm.

Awareness program conducted at Mojari & kulngana

Awareness programme was conducted on11th
& 25th June 2016, at Mojar & Kulangana villages on
water born diseases, personal & environmental
The purpose of this program to conduct and
to prevent illnesses occurring due to polluted water
and unhealthy habits of people.
The resource person for this program was Fr.
Vipin; Vidio clips & explantion Around 80 people
were present & through this programme awareness
was brought among the people on hygiene, safe
drinking water, sanitation and prevention of open

Social Justice & Developments

Jeevan Vikas Sanstha, Paratwada

Watershed Construction / Land Treatment Activity

































































Total Work
In Sq. Met.


Contribu on

20 % Local
Contribu on




Labor Covered




priority to people who were landless, poor and

marginalized families. Because of this watershed
construction work ground water will be recharged,
soil erosion will be stopped and soil moisture and
fertility will be rejuvenated and farmers will have
better agricultural produce and even some of the
farmers will be able to take double crops during the
year. This will provide them better livelihood and job
opportunity in the village itself. This will also reduce
migration of the tribal families because of which
children will be regular to the school. Beside this
watershed construction work JVS project staff also
availed MGNREGA work for the job card holders and
Watershed Construction/Land Treatment Activity:
provided job opportunity and better livelihood option
This program is supported by Manos Unidas, Spain and
for them.
implemented by Jeevan Vikas Sanstha, Paratwada. JVS
began the watershed construction activities from 1 Jan.
2016 till May 2016 in Nanduri and Sosokheda villages.
Under this watershed construction activities 64 farmers
have been covered and beneted from the watershed
construction work. Total 692 laborers from the project
villages received work and better livelihood support for
the family. Total 11758 square meter area of land
covered according to the need of land and its structure.
Under watershed activities JVS had did different types
of works such as Couture Bund, Stone Outlet,
Waterway, Farm Bund and WAT. For this work it gave


AmnmrJV eoVH$ar ghm` `moOZm

JV dfu H$_r nmdgm_wio gnyU _hmam>mV Zm{nH$s Pmbr.
Aem AdWoV {dX^mVrb eoVH$ar hdmbXrb hmoD$Z Am_h`ogmaIr
Q>moH$mMr ^w{_H$m KoVmo Amho. AZoH$ eoVH$`mZr Am_h`m Ho$bobr
H$aUo `m H$mhr dfmV {XgyZ `oV hmoVr. naVy _mJrb dfu`m Zm{nH$s_wio
gd eoVH$ar hVme Pmbo. hOmamo dfmnmgwZ gnyU OJmbm A nwa{dUmam
AXmVm AmO Z> hmo`mMr doi Ambr Amho. lr_V CmoJnVr A{YH$
YZgn hmoVmV Am{U J[a~ {~Mmam eoVH$ar J[a~M am{hbm. eoVrbm
nwaogo gmYZ Zmhr gmYZ Agbo Va {ZgJmMr gmW Zmhr.
A_amdVr Y_mVmMo _|T>nmi g_mZ{Z` {~en EbmEg
Kmogmdrg `mZr Aem An^wYmaH$ eoVH$`mZm `m`m eoVmV
Zm{nH$s Pmbr `mZm _XVrMm hmV g_moa H$$Z AmnmrJV eoVH$ar
ghm` `moOZo`m AVJV `oH$s10,000 $ Mr aH$_ Xody H$$Z
`mZm eoVrbm nwaH$ Agm OmoS>YXm H$a`mg mogmhZ hUyZ hr aH$_

OmJVr godm H|$ dm{e_ Zo Ago AmnmrJV eoVH$ar emoYyZ

`mMr `mXr V`ma Ho$br `m_`o A`V JaOy eoVH$`mMo AO ^abo.
`mMr d`VrH$ _m{hVr, XVdoO Jmoim H$aUo, `oH$mbm ~H$ar nmbU
H$a`mg 10,000 $ XoUo AemH$mao 13 OyZ nmgyZ `m eoVH$`mZm
_XV Ho$br. `mnwT>ohr A_amdVr Y_mVm AVJV An^wYmaH$ eoVH$`mZm
AmWuH$ ghm`mmao N>moQ>o_moR>o OmoS>YXo gw$ H$a`mgmR>r dm H$a`mV
dm{e_ Vmbw`mVrb Aem AZoH$ JaOyZm ghm` H$$Z `mZm
`m`m dV`m nm`mda C^o amh`mg d g_mOmV dm^r_mZmZo {OdZ
OJ`mgmR>r mogmhrV H$a`mMo {~enmMo EH$ dZ Amho d Vo dZ
gmH$ma H$a`mgmR>r OmJVr godm H|$ gXd Vna Amho.
Amhr Am_`m bm^m`mgh {~enmMo eVe F$Ur AmhmoV.

AmO emg{H$` Vamda 14 df} d`moJQ>mVrb _wbm-_wbtZm

_mo\$V Am{U gVrMo {ejU Amho. `mZVa`m {ejUmgmR>r IM
bmJVmo. Jm_rU ^mJmVrb J[a~ _wbr dm nwVH$mgmR>r IM H$$ eH$V
Zmhr `m_wio nwT>rb {ejUmnmgyZ _wbr dMrV amhVmV.
OmJVr godm H|$, dm{e_ Zo VimJimVrb _wbrMm {ejUmMm
Va CMmdm, `mZr CM {ejU `mdo, `m CoemZo _mo\$V dm nwVH$
{dVaU `m H$m`H$_mMo Am`moOU 20 OwZ amoOr Ho$bo. `mgmR>r `mZm
dmfuH$ 150 $. ewH$ AmH$ma`mV Ambo. df^amV `m`mgmR>r {d{dY
_mJXeZ {e~ra, gmH${VH$ H$m`H$_, {d{dY nYm Am`mo{OV H$a`mV
`oVrb. `m H$m`H$_m`m _m`_mVyZ {H$emoad`rZ _wbt`m ej{UH$,

Am{U `Vr_d {dH$mg `m nbyZm MmbZm {_iob.

gwaH$S>r, nMmim, _mohJhmU Am{U nM{eb ZJa dm{e_
`o{Wb _wbtZm dm-nwVHo$ {dVarV H$a`mV Ambr. {Xbobr nwVHo$
nwT>rb dfu m _wbr OmJVr godm H|$ H$S>o naV H$aVrb OoUoH$$Z
`mMm \$m`Xm nwhm BVa _wbtZm hmoBb.
`m H$m`H$_mbm A`j hUyZ g_mZ{Z` O`m AQ>r, {deof
_mJXeH$ AS>. {~.Or. _Wm`og `mZr _wbtZm H$m`Xo{df`H$ _mJXeZ
Ho$bo. _wI A{VWr,{g.amoeZ, {g. O`mQ>Zr, {g. Z{dZm Am{U {g.
AmembVm B. _m`da CnWrV hmooVo. _m`dam`m hVo dm, nwVHo$
{dVarV H$a`mV Ambr. H$m`H$_mbm AZoH$ _wbtZr {VgmX {Xbm.

OmJVr godm H|$ dm{e_

OmJVr godm H|$ dm{e_ AVJV {edU bmg (E{b _o OwZ 2016)
OmJVr godm H|$, dm{e_ `m`m {dX`_mZmZo Jm_rU
^mJmVrb _hrbm dmdb~r hm`m, Hw$Q>w~mMm Am{WH$ {dH$mg hmdm
`m CXoemZo d`amoOJma {Z{_Vr H$aVm `mdr `mgmR>r {edU dJ hm
n`m` {ZdSw>Z VrZ _hr`mMm _{eZ H$mog gw Ho$bm
gdW_ dm{e_ `o{Wb A`V _mJmg Am{U XbjrV dVr
nM{eb ZJa `oWo OmJVr godm H|$m Zo 15 _mM amoOr CXKmQ>Z
gmohim Am`mo{OV H$Z n[hbr ~M gw Ho$br.
1 E{b `m {Xder OmJVr godm H|$ `m {R>H$mUr Xg`m ~MMm
CXKmQ>Z gmohim gn Pmbm. `oWo gwaH$S>r, _mohJhmU Am{U
nMmim `m Odi`m IoS>mVrb 45 _wbtZr gh^mJ ZmoX{dbm

_{eZ bmg hm H$mog {VZ _{h`mMm {ZMrV H$Z _m{gH$

200 ewH$ AmH$ma`mV Ambm. gd _wbr bmgbm {Z`{_V
CnpWV amhV AgV. `m VrZ _hr`m_`o `m`mgmR>r MmMUr
n[ajm, gamd n[ajm, XeZ B. Ko`mV Ambo.
OZ {ejU gWmZ, dm{e_ `m AVJV 25 OwZ amoOr Xmohr
~MMr n[ajm Ko`mV Ambr. EHw$U 22 _wbr, _[hbm emgH$s`
_mUn {_idr`mgmR>r `m n[ajobm ~g`m. Vnwdu {Zamon
g_mamoh Am`mo{OV Ho$bm Jobm. `m H$m`H$_mg O`m AQ>r , {~.Or.
_Wm`og, {g. amoeZ, {g. Z{dVm, Am{U {g. AmembVm B
_m`damZm Am_rV H$a`mV Ambo. {d{dY gmH$VrH$ Z`
gmXa Pmbr.

Amravati Diocesan Social Forum : Orientation Program

One day orientation program of social,

pastoral and medical heads of the different
Institutions of Amravati Diocese was held at
Jeevan Vikas Sanstha, Paratwada from 10 A.M. to
4.30 P.M. on Saturday 30th July 2016. The
program began with invoking God's blessing
through prayer and hymn. Fr. Benjamin Horo, the
Executive Director of JVS welcomed the chief
guest, resource person, dignitaries and all the
participants. This orientation program was
organized under the dynamic leadership of
Bishop Elias Gonsalves in order to help the Priests
and Nuns involved in the ministry of Pastoral,
Social and Medical. He made each of us aware of
the need to be working in co-ordination with
Diocesan Social Forum as one umbrella.
Rt. Rev. Bishop Elias Gonsalves in his
presidential address appreciated and approved the
dedicated service done by different institutions in
the Diocese. He emphasised that the emerging
need for the Diocesan Socio-Pastoral and Medical
apostolate are networking and co-ordinating with
Government as well as with likeminded NGOs
and institutions for the smooth functioning of our
NGOs or institutions. He emphasised that we need
to come together and need to put our heads and
mind together. Thus it is necessary to have our
pastoral plan.
Rev. Fr. Richi SVD the Vice - Provincial
of Mumbai Province was the resource person of
the day. He enlightened the participants with great

conviction as to how we could work in coordination and as a federation in order to achieve

the mission of the Church and rights of the poor.
He emphasised that this coordination would be a
platform whereby our institutions and NGOs
come together in order to strengthen and support
one another and face challenges unitedly. He
also sensitized each of us what was the situation
before and what are the concepts of development
taken place now. He spoke about different
approaches and strategies to be followed.
He made each of us aware that nobody
can work in isolation and as a federation we could
achieve a lot and great impact can be made in the
lives of people when we work as a federation. He
further enlightened the participants with his vast
knowledge and experience on working and
coordinating with different NGOs and
Government. In order to achieve the result based
work we need to have a clear monitoring system
and evaluation in each institution or NGOs.
Regarding federation, he explained in details
about Intra -Networking and Extra -Networking
and functions of federation.
During the second half of the day, we also
had group discussion on issues related to social
development, women empowerment, health,
children and education followed by presentation.
At the end of the session Sr. Lydia the InCharge person of Women's Cell came in with a
report presentation on Women's Policy of the
church. After her session, Bishop formed a
committee for women's cell and asked the
committee to work for the women development.
Thus at the end of the day Sr. Rosemary thanked
Bishop Elias, Fr. Richi the resource person and
all the participants and concluded with a thanks
giving hymn.
Fr. Benjamin Horo

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nM{eb ZJa, dm{e_ hm dm{e_ n[agamVrb A`V
_mJmg ^mJ, nMm`VamO `dWo`m >rZo hm ^mJ ZJa n[afX
_`o `oVmo. Jo`m AZoH$ dfmnmgwZ amoOJmamgmR>r IoS>m_YwZ bmoH$
`m ^mJmV {dWm{nV hmoVmV. B-bmgMr OmJm YZ bmoH$ `oWo
amhVmV. `m n[agamV emgH$s` `moOZo`m A^md AgwZ nmUr nwadR>m, aVo, bmBQ> B`mXr gwIgmo`r Zmhr.
_mD$Q> H$m_}b n[ae d OmJVr godm H|$ `m`m g`wV
{dX`m_mZmZo nM{eb ZJa XmH$ Jm_ hUwZ {ZdS>bo Amho. Jo`m
dfmnmgwZ bmoH$m`m _wb^wV JaOmH$S>o bj Xo`mgmR>r {d{dY
CnH$_ hmVr Ko`m`m CXoemZo Jmd ^oQ>r H$m`H$_ Ko`mV Ambm
OmJVr godm H|$ Vo nM{eb ZJa `m _Yrb AVa 4 {H$._r Mo
Amho. hr dVr 650 KamMr AgwZ OdiOdi 3,000 hOma
bmoH$g`m Amho. {dWm{nVm_`o _mVJ, _hma, _wbr_ bmoH$mMr
g`m OmV Amho. {MZ Am{U BVa _mJmgdJ H$_r AmhoV.
Jm_rU ^mJm_mUo `m dVr_`o EH$M AJUdmS>r Amho.
bmoH$m`m g_`m nwH$i AmhoV. `oWo emgH$s` emim, {dX`mb`,
gmdO{ZH$ nmUdR>m, nHo$ aVo B`mXtMm VwQ>dS>m Amho. EHw$UM

{OdZ_mZ hmbmH$sMo Amho.

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~mbH$ m`mgmR>r {d{dY H$m`H$_ hmVr KoVbo. `m dVrVrb J[a~
_hrbmZm MmXa dmQ>n Ho$bo. {_g gobr{~eZ H$arVm Am_{H$
H$U {d{dY dVw Xo`mV Am`m. Hw$nmo{fV ~mbH$m`m
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nwVH$, dmQ>n Ho$bo. _hrbm d _wbtZm dV:`m nm`mda C^o
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doimodoir _mJXeZ H$a`mV `oV Amho.
Mmbw dfmgmR>r 0 Vo 5 d`moJQ>mVrb _wbmMo$ gd}jU H$Z
AJUdmS>r Mmbw H$aUo, Hw$nmo{fV _wbmH$S>o bj Xo`mMo `o` Amho.
VgoM n[ae_Yrb bmoH$mMo ghH$m` d Am{WH$ _XV KodwZ _wbm`m
ej{UH$ Am{U emararH$ JaOm nwa{dUo.
n[agamVrb _[hbm d _wbr Cgmhr Am{U H$m`Vna AgwZ
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H$gmogrZo `Z H$marV AmhoV.

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,Am_Mm {dH$mg, `m CnH$_m`m _m`_mVyZ JmdmVrb `oH$
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JmdmVrb g_`m g^o_`o _mS>m``m AmhoV.
nMm`V g_rVr, dm{e_ H$Sy>Z Zo_UyH$ Ho$`m Jobobo
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H$a`mV Ambr. Jm_nMm`V g{Md lr H$mio gmho~ `mZr `m
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Am_Mo Jmd Am_Mm {dH$mg `m CnH $ _m`m

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Jo`m. g_`mMo dmMZ Ho$bo. Jm_nMm`V g_`mZm
mYm`H$_ XodyU nmM dfm_`o nyU H$aUma Amho.
gmYmaUVm OZ, OZmda, OJb,Ob Am{U O_rZ
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Jm_g^obm CnWrV amhU g^og {VgmX Xrbm.



H$m[aVmg B{S>`m bm dj{_ nwaH$ma

H$m[aVmg B{S>`m, `y {Xbrmam gMm{bV goQ>a \$ma
Bhm_}Q>b Q>{S>O BZ gmoeb goQ>a, (_bH$mnwa Vm. {MIbXam)
`mZm gZ 2014 `m N>nVr {edmOr _hmamO dZlr dj{_
nwaH$ma _w`_r Xod| \$S>Udrg `m`m hVo ZmJnya`m
_mZH$mnya `oWrb S>o{S>`_da 29 Owb amoOr Am`mo{OV
gmohi`m_`o XmZ H$a`mV Ambm.
djbmJdS> d gJmonZ, emdV eoVr, nmanm[aH$
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AS>dm-nmUr {Oadm, gma CO}Mm dmna d OZOmJVr, n{S>H$ O_rZ
{dH$mgmgh n`mdaU gdYZmH$[aVm Ho$bo`m CboIZr` H$m`mMr
XIb KoD$Z am` emgZmZo H$m[aVmg B{S>`m mam gMm{bV g|Q>a \$ma Bhm`_|Q>b Q>{S>O BZ gmoeb goQ>abm gZ 2014 Mm
N>nVr {edmOr _hmamO dZlr dj{_ nwaH$ma XmZ Ho$bm Amho. AmVaam>r` `mK {XZm{Z{_m `m nwaH$ma {dVaU gmoh`mMo
Am`moOZ H$a`mV Ambo hmoVo.
_w`_r Xod| \$S>Udrg, H|$r` dmhVwH$_r {ZVrZ JS>H$ar, dZo d {dm_r gwYra _wZJQ>rda, D$Om_r MeoIa
~mdZHw$io,n`Q>Z_r O`Hw$_ma amdb, Am{Xdmgr am`_r A~[ae Amm_, dZg{Md {dH$mg ImaJo, gOZ ^JV `m`m CnpWVrV
gMmbH$ \$mXa Ombr `m`mgh gm_m{OH$ {dH$mg A{YH$mar _wHw$X Xoe_wI `mMm 25 hOma $n`o amoI, _mZn d _Vr{Mh XoD$Z
Jmad H$a`mV Ambm. (VmbwH$m {V{ZYr)

Tree Plantation Program at Dnyanmata School, Tiwasa

Tree Plantation Program was held on 22nd July 2016 at Dnyanmata English Medium School,
Tiwasa, Dist. Amravati. The Branch Manager, State Bank of India, Tiwasa was the Chief
Guest while all the Staff from SBI branch was present for the function along with Fr. John
Mathew, the Principal; Srs. Monica, Vivian, Luiza, Teachers, Parents and students of the


District Collector Kiran Gitte inaugurates Tree Plantation

at LRR Centre, Nimbhora
On 7th June 2016, a District level Tree Plantation was organized at "Ish
Sharan" Leprosy Relief and Rehabilitation Centre, Nimbhora by the
ofce of Assistant Director of Health Services (Leprosy), Amravati.
District Collector Mr. Kiran Gitte IAS was the Chief Guest and
attended by Dr. Arun Raut, District Civil Surgeon; Nitin Bhalerao,
DHO; Suresh Kachawar, DIO; Tukaram Aulkar, ADHS; Dr. Ankush
Shirsat, Medical Ofcer, Dr. Pratima Bhorkhade, Dr. Khadse, Fr.
James Vakamala, Fr. John Mathew, Srs. Cicily Francis, Elsa Mary and
Seema Francis were present as the Guests of Honour. The staff at LRR
Centre worked hard for the success of the programme.

n`mdaUm`m Xmar Amnbo `Z !

n`mdaU `m eXmMr H$mQ>oH$moanUo `m`m H$a`mMm AQ>Q>mhmg

qH$dm n`mdaU hUOo H$m` Vo R>a{d`m`m `Zmnojm n`mdaUm_`o
H$emMm {dMma hmoVmo hm {dMma H$aUo Amd`H$ Amho R>oM bmJ`mZVa
Amboobo ehmUnUm `m dnmV n`mdaU ~XXb {dMma Ho$bo Va Vo
A{YH$ gmoBH$a Pm`mgmaIo dmQ>Vo H$maU gw{dYm Am{U gnVrMm
A{V h`mg, `m~amo~aM A\$mQ> bmoH$g`o_wio dmT>`m JaOm
`m `mnmo Q >r n drdarb Z g {J H $ gmYZgm_J r Mm dmna AmVm
Ymo H $mXm`H$ pWVrV nmo h Mbo b m Amho . `m_w i o hmo U m`m
n`mdaU`mhmgmMo X`n[aUm_ Ho$di gOrdm`m H$mhr {d{e>
OmVrnwaVo _`m{XV amhUma ZmhrV Va ^mdr {nT>mMo OrdZhr Ymo`mV
`oBb. gOrdg>r_`o _mUwg, VgoM gd mUr njr ObMa Am{U
H$moQ>mdYr gw_OVy `mMm g_mdoe hmoVmo. VgoM {Z{Odg>r_`o ^y_r,
gmJa, _mVr , nmUr, IS>H$ , hdm, `mMm g_mdoe hmoVmo. `m gdmMm
nang~Y hmUOo n`mdaU hmo`. Am{U hUyZM `m n`mdaUmg~Yr
g_`mMr _m{hVr {dm`mZm AgUo JaOoMo Amho. `m nojmhr A{YH$
JaO Amho Vr {dm`m_Yrb Amd`H$ OmUrd OmJVr Am{U `j
H$VrgmR>r g_nH$ _ZmodVrMr OmUrdnwdH$ `Zm{edm` {dmWu

_Zmda ho gH$ma AmnmoAmn KS>Vrb hr Anojm `W Amho hUyZM n`mdaU

{ejUmMo ho CXXr> Am_`m hmobr H$mg _amR>r hm`Hw$b`m {dm`mda `j
d A`jnUo q~~d`mMm `Z Ho$bm OmVmo. emioVrb {n`m`m nm`mMm
dmna H$arV AgVmZm Oo nmUr AZmdYmZmZo dm`m OmVo Vo nmUr Xg`m _moR>m
Q>m`m_`o O_m H$Z emioVrbM PmS>mZm Vo nwa{d`m OmVo. VgoM emio`m
B_maVrda nS>Umao nmdgmMo nmUr ho nmBnbmBZmao Q>m`m_`o gmR>dyZ
O{_ZrV {Oad`m OmVo. djmM _hd `mMo gJmonZ h`mMo _mJXeZ
{dm`mZm {Xbo OmVo. Am{U `j H$Vr `wV gh^mJ {_imdm hUyZ `mdfu
{dmWuZr`m hVo AemoH$, Am~m, H$Sy>qZ~, {Zb{Jar `m djmMr bmJdS>
H$a`mV Ambr {dm`mZr d :Vm h`m PmS>mZm emioV Am`mda nmUr XoVmV d
djm`m gJmonUmH$S>o bj XoVmV.
m~amo~aM emioVrb `oH$ dJImo`m~mhoa `oUmam H$Mam, emio`m
AmdmamVrb PmS>mMr nmZo, \$mX`m B`mXrMr {dhodmQ> bmd`mH$arVm emio`m
_mJ`m ~mOwbm _moR>R>m IS>S>m H$U Vo nwZ Hw$Odbo OmVo. VgoM {dm{WZrZr
bmpQ>H$`m {ne`mMm H$_rV H$_r dmna H$amdm h`m`m gwMZm `mZm
doimodoir {X`m OmVmV. A_amdVr ehamV bmpQ>H$`m H$M`mMm nwZdmna
H$a`mMm Omo H$n am~{d`mV `oV Amho `mH$arVm emioVrb AZoH$
{dm{WZrZr KamVrb Q>mH$mdy bmpQ>H$ AmUyZ Amnbm hmV^ma bmdbm hmoVm
Aem_mZo hmobr H$mg _amR>r hm`Hw$b `m Am_`m emioV ~mbd`mnmgwZM
n`mdaUm{df`H$ gdoXZ{ebVm, Am{U H$VrYmZ, _w`m{Y{> gH$ma
{dm`mda Odbo OmVmV. mV gdmV _moR>m hmV^ma emio`m AmXaUr`
_w`m`m{nH$m {gQ>a _mJoQ> mMm Amho. `m doimodoir {ejH$mZm _mJXeZ
H$aVmV. {ejH$mXdmao H$Vr`wV ghH$`mMr Anojm Hoo$`m_wioM emioV n`mdaU
{df`mV {d{dY CnH$_ am~{d`m OmVmV. `mdZ Amn`m bjmV `oBb H$s
{dm`m`m H$Vr`wV C\w$V gh^mJmdaM n`mdaU `e Adc~yZ Amho.
gm. {H$aU ^w {eJmao

ajm ~YZ gmohim

A_amdVr _`dVu H$mamJh, A_amdVr `oWo {XZmH$ 18 AmJQ> 2016 amoOr A_amdVr Y_mVmVrb A_amdVr PomZ V\}$ ajm ~YZmMm
gmohim nma nmS>`mV Ambm. m gmoh`mgmR>r {~en Ebm`g Kmogm{dg, {gQ>a Om` _mQ>uZ VgoM {gQ>a barZ \$Zm{S>g mMo _mJXeZ bm^bo,
VgoM BVa \$mXg, {gQ>g d ^{JZtZr m H$m`H$_mbm Amnbr CnpWVr XedyZ ^mdm-~hrZt`m AVyQ> o_mMr dmhr {Xbr. {~enmMr H$mamJhm _YwZ
~mhoa nS>`mZVa EH$ ZdrZ, {ZVmV-gwXa, n[adVZ_` {OdZ OJ`mMm bmI _mobmMm gXoe H$Xr ~mYdm`m AVH$aUmn`V nmohM{dbm. eodQ>r
H$Xr ~mYdm`m hmVmda ^{JZtmao amIr ~mYwZ, H$mamJh A{YjH$ T>mobo ga, OmYd ga, d BVa H$_Mm`mMo X`mnmgwZ Am^ma _mZyZ, \$i dmQ>nmmao
H$m`H$_mMr gmJVm H$a`mV Ambr.




24th & 25th September 2016

24th September 2016 : Adoration Confession Holy Eucharist
6.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Priests will be available for confession
25th September 2016 : Blessing of the Statute:
Procession: Eucharist: Cultural Programme
3.30 pm (at the Convent of Missionaries of Charity) blessing of the Statue of Mother
Teresa followed by procession to the Cathedral
4.00pm : Solemn Eucharistic Celebration in the Cathedral
6.00 pm : Cultural Programme at Dnyanmata Open Air Auditorium

_Xa VoaoOm mMm gVnXm`m _aUmW

A_amdVr Y_mVm_`o {deof H$m`H$_
24 Vo 25 gQ>|~a 2016
24 gQ>|~a 2016
doi -g`mH$mir 6 dmOVm
AmamYZm, nmnpdH$ma {dYr, n{d {_gm~{bXmZ

25 gQ>|~a 2016
doi- g`mH$mir 3.30 - _Xa VoaoOm`m {V_obm (nwVim)

AmerdmX d {_adUwH$

4.00 ^` {_gm~{bXmZ
6.00 ZmJar gH$ma d H$m`H$_


Pastoral Visits of
Most Rev. Elias Gonsalves,
Bishop of Amravati & Team.
(July- August 2016)

Hw$Qw>~ H$`mU Am{U gbmgodm H|$
qMVmJV !!!

AmnU VUmdJV, qMVmJV AmhmV H$m` ?

AmnU _mZ{gH$ doXZoZo V , S>moHo$XIr_wio,

emaarH$ doXZo_wio {Zame AmhmV H$m` ?

hmo`, AmnUmgmR>r OmJm Amho, EoH$`mgmR>r `Vr Amho, Am{U g_OyZ Ko`mgmR>r _XV Amho,

Amn`m godogmR>r
Hw$Qw>~, OmoS>nr
H$mQw>{~H$ OrdZ gwYma`mg _mJXeZ
H$mQw>{~H$ d ddm{hH$ OrdZmV g_m`moOZ
H$mQw>{~H$ ZmVo g~Y gm^miUo
nana gdmX g_`mMo {ZamH$aU
nmbH$dmMr H$me`

VUmd !!! {Zame !!!

A`mg H$me`, b` H|${V gyMZm
nmbH$-{ejU-{_ g~Y gm^miUo
gw`mo` _r {dH$grV H$aUo
{ZU` j_Vm Am{U gKf g_mr

nm`-nmbH$ g_OyVXmanUm
Hw$Qw>~ H$`mU Am{U gbmgodm H|${~eg hmD$g AmdmamV,
hmobr H$mg emiog_moa, _mJXeH$ {g.S>m. emVr..........
doi - gH$mir 9 Vo Xnmar 12/gmo_dma, ~wYdma, ewH$dma

This August 2016

Issue is Sponsored by
St. Xavier s Cathedral
School, Amravati