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A bank is a financial company that is responsible for
attracting resources in the form of deposits and lend
money, as well as the provision of financial services.
Banking, or the banking system, is the set of entities or
institutions that, within a particular economy, offer the
service of bank.
Confirming bank
Financial Institution that arises in the operations of
documentary credit. In particular, a confirming bank or
confirmer is one financial institution that undertakes to
pay the beneficiary the amount set in the documentary
letter of credit at the time of the documentation
necessary to make valid the operation
Remitting bank
The bank that has the instructions to handle collections,
which in turn directs the bank collector.

A beneficiary is the person or persons designated by

the insured, or which shall be entitled to the sum
insured in the event of his death.
Contingent beneficiary
The life insurance death benefits paid to a beneficiary.
The main beneficiary is the person who receives your
death benefit. A contingent beneficiary is the one who
receives the money when your primary beneficiary dies
before you do. This recipient is not required in a policy,
but you should consider appointing one.
Primary beneficiary
s the person that the insured chooses to receive the
benefits of life insurance. If designated more than one
primary beneficiary, you must indicate the percentage of
profit that you should be paid to each os primary
beneficiaries. These percentages must add up to 100
%. If any of the primary beneficiaries no longer qualifies
for membership or dies before the insured, the
percentage of profit that you will be paid to appropriate
the remaining primary beneficiaries.


It is a contract, a document is usually written in laying down
conditions and positions on a particular agreement.
Arbitrates clause
It is the specific act by which the parties exercising their
contractual freedom and autonomy of the will to submit to an
arbitration procedure the differences that come from a legal
relationship contractual or tort determined; the autonomy of the
resolutive condition
As a guarantee of payment deferred in the sales of real estate is
an instrument of obvious utility for that we build at the time of
facilitating the sale of our assets, but to the auctioneers at we are
interested in much more when we find ourselves the resolutive
condition as registration load in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Used to describe the act and consequence of moving

something from one place to another. It also allows you
to appoint those gadgets or vehicles that serve for this
purpose, leading individuals or goods from a particular
site to another
Carriage by air
Transport by plane is the service of moving from one
place to another, passengers or cargo, through the use
of aircraft, with lucrative purposes. If this transport
military purposes, it is included in the activities of
Carriage by land
The land transport is transport that is performed on the
earth's surface. The vast majority of land transport is
carried out on wheels. It is the transport of the primitive
human being.

It is a container for shipping or river, ground
transportation and multimodal transport
Con-air container
It is a type of intermodal container equipped with a
refrigerator motor that allows the transport of goods
temperature-sensitive, such as fruits, vegetables,
dairy, meat, chocolate, wine, pharmaceuticals,
chemicals, etc.
Dry bulk container
Allows the direct load is exported to condignatario
without any extra handling. Has hatches in the roof
to fill it out and gates on the front panels for your
drain. It also has doors as the standard container of
20 # 039 ;, which also allows to be used for general

Activity is a part of the logistics function which
aims fit goods, services and information directly in
the place of consumption (to the end customer).
Delivery against acceptance (d/a)
Merchandise or shipping documentation that must
be delivered against the acceptance of a bill of
Delivery against payment
Process of simultaneous exchange of securities
and funds to the liquidated a operation in the
securities market, through the central custod.



The "lack of capacity to make, receive, or learn

something; or of understanding or intelligence; or
the lack of preparation, or means to carry out an
act. "

It is a occurrence of fire not controlled it can

scorch something that is not intended to burn.
You can affect structures and living beings.

Partial permanent disability

Is the situation in a person that totally or partially
incapacitated for work in final form presumably.
Temporary disability
It is a situation in which labor is the worker while
you receive health care from the National Health
System (Spain) or of the Work-related Accident
and Occupational Disease and this prevented from
working, taking with a maximum duration

Forest Fires
Phenomenon that occurs when one or several
combustible materials in the forests, jungles, and
other areas with vegetation are consumed in
uncontrolled manner by the fire, the same that
you can get out of control and spread very easily
over large areas.
Is any fire intentionally provoked, for whatever
reason. Fraud is a reason, but there are many
other motivations. Numerous fires of this type are
li- pany to vandalism, i.e. by untrained attacksagainst property without any real interest.



Is linked to the rental of a means of transport.

The term may refer to the rental price, the load
being transported or to the vehicle being used.

A commodity is any "What can you sell or buy",

usually the term applies to economic goods

Freight collect
Contractual term that indicates that the seller
pays the freight of the goods to the destination
specified. Any additional cost and the risk of
loss or damage of the goods is transferred
from the seller to the buyer when the goods will
be delivered to the custody of the first carrier.
The term can be used for any means of

Damaged goods
It is precisely the damage suffered by any goods
transported or stored.
Are all those goods that have undergone a process
of transformation by adding or transformation of
their components. And that is put on sale in
standardized presentations or a single presentation.

Freight prepaid
Means that the freight will be paid at the port of
shipment, against the delivery of the original
documents by the shipowner.



It is a term that has several uses and meanings.

One of the most frequent is linked to the
exclusive right to use a word, phrase, image or
symbol to identify a product or a service.

It is, by extension, that space designed and

specifically oriented to the flow of goods, people,
information, or to give shelter and security to those
boats or ships commissioned to carry out these

Mark Staff
It is a notion of personal development that is to
be considered one same as a trademark, which
like the trademarks, you must be prepared,
transmitted and protected, with encouragement
to differentiate themselves and achieve greater
success in the social and professional
It is an image that is inserted into a document. Its
purpose is, generally, to inform about the
authorship of a writing or photo. You can also be
used to record the nature of the security
clearance (confidential, private, public, etc. ).

More usual of port is associated with the space,
located in a waterfront or on the coast, allowing the
vessels develop operations of unloading and
loading or landing and shipment
Dry Port
It is an intermodal terminal inside, connected by
road or rail track with one or several maritime
terminals, with the ability to delay the customs
control at the entrance in the dry port.

It is a field extension of considerable
dimensions and that it presents a way to
band or strip.
Free Zone
This is a delimited territory of a country
where it is possible to enjoy some tax
benefits, such as the exception of the
payment of import duties on goods, as well
as exemptions from certain taxes or a
different regulation of these.
Rural areas or rural landscape are concepts
that identify the geographic area described
as rural, that is to say, as opposed to urban.
It is studied by the rural geography. It is the
equivalent of the common uses of the terms
"field" and "agro".

The conflict is a situation in which two or more
individuals with competing interests come into
confrontation, opposition or undertake actions
mutually antagonistic, with the objective of
neutralizing, damage or delete to the party's rival,
even when such verbal confrontation, so as to
achieve attainment of the objectives that motivated
the confrontation.
Social Conflict
Refers to a form of widespread conflict between
relevant social groups that constitute a society.
Labor Dispute
The dispute right or interest that is raised between
employers and employees. The negotiation to ensure
the settlement of labor disputes carried out between
the trade union representatives or Unitarians of
workers and employers or their representatives.

To what serves to close.
The closing of sales

It is a particular unit type fraseologica which is
neither locution or simple lexia or stated
phraseological lexia or textual.

It is a stage of the selling process where,

after having submitted a product to a
potential customer, and have coped with
their objections, you attempt to close the
sale, that is to say, we are trying to induce
or persuade him deciding to purchase.

Private placement

Cash box closing

It allows the implementation of money in circulation

in the economy, i.e. the banking generates a new
money from the capital or resources that gets
through the collection and, with these resources,
credit is available to individuals, companies or
organizations that request them

The process of closing down box provides

a comprehensive report of the treasury of
the day.

Emissions are instruments that are not offered to

the general public, but are instead offered privately
to a group of investors.
Banking placement