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David M. Cox Elementary School Dream It! Believe It! Achieve It!


Cox Cub News

Cox Families,

Volume 6, Issue 1
August 29-Sept 2, 2016

Mrs. Tara Imboden, Principal

Welcome to our first week of the 2016-2017 School Year at David Cox. The staff and I are eager and ready to start another year and are
dedicated to providing effective instruction that challenges each student at a level commensurate with his or her ability in a safe
environment. As we are encountering continued changes to curriculum, assessments, and the manner in which instruction is delivered and
reported to parents, standing together we will embrace these changes and work diligently to provide the highest level of instruction to our
I value your input and your participation. Please understand that throughout each school day, I am in classrooms, on the playground, in the
lunchroom, attending meetings, and handling student issues. I will make every attempt to return calls that day or at the latest within a 24hour period. My email is provided at the top of this newsletter and I check emails every day.
Thank you to all the
parents who joined us for
BooHoo Breakfast! It was
nice to meet everyone!

Committed to Excellence,
Tara Imboden, Principal


PTA News: Please join our PTA! Its an important organization and helps be the voice for your child at the state level.
It is our goal that every family will join our PTA (Parent Teacher Association). This organization is a vital asset to
our school, as they provide community events, service projects for our students, and funds to support our
educational goals. Membership is only $5.00 and your voice as an advocate for your childs education is a powerful
one at the state legislature. Our first meeting will be Tuesday, September 6th at 6:00 p.m. in the Cox Library.
Your child(ren) are welcome to come as well.
Milers News: Come join Milers club on Monday September 19th at 8:30 am. This is a walking, jogging, running club open
to all students and their families and friends. Ribbons are awarded for every 10 miles completed and trophies and t-shirts are
given for reaching 100 miles! Milers entrance is through the bike rack gates, gates open at 8:30 am and all fitness begins on
the field. We hope to see you there!
Drop Off and Pick Up: Parents, the Henderson Police Department and Clark County School District Police
Department are routinely patrolling our campus. Remember that it is illegal to do a u-turn in a school
zone. Please follow legal parking procedures when dropping your child off or picking them up as the police
agencies are issuing traffic citations. Only turn RIGHT out of the front parking lot and DO NOT BLOCK
OR DRIVE INTO the bus loading zone.
Please Join Us: On Friday, September 9th at 8:30 am in the MP Room we would like to invite your student to bring
their Grandparent(s) for breakfast doughnuts! They can come and enjoy doughnuts with their student then walk
them down to their classrooms!
Parent Student Handbook: Parents, please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook you either received at Welcome Back Night
or from your student on the first day of school. It provides you with a lot of information regarding our school. In fact a
number of questions we routinely get are found in the handbook.
We Welcome Volunteers: If you are volunteering for lunchroom, outside playground duty, front office, or classroom please
check in with the front office to receive a volunteer sticker. We would love help on the playground during our first lunch,

11:20 11:55 am (Kindergarten and First), before school at the exit cross-walk in the parking lot (8:50-9:05 am), and/or after
school at the front parking lot exit crosswalk (3:21-3:40 pm).
Bookworm Breakfast: We would like to invite all our families to the first Bookworm Breakfast of the year!
Students and Parents are invited to the multipurpose room beginning at 8:00 am for a book sharing, book giving,
and a small breakfast hosted by Hopelinks. This is an annual program and we are so fortunate to have it back
again. As always, students must be accompanied with their adult or guardian. The Bookworm Breakfast is from
8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and is always on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Tuesday the 27th will be our first
Bookworm Breakfast!
Back to School Reminders:
When your child is going to be or is absent, please email Ms. Penney, our Registar at
When you visit the school, please report to the office, sign in at the front office on the computer, and receive a
visitors badge. You will be asked to show personal identification until we get to know you.
If you have a scheduled appointment with a teacher or need to drop off items, please check in with the front office and
they will notify the teacher. We will deliver items dropped off to the teacher, parents are not sent down to classrooms
for deliveries.
Adult supervision on the playground is provided at 8:50 a.m. The playground gates will remain locked until 8:50 a.m.
Bicycles must be stored and locked in the bike rack. Students must walk bicycles on school grounds/sidewalks at all
times. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bicycles or scooters.
When picking up your child, please know that we cannot release your child to anyone who is not designated on the
pick-up list. Per CCSD Policy, changes made for pick-up of student must be made in person and not over the phone.
Any arrangements made for pick-up of your child must be made prior to the start of the school day. Security for
our students is a priority at David Cox.
We will not release students after 3:10 p.m. for early dismissal. If your child needs to miss instruction at the end of
the day for scheduled appointments, please pick them up prior to 3:10 p.m.
Parent Concerns: Should you have a concern regarding your childs classroom our policy and the school district
policy requires you to first contact the teacher. Please know, that our office will ask you if youve spoken to the
teacher first before taking any appointments with me or the Assistant Principal.
Musical Performances: Each year our students showcase their musical talents in grade level performances. This year our
performances are scheduled for the following dates and all performances are held in the MP Room at Cox and are at both
9:30 am and again at 2:30 pm:
-First Grade: May 19th
-Second Grade: October 21st
-Third Grade: January 20th
-Fourth Grade: March 10th
-Fifth Grade: March 24th

CCSD Safety Message

The Clark County School District suggests the following precautionary measures for parents and their children. Parents are urged to have
frank discussions with their children about the following:
1. Teach your children, regardless of age, their full name, your full name, their address, and phone number.
2. Explain the dangers of being abducted and/or molested.
3. Explain that private parts of their body should not be touched by anyone, and if that happens, to report it immediately.
4. Police officers are to be trusted for help; explain that police can always be identified by their marked car or motorcycle and their
5. Emphasize the importance of staying close to a parent, relative, or friend when away from home.
6. Explain the importance of noticing and remembering identifying characteristics of strangers, such as their height, hair, eye color,
voice quality, clothes, and unusual marks. Also stress the importance of remembering the vehicle description, such as color, size,
and license plate number.
7. Stress the importance of protesting and running away if a stranger tries to take your child/children somewhere.
8. Never accept candy, money, or gifts from strangers.
9. Never go into a garage, shed, or alley with a stranger.
10. Never get into a car with a stranger. If a stranger asks for directions, be polite but do not go near the vehicle. If a stranger gets out of
his/her vehicle, run away immediately.

Newsletters: This is the first issue of the Cox Cub News written by Principal Imboden. The Weekly News will (normally)
be sent home with every student each Monday and is always on bright yellow colored paper. In the spring, the newsletter

will be sent home every other Monday instead of weekly. We hope you will look for this weekly publication and carefully
read it to stay up to date on school-wide events/notices/schedules. The newsletters are also available on our school
Meet Your Principal: For those of you who are new to our school, Im Mrs. Imboden, your
principal. I have enjoyed my last 5 years here at David M. Cox and look forward to a successful
year 6! I
am entering into my 21st year with CCSD, 11 of which I taught elementary school and the
remaining 9 I served as an administrator in elementary schools. I am a UNLV graduate with a
Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education, a Masters Degree in Instructional Reading
Curriculum, and a final Masters Degree in School Administration. I also had the privilege of
through the National Board Certification for Teachers and earned my National Accreditation for
the final 6 years of being in the classroom. I truly enjoy working with students and advocate for whats best to increase
achievement. Besides being in the classrooms as much as possible, youll see me outside in the morning and after school,
during lunches, and working with our 5th graders in our BETA Club. I love being our principal here at DMC!
Thank you to all the families for your kind words of support and concern! Yes, Dr.
Clayman, our Assistant Principal is still assigned to our campus. She is however on a
leave and we hope she returns quickly!
Read by Grade Three & Dyslexia Strategist: We are happy that our former first grade teacher, Mrs. Linda Beatty, has
taken the role of the Read by Grade Three Strategist which also includes the requirements for the new Dyslexia Law.
The State of Nevada has passed a law that helps identify reading deficiencies in students before they enter 3 rd grade. The law
is SB391. As part of this law each school must have a site-based learning strategist to help implement the law. Some of the
duties of this position are: Identify students that have deficiencies in reading, work with classroom teachers to implement
effective reading instruction, and work with parents so they can support their child at home with the skills we are using in
school. Mrs. Beatty will miss working as a classroom teacher this year, but she is excited to pursue her passion of helping
kids with Literacy. She has already completed the required trainings to become a learning strategist and is very excited to
work with the K-3 students who require additional time working on reading skills.

We are happy to welcome 49 new students to our

Cox Cub Family!

Calling All Parents!

A Look Ahead:
Sept 1-30
AIMS Testing/School-wide writing
Sept 5
No School Labor Day
Sept 6
First Guitar Session Begins
Sept 6
PTA Meeting 6 pm Library
Sept 9
Doughnuts with Grandparents 8:30 am in MP Room
Sept 12
Fun Run Kick Off!
Sept 19
Milers Begins
Sept 23
Fun Run at School
Sept 26
Spanish Class Begins

We are kicking off our year with a

classroom door decorating contest!
The door in each grade level with the
most school spirit will be awarded
the Specialist Trophy to start of the
Please contact your teacher to help
get their doors decorated!

Sept 26
Sept 27
Sept 30

Sports Camp Begins

Picture Day
First Progress Reports Come Home