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Terminologies List III (37 Terms in Total)

A. Jesus Speaks

1.) Repent : the precise response demanded by the approach of the kingdom of God
Metanoia : (Greek) change of mind or change of perspective; expresses repentance

2.) Scandal / Scandalon" : (Greek) obstacle; something that stands in the way towards the kingdom of God
3.) Abba : (Aramaic) daddy; an intimate diminutive used by Jesus to refer to God
Imma : (Aramaic) mommy
4.) Teacher : one of the most characteristic titles of Jesus in the Gospels;
Rabbi : transmitters of a herritage of Israel - Torah and the network of oral traditions; teacher
Authority of the fathers : support of traditional rabbinic opinion
5.) Amen : certainly; response to a benediction or to an oath; substitute for Thus says the Lord

6.) Love : love of God and love of neighbor - is the center of Jesus instructions
Love Command the fundamental principle for interpreting the entire law; You shall love others as
yourself and You shall love the Lord your God with all your heartsoulmind.
7.) the Law and the Prophets : the great two divisions of the Old Testament at the time of Jesus
8.) Perfect (as the heavenly Father is) : the way to be a disciple, and to be different from the Gentiles or pagans that
know of Gods way; loving with Gods limitless compassion
Merciful : Lukes term for perfect
Teleios : Matthews term for whole, complete, perfect
9.) Reconciliation : byword of the kingdom of God; the art of forgiving tests genuiness of ones relationship to God

B. Jesus Heals

1.) Miracle : (Common Definition) a phenomenon that ruptures the explanatory link between cause and effect; (Bible
Definition) a manifestation of Gods control over the world - a vivid insight into the way things actually were

2.) Compassion and deep sense of Justice : the motivation behind Jesuss healing ministry

3.) Dynamis : (Greek) power

4.) Exorcism : a way of acknowledging the helplessness of humanity in the face of evil

5.) Nature Miracles : demonstrates Jesus mastery over the forces of creation

C. Death of Jesus

1.) Death of John the Baptist : presentation of the fear of a tragic death to Jesus

2.) Sacrificed Pascal Lamb : image of Jesus in the New Testament described in a cultic sacrificial language

3.) Sacrifice : one of the human institutions created to solve the problem of how human beings can bridge the
infinite distance separating them from God, brought about by their sins
Sacrum Facere to make sacred
4.) Homo Verus : the true and complete human being; true humanity; Jesus Christ

D. Living in Christ

1.) Resurrection : foundation of Christian faith

2.) Soteriology : Theology of Salvation

Story Soteriology salvation is not merely illustrated but constituted by the story of Jesus; says how one is
part of the story of Christs salvation

3.) Telos : a variety of ends or goals

Christian Selfhood a story whose telos is the life of Christ

4.) Eschaton : final event in the divine plan; completion of narration

5.) Imitatio Christi : the apothegm that illuminates saintly contemplation and the command that guides saintly

E. Price of Redemption

1.) Redemption : liberation from the slavery of sin; reconciliation with God with our fellow humans

2.) Vicarious Satisfaction : sin is an infinite offense against God, since an offense is measured by the dignity of the
offended person; the sin is paid for and not merely forgiven, and must be made by a divine person

3.) Penal Substitution : Jesus suffered the punishment in our behalf

4.) Expiation : evokes the idea of a terrible God who needs to be placated; the need of a person to remake himself

5.) De : it is necessary