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This agreement is made and executed on at Mumbai

1) Name: __________________ Age : About ____________Years, PAN:________________
Aadhaar:________________Residing at: ________________________________________
HEREINAFTER called the Licensors (which expression shall mean and include the Licensors
above named and also their respective heirs, successors, assigns, executors and administrators)
1) Name: Mr._____________, Age : About __________Years, PAN: ____________________
Aadhaar:______________________ Residing
at: _________________________________________
HEREINAFTER called the Licensee (which expression shall mean and include only Licensee
above named).
WHEREAS the Licensors are absolutely seized and possessed of and or otherwise well and
sufficiently entitled to all that constructed portion being unit described in Schedule I hereunder
written and are hereafter for the sake of brevity called or referred to as Licensed Premises and
is/are desirous of giving the said premises on Leave and License basis under Section 24 of the
Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999.
AND WHEREAS the Licensee herein is in need of temporary premises for his Commercial use
has/have approached the Licensors with a request to allow the Licensee herein to use and occupy
the said premises on Leave and License basis for a period of 36 Months commencing
from _______________ and ending on ___________, on terms and subject to conditions hereafter
AND WHEREAS the Licensors has agreed to allow the Licensee herein to use and occupy the said
Licensed premises for his aforesaid Commercial purposes only, on Leave and License basis for
above mentioned period, on terms and subject to conditions hereafter appearing;
BETWEEN THE PARTIES HERETO AS FOLLOWS:1) Period: That the Licensors hereby grants to the Licensee herein a revocable leave and license, to
occupy the Licensed Premises, described in Schedule I hereunder written without creating any
tenancy rights or any other rights, title and interest in favour of the Licensee for a period
of 36 Months commencing from _________ and ending on __________.
2) License Fee & Deposit:That the Licensee shall pay to the Licensors License fee at the rate of
Rs.___________________-) per month towards the compensation and
Rs. _________________________) interest free refundable deposit, for the use of the said
Licensed premises. The amount of monthly compensation License fee shall be payable within first
five days of the concerned month of Leave and License.
3) Payment of Deposit:1] That the Licensee have paid / shall pay the above mentioned
deposit/premium as mentioned above by Cheque/NEFT/RTGS No. _______, dated
___________ , drawn on the Licensees Banking Account with ____________, Lokhandwala
Complex Branch. Amount Rs.____________-(_________________. )
4) Maintenance Charges: That the all outgoings including all rates, taxes, levies, assessment,
maintenance charges, non occupancy charges, etc. in respect of the said premises shall be paid by
the Licensors.
5) Electricity Charges: The licensee herein shall pay the electricity bills directly for energy
consumed on the licensed premises and should submit original receipts to Licensor indicating that
the electricity bills are paid.

6) Use: That the Licensed premises shall only be used by the Licensee
for Commercial purpose.The Licensee shall maintain the said premises in its existing condition and
damage, if any, caused to the said premises, the same shall be repaired by the Licensee at its own
cost subject to normal wear and tear. The Licensee shall not do anything in the said premises which
is or is likely to cause a nuisance to the other occupants of the said building or to the prejudice in
any manner to the rights of Licensors in respect of said premises or shall not do any unlawful
activities prohibited by State or Central Government .
7) Alteration: That the Licensee shall not make or permit to do any alteration or addition to the
construction or arrangements (internal or external) to the Licensed premises without previous
consent in writing from the Licensors.
8) No Tenancy: That the Licensee shall not claim any tenancy right and shall not have any right to
transfer, assign, and sublet or grant any license or sub-license in respect of the Licensed Premises
or any part thereof and also shall not mortgage or raise any loan against the said premises.
9) Inspection: That, the Licensors shall on reasonable notice given by the Licensors to the
Licensee shall have a right of access either by themselves or through authorized representative to
enter, view and inspect the Licensed premises at reasonable intervals.
10) Cancellation: That, Subject to the condition of lock in period (if any), if the Licensee commits
default in regular and punctual payments of monthly compensation as herein before mentioned or
commit/s breach of any of the terms, covenants and conditions of this agreement or if any
legislation prohibiting the Leave and License is imposed, the Licensors shall be entitled to revoke
and / or cancel the License hereby granted, by giving notice in writing of one month and the
Licensee too will have the right to vacate the said premises by giving a notice in writing of one
month to the Licensors as mentioned earlier.
11) Possession: That the immediately at on the expiration or termination or cancellation of this
agreement the Licensee shall vacate the said premises without delay with all his goods and
belongings. In the event of the Licensee failing and / or neglecting to remove himself and / or his
articles from the said premises on expiry or sooner determination of this Agreement ,the Licensors
shall be entitled to recover damages at the rate of double the daily amount of compensation per day
and or alternatively the Licensors shall be entitled to remove the Licensee and his belongings from
the Licensed premises, without recourse to the Court of Law.
12) Miscellaneous: 01. The License is given purely for conducting business. The LICENSEE gives an
undertaking and expresses assurance herein that he will not claim any protection under Mumbai Rent
Act and amendment thereto in respect of the said Shop premises.
xxxxxx 02. The LICENSEE shall display in the distinct manner that the Shop is taken on Leave and
License basis by the LICENSEE from the LICENSOR.
xxxxxx 03. That the LICENSOR shall not be held responsible for any damages that may be caused to
the LICENSEE or any of his employees, agents or other invitees or to his property, or furniture and
materials stored in the premises whether by fire, leakage, rain, breaking or bursting of water pipes, or
due to any electricity or wire installation or by any other cause whatsoever. The insurances if any for
the same shall be taken by the LICENSEE at his cost.
xxxxxx 04. The LICENSEE shall not use the said Shop or any part thereof, nor permit the same to be
used for any illegal, immoral or improper purposes nor shall he do or cause to be done or permit or
suffer to be done upon the said premises or any part thereof anything which may offend against any
statute, law or notification rules and regulations made by the Government or local authority or which
may cause damage to the said premises or any part thereof or to the adjoining premises, or may affect
prejudicially the interests of the LICENSOR.
xxxxxx 05. The LICENSEE shall not keep any hazardous or inflammable or illegal goods or articles
in the said premises. The LICENSEE or his employees occupying the premises for commercial
purpose shall not throw any refuse or garbage or dirt out of the said premises either in the passage or
staircase or landing or open chowk or in the compound of the said premises and generally shall not

cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupants of the adjoining premises.

xxxxxx 06. The LICENSEE shall not assign or transfer the license granted herein or sub license or
underlet the use of the said premises or any part thereof to any person or persons on any grounds or
under any circumstances whatsoever, during the continuance of this license. In this respect it is
hereby expressly agreed that the license for the use of the said premises hereby granted to the
LICENSEE are not transferable but is personal for his own employees and the LICENSEE shall not
acquire any interest or right in the said premises save and except as may be created under this
xxxxxx 07. The LICENSEE shall not assign, mortgage or charge or otherwise transfer the said Shop
nor shall sell, sub-let or part with possession of the said Shop or any portion thereof and this license
shall be a personal one restricted to the use and occupation of the LICENSEE alone and is neither
transferable or intended to be transferable and the said Shop shall be used for the commercial
purpose only.
xxxxxx 08. The LICENSEE shall not make any permanent official documentation such as Sales Tax
and or municipal Shop establishment registration, etc. at the address of the above premises, without
the permission of the Licensor. However, if required and necessary, LICENSEE may obtain
temporary Municipal, FDA licenses or other licenses required for their business for a period upto the
expiry of this agreement only.
xxxxxx 09. The LICENSEE shall conduct the business from the said Shop in accordance with the
rules and regulations made under the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act or any other law for the
time being in force applicable to the said Shop and the LICENSEE shall be liable to bear the entire
responsibility made there under. The LICENSEE shall be responsible for all the Taxes, Charges,
dues, levies etc., payable in respect of his business and the Licensor shall not be responsible for the
same under any circumstances.
xxxxxx 10. The LICENSEE hereby confirms that he have received the said premises in good order
and condition along with Fixtures and fittings.
xxxxxx 11. The LICENSEE hereby agree that he would pay well on time all the charges pertaining to
electricity, telephone bills and any other utility bills, in the licensed said Shop and handover the paid
original bills to the Licensor every month.
xxxxxx 12. This Agreement shall be reviewed at the option of the LICENSOR in case there is any
change in the Mumbai Rent Act which may effect the rights of the LICENSOR. However, conditions
of this Agreement shall continue to be observed in the context of the intentions between the parties
and the LICENSEE shall not claim any tenancy or other rights.
xxxxxx 13. The LICENSOR is authorized to exercise discretion and terminate the Agreement
without notice in case the LICENSEE fails to give monthly compensation for two consecutive
months and to comply any of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
xxxxxx 14.The Licensor shall keep the original Leave and License Agreement and duplicate thereof
shall be with the LICENSEE.
xxxxxx 15. The LICENSEE agrees to deliver vacant and peaceful possession of the said Shop on the
expiry of this Agreement save and except as provided hereinafter, in as good condition as it was
when the LICENSEE obtained the possession, reasonable wear and tear and loss or damage by
tempest, earthquake, fire, military, mob violence, act of God or accident or irresistible force or any
other cause beyond the control of the LICENSEE being excepted.
xxxxxx 16. The LICENSEE shall not do any act deed or things as would constitute a breach of the

rules, regulations and Bye-laws of the Society.

xxxxxx 17. It is agreed by Licensee that further Service Tax, if any being levied on the license fee at
the prevailing rate at the time of payment of the license fee,during the tenure of the term shall be
borne and paid by the Licensee.
xxxxxx 18. Any Increase in the MUNCIPAL TAXES or any other taxes,levies charges incidental to
giving shop on leave and license basis shall be borne and paid by the Licensee
xxxxxx 19. The Licensor shall cannot terminate during the subsistence of this agreement however
can terminate the agreement as per clause no. 10 & miscellaneous no.20. The Licensee may
terminate this agreement during the subsistence of this agreement by giving 60 days notice to the
20) In the event of Monthly License , amenities fee is unpaid for period of 30 days from the due date than
than in that case this agreement gets terminated and the Licensee shall vacate the premises handover the
possession to the Licensor.
13) Registration: This Agreement is to be registered and the expenditure of Stamp duty and
registration fees and incidental charges, if any, shall be borne by the Licensee and Licensor
equally .
(Being the correct description of premise Shop which is the subject matter of these presents)
All that constructed portion being Commercial unit bearing Shop No. _______, Builtup :_______Square Feet, situated on the Ground Floor of a Building known as
_________C.H.S.Ltd' standing on the plot of land bearing Ward no. :K/West,Road: Lokhandwala
Complex, Location: Andheri West,Mumbai-400053, of Village:Oshivara,situated within the
revenue limits of Tehsil Andheri and Dist Mumbai Sub-urban District and situated within the limits
of Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set and subscribed their respective signatures by
way of putting thumb impression electronic signature hereto in the presence of witness, who are
identifying the executants, on the day, month and year first above written.