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Multilingual Support for Concurrent Requests

Users can submit a single concurrent request for a single concurrent program to
be run
multiple times, each time in a different language. Any output that is produced c
an be
routed to different printers based on language. Users can also route completion
notifications based on the language of the output.
For example, a user could submit a request for a Print Invoices program that wou
cause that program to run several times, each time in a different language, with
each set
of invoices printed on a different printer.
Note: Multilingual requests cannot be run within request sets.
Request Submission
A concurrent program can have a Multilingual Support (MLS) function associated w
it. This function determines the set of languages over which the concurrent prog
will run. For example, the developer might associate a function with a Print Inv
program that would cause any request for that program to run in the preferred
languages of the customers who have pending invoices. .
If the concurrent program does not have an MLS function associated with it, then
a user
can choose when submitting the request the list of languages in which the progra
should run. The language of the current session is the default language.