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4th September 2007

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Dear Sir/Madam

Expression of Interest for eLearning Project Work

Our Company Paul Ioakimidis &Co specializes in the Design and

development of Web Based Materials (eLearning). And we would like to be
considered as suppliers of eLearning resources to Multiplex.

It is known that Paul Ioakimidis & Co have many years of experience in the
area of Multimedia, Some of our most recent projects have included.

1. Bluescope Steel
2. Sanity Entertainment
3. AAMI insurance

I would be most grateful if you would consider Paul Ioakimidis & Co for
your future eLearning projects and I will contact you shortly to try and
arrange a date best fitting for your schedule to discuss possible future

Yours Faithfully

Paul Ioakimidis
C.E.O Paul Ioakimidis & Co