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My Walk With Farrakhan: The Beginning!

My Walk With Farrakhan: The Continued journey! 6

My Walk With Farrakhan: The Divine Reminder!

My Walk With Farrakhan: The Relationship Between

Student And Teacher!
My Walk With Farrakahn: The Reality Of The Million
Man March!
My Walk With Farrakhan: A Reminder Of The


My Walk With Farrakhan: He Called Us To Obedience

To God!
My Walk With Farrakhan: Can Righteous People Sin
And Can Wicked People Do Righteous Deeds!
My Walk With Farrakhan: Closing The Gap!


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My Walk With Farrakhan: The Beginning

This article, by the grace of ALLAH, is the beginning of a series of
articles detailing one mans walk with another man he believes to be a
Divine Leader, Teacher and Guide. I, as well as others, have benefited
tremendously by the Leadership and guidance of The Hon. Louis
I can truthfully say, as the Bible says, I was once blind but now I see.
The person responsible for restoring my sight is The Hon. Louis
Farrakhan, The National Representative of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad.
I am forever thankful to Almighty ALLAH for this man and his ministry,
which is the teachings of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad communicated to
him by Master Fard Muhammad, which taught me the principles of
discipline, honesty, chastity, respect for the Black woman and the
knowledge of God and Self.
The Transformation

"Except him who repents and believes and does good deeds; for
such Allah changes their evil deeds to good ones. And Allah is ever
Forgiving, Merciful." Holy Quran 25:70
The above quote from the Holy Quran, the scripture for Muslims, talks
about a transformation. This particular Ayat(Verse) speaks of the
historical transformation which Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) brought
1400 years ago. However, The Quran is a book and guide for all times
up to the Day of Judgment. Therefore, the transformative powers of
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ALLAHs words in the Quran are still able to transform individual,

societies and nations.
I was not always Mustafaa Muhammad as you know him today. I was
once a young lost, ignorant, promiscuous, and disrespectful person who
didnt respect self nor others. However, that was all to be changed by the
grace of Almighty God. I was one of those young Black men who
benefited from the Million Man March, called by ALLAH through
Minister Farrakhan, by taking the steps toward becoming one with God
through the process of atonement.
Little did I know at the time that this would be the beginning of a
journey with Gods man, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan. Since 1995 I have
overcome many weakness(with more to go) and have become an
example of Gods transformative power. As we said in the Church, God
is not finished with me yet. I am still in the path of my Lord working
towards Self improvement which is truly the basis for community
Since 1995 I have made the following improvements
#1 I went back to school after quitting receiving my High School
#2 I was able to enter college to further my Education".
#3 I established a relationship my Creator and am walking with him
#4 I have become active in my community through mentorship,
volunteering in the jail and sharing my story of redemption.
#5 I was able to become a Student in the Ministry, something I could
have never foresaw in a million years, which allows me to touch many
with a word which can do for them what it did for me.
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There are many more accomplishment I have achieved which space

wont permit. I am thankful to ALLAH everyday for giving me a new
lease on life and a chance to study and show myself approved.
Come with me as I journey with The Hon. Louis Farrakhan towards
becoming one with Almighty God and being perfected, so we may be as
we were in the beginning ---created in the image and likeness of our

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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My Walk With Farrakhan: The Continued

The year 2006 marked a very important year for me, because it marked
my 10th year anniversary in accepting Islam or submission to God's will
on March 20th 2006. My life prior to Islam was one of severe
destruction and disrespect of self and others. I did almost everything evil
in the book except shoot dope and become a homosexual(smile). I was a
self proclaimed "playboy" or "player" and played with many mens
daughters in my days of folly. I have since apologized to those I have
offended and/or asked Almighty God to forgive my many bad deeds.

Between 1994-1995 I began getting introduced to Minister Farrakhan

via his weekly Sunday broadcast on my local television station and radio
broadcast. When I first heard him it was like love at first sight. I didn't
even know or understand everything of what he was teaching on
numerous sermons, but he touched something within and made me feel
confident to face the challenges of the upcoming week.

I hit rock bottom 1995 when I dropped out of school and gave up on life.
It was during this down period in my life that I heard the words of The
Million Man March. That day his words and the circumstances which I
lived watered the seed which was planted in me and I decided from that
day forward I would live a better life for me and my family. I can almost
shed tears when I think about how ALLAH loved me enough that he
allowed me to understand his word coming through a man for my
salvation. I thank you ALLAH, I thank you, and I thank you!

From March 20th 1996 until the present I have been on a wonderful
journey with my Spiritual guide, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, which has
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seen me make many errors, mistakes, successes and victories. However,

through it all I have been blessed to stay consistent on the path of my
Lord. My journey has been a journey of Faith. Each year through all the
trials and tribulations which enter my life, My God makes me stronger
and stronger. My Lord has not left me forsaken. He has sent special
people in my life to help guide me to certain stages of growth and to
manifest things in me I wouldn't know.
As Brother Farrakhan travels to come into oneness with his Lord, I
humbly strive to walk behind the trail he is clearing for us all. Who
would have ever thought that a bad little child from the streets of
Pensacola would ascend to where I am and am going? Where will I go
from here? Only ALLAH knows, but I pray that he will keep me in the
path of self improvement and elevation into my Godly self.

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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My Walk With Farrakhan: The Divine

Shall we then turn away the Reminder from you altogether
because you are a prodigal people? (Holy Quran 43:5)

The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan since 1984, in particular, has been
one of the most vilified-hated-misrepresented men in history. The media
and much of white America have already concretized their views of this
man and his message. Also, black people who follow the lead of the
dominate society repeat the same. Is this man a racist hater or is he a
divine man of God walking in the footsteps of the prophets (yet he
doesnt claim to be any prophet)?
We, as students of him and his teacher, have a different view of this man
and his message than most. We believe that he is a divinely inspired
teacher. We believe further that he is fulfilling prophecy as a Warner to
America and her government in this dark time. Lastly, we believe he is
The National Representative of The Messenger-Messiah of ALLAH, The
Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad
What is the great benefit of Louis Farrakhan and why should anyone
consider his leadership?
At this time I would like to speak as one who has accepted and benefited
from his divine ministry. One of the titles that we refer to Minister
Farrakhan is The reminder or A divine reminder.

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According to the Encarta World English Dictionary a re-mind-er is:

Something that reminds: somebody or something that reminds a person
or people of somebody or something else.
The prefix re means:
Again, anew rebuild
Way of thinking: an opinion or personal way of thinking about

The remembrance of God

One of the most important acts of worship in Islam is
Dhikr(remembering God). We practice this remembrance of God
through our daily prayers, reading the Holy Quran or repeating the
names of God or phrases like, Allah Akbar, Alhumdillah, Subhan
Allah. One of the titles of the Holy Quran is the reminder.
The Holy Quran teaches us the power of remembering God in the
following words.

Therefore remember me and I will remember you, and give

thanks to me and be not ungrateful to me.(Holy Quran)

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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The footnote[194] to the above verse by Maulana Muhammad Ali

gives us deeper insight to this important verse.
The opening words of the verse fa-dhkuru-ni adhkur-kum may be
translated either as remember me I will remember you or as glorify
me I will make you eminent, for the word dhikr carries either
significance , remembrance or honoring . Adopting either
significance, what is stated here is that if the Muslims keep God in
the forefront of their programme, they will be made great as a
Modern self help gurus teach us the importance of our thoughts in
determining our realities. The famous Earl Nightingale taught the
following, "We become what we think about Whatever we plant in
our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will
one day become a reality.
Finally, the Bible teaches of the power of God and why we are not
living up to our potential in the verse from Isaiah 55:8-9

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your

ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than
the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts
than your thoughts.
Lining our mind with Gods mind is they key to unlocking the power
within and doing the great things our Creator intended for us.

The Ministry of Farrakhan

With the above understanding of words we can view Minister Farrakhan
and the purpose of his ministry better.
Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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When you come to Farrakhan and open your ear and your heart to the
message that he gives you will find a message that will renew our state
of conscious and give us the ability to connect to the divine within. I
have heard him say it from his own mouth that His only job is to
connect you to God so that you can grow in God and God begins to lead
This world has been greatly influenced by Satanic forces. In particular
as black people our very soul has been poisoned by the philosophy of
white supremacy in religion, education, economic and politics. This
condition necessitates us needing one to repair the damage done to us by
over 400 years of physical slavery and outright mis-education which
produces mental slavery.

Therefore, The Bible teaches us in Romans 12:2, Do not

conform yourselves to this world but be transformed by the renewal of
your mind.

We must free our minds as out great thinker and historian Carter G.
Woodson taught us 75 years ago when he said,
When you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his
actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He
will find his 'proper place' and will stay in it. You do not need to send
him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no
back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it
necessary.(The Mis-Education of The Negro)
So, The Honorable Louis Farrakhan is more than just some little black
radical trying to cause trouble. He is a man with a teaching, taught by
his spiritual father, which will awaken the mind of we who are mentally
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sleeping and show our true identity as being more than African
When I begin to first listen to Minister Farrakhan, I didnt know the
depth of my mental death until he told me so. I have been influenced by
Minister Farrakhan, who was taught by the wisest Black man in history,
The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, for over 15 years
He reminded me of my great heritage as a part of the black race. He
reminded me that I am supposed to be in the image and likeness of the
Creator. He taught me that my ancestors were the original makers of
civilization and the seed of their genius lives in me.

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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My Walk With Farrakhan: The

Relationship Between Student And

And all We relate to thee of the account of the messengers is to

strengthen thy heart therewith. And in this has come to thee the truth and
an admonition and a reminder for the believers. (Holy Quran 11:120)
In the fourth article in the series-My walk with Farrakhan-we will be
exploring the dynamics between teachers and their students. Also, we
will explore why we need good teachers and what must a good student
do to represent a great teacher.
Today, many people have been turned off or disillusioned, due to being
mislead or abused, with leaders and teachers from the political arena, the
spiritual arena and other arenas where teachers are supposed to guide
human beings into being great men and women.

The role of a true leader/teacher

When you come into the presence of a true teacher they only work as a
mirror to help develop inner qualities that you may not see. As I heard
the Hon. Minister Farrakhan say, There are no two snowflakes alike or
Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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blades of grass. This teaches us that every human being is a unique

creature and has a unique gift from the Creator. So, a great teacher often
puts us through exercises designed to bring out the hidden talent that is
placed within.
According to The Holy Quran whenever a people become lost from the
light of God ALLAH sends the people messengers and prophets to show
them the way back to God. Also, the prophets come to teach the human
being how to connect to God within self and to be led by God and God
However, as seen in history many students become personality
worshipers of the very teacher who is trying to make them great. We
have seen this in history from Muhammad and Jesus of yesterday to The
Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan of today. The
aforementioned men always told their followers to keep focused on God
and follow their teachings as a means to uplift self, family and
Our goal as students of our respective teachers is to internalize and
actualize the principles according to the unique way we are formed and
with the gifts our Creator has endowed us with. Otherwise, we will only
be making a mockery of our teacher and denying the greatness within
that our teacher has come to manifest. I love my teacher and mentor, The
Hon. Louis Farrakhan, and have learned plenty; however I do not seek to
emulate him in his speech, hairstyle, manner of dress or other superficial
details that doesnt make him The great man he is.

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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I follow him to be inspired to further submit my will totally to Almighty

God and to nurture the divine gift given by our Creator. It is by living
the principles of our teachers that they will never die and God will be

I want your mind. Spoken by The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad to

Minister Farrakhan
The above words were said to the Hon. Louis Farrakhan by his teacher,
The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad. The power of the human being,
given by our Creator, is the power of control that the mind has over its
actions. Jesus reminded us, As a person thinks so are they. So,
Minister Farrakhans teacher was saying I want your mind, not to make
you a slave, but to connect your mind to The Creator so you will develop
your own unique gift and calling in life as I.
The well known Muslim scholar Al-Ghazzali wrote on the properties of
the student and the teacher
Student submit yourself to your teacher, and he will make something
out of you. Student, do not have a divided mind. Line your mind up with
your teacher and he will make you a great man.
Since 1977 Brother Minister Farrakhan has been showing that he was a
good student and is living the principles of his teacher by his rebuilding
the house(Nation of Islam) of his teacher, doing what he was born to do
and serving as a teacher to others to help them develop their divine gifts.

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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In the person of
The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad preached for 44 years that he was
taught by God in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. Many of our
traditional Muslim family have misunderstood what this "in the person
of" means. Master Fard Muhammad, we are taught, studied for 42 years,
developed himself and prayed. This teaches us that as a certain point he
was dependent upon a higher power at that stage in his life. He was a
man born, February 26th 1877, into a world that had already been
created and under the laws established by the Creator(Originator). What
this means is he submitted himself totally to the will of the One who
created the heavens and earth and due to the quality of his submission
the Supreme being came in his person.
In this instance Almighty God was the teacher and The Most Hon. Elijah
Muhammad was the student of God.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the book Our Saviour Has
arrived (Chap: The will of ALLAH is being done) speaks on his
submission to his teacher and the results:
"When a person gets righteous, God accepts him as His FRIEND. Then
the will of each other is with each is with each other. What one wills, the
other wills. It is the will of both...The Messengers will is in accord with
the Will of Allah. The Messenger cannot will something opposed to
Allah. Allah has taken over the Messengers heart, mind, and brain and
Allah is making them to react according to His Will!"
Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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This is in accord with what Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him)

stated in Hadith Qudsi:
"That when Allah loves a person and a person gets righteous
he(ALLAH) becomes the eyes with which they see, the mouth with which
they speak, the hands with which they hold, the ears with which they
Jesus(Peace be upon him) similarly spoke of the close relationship
between him and his father, God, by saying, "I and my father are one."
This only means unity of purpose and unity in will.
Now when we look at The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, who is a student of
The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, who are we looking at? I am here to
say that The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Messenger-Messiah, has
come in the person of Minister Farrakhan. Minister Farrakhan has totally
submitted his mind and essence to his teacher where the will of his
teacher is being personified in himself. This makes The Hon. Louis
Farrakhan a divine leader, teacher and guide and an embodiment of The
power of God and his Messiah.
We as students of Minister Farrakhan have the opportunity to open our
hearts and minds to allow him to come in our person and become
functionaries of the power that he represents in his person.
I believe The Hon. Louis Farrakhan is a student that should be studied
by the whole world of humanity. I study him to learn of his example of
submission to the will of Almighty God. I study him to learn of his
Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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marvelous methods of uniting people of faith whether they be Muslims,

Christians or others. I study him as an example of how with faith
mountains can be moved and great things can be accomplished if we just
have active faith in ALLAH.
In conclusion, we can only prove that we had a good teacher/leader by
being successful in our particular lives and in living the principles that
will improve self and make the world a better place.
There is one more thing we must take into consideration in conclusion.
No great teacher, no matter how great, wants their students to be a repeat
of them in their greatness. There would be no progress in the world if
everyone just followed the same course. Jesus said that those who follow
him will be able to do the same works as he, but they will manifest
greater works. So, let us follow the principles of our teachers, manifest
our greatness and take things to a higher level of expression.

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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My Walk With Farrakhan: The Reality Of

The Million Man March

Call to the way of thy Lord

with wisdom and goodly exhortation,
and argue with them in the best manner. Holy Qur'an 16:125
Continuing on in the series, My walk with Farrakhan, we will examine
the Million Man March on October 16th, 1995 called by God through
The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.
It is amazing to think that 12 years have passed since that beautiful day
on the Washington mall with nearly 2 million black men congregating in
love. From that day until this day many have not understood the purpose
for the march nor its goal by the author. Who was the ultimate author of
the Million Man March and for what cause?
Minister Farrakhan while speaking to the gathered men reminded them,
You came not at the call of Louis Farrakhan, but you have gathered
here at the call of God. For it is only the call of Almighty God, no matter
through whom that call came, that could generate this kind of
outpouring. God called us here to this place. At this time. For a very
specific reason.

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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Minister Farrakhan said that he called for the march in response to the
pitiful global image of black men as portrayed in film, music and the
some media. He further stated that he wanted to show an example to the
world that black men can and must unite together in love and harmony
to affect positive change in our communities.
The call of the Million Man March is rooted in biblical tradition of Jesus
calling Lazarus from the grave. However, today a modern day man of
God is calling a people, not from a physical grave of death, but from a
spiritual-mental grave of death and ignorance.
Let us review John 11: 43-44 for clarity

And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice,

Lazarus, come forth. And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and
foot with grave clothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin.
Jesus saith unto them, loose him, and let him go.
The Holy Qur'an 14:1 bears witness in similar words

We have revealed to thee that

thou mayest bring forth men, by their
Lords permission, from darkness
into light, to the way of the Mighty, the Praised One,
When you look at the black community, then as well as now, it becomes
clear that we are in need of a healing and resurrection of our minds.
Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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My condition at the time of the Million Man March

At the time of the call of the Million Man March my life was similar to
the life you see many young black men participating in. I walked with
my pants hanging of my behind(sagging). I didnt attend school much
and didnt take authority serious. I spent my nights getting drunk and/or
high with drugs. I thought I was living the good life in my downgraded
life of sin. I didnt know at the time, but Almighty God was preparing
me for bigger and better things.
I was told by my mother, who was fed up with my behavior, she was
requiring me to stay home and watch the Million Man March. She told
me that since I cant do anything with you maybe Farrakhan can put
some sense in your head.
I sat at home watching the many men and speakers on that blessed day
on October 16th, 1995 and was being transformed on the inside by
Almighty Gods spirit. However, when I heard Minister Farrakhan speak
I received a message, not so much in words, but I felt him speaking
directly from his spirit to my spirit. I took the pledge of the Million Man
March and decided to begin the journey towards elevation.
The pledge of The Million Man March (by Minister Farrakhan)
encouraged us to do the following things,
Take this pledge with me. Say with me please, I, say your name, pledge
that from this day forward I will strive to love my brother as I love
I, say your name, from this day forward will strive to improve myself
spiritually, morally, mentally, socially, politically, and economically for
the benefit of myself, my family, and my people.

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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I, say your name, pledge that I will strive to build business, build houses,
build hospitals, build factories, and then to enter international trade for
the good of myself, my family, and my people.
I, say your name, pledge that from this day forward I will never raise my
hand with a knife or a gun to beat, cut, or shoot any member of my
family or any human being, except in self-defense.
I, say your name, pledge from this day forward I will never abuse my
wife by striking here, disrespecting her for she is the mother of my
children and the producer of my future.
I, say your name, pledge that from this day forward I will never engage
in the abuse of children, little boys, or little girls for sexual gratification.
But I will let them grow in peace to be strong men and women for the
future of our people.
I, say your name, will never again use the B word to describe my female,
but particularly my own Black sister.
I, say your name, pledge from this day forward that I will not poison my
body with drugs or that which is destructive to my health and my well
I, say your name, pledge from this day forward, I will support Black
newspapers, Black radio, Black television. I will support Black artists,
who clean up their acts to show respect for themselves and respect for
their people, and respect for the ears of the human family.
I, say your name, will do all of this so help me God.
I know where I came from and where I was inspired to go as a direct
result of the call of the Million Man March. I will never let anyone
disrespect that day by saying it didnt achieve anything. I was a man that
was lost, but was inspired to be a better person by the truth and presence
of Minister Farrakhan at the Million Man March.
Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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I like to use the example of a patient going to a doctor as an example of

the Million Man March. You cant blame a doctor if you are sick and
you go to a doctor to heal you and the doctor prescribes you a
prescription, however you never go home and take the prescription, so
you die. Such a doctor cannot be charged with malpractice. It is the
responsibility of both the doctor to prescribe and the patient to take the
medicine to affect healing.

In conclusion, what medicine did "doctor" Farrakhan give to black

men at the Million Man March?
In the following words he gave the ultimate medicine and purpose for
our presence at the march,
Well, some of us are here because it's history making. Some of us are
here because it's a march through which we can express anger and rage
with America for what she has and is doing to us. So, we're here for
many reasons but the basic reason while this was called was for
atonement and reconciliation. So, it is necessary for me in as short of
time as possible to give as full an explanation of atonement as possible.
He gave us the following summation of 8 steps of atonement
1) Point out the wrong
2)Acknowledge the wrong
3)Confess fault
7)Reconciliation and restoration
8)Perfect union with God

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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Long live the spirit of the Million Man March!

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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My Walk With Farrakhan: A Reminder Of

The Reminder
To make sure we get the best understanding of this article, I will refresh
our memory concerning the definition of a reminder, which was
explored in part 3 of this series.
A reminder is defined as:
A message that helps you remember something.
An experience that causes you to remember something.
Someone who gives a warning, so that a mistake can be avoided.

While all three aforementioned definitions fit the purpose of this article,
however, to be most clear, I will focus on the third definition Someone
who gives a warning, so that a mistake can be avoided through this
We, black people, in America have been suffering in nearly every area a
human being can suffer during our 4 century sojourn in this country.
Despite the gains a few of us make, we see a horribly realty in the
everyday life of the Black man and woman here in America. I want to
raise a serious question that must be considered by the whole world. Did
Almighty God see our suffering for 400 years in America? Second, if he
did, what is his plan of action to correct this suffering?
We read in the Bible and Quran of the mercy of God in coming to the
aid of the oppressed and the downtrodden throughout history. Nowhere
is this story more prominent than in the story of Moses and the freeing
of his people in Egypt, as related in both Bible and Holy Quran.

Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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The Bible Isaiah 9:2 teaches us of a people enveloped in darkness who

are in need of a light

The People Who Walked in Darkness Have Seen a Great

Many black people who attend church may have read this particular
passage and never thought of it having any connection to black
suffering/salvation in America. However, The Hon. Minister Louis
Farrakhan, who was taught by Gods Messenger in our time, The Most
Hon. Elijah Muhammad, teaches us that the same God who loved
everyone else and sent prophets/messengers for their salvation is now in
black peoples corner.
I am aware to some this may seem racist talk, however we are in need of
a full reformation and not just civil rights or voting rights.
The prophecies of the lost sheep, the prodigal son, Lazarus and others
that the Bible speaks of are being fulfilled in America.
The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, The Messenger, speaking on his
mission and teachings says,
In this perilous and evil time, with the confusion of the people,
government, leaders and rulers, the poor lost-found members of the
Black Nation who are called Negroes, and their enemies, must know that
the truth is their salvation and their greatest weapon at this time. The
preachings and teachings of the true knowledge of God and the devil,
which Allah (God) has missioned me to do -- and I am doing for you -are beyond value. It is your life and the light of your life. It will bring
you out of the spiritual darkness and ignorance into which you have
been placed by the enemy of the God of truth and light and
understanding. (Message To The Black Man)
Copyright2010 Mustafaa Muhammad

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What mistake are black people making in America that must be avoided?
We do not have our own names, religion, culture, God or land that we
can call our own. We are sleep(mentally) yet awake physically. So,
ALLAH(God) raises a Messenger and Warner, in the person of The Most
Hon. Elijah Muhammad, to lead, teach and guide us back to the straight
path of Almighty God.
For 44 years The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad gave us a real
assessment of our situation in America and the real solution to that
problem. He taught us the greatest teaching was: Accept your own and
be yourself! This means that we must return to our original state as being
in the image and likeness of our Creator(God) and accept our place in
his plan of salvation for today.
Our Messenger was rejected and despised by the dominant society, as
well as, those he came to serve. We thought he was teaching hate when
he told us to get out the names of our former slave masters and their
children. We thought he was teachings hate when he told us to reject the
ungodly ways of mainstream society. We thought he was teaching hate
when he taught us those who enslaved us and mistreated us were Devils.
So, here we are in 2008 in a seriously bad condition. This is a year of
great promise for one of us that is being raised to great eminence by this
world. Yet, this is a year of sadness as black men, like Sean Bell in New
York gets killed on the eve of his wedding and leaves a fiance and child
behind. We see a high ranking black police chief almost killed by his
own subordinates even after identifying himself. We see black men and
women filling the prisons. And even more sadly we see the continued
black on black crime, which some use to justify their mistreatment of us.
If you dont believe the prophecies are being fulfilled, we are certainly
in need of divine intervention in some way.

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Jesus, peace be upon him, in the 4th chapter of Luke verses 18-19 quotes
Isaiah the prophet to define his mission,

The Spirit of the Lord is on me,

because he has anointed me
to preach good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
and recovery of sight for the blind,
to release the oppressed.
Today, we must tell those who dont know and remind others who have
forgotten Gods intervention in our affairs and the raising of a man for
our salvation. I am not speaking of Moses 4000 years ago, Jesus of 2000
years ago nor Muhammad of 1400 years ago, but I am speaking of one
whom the spirit of the lord is upon and who is anointed to preach good
news to the poor[black people]. The guide and the guidance is from The
Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, The Messenger of ALLAH.
However, The Messenger departed us in 1975 making it 33 years since
we have seen him amongst us. By the continued grace of God, The Hon
Louis Farrakhan, since 1977, has stood as a continued reminder of God
presence and love for us in America. He is the one who is giving us a
warning so a mistake can be avoided. What mistake? The mistake of
looking back to others prophets/messengers and not realizing that we
have a Messenger sent to us and the same opportunity that other people

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Minister Farrakhan reminds us during his Saviours Day 2004 speech

"Have you ever heard any scholar of Christianity, Judaism or Islam talk
about the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the suffering of Black people in
America? Well, dont you think we should ask why?
"Is it that we dont exist in their hearts and minds or do they think that
others in the world in less serious condition than ours can receive
warning and guidance from Allah (God), but we, the Blacks in the
Diaspora and in Africa, have no place in the heart of God? "Thats why
all you scholars can talk about God in the kingdom, but you dont
mention the trans-Atlantic slave trade. You dont mention the horror of
our suffering.

I submit myself to be a student of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, The divine

reminder, as he is a student of The Messenger-Messiah, The Most Hon.
Elijah Muhammad. I study his wonderful example of building upon the
teachings and translating faith into action. Our duty as students is to
remind others of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, so he can then remind them
of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and his message of salvation.
The Hon. Louis Farrakhan has recently taught us that we must not be
seekers of big titles and positions without fulfilling the duties of that title
or position. I only want to be seen as a Reminder of the Reminder in
my works; a student of the word and servant of the people. I have
published this e-book for the sole purpose of reminding others of the
great truth that is being spread in America.
I have been walking with Minister Farrakhan in the path of God to reach
oneness with The Almighty God within. Will you join me?

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My Walk With Farrakhan: He Called Us

To Obedience To God

And surely this your community is one community, and I am

your Lord, so keep your duty to Me. But they became divided into sects,
each party rejoicing in that which was with them. So leave them in their
ignorance till a time. (Holy Quran 23: 52-24)
One of the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhans greatest desires since
1977(31 years ago) is to see the unity of black Christian(other faiths too)
and black people who claim the Islamic faith. The brother minister has
specifically tried to show us the oneness and commonality of the faiths
we claim. There has been a degree of misunderstanding with regards to
Minister Farrakhans preaching in Churches and quoting the Bible.
Some think The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan is a confused Muslim
when he says, I am a Christian, as well as a Muslim.
At the conclusion of the 7th article in the series, My walk with
Farrakhan, it is hoped that my black Christian family may have a better
understanding concerning the mission of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan.
Islam is submission to the will of God
The word Islam, due to the actions of some Muslims, has become
associated with terrorism fanaticism evil backwardness and
other bad connotations. Some find it hard to believe the root meaning of
Islam is peace. The religion of Islam teaches us that there is only one
God called ALLAH and that our life must be one of submission to his
will for human beings. By our submitting to Gods will and following
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the five main principles of Islam, we begin to enter into peace with God,
self and fellow human beings. Our religion can be discussed more
specifically, but I wanted to give a brief overview of Islam for the
purpose of the article.

The theme of One God runs through the Old Testament and
the New Testament of the Bible. The Old Testament(Deut 6:4) teaches,
Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord. The New
Testament(Mark 12:29) teaches: "The foremost is, 'Hear, O Israel: The
Lord our God is one Lord.
The Holy Quran(2:136), scripture of Muslims, says the follow in

Say: We believe in Allah and(in) that which has been revealed

to us, and (in) that which was revealed to Abraham, and Ishmael and
Isaac and Jacob and the tribes, and (in) that which was given to Moses
and Jesus, and (in) that which was given to the prophets from their Lord,
we do not make any distinction between any of them and to Him do we
From the oneness of ALLAH(God) we are now being introduced to the
oneness of the prophetic community. We are taught in Islam that all of
the prophets taught the same basic message. That one message is
obedience to Gods will. Also, each prophet taught the principles of
prayer, charity, faith, family life, being kind to neighbors and fasting.
The Holy Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) taught us 124, 000
prophets have been raised among humanity in different times and none
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of them disagreed. Why didnt they disagree? They were raised up by

God in different times, different societal circumstances yet they
preached God is One.
The Holy Quran(5:44-48) appeals to the Jews and Christians to not be
divided by the revelation of the Quran,

Surely We revealed the Torah, having guidance and light. By it

did the prophets who submitted themselves(to Allah) judge for the Jews,
and the rabbis and the doctors of law, because they were required to
guard the Book of Allah, and they were witnesses thereof. So fear not the
people and fear Me, and take not a small price for My messages. And
whoever judges not by what Allah has revealed, those are the
And further The Quran says,

And We sent after them in their footsteps Jesus, son of Mary,

verifying that which was before him of the Torah; and We gave him the
Gospel containing guidance and light, and verifying that which was
before it of the Torah, and a guidance and an admonition for the dutiful.
And let the People of the Gospel judge by that which Allah has revealed
in it. And whoever judges not by what Allah has revealed, those are the

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Finally speaking of the unity within the prophetic community, The

Quran says,

And We have revealed to thee the Book with the truth, verifying
that which is before it of the Book and a guardian over it, so judge
between them by what Allah has revealed, and follow not their low
desires, (turning away) from the truth that has come to thee. For every
one of you We appointed a law and a way. And if Allah had pleased He
would have made you a single people, but that He might try you in what
He gave you. So vie one with another in virtuous deeds. To Allah you
will all return, so He will inform you of that wherein you
differed. [Note: The book mentioned being revealed is the Quran.]
I pray that my effort in these quotes will be understood. I am trying to
create a context which to understand the ministry of Minister Farrakhan
and his efforts to unite both Muslim and Christian.

Why Jesus must be understood

At this time the die hard black Christian may say, Yeah all that sounds
good, but you must come by my Jesus to be saved. Or Jesus is the only
way to salvation, my friend.
I will say in defense, we must have greater understanding. The Bible
teaches us,

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Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and

with all thy getting get understanding. (Proverbs 4:7)
There is a difference between what Jesus(peace be upon him) taught and
what Christianity teaches. Also, our present understanding of God, Jesus
and Christianity came via our former slave masters and their children.
Jesus taught that God(his father) was One. However, Christianity
teaches a trinity of Gods. Jesus taught of the supremacy of his father,
God, over him. However, Christianity made Jesus equal with God and a
God himself. Jesus said, I come not to change the law or the prophets,
but to fulfill. However, Christianity teaches that all the former prophets
were sinners and in certain respects the former books are devalued.
What has been accepted as the teachings of Jesus(Christianity) are
actually the interpretations of his teachings according to men. These
interpretations were formulated and passed via vote at the Nicene
council in 325 A.D.
According to Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia,
The First Council of Nicaea is commonly regarded to have been the
first Ecumenical council of the Christian Church. Most significantly, it
resulted in the first uniform Christian doctrine, called the Creed of
Nicaea. With the creation of the creed, a precedent was established for
subsequent general (ecumenical) councils of Bishops (Synods) to create
statements of belief and canons of doctrinal orthodoxy the intent being
to define unity of beliefs for the whole of Christendom. The council did
not invent the doctrine of the deity of Christ as is sometimes claimed.
This idea had long existed in various parts of the Roman empire. It had
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also long been widely endorsed by the Christian community of the

otherwise pagan city of Rome.[3] Instead, the council affirmed and
defined what it had found to be the teachings of the Apostles regarding
who Christ is; that Christ is the one true God in Deity with the Father....
he purpose of the council was to resolve disagreements arising from
within the Church of Alexandria over the nature of Jesus in relationship
to the Father; in particular, whether Jesus was the literal son of God or
was he a figurative son, like the other "sons of God" in the Bible. St.
Alexander of Alexandria and Athanasius took the first position; the
popular presbyter Arius, from whom the term Arianism comes, took the
second. The council decided against the Arians overwhelmingly (of the
estimated 250318!attendees, all but two voted against Arius[7])...
Historically significant as the first effort to attain consensus in the
church through an assembly representing all of Christendom,[2] the
Council was the first occasion for the development of technical
Let me stop and say this. I am in no way trying to weaken the faith of
any true Christian nor am I trying to diss Jesus(Peace be upon him). I
will add that what is called Orthodox Islam or Sunni Islam is an
interpretation of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon
him) and a perversion of what the man originally taught. I wanted to
clear that up, so I wont lose my Christian family and abort our coming to
greater understanding.
According to both the Bible and the Quran Jesus is given special
mention as a servant of Almighty God. We are taught that he prayed,
gave charity, spoke the truth and fasted. We are told that he believed in
and represented one God to his followers and the general public. We
dont find in Jesus own words any support for the doctrines that his
name have been put on.
All Muslims, regardless to sect, are taught to love, honor and revere
Jesus as an honored servant of Almighty God. We do not pray to Jesus or
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worship him in any way, shape or form. We find great inspiration in his
stand for what is right during his time on Earth.
My black Christian family must not worship Jesus, but rather follow
Jesus and submit to the will of the Father, Almighty God. Remember, the
slave master didnt introduce us to Jesus to make us better human
beings, but to make us better slaves for them.
In a Book titled What If Blacks Didnt Exist? by author Felix Ehui
the Author differentiates between the Christianity practiced by the
Europeans and the Christianity practiced by those under her
oppression. He explains it as:
Since slavery, there have always been two kinds of Christianities in
America: the one that Europeans control and the one that tries to be true
to its African roots. (pg.22)

Can Muslims and Christians unite?

The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan made a call for 1 million men to
show up in Washington D.C. for the purpose of atonement and
reconciliation with God and each other. The amazing thing is the
majority of those who came identified themselves as Christians. On that
day, Muslims and Christians prayed together, laughed together, ate
together and prayed together in the oneness of Almighty God. The
message of Minister Farrakhan on that day was go back to whatever
house of worship you are in and make it better, more responsive to the
needs of the community.
Minister Farrakhan commonly goes into churches to help clarify our
misunderstanding of Jesus and to help foster unity between us by
focusing on the principle of obedience to God. He teaches us that a true
Muslim is a Christian and a true Christian is a Muslim. How can this be?
The followers of Muhammad are seeking oneness with God by
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submitting to his will and following his servant, Muhammad. The

followers of Jesus are seeking oneness with God by submitting to his
will and following his servant, Jesus. Therefore, if both are seeking the
way to God, but through different men, why shouldnt we work to
understand each other and love one another.
During a speech titled "Self Improvement The Basis For Community
Development" Minister Farrakhan spoke on our ultimate unity:
"Tonight, there are Christians and Muslims praying together, singing
together, seated together. Why? Because Farrakhan does not come into
the Valley to divide people who believe in God, but to show those who
believe in God that, if you truly believe in God and seek to understand
what you believe, you find a way to connect things that appear to be
diverse and different. Because, if we can connect Indians and Mexicans
and Blacks, who appear to be different (and whites), then what can you
do to connect Hebrews, Muslims, Christians. It should be easier to
connect those who believe in God than those who are culturally and
racially different. Tonight, we are going to overcome all of that."
There are too many Churches, Mosques and other places of worship in
the black community, yet our neighborhoods reflect a hellish condition
instead of Godliness. In the word community we find unity and in the
word unity we find the meaning one. There is One God and one
prophetic community, so let us not be divided in these perilous times.
In my walk with Min. Farrakhan he has taught me to love all of my
black brothers and sisters whether they prescribe to my beliefs or not. He
has given me an ecumenical understanding of God and his word which
allows me to interact and work with my Christian brothers and sisters in
We shouldnt even let there be division over the various names we call
the one true God. The Holy Quran gives and answer to this potential
diving issue
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Call on Allah or call on the Beneficent. By whatever (name)

you call on Him, He has the best names. (HQ 17: 110)

Repetition is a great teacher, so I will close this article with the Quranic
verse I opened it with.

And surely this your community is one community, and I am

your Lord, so keep your duty to Me. But they became divided into sects,
each party rejoicing in that which was with them. So leave them in their
ignorance till a time. (Holy Quran 23: 52-24)
The black community is in need of Godly black men and women who
are willing to struggle the way the prophets did to make a better reality
for our elders, children and women. We dont have to stop being who/
what we are to recognize a brother or sister who believes in Jesus,
Muhammad or both.

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My Walk With Farrakhan: Can Righteous

People Sin And Can Wicked People Do
Righteous Deeds
I have written 7 articles detailing different aspects of my faith walk with
my spiritual guide, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan. I have been blessed by
God during my time of being a student of Gods word under his
direction to make some amazing changes in my life since my acceptance
of Islam on March 20th, 1996. However, I dont want anyone, for one
second, to think that my life has been perfect for the past 12 years since
walking in the path to become a Muslim. I have made an equally fair
share of mistakes and yes sins since becoming a Muslim.
Sometimes, many religious people let their supposed new righteous life
give them the false arrogance that they are better than others. But, I take
the view that I am on a journey in the path of God striving to be
qualified to be one of his righteous servants. I dont look down on
others, but rather try to encourage others to reach for the best everyday.
I, after 10 years of being a Muslim, during the year 2006 had a major fall
in my personal life that tested my faith and made me reflect on my
journey deeper.
I will be exploring this sensitive subject of my fall to sin during the 8th
part of my article series, My walk with Farrakhan. I wont give the
specific instances where I fell, but I will say that I went from the highest
of high to the lowest of low in my personal life.
Before we get into exploring this subject lets define a few words to
ensure we have the clearest possible understanding of the words used in
this article. One of the things both The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad
and his student The Hon. Louis Farrakhan teaches us as students is to get
definitions of the words we use. Also, Minister Malcolm X began his

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journey to enlightenment just by reading the dictionary and learning the

meaning of words.

The word Righteous, according to the Online Dictionary is defined as,

Morally upright; without guilt or sin
In accordance with virtue or morality
Morally justifiable
The word wicked, according to the Online Dictionary is defined as,
Evil by nature and in practice:
Playfully malicious or mischievous:
Severe and distressing
Highly offensive; obnoxious
The word Sin, according to the Online Dictionary is defined as,
A transgression of a religious or moral law, especially when deliberate.
a. Deliberate disobedience to the known will of God.
b.A condition of estrangement from God resulting from such
Something regarded as being shameful, deplorable, or utterly wrong.

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Now with a clear definition of the keys words used in this article, we
will now proceed to explore this subject of righteous people, wicked
people and sin.

Understanding Adam, Sin and Falling from grace

And certainly We gave a commandment to Adam before, but he

forgot; and We found in him no resolve (to disobey). Holy Quran

Both the Bible and The Quran speak of ALLAH creating a new man,
giving that man specific instructions and that man ultimately falling
from grace. This is the daily story of the human family of the earth that
is striving in the path of God. Whereas both the Bible and Quran relate
the same story there are differences in understanding of meaning. The
Holy Quran takes the position that human beings are created in a state
of Islam(natural submission to God) and are pure until our parents,
environment or our own deeds take us from the path of righteousness.
The story of Adam and Eve has been used to promote the position that it
is natural to sin or the human thing to do. In one sense yes humans
inevitably make mistakes, but we are not created in the image and
likeness of Almighty God to act less. Also, the Holy Quran doesnt
blame the woman for leading man into temptation. We learn from
reading Sura(chapter) 20:125 that Adam didnt intend to disobey his
Lord, but rather he forgot. We are taught in Islam that all deeds will be
judged by our intentions while doing the deed. Some people do good
deeds for wicked intentions. Likewise, some people do wicked deeds
while feeling the pangs of their conscious.

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Yes, Adam fell from his great glory, but did Almighty God give up on
him or turn his face from him? The Quran teaches that ALLAH turned
mercifully towards Adam and reminded him of the promise of divine
I will use the biblical story of the prophets to make the next points in this
analysis of righteous people and wicked people. Before I proceed I must
make a clarification. The Holy Quran accepts all of the prophets
mentioned in the Bible as true men of God. However, The Holy Quran
doesnt accept the stories attributed to them of unrighteousness. The
Quran teaches that for the prophets to be examples to purify others they
must be pure themselves.
The Bible teaches us of man named Noah who was chosen by God to be
a fulfiller of his will. The story further teaches us that Noah was a
righteous and just man(Gen 6:8-9). He was chosen by God to build
the Ark and be a savior of his people. After Noah had fulfilled his
mission from God and survived the flood, the Bible teaches that the sons
of Noah found him in a drunken state. One of the sons of Noah saw the
drunken state of his father and told the other brothers. We then learn that
the two brothers refused to look at the nakedness of Noah and covered
Later, when Noah awoke he cursed (and God upheld the curse) the son
(Ham) who looked and blessed the sons (Shem and Japheth) who
covered him. The point to this story (from the biblical perspective) is
that Noah was a righteous man who did an unrighteous deed, but that
didnt stop Gods favor on him. As for the sons, their refusing to look at
their father naked could mean: they chose to look at the good of their
father instead of the bad or they refused to judge this aspect of his life.
Another biblical story teaches us of a great king named David, who was
the father of Solomon and a forerunner of the Messiah. The Bible
teaches that David had a heart after Gods own heart. Yet, despite these
great qualities the book informs us of several misdeeds of David. Some
scholars have suggested that David violated about 9 of the 10

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commandments. However, David is still held up as an example of a true

man of God and his kingdom set a standard for all others.

Traveling (travail) on the path of God

I like to describe my faith walk with God as being a journey. I have been
on this journey for 12 years and will be on it for the rest of my life. I
want you to think about something related to a journey. Imagine if you
lived in Pensacola, Florida and you decided to travel to Chicago one day.
You would find yourself traveling up I-65 N for a long period of time.
Lets also say this is your first time traveling to the destination, so you
are checking your map closely trying to stay on course. Yet, you made a
mistake and took a wrong exit, therefore ended up in Kentucky. What
fool would sit on the side of the road, give up and never try to make
adjustments (checking the map) to get back on the interstate towards
your destination. Likewise, in our journey to Godliness we may find
ourselves making some wrong exists Example drugs, alcohol, adultery,
lying, stealing etc
However, we dont have to stay on these wrong exists. As one would get
back on the interstate to continue traveling to a city, we should, if a
wrong exit was taken, get back of the path to continue our journey to

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The Bible perfectly illustrates this point in the following words

For a righteous man falleth seven times, and riseth up

again; But the wicked are overthrown by calamity. Proverbs 24:16

If you notice that while the above scripture describes a man (or woman)
as falling he still has righteous attached to him name. Why is this?
Though we are taught that all have fallen short of the glory of God; is
there a difference between righteous people who sin and wicked people
who sin? As I wrote the last sentence, I thought how it could sound like
a major paradox or contradiction. I think people can make unintentional
departures from the right way and still be righteous. Yet, other people
live a lifestyle of sin and are blatantly ignoring the will of God. This is
what I think is the difference between righteous people and wicked

The example of The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan

Brother Farrakhan, to me, is a great example of a Muslim, because of his
strong insistence that me must submit totally to ALLAHs will, fear no
one but ALLAH and his ability to be honest about his short comings.
After the Nation of Islam fell in 1975, Brother Farrakhan said that he
became disillusioned with religion and fell from his former resolve.
After reflection on his life, the condition of our people and the teachings
of his spiritual father, The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Minister
Farrakhan recovered from his fall

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Concerning this The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, ALLAHs

messenger-Messiah to us, reminds us
So this is the thing that you must remember, that trials, sometimes, are
so terrific that they will weaken the most strongest person
sometimes. (The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad 1964 Laborer

His example teaches me that the true strength of a person is not that you
wont get knocked down from time to time, but can you get back up from
a fall, make adjustment and go on to shine.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I had a major fall in my
spiritual life after 10 years of striving to be a good Muslim. Yet, after
much reflection and the help of God, I returned to the path of God and
am seeking to be qualified to be called by his name. The Bible teaches
us: "All things works for the good of those who love the Lord." It is
important when you are having a down moment to have the right
mental attitude which will determine your response to a down moment.
I want to encourage you to examine Minister Farrakhan and his example
of being a servant of Almighty God.

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My Walk With Farrakhan: Closing The Gap

This 9th article in the series, my walk with Farrakhan, will be the final
article in a long series.
I wrote the first article in the series a little over two years ago during
one of my most pained and difficult stages in my life. Each article has
inspired me to greater self-examination and introspection. The time to
complete the 9 articles has been a journey to say the least. I was able to
review my motives for accepting to be a student under Minister
Farrakhan and the body of knowledge that he represents, the teachings
of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad.
I want to end this series speaking on what I feel is the most important
aspect of what Brother Minster Farrakhan represents. We are being
called today to close a gap. The greatest gap that must be closed is the
one between us and Almighty God. The prophets of God come in the
absence of the human beings ability to find the divine light within them
self. So, the prophets stand as reflections of what man and woman could
be if they would totally submit their will to Almighty God and no other.
[I am not trying to suggest that Minister Farrakhan is a prophet]
However, many students of prophets, teaches, sages and other divine
men dont understand this point and instead worship the teacher, who
only wants to guide the student to a greater power.
The word Gap is defined as
An opening in a solid structure or surface
A break in a line of defense.

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An interruption of continuity
The ultimate aim of the Hon. Louis Farrakhan
I heard Minister Farrakhan once say during a 1994 speech titled The
crucifixion of Jesus and the imprisonment of Minister Farrakhan
that his only job is To connect you to God and then God will lead you.
This directly correlates with the bible teachings in Psalm 23:1 which

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want

The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Messenger-Messiah in our times
similarly says,
My main mission and work, put upon me by Allah (God), in the Person
of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is due forever, is to put you
on the right path so you may go for self under the guidance of Almighty
God Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. (Our Saviour has
arrived Chapter 23)
As we can see Minister Farrakhan is not interested in setting up a cult of
personality worshipers, but rather true men and women who will be
connected to and guided by God directly. He constantly reminds us he is
a human being and will leave the earth as all flesh and blood humans
must, but The Almighty God is eternal and ever-living.
According to the teachings of the Holy Quran there are three stages we
must travel to reach our highest human development. The three stages
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are Ammarah, Lawamma and MutaInnah and I will briefly speak on

them at this time.
Ammarah- This stage of development is the lowest stage of
development and is compared to the animalistic stage. At this stage we
are concerned with fulfilling our basic duties of eating, sleeping and
procreating. This stage is also one where emotion and/or ego rule over
Lawamma- This stage represents the human being traveling (transition)
on a journey to divine. It is a state of awakening consciousness. The
human being recognizes that they do not want to exist as a slave to their
flesh, but still sees the road to complete harmony as a long, but capable
goal to reach.
MutaInnah- We have travelled from Animal to Human to coming into
the presence of the divine when we reach this final stage. This stage is
reached when we are in total oneness with the Almighty God ALLAH
and are under his shepherd ship.
The Holy Quran illustrates this state of unity with God in the following

O soul that art at rest, Return to thy Lord, well-pleased, wellpleasing, So enter among My servants, And enter My Garden! (HQ

The Hon. Louis Farrakhan is traveling on this road and he asks all of us
to join him in this sacred pilgrimage to meet with God. As I mentioned a
couple of articles ago, you would do a great disservice to yourself to
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limit the Minister to just being a spokesperson for the hurt and suffering
of black people in America and the world. We, must recognize his desire
to see a spiritual awakening in us and the world.
Self improvement the basis for community development
In accordance with the Hon. Louis Farrakhans desire to see a spiritual
awakening in us, he developed an entire course of study revolving
around the self -examination, self- analysis and correction of things in us
which inhibit out total development into Godliness. This course of study
is called Self improvement: The basis for community development and it
currently consists of 19 units of study from various topics like
overcoming difficulty, finding balance and centering our self with
Almighty ALLAH.
In presenting this course of study The Hon. Louis Farrakhan wrote a
letter of introduction for the new student. He spoke of his ideas and
goals for the course of study,
This letter is to introduce you to the new study guide material. These
study and training units are based upon a speech which I delivered
September 21, 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona.

This speech, in my judgment, formally ushers in that which is the

launching pad of a worldwide movement.

Each study session is designed on the guidance of Allah to produce: selfexamination; self-analysis; self-correction; and, to quicken in each of
us, the self-accusing spirit. For, it is only when we are awakened morally
that we have to face the self-accusing spirit which leads to our

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Resurrection is that process that begins with the self-accusing spirit and
does not end until we become one in perfect harmony or peace with
Allah and His Creation.
If you will notice, this inner voice does the work of a Messenger of Allah
(God). Would you knowingly kill one of Allah's (God's) prophets or
messengers? What would be the punishment if you did?
Everytime we act to still the voice of correction, coming from within
ourselves, we are in fact murdering the Messenger of Allah (God). The
result is spiritual blindness, leading to spiritual death, leading ultimately
to an untimely physical death.
If we desire to stay alive spiritually, we must never still the voice of Allah
(God) within. We must protect it, for in our moral awakening, it is the
best friend that we have; for it is Allah (God) working on the inside of
The more we feed on truth and right guidance from Allah (God) the
stronger the voice becomes. That inner voice is like a seed which can
ultimately grow into its perfected state, to be the Mind of God Himself in
you. "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus..."
Each student, after studying the principle under analysis, must then
analyze self and critique self. The study sessions, while leading the
student to self-examination, first; self-analysis, second; self-correction,
third; must simultaneously be therapeutic. Therefore, these sessions must
be twofold. consisting of both theory and practice. The practice will
refine the theory.

Further in the actual base of the course Minister Farrakhan explains why
self-improvement is important to self, family, community and nation.

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I have chose for my subject: "SELF-IMPROVEMENT: THE BASIS

FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT." Now, there are many, many
developers who buy land and develop that land into communities, towns
and cities; placing on this land magnificent structures costing hundreds
of millions, even billions of dollars.

This activity of land development is going on in Phoenix and in cities

around the country, and, indeed, around the Earth. However, to those
who spend those hundreds of millions and billions of dollars building
structures: unless we build people; unless the human potential of people
is developed; then man, in his underdeveloped state, will ultimately
destroy the cities that he has built because of revolution and war.

So, the Scripture is right in teaching, 'What does it profit a man if he

gains the whole world and loses his soul?' What would it profit us to
build magnificent structures, beautiful buildings, magnificent bridges,
built with magnificent technology and the soul of those human beings
are wretched and deprived and underdeveloped and rotting from within?
How does one lose one's soul? What is so important about the soul, or
the essence of our being, that if we lose it, we lose everything?

This is why I have chosen the subject, "SELF-IMPROVEMENT: THE

improvement of each of us as human beings that is lacking in the world,
and because instead of human beings improving, they are degenerating.
Then there is no hope for the nations, for they are all on a path of selfdestruction.
The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked the question: How
strong is the foundation: Can we survive? during his Saviours Day
1968 speech? The foundation is of course our connection to ALLAH

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and the study guides of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan will help us
strengthen this foundation.
Is Minister Farrakhan a racist, divider, anti-Semite or a hater?
Some reject the guidance from The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, because they
have bought into the lies promoted by others that Min. Farrakhan is not a
man of decent character or is a racist hater of others. Nothing could be
further from the truth as this section of the article will show. The truth
must me told and the lies exposed, so that this gap will be closed
between others and Min. Farrakhan.
The 1st and most popular charge against The Hon. Louis Farrakhan is he
is anti-Semitic against the Jewish people. It has falsely been repeated in
the media that he stated that Judaism is a gutter religion. All Muslims,
regardless to sect, know that Moses and the prophets of Israel, which is
the base of Judaism, are true prophets and would never regard the
revealed word to them as gutter.
The issue started during the 1984 presidential nomination run of Jesse
Jackson and some Jews speaking ill of Rev. Jackson, which the minister
took up the defense of his brother.
On June 24th 1984 Minister Farrakhan made the following statement,
which caused all the confusion:
"America and England and the nations backed Israel's existence.
Therefore when you aid and abet someone in a criminal conspiracy, you
are a part of that criminal conspiracy. So America and England and the
nations are criminals in the sight of Almighty God. Now that nation
called Israel, never has had any peace in forty years and she will never
have any peace because there can never be any peace structured on
injustice, thievery, lying and deceit and using the name of God to shield
your dirty religion under His holy and righteous name.

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I would like to note that Minister Farrakhan has used this term dirty
religion to label other religious people who dont live up to their
religions standards and even members of the Nation of Islam when
applicable as the following shows:
Well, the commander-in-chief of the Nation of Islam is the Most Hon
Elijah Muhammad. We have no other commander. We want no other
commander. All of us are stand-ins and as long as we recite His
commands then we are worthy to stand in for Him. But when we begin to
use His name to shield a dirty religion and then begin to impose self
made commands in His name (Meaning of FOI Pg. 11)

Even earlier(1970's) Minister Farrakhan used the language of dirty

religion in regards to hypocritical practice in religion.
"That same evil is going on today, or is trying to get a foothold, in the
Nation of righteous. Evil demons walking among us, trying to lead the
believer of God into behavior other than that which Messenger
Muhammad teaches, all the while using Messenger Muhammad's name
to shield a dirty religion." (Minister Farrakhan "Woe to the
hypocrites" early 70's message)

Minister Farrakhan explains that he can help the Jewish people if they
will not reject him
Im not an enemy to the Jewish people. You have become an enemy to
yourselves. Im here to call you back to the laws, statutes and
commandments from which you have deviated; yet you would call me an
anti-Semite?(Holy Day of Atonement message delivered October 16,
1997 at the U.I.C. Pavilion in Chicago by the Honorable Minister
Louis Farrakhan in observance of the 2nd anniversary of the
Million Man March.)
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Some have suggested that The Hon. Louis Farrakhan in speaking out
against some Caucasians, who make life hard for his people, is a racist
hater. However, as his words will show he doesnt hold malice for a
whole group of people:
Now, I am going to speak specifically to Caucasian people---without
malice, without hatred, just speaking to the facts. You have desired to be
the center of the life of all other peoples of the world. You want your
culture, your way of looking at God, your way of looking at life, to be
what they perceive reality is. And because you desire that like a child, to
be the center of everything; white folks, you are not the center; you have
got to take your place. Listen to me good! Your desire to be the center
has ruined you, ruined your soul and ruined your nation and ruined your
world. You are not the center. God has always been (the center), but you
won't recognize Him, with your proud, arrogant, haughty, self-conceited,
boastful, mischiefmaking, bloodshedding maliceIt is this childishness
that produces racism. 'Well, my color is better than yours. See, I am
white. (Self Improvement: The basis for community development
pg. 18-19)
Further he says
Its terrible that some of those with power and influence label me a
Hitler, a racist or a hater, so that they can justify their own people, or
agents among our people, in attempts to defame and otherwise harm me.
This is hiding the light. This is scapegoating. (A torchlight for
America chapter Hiding the light)
The Bible, the book most claim to follow, doesnt teach it a sin to hate.
We as black people were given the crazy doctrine that we should love
everyone even if the person were our oppressor.

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The Book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 gives balance to our misguided love

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose

under the heavenA time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and
a time of peace.

God himself says he hates

As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I

hated. (Romans 9:13)
Jesus(Peace be upon him) says we must even hate our parents(if they
disobey God) to follow him in obedience to God

If any [man] come to me, and hate not his father, and
mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his
own life also, he cannot be my disciple. (Luke 14:26)

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Also, Jesus teaches he will separate nations

And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall

separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth [his] sheep from
the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on
the left. (Matt 25:31)
My ultimate hope is that this e-book will inspire you to re-examine The
Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the teachings of The Most
Honorable Elijah Muhammad and find your own unique Godly
A very special thing has happened in America. There is a truth being
spread in America that all black people must reconsider. This truth being
spread by The Hon. Louis Farrakhan and others is the intense love of
God for our pitiful condition and his ultimate plan to correct this divine
Also, this country and her rulers could benefit in this time from the call
of God if they would heed the word and follow the divine instructions
coming from the man of God on the scene today.
Thank you for reading this e-book.

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About The Author

Born February 1, 1978 Pensacola, Florida. Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad is an
African American who is a follower of the Islamic faith. He wasn't always called Mustafaa
Abdul Muhammad. He was named Ronald Robinson at birth and later through a spiritual and
cultural pilgrimage became Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad. At age 17 he became a high school
drop out, but later went on to earn his GED and enter college.
!My journey towards Islam was a long journey but the fruits have been wonderful. I first heard
of Islam back in 1992 when everyone was talking about Malcolm X. It was by watching the
Movie titled X produced by Spike Lee and later reading the autobiography of Malcolm X that I
would become familiar with this other religion, Islam. Between the years 1992-1995 I did
independent studies of Islam via encyclopedias, watching Minister Farrakhan and reading books
on Islam. It was after watching the Million Man March and quitting school that I accepted Islam
and began the process of living the life of as Muslim. (Read the full story of my journey to
become a Muslim/Join the Nation of Islam/Follow Farrakhan)
! Mr. Muhammad through independent religious studies developed an ecumenical view of the
worlds religions and the people of God. And while he is devoted to Islam as his faith he is at
home in the Church(or other religious institutions) as he is in the Mosque.
! Mr. Muhammad later became (for a short period) the Study group coordinator for the Pensacola
Study Group, a branch of The Nation of Islam, serving as a Coordinator and spiritual guide to a
group of Muslims. He currently serves in the Ministry Of Information and heads up that
department for the Muhammad Study Group of Pensacola, of which he is a member. He often
writes articles on Islam, spirituality and current events on his Blog and in local newspapers. He
has been featured on the radio, newspapers, public speaking events, and at Mosques/Churches
telling his story and offering his understanding of Almighty God's plan for salvation.
!! Mr. Muhammad works as an unofficial evangelist for Islam, truth! and the betterment of the
black community.
!! Mr. Muhammad is a Author, Writer, Public Speaker, Blogger, Community Activist and
Business Owner of THE RISEN SUN ENTERPRISES, which specializes in informational self
improvement products.
! Mr. Muhammad is involved in community activity. He believes that our faith must inspire us to
greater service to humanity or we may be making a mockery of the purpose of faith. Contact him

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