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26 Julao, Karen Grace P.


Depression is one of the leading causes of disability today, according to the World Health
Organization. So the chances are that, no matter where you live, you either know someone who
is struggling with depressive illness or have dealt with it yourself. The generation of the younger
age or adolescents are the most diagnosed with the symptoms of this growing problem. This
illness is a leading cause of health impairment (morbidity) and death (mortality) all over the
world. Beyond the statistics and how the numbers are interpreted from the researches, the
consensus is that the incidence of depression is growing and very alarming.
The poster shows the issue about depression, which is very timely in our society. A girl is
bound by a ball with a chain attached to it around her neck. Inside the ball were all her thoughts
and feelings that are not expressed. A lot of people may think that the problem is just superficial
compared to the problems of others, but that is not the point. Problems are problems, it still
causes everyone to worry and feel difficult to deal with. Emotions clearly play a part in the
problem, these feelings are mostly transient and they come and go throughout the day. However,
these emotions become intense and unremitting, and can lead to depression.
Being depressed is not a choice nor a joke. Depressed people dont become depressed just
because they need attention, rather they need help from us. People should never make fun of
someone whos struggling, because they dont know that they are dealing with real problems and
I think people need to understand that. With understanding, we also should not judge them, rather
support them. When they feel down, we should not let them feel that they are being forgot and
ignored because it can trigger the feelings and thoughts that they were feeling in that moment.
There are ways that we can do for them to cope up with those feelings to avoid serious
depression and suicidal attempts.
Family members and friends should always be there for those depressed people to seek
and encourage them for mental evaluation. If the illness is left untreated, it could lead to the
point of becoming life-threatening. Friends can encourage the depressed peer to remain socially
active rather than becoming isolated. Participation is really important in this kind of situation.
As what I have said, depression is not a choice, it is an illness, an illness that should be
treated like any other diseases by recognizing its symptoms and realizing that it can happen to
anyone, regardless of their background. Everyone should be more aware with this issue and its
result if it is not well understood. For depressed people, its time to stop being afraid if you suffer
from depression or any mental illness for that matter. Its time to stop fearing judgment. Step into
the light and talk about it. If youre feeling suicidal, call someone that can really help you. Call a
hotline and seek help. Because everyone here is involved. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.