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Gender: FEMALE
(MM/DD/YY): 12/08/81

Date of Birth

Type and year of YSEALI program (Academic, Professional,

or Regional):
Program Theme (Civic Engagement, Environment,
Education, Economic Development):
Current employment/institution: HERNANDEZ-BELOSO LAW
Home Street Address: 0172 BARANGAY LODLOD
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Please answer the ff. question in NOT MORE than 500

words per question.
a. How did your YSEALI experience help you personally
and professionally?
Personally PFP broadened my understanding of two-party
political system, appreciation of federal form of government and
democratic processes of USA. It made me understand the ideal
set-up of active citizen participation and co-management. The
program introduced me to key mechanisms set in place for
transparency and public information.
Professionally PFP provided me with one-on-one mentorship with
US counterparts who imparted customized information and
provided technical inputs on legislative process local governance
which I was able to adopt for my remaining tenure, specifically on
public participation in crafting of salient provisions of authored
ordinances. It boosted my confidence and enhanced my skills in
interaction despite cultural differences and language barriers.
b. Have you participated in YSEALI programs or
implemented community projects after your
participation in the YSEALI exchange program? Kindly
YSEALI Programs
- PFP Cascade to Sangguniang Panlungsod (July 2014,
Privilege Speech, Lipa City, Batangas)
- Alumni Reconnects Manila (June 16, 2015, Embassy of the
United States of America, Manila)
- YSEALI Summit (September 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
- Online membership: YSEALI FB Group, YSEALI online
Implemented Community Projects
- Conducted preparatory work for Code of General Ordinances
of Lipa City and Environmental Code of Lipa City
- Conducted peer mentorship to young legislators
- Conducted the Train-the-trainers program for Environmental
Law professors and advocates
- Convened outstanding young leaders, based in Batangas

Province for establishment of provincial youth network

- Advised CALABARZONOS (youth organization) for the
conduct of the search for outstanding students in the region
- Advised Lipa Local Lady Legislators League on the conduct of
on-going programs aimed at strengthening the network of
female barangay kagawad
c. If selected to be part of AMPLIFY, How can you
contribute to the YSEALI network and alumni
As speaker/resource person/mentor on the following
- Parliamentary rules and procedures
- Local legislative process, lobbying and peoples initiative
- Philippine Environmental law for communities and nonlawyers
- Promoting women empowerment in local governance
- Capacitating Persons with Disabilities through local policies
- Integrating youth participation sans SK
d. If given a grant to promote YSEALI and its pillars to
the Filipino youth, what kind of project will you
implement? How will you share your YSEALI
experience and/or best practices learned?
Through creation of a province-based network of youth
groups, institutionalization of the youth council through
passage of a provincial ordinance, capacitating members of
the network to sit at the provincial youth council, and
mobilization of same for an annual youth summit which will
serve as convention venue to propose policy reforms,
present papers and showcase best practices.