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Music Fundamentals For

Sound Engineers Mus 127

Fall 2016 Blackwood Tuesday
Course Syllabus

Jonathan Shaw

Course Description
Fundamentals of Music for Sound Engineers is a course in aural skills development and music
theory. Focus is placed on fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for working in a recording
studio. There will also be a Music Tech aspect of the course, involving Recording and Notation
Required Materials



Headphones (every class)

Access to school Computers/Software

Course Objectives

Identify Musical Pitches in both treble and bass clefs

Dictate and notate musical rhythms

Discuss and Construct triads and seventh chords

Identify a wide range of styles and instrumentations

Analyze and discuss form of popular music

Develop fundamental Keyboard Skills

Develop a working knowledge of basic notation software

Develop a working knowledge of basic recording software

Course Topics

Musical Vocabulary / Musical Notation

Recording/Notation Software

Instrumentation / Timbres

Rhythm / Rhythmic Notation

Harmony / Chords / Chord Progressions

Instrumental Ranges / Transposition

Forms / Analysis

Musical Styles


In-Class Assignments

Attendance and Lateness

Because of the condensed fashion of the course, good attendance is imperative. 2 Unexcused absences
will be permitted. These will not affect your grade. Beyond the 2 permitted your grade will be lowered
per missed class. We have about 15 classes together, if you miss more than 4 sessions, you
have missed 1/3 of the class and are liable to receive a Failing Grade for the course.
Students should strive to been on time. Leave yourself enough time to get your
computer/software/files ready. Blatant tardiness will be treated like of an absence.
If a student is absent they are expected to refer to the website ( ) and
complete any missed work! It is your responsibility to research what you missed and contact me
about questions/concerns and submitting assignments.
In-Class Activities / Homework / Projects
This course will be a combination of lectures, in-class activities, and projects. We will complete
assignments together in class, and on your own outside of class. These could be anything from
written homework, research, composition projects, practice with software etc. Students should always
be prepared to demonstrate the skills involved with completing assignments.
Pop Quizzes
Pop Quizzes will be given every so often and will focus on vocabulary and terms. These quizzes
will be open note, however you must use your own physical notes (you may not look directly
at the website, and if you keep notes on the computer you must have hard copies.)
We will have a midterm half-way through the course, and a final project. These will consist of in-class
projects and will comprise a large part of the final grade. Dates will be set early on in the semester.
Plagiarism is a very serious offense. Its important that you note any thoughts that arent your
own in your assignments. If you do not, you may be in violation of our college plagiarism policy and,
thus, its penalty. Please see the student handbook for more information. Any assignments that are
plagiarized (not your own thoughts/not cited) will be returned for no grade. When in doubt,
include a citation.
Cell Phones/Devices
Unless we are doing so together, cell phones should not be used during class time. This is supposed
to be an interactive course, and going on facebook or texting during class will be detrimental to yours,
and other students experience. Repeated usage of phones in class will result in the lowering of your
class attendance grade.

This includes all devices, DO NOT use your computer for things
unrelated to Class or unauthorized websites!

Assignment Submission
All assignments are to be submitted before the beginning of class on the scheduled due date. You
will be Given Instructions For the method of turning in your assignments But if it is a
written assignment, it should be typed and printed (HARD COPY NOT EMAIL) and
computer projects will be emailed WITH NAME AND ASSIGNMENT IN SUBJECT

Extra Credit

Extra credit will be given in the form of extra credit assignments, and extra work on assigned
projects (this will be included in the instructions for the respective project)

Syllabus Agreement:
I _____________________ submit that I have read the course Syllabus, and agree to
the terms specified there-in,
Signature: ____________________
Date: _____________________