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Mobile Applications: What's the most

innovative app?
Air Gesture Control
Be My Eyes
Clone Camera 2.0
Gravity Screen - On/Off
Google Translate (Google bought world lens)
Helping Faceless
ConfirmTkt- (IRCTC train WL, PNR prediction)
Lock Me Out
Smart Phone Lock
SpinMe Alarm Clock
Thief Tracker
Voice Notification : Shouter
Word Snitch


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Computer Programming
Answer written 9 May

How are students in Indian colleges taught programming?

Aditya Thakker, Trust Me! I'm an Engineer.

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Me: Ma'am, its not executing.
Ma'am: Checks her book to see if its the same code. Didn't find any problem. (She

doesn't even remember the code)

Me: Whats wrong with this code, Ma'am. Did you find it.
Ma'am: Checks the error. (She doesn't understand the error. Tells me to stand up
and sits on my place to find whats wrong)
Me: What can be the problem?
Ma'am: Wait a minute. (After reading my code for about 10 minutes: Deletes all the
code and writes it again copying from the book. This time it worked)
Me: Finally! But what was the problem?
Ma'am: Some sort of silly mistake.(She also doesn't knows what the mistake was)
PS: Problem was on sorting numbers using Bubble Sort.
PSS: And everyone says Indians Engineers only mug up things and never have
practical knowledge. We are not the one who is responsible. Above conversation
proves that.

Written 9 May. 2,067 views.

Mobile Phones
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Computer Science
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How does machine learning affect economic research? What are surprising insights
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Answer written Mon

Mobile Applications: What's the most innovative app?


Send A Secret Message You Can Only Decode With A Walk

Trace is an app that flips this idea on its head. A project led by University of
Washington's Daniela Rosner, it allows you to draw a shape and send it to someone
else, like a secret message.
And the only way they can decode it? Walk it out.
The shape is encrypted in turn-by-turn directions. So as your recipients walk, run, or
bike, they draw the shape with their own path.